Li'l Max

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How I admire Li'l Max!
The highest rank to be so swank
That my rivals have heart attacks.
Agent 8 on the Li'l Max mem cake

Li'l Max is a sticker that represents the max rank obtainable in Splatoon 2. It is also a mem cake in the Octo Expansion, and can be obtained in Ink It Station.


Li'l Max resembles a stylized version of the Rank S+99, with a teal "S" and pink "99" in puffy shapes. The "99" has round eyes similar to those of jellyfish, and a yellow glint of light next to it.

When Rank X was introduced, a new version was released that resembles Rank X instead. it consists of a yellow "X" beneath a blue oblong shape with large round eyes on top, giving the new Li'l Max a humanoid appearance.