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This is a list of manga chapters in the original Splatoon manga series and the respective volumes in which they are collected. Splatoon is written and illustrated by Sankichi Hinodeya.

Each volume contains four chapters, a bonus manga, and supplemental content about the characters called the Inkling Almanac. There are three exceptions to this. Volumes 11 and 14 each contain five chapters, but no bonus manga, as the fifth chapter replaces the bonus manga, while Volume 13 has six chapters with a second bonus manga. The names of the chapters are from the volume editions.

Volume 1

Japan Japanese Release USA English Release France French Release Germany German Release Spain Spanish Release
28 July 2016 12 December 2017 4 October 2017 30 May 2018 19 September 2017

Volume 2

Japan Japanese Release USA English Release France French Release Germany German Release Spain Spanish Release
27 January 2017 13 March 2018 7 March 2018 31 July 2018 26 January 2018

Chapter 7.5: Train! Train! (Bonus 2)

Goggles is heading for a train to Inkopolis to meet up with the rest of the team, where they plan to practice, but ends up arriving late. Goggles is the first to miss the train and sees Glasses inside, he turns into squid form to arrive just in time but he finds out that his clothes fell off as he got in. They had to return to the platform for Goggles' clothes until they missed the other train. Goggles notices Headphones and Bobble and he, against Glasses' wishes, tries to Super Jump to them, only leading both of them to hit the side of the train with Headphones noticing and Bobble distracted by her music. The boys catch the next train and Glasses yells at Goggles that they are still late. As they arrive at Inkopolis Plaza, Glasses gets out but Goggles is pushed in by a large tour group of jellyfish and ends up being yet again, the last one to arrive.

Released with Volume 2 in 27 January 2017.

Volume 3

Japan Japanese Release USA English Release France French Release Germany German Release Spain Spanish Release
23 July 2017 12 June 2018 4 July 2018 30 October 2018 25 May 2018

Chapter 11.5: Team Meeting (Bonus 3)

Team Blue is having a strategy meeting at a café, but they end up getting distracted by encountering Rider and the S4. Specs tries to get the team to come up with strategies, but Goggles and Bobble Hat decide to get something to drink first, obviously angering both Glasses and Headphones. After they receive the drinks, they notice Rider scolding them to be quiet, and they notice that all of the S4 are there as well. The five S+ ranked Inklings say they were all by chance, but Goggles says that they all get along well, which they all protest. After Goggles pulls Rider's pants down, as usual, Specs is angry at Goggles, but Headphones wonders if Specs' specs have lenses in them since he is always comically popping his eyes out of them. Bobble Hat then decides to test it, and pokes her fingers right through Specs' lens, causing them to break and angering Specs. Specs decides to start the team's strategy meeting for once, and the S4 decide to give them advice, however, it is all for different subjects or otherwise unhelpful for Team Blue. Skull tells the others to not bother him as he is eating a giant sundae. Team Blue thinks they will see his face, but Skull eats it so fast that he eats it in the blink of an eye. Rider then does the same and causes everyone to compete in eating until three hours later, they are all bloated, with Specs now angry that their strategy meeting went nowhere.

Released with Volume 3 in 23 July 2017.

Volume 4

Japan Japanese Release USA English Release France French Release Germany German Release Spain Spanish Release
27 October 2017 11 September 2018 14 November 2018 29 January 2019 5 December 2018

Chapter 15.5: Gloves Back Then (Bonus 4)

This story revolves around Gloves' backstory, where he was seen as strong but unfresh to other Inklings. His teammate suggested that he could have a spiritual trip to the mountains for some inspiration. Going there, he met Emperor using the Splat Dualies that he gave to Gloves, which inspired him to get fresher.

Gloves was wearing the Samurai gear along with using the Bamboozler 14 Mk I. He had worn other gear sets as well: in his haircut scene, he wears the Green Tee and White Kicks and when he gets the Splat Dualies, he wears a Black Tee and a pair of Black Seahorses but all of them had Fake Contacts as his headgear. Similarly, his teammates had previous gear sets.

Volume 5

Japan Japanese Release USA English Release France French Release Germany German Release Spain Spanish Release
28 February 2018 11 December 2018 6 March 2019 30 April 2019 23 August 2019

Chapter 19.5: Blue Group (Bonus 5)

This issue explores and tells how the members of Team Blue met each other when they were younger at school and shows how in many if not all of their Turf Wars they always win by staying positive and sticking together.

The story starts with Specs narrating with him as a small child, which the eponymous Retro Specs notes he still wears and the mix of both being a kid and squid, with a group of other younger Inklings with their Jellyfish teacher calling them the "Blue Group". As Glasses is nervous if he will make any friends, the teacher instructs them to change their color to blue. Glasses does so and another Inkling says he has got it too only to turn into a "blah-color" with the word, "blah" scribbled all over him. (In the Japanese version, Goggles instead writes "idiot" all over himself as he mistakes it for "idiot-color". The joke is a Japanese pun with Goggles mistaking Ao which means blue for Aho instead which means idiot.) Specs then corrects the Inkling's mistakes and marks it as his first "Straight-Man Retort" and Goggles correctly becomes blue. The two then introduce themselves as Specs and Goggles and the two become friends, Goggles then walks over to Specs while he is reading and shows him that he made a pair of goggles made of a black strap with pudding cups but did not wash them as pudding is dribbling down his head. After Specs cleans them, Goggles notices a girl staring at them and as he walks over to her, she gets flustered. She tells him that she was envious of Goggles' improvised goggles and wanted a pair of headphones, Goggles kindly breaks apart his goggles and turns them into a pair of improvised "headphones" for her and the girl introduces herself as Headphones and the three become friends and spend their time together with Headphones making a new pair of goggles for Goggles.

The three then decide to go to the sandbox outside where they see a pair of Inklings making a sandcastle and saying all that is left is to pour water. A girl hears them and she destroys the sandcastle by pouring a bucket full of water on the castle and splashes the pair of Inklings building it and they run away to clean up, leaving her all alone. As she plays by herself, Goggles helps the girl by building a dam made out of sandcastle so she can pour water on it and he wants her to play with her and Specs and Headphones and the girl introduces herself as Bobble. The four of them started playing together all the time now and Headphones asks if they ever heard of Turf Wars but Goggles mistakes them for "Surf Wars" (In the Japanese version, it is changed to "Jump Rope Wars", another Japanese pun as Jump Rope is Nawatobi and Turf War is Nawabari in Japanese) and after Goggles corrects him and explains it, Goggles is interested in participating in them when growing up. The group is then interrupted by a pair of Inklings that got a ball stuck in a tree and try to get a teacher to help them, but Goggles offers to help them. When Specs asks how he is going to do so, Goggles does not know how but if someone is in trouble, he will try to find a way. Inspired by their friend's kind words, the other three offer to help as well: Headphones tries to spray it down with a hose, Bobbles uses a bucket, Specs tries to get it down with a broom by whacking the tree, and Goggles uses rubber bands which Specs scolds that are not strong enough but notices that they are hitting the tree. As none of their efforts work, Goggles makes a slingshot and has his friends launch him, the three do so and Goggles crashes into the tree but he now has the ball in his hands.

After they got scolded by the teacher, Specs narrates that they were all happy with how they worked as a team. Years then pass back to the present with Goggles arriving late as always to the rest of Team Blue and they are all happy and ready to participate in another Turf War towards Deca Tower which shows that they are still together and their friendship will never end as the last scene shows a picture of all of them playing together with the word "Blue" above them.

When retrieving the ball, the methods each of Team Blue members represents their future main weapons. Goggles used rubber bands that represent the Splattershot due to them being scattered, Headphones used a hose that represents the Splat Charger due to its long range, Glasses used a broom that represents the Octobrush due to its shape and Bobble Hat used a bucket that represents the Slosher as the weapon is based on the bucket.

Volume 6

Japan Japanese Release USA English Release France French Release Germany German Release Spain Spanish Release
27 July 2018 11 June 2019 3 July 2019 27 August 2019 24 January 2020

Chapter 23.5: "Charge!" (Bonus 6)

Taking place between Chapters 19 and 20, Headphones is training with her Splat Charger in hopes of outsmarting N-Pacer's skills. Half-Rim suggested that showing her openings would get her done for immediately, and this was demonstrated by Skull, who mistook him for a balloon. Headphones is considering using a Scope weapon, but it cannot aim at anything but the desired target, and it does not support her playstyle of using it to watch over her teammates to support them. She decided to keep using her Splat Charger for the Championship match.

After the main plot of the bonus chapter, two 4-panel skits are shown. The first is about Goggles and his newly-bought Splattershot from Sheldon, thinking that taking care of it with love meant that he could play with it literally. The second is about Gloves showing off the main feature of the Splat Dualies - being able to dodge-roll. He uses it to go to the restroom but bumps into the door when a jellyfish opens it.

Volume 7

Japan Japanese Release USA English Release France French Release Germany German Release Spain Spanish Release
28 November 2018 10 September 2019 6 November 2019 28 January 2020 27 August 2020

Chapter 27.5: Glasses (Bonus 7)

After buying a new pair of Retro Specs since the previous pair got pretty battered, Specs meets with Half-Rim, Full Moon Glasses and Aviators, agreeing to start a "glasses conference". Crusty Sean brings drinks for them, commenting that eyeglasses bring poker faces and cool looks, giving Half-Rim the idea to play "old maid". However, no one but Specs knows how to play the game properly. Goggles and Snorkel Mask meet with them, the latter asking if all of them have bad eyesight, to which they answer with a "yes" but Aviators wears his for fashion. Half-Rim tries to take Aviators' 18K Aviators off, but Skull suddenly shoots him to protect him. For the next topic, Specs comments that eyeglasses protect the eyes such as when the wind is strong, but it instead blows the eyeglasses of the Inklings with them except Aviators away, ending the conference.

Half-Rim, Full Moon Glasses and Aviators are revealed to be second-in-commands of their team leaders Gloves, Mask and Skull respectively.

Volume 8

Japan Japanese Release USA English Release France French Release Germany German Release Spain Spanish Release
28 February 2019 14 January 2020 11 March 2020 30 June 2020 13 November 2020

Chapter 31.5: Splattershot Jr. (Bonus 8)

A new Inkling called Junior enters Inkopolis Square and aims to be fresh like its residents. The first step to this is to obtain a new weapon, the Gold Splattershot, but he does not have a team yet. Encountering Team Blue, he eventually makes his Turf War debut as he temporarily joins them with Bobble Hat being on cheer duty. He learns how battling works as they progress in turfing. They win the battle and Junior gets to keep the Gold Splattershot as he was the one who wanted it.

Volume 9

Japan Japanese Release USA English Release France French Release Germany German Release Spain Spanish Release
28 June 2019 12 May 2020 2 September 2020 27 October 2020 TBD

Chapter 35.5: Part-Time King (Bonus 9)

Emperor comes to work in the Crust Bucket. Crusty Sean gives him different jobs to try, but he fails at all of them. When Crusty Sean asks him why he decided to work there, he says that it is training to be a better king both inside and outside of battle.

Volume 10

Japan Japanese Release USA English Release France French Release Germany German Release Spain Spanish Release
28 October 2019 8 September 2020 2 December 2020 2 March 2021 TBD

Chapter 39.5 (Bonus 10): The Strategy Meeting on a Rainy Day

Specs is in the cafe when Bobble Hat comes in drenched because it was raining outside. She asks if she can sit with Specs, and he says that she can. During that time she asks him where Jellyfish is, gets some sandwiches, shares a sandwich with Specs, makes origami, and makes an origami Crusty Sean until she asks Specs why he is there. Specs then says that he was coming up with a strategy for the semifinal match of Team Blueperor against the S4. He also says that the greatest fear in a rainmaker match is for everyone to be fighting on one side of the stage, and the person with the rainmaker goes another way, avoiding the people who are fighting. He then says that you could easily catch up with the person holding the rainmaker if you use an Octobrush or an Inkbrush, then says if only he could participate in the tournament. Then Bobble Hat gets the idea to use the Octobrush and asks Specs to teach her how to use it. Specs then agrees to teach her and it stops raining.

Volume 11

Japan Japanese Release USA English Release France French Release Germany German Release Spain Spanish Release
27 March 2020 12 January 2021 24 March 2021 29 June 2021 TBD

Volume 12

Japan Japanese Release USA English Release France French Release Germany German Release Spain Spanish Release
28 July 2020 11 May 2021 30 June 2021 TBD TBD

Chapter 47: The Adventures of Sheldon 1

Chapter 48: The Adventures of Sheldon 2

Chapter 48.5 (Bonus 12): Grandpappy's Note

Volume 13

Japan Japanese Release USA English Release France French Release Germany German Release Spain Spanish Release
26 November 2020 14 September 2021 17 November 2021 2022-03-1 17 February 2023

Chapter 49: The Adventures of Sheldon 3

Chapter 50: The Adventures of Sheldon 4

Chapter 51: The Final Splatfest 1

Chapter 52: The Final Splatfest 2

Chapter 52.5 (Bonus 13 Number 1): Taking Care of the Shop

Chapter 52.6 (Bonus 13 Number 2): Kotatsu

Volume 14

Japan Japanese Release USA English Release France French Release Germany German Release Spain Spanish Release
28 April 2021 12 April 2022 9 March 2022 28 June 2022 TBD

Chapter 53: The Final Splatfest, Part 3

The last match of the Final Splatfest is about to begin, but before the match begins Hivemind uses his glasses to control everyone on his team. The stage is MC.Princess Diaries and Off the Hook explain the gimmicks of this map and change into their Octo Expansion gear. Rider and Headphones, who are watching, realize that Team Order's eyes do not look like they usually do and Goggles thinks they are all just tired until told they are not. The Hyperbombs drop and Prinz is about to use one, but Emperor blocks his way. N-Pacer tries to shoot Prinz but misses. Skull helps Prinz deal with the situation. Goggles wants to join in on the battle, but Fierce Fishskull does not let him because Specs is attacking them. To wake Specs up, Goggles takes off his glasses which only causes him to stumble a bit. Emperor ends up splatting Prinz and N-Pacer ends up splatting Skull. Team Order uses Hivemind Time, splatting both Fierce Fishskull and Goggles. After this, they use Emperor's signature attack, Emperor Road, covering most of the map. Goggles tries to tickle Team Order to release the mind control, but it does not work. Hivemind then tries to use the mind control on Goggles, but it does not work due to him eating a pickled plum. Goggles offers some to Hivemind, but he knocks them out of his hand with his Kensa Charger, which falls into Team Order's mouths, releasing them from their mind control. Hivemind uses the mind control again, but Goggles keeps throwing the pickled plums into their mouths.

Chapter 54: The Final Splatfest, Part 4

The battle continues. Emperor goes for Prinz but gets a plum thrown in his mouth, then Hivemind uses his mind control on him, then gets a plum in his mouth, repeat cycle. N-Pacer is having the same thing happening to her while trying to get Skull and the same for Specs. Team Chaos is starting to push them back and gaining more turf. We reach the one-minute mark and Pearl has jumped off the helicopter. Once she lands, she pulls out the Princess Cannon. Goggles and Hivemind race against each other to get to the cannon. Hivemind ends up getting there first and fires it at Team Chaos. Hivemind is ready to attack, but Team Order is not under mind control any more. Goggles had accidentally pulled the antennas off Hivemind's glasses. Goggles put plums on his glasses as a way to fix them. Everyone can fight normally now and Hivemind realizes that Team Order is doing better than when they were mind-controlled. Specs and Hivemind both use their Baller special to chase after Team Chaos and splat Fierce and Goggles. Specs' and Hivemind's glasses get switched for a while, but they give each other their glasses back. Team Order then uses Emperor Road, Team Order version. Thirty seconds are left on the clock.

Chapter 55: The Final Splatfest, Part 5

The battle continues. Team Chaos uses Kaiser Arrow, Team Chaos Pickled-Plum version. Goggles throws plum into Team Order's mouths, but it helps them instead. Fierce sends a Booyah Bomb at Team Order and they narrowly dodge it. Skull uses his Bubble Blower and Prinz uses his Inkjet to pop them. Team Order is cornered. Goggles uses his Splashdown to splat them down. Five seconds remaining. 4…3…2…1. Team Chaos had won the Final Splatfest. Goggles congratulates Team Order and pulls down Hivemind's pants, but Hivemind pulls them up again. Since Team Chaos won, the world was going to change soon. The next day, everything was pickled plum-themed. Pearl explained that it was only lasting one day.

Chapter 56: Find Li'l Judd!

The Chapter opens with Team Green having a rematch with Team Blue on The Reef. Backwards sends a blast at Goggles with his Sloshing Machine. Specs tells Goggles to dodge and he does, but his clothes fall off in the process. Team Green tries to attack Goggles while he is distracted, but Goggles uses his Splashdown to splat them, securing victory. While Team Blue is celebrating, Li'l Judd wanders off. After the battle, Headphones notices that Li'l Judd is missing. They all start looking for him and Goggles uses a cat toy to lure him to them. Li'l Judd does get lured over to them, but scratches Specs and runs away. They look for him more and more, but eventually, they take a rest and have some food from Crusty Sean. The smell of the food attracts Li'l Judd to them and Li'l Judd tries to eat Crusty Sean. After the attack, Li'l Judd runs away again and Team Blue chases after him but loses him. They take another rest and Bobble Hat suggests that they should lure him with food again and Goggles puts on a steak hat. Li'l Judd steals the hat and goes to the top of the Deca Tower. Team Blue gets to the top of Deca Tower to make sure he does not fall. Li'l Judd wants to give the steak hat to Judd as a present. Goggles gets hungry and Team Blue sit down and eat. They reflect on what has happened until Li'l Judd is done wrapping the steak hat. They are about to deliver Li'l Judd to Judd, but a mysterious figure snatches Li'l Judd, who reveals he is Goggles' shadow.

Chapter 57: Shadow 1

There are shadow versions of each member of Team Blue. The Shadows explain what they are and that their personalities are the exact opposite of the originals. They want Inkopolis Square and challenge them to a Turf War battle and if Team Blue loses, they have to leave forever. Team Blue accepts. Three more versions of Shadow Specs appear to battle them (they are all complete idiots). The stage is Inkblot Art Academy. Although the Shadow Specs are dumb, they have the same splat level as the real Specs and splat all of Team Blue. Once they have respawned, all the Shadow Specs use Baller at once and splat Team Blue. Specs realizes that the Shadow Specs cannot see without their glasses and says to send their specs flying, which Goggles misinterprets and throws Specs at the Shadow Specs, knocking all Specs' specs off. The Shadow Specs fight each other and while they are, Team Blue use this as a time to ink lots of the turf. The Shadow Specs eventually find their glasses and start painting again. Specs uses his Baller to try and splat the shadow Specs, but they dodge. Goggles jumps to the original Specs and uses his Splashdown to splat all of the shadow Specs. Team Blue won, but it was only a test as more shadows emerged.

Volume 15

Japan Japanese Release USA English Release France French Release Germany German Release Spain Spanish Release
27 August 2021 11 October 2022 22 June 2022 26 September 2022 TBD

Chapter 58: Shadow 2

Chapter 59: Shadow 3

Chapter 60: Shadow 4

Chapter 61: Shadow 5

Chapter 61.5 (Bonus 15): Lost and Found

Volume 16

Japan Japanese Release USA English Release France French Release Germany German Release Spain Spanish Release
27 January 2022 14 February 2023 14 September 2022 28 March 2023 TBD

Chapter 62: Stamp Rally 1

Chapter 63: Stamp Rally 2

Chapter 64: Stamp Rally 3

Chapter 65: Stamp Rally 4

Splatlands, Vol. 1

Japan Japanese Release USA English Release France French Release Germany German Release Spain Spanish Release
27 January 2023 9 April 2024 7 June 2023 TBD TBD

The story starts with Team Blue worrying about where Goggles is. Goggles then appears, apologizing for being late, however, he still is in his pajamas. Goggles then goes back home to get dressed, but instead of wasting time trying to get back to Inkopolis by foot, Goggles decides to Super Jump to Inkopolis, his Super Jump is disrupted by a nearby truck which Goggles passes out on. Goggles awakes in The Splatlands, where he meets Braid who bandages Goggles and gives him water. While bandaging Goggles, Goggles notices that Braid holds a Stringer, which he had not seen before. Braid explains what the weapon is and that she uses it the practice her skills. Then, Team Horn Helmet appears, their leader, Party Hard Hat wants to fight Braid because she is rumored to be a part of the Splatsville Great Eight; a team of the strongest Splatsville Turf War players. Braid then admits she never played a single Turf War in her life, to Goggles and Horn Helmet's shock. However, Braid still wants to fight, with Goggles right beside her. Both Goggles and Braid are paired with two other inklings, one called Celeste and the other named Wrap, Braid calls the team Team Pickup. Before the match begins, Goggles observes the map, the map being Scorch Gorge, he also notices that the spawners are flying and that when the match starts, the players fall into the spawners. Goggles loses his clothes during the process and Braid fails to successfully spawn correctly, Team Horn Helmet immediately hones in on Team Pickup, and one of the members attempts to splat Goggles before being splatted by Braid; Braid encourages Goggles to fight, however, he cannot without any clothes. Team Horn Helmet surprises Team Pickup with a Squid Surge, splatting all of Team Pickup. Goggles is impressed by the new ability and attempts to re-create it, while doing this, Horn Helmet insults Team Pickup by calling them weak. Goggles stands by his team and Braid, claiming that Braid is taking her first steps in Turf War and that she will get better soon. Team Pickup begins to push Team Horn Helmet back, and one of the members of Team Horn Helmet attempts to splat Goggles, however, Goggles dodges the attack and feeds Team Horn Helmet pickled plums, while Team Horn Helmet is distracted, Braid attacks Horn Helmet, she misses but Goggles then attacks Horn Helmet and successfully splats her. Team Pickup wins the battle and Horn Helmet scoffs, she then mentions that there are stronger people than her in the Splatlands, and to watch out for them. Meanwhile, Team Blue arrives at the Splatlands, they are looking for Goggles.

Splatlands, Vol. 2

Japan Japanese Release USA English Release France French Release Germany German Release Spain Spanish Release
28 June 2023 6 December 2023 13 August 2023 TBD TBD

Splatlands, Vol. 3

Japan Japanese Release USA English Release France French Release Germany German Release Spain Spanish Release
28 November 2023 24 October 2023 TBD TBD TBD

Splatlands, Vol. 4

Japan Japanese Release USA English Release France French Release Germany German Release Spain Spanish Release
26 April 2024 TBD TBD TBD TBD