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This is a list of manga chapters in the original Splatoon manga series and the respective volumes in which they are collected. Written and illustrated by Sankichi Hinodeya, the names of the chapters are given as how they appeared in the volume edition.

Each volume contains four chapters, a bonus manga, and supplemental content about the characters, called the Inkling Almanac. The exception to this is Volume 11, which contains 5 chapters, but no bonus manga, as the fifth chapter replaces the bonus manga.

Volume 1

FlagJapan.svg Japanese Release FlagUSA.svg English Release FlagFrance.svg French Release FlagGermany.svg German Release
28 July 2016 12 December 2017 4 October 2017 30 May 2018
Splatoon manga Vol 1 EN.jpg
Vol. 1 cover

Vol. 1 Chapter 0: Yellow (Bonus 1)

Splatoon Manga Issue 0 cover.jpg

The introduction to Team Blue, where they face off against Team Yellow. While Super Jumping, Specs can be seen flying over Octo Valley. The match takes place in Urchin Underpass.

Released in June's CoroCoro Special Magazine in 2015. This is a fan-made chapter.

Vol. 1 Chapter 1: Rider

Splatoon manga issue 1 cover.jpeg

The start of the CoroCoro Cup, a tournament with Turf War as its only game mode. The four main characters, Goggles, Headphones, Bobble Hat, and Specs enter the tournament. Their first opponent ends up being the Yellow-Green Team, consisting of the S+ ranked Inkling Rider that Goggles had pranked earlier on.

Specs, Bobble, and Headphones are walking around the Plaza seeing everyone participating for the CoroCoro Cup. Headphones and Bobble are anxious about the competition but Specs is angry that Goggles is late. Goggles arrives but ends up being naked upon going into kid form, after he shortly puts on some clothes, and the team eventually gets noticed by other Inklings. They all think that they are famous until it is seen that they are known as famously idiotic, unbeknownst to them. A crowd of Inklings then catch their attention and shows Rider, an S+ rank Inkling that hates teamwork and is only with three other Inklings to compete. Specs is scared of such an opponent but Goggles is already telling Rider that even if he is S+, he will not lose. Rider ignores Goggles which results in Goggles pantsing him, angering Rider. Specs and Headphones yell at Goggles for doing that which Goggles says that it does not matter since they do not know who they will be competing against. Specs then reminds him that all of them are in low ranks with three of them being in the C ranks, except for Headphones who was in rank B- and if they lose the first round, they will be immediately disqualified. They shortly laugh it off as they know that will never happen until much to Specs and Headphones' horror that their first opponent is the Yellow-Green Team, Rider's team. Rider then intimidates the two but Goggles reassures as they do their best, they will be fine.

The Turf War in Arowana Mall then starts, Goggles tries to get to the center point first but shortly falls into the water. As three remaining members of the Blue Team get to the center, they are all splatted by Rider with his Dynamo Roller. Goggles respawns to see his whole team splatted so he tries to take the high road up. Rider tries to put a stop to him with an Inkstrike, but Goggles dodges it by landing on the grated pathway in front of it but is shortly attacked by a Triple Inkstrike by Rider's team. The rest of the Blue Team try to ink back turf but Rider keeps them from moving while his team charge back up their specials. Rider then tells the Blue Team that the strongest will win and that teamwork will get them nowhere only to be pantsed by Goggles from behind and splatted. Goggles then reveals to the team that he fell and hid in the ink on the side of the ramp. Without Rider, the rest of the Yellow-Green Team do not know what to do and the Blue Team makes short work of them and start quickly inking back turf. Rider tries to do it on his own again until Goggles activates his special, the Inkzooka, splatting Rider and the match now ending declaring the Blue Team the winners.

The Blue Team celebrates and Rider asks them how they could work together without arguing. Goggles says that they know each other well since they are always practicing which teaches Rider that an impromptu team will not work and reassures the Blue Team that he will not lose again. Goggles then jumps up and tells his team to do their best for the second round, only to shortly fall into a manhole.

This is the first time we see Goggles attempt to swim in water. He dissolves and returns to the spawn point. The stage in which the match takes place is Arowana Mall.

Released in December's CoroCoro Special Magazine in 2015.

Vol. 1 Chapter 2: Army

Splatoon Manga Issue 2 cover.jpg

Team Blue learns that they will battle Army's Team Orange, with S+ ranked Inklings. When the battle begins, Team Orange takes the lead with ease, and Team Blue finds an unexpected weakness in Team Orange, which allows them to take the lead.

The manga begins with Rider chasing after Goggles in squid form (which he is always naked when returning to kid form) since he ended up losing the second round despite winning against him and starts beating him up. After getting dressed up, Goggles asks Rider what he and his team will be going up against, Rider says that they will be against the Orange Team Army, one of the S4 which makes the whole team surprised. Goggles mistakes it as some kind of UFO and Specs says that the S4 are four S+ Inklings that are the highest among the rank. Despite their opponents' high ranks and their low ranks, Specs reassures that they will do their best and Goggles laughs it off as he doubts that they are an army. Only to Specs and Headphones' horror that they are with all the members wearing Special Forces Berets. The leader, Army notices that they are the ones who beat Rider despite their weak looks which Goggles agrees with. Army then tells the Blue team that his team will always win as battles will have no purpose if they do not. Goggles questions Army's logic by saying that they should be battling because it is fun, which annoys Army.

The Turf War then begins in Flounder Heights, an apartment complex with Jellyfish living inside. As the Blue team start advancing, Goggles notices a dangerous smell in the air, annoying Specs and Headphones. As they advance, Bobble and Headphones are quickly splatted by White Sailor and Forge Octarian along with Specs being splatted by Blue Sailor and Goggles splatted by Army. As they respawn, they see the Orange Team Army has blocked off their means of going any further. Army and Rider reveal that the Orange Team always has a manual with them to anticipate anything during Turf Wars. The Blue team try to advance by hiding in their ink through squid form until Army activates his special, the Echolocator, revealing the entire team's positions and getting splatted. With most of the ground covered by the Orange Team Army, Goggles notices the same smell again while respawning. As Army tells the Blue Team that nothing can be anticipated by them, he shortly sees Goggles eating curry inside one of the apartments with two Jellyfishes as Goggles kept smelling it the whole time. The entire Orange Team Army are confused about what to do in such an unorthodox situation and gives the Blue team enough time for the Echolocator to wear off and soon they start advancing. The Blue team's unpredictable movements start making short work of the Orange Team Army, consisting of Specs scaring off White Sailor by constantly swinging his Octobrush, Headphones splatting Blue Sailor by getting in the range for her Classic Squiffer by going through the ink covered by Specs, and Bobble splatting Forge Octarian by using both her Burst Bombs and Slosher at the same time. Army is shocked of the Blue team's movement and is caught off guard by Goggles with a plate of curry still in his hand before getting out his Inkzooka and splatting Army and soon declaring the Blue team the winners.

Army then learns that the unknown is enjoyable but he and his team add "Curry" in their manuals. Both teams soon celebrate with Curry and as Rider walks away, he notices the other members of the S4 watching.

Goggles is seen eating curry with Jellyfish in this issue. The battle takes place in Flounder Heights.

Released in April's CoroCoro Special Magazine in 2016.

Vol. 1 Chapter 3: Green

Splatoon Manga Issue 3 cover.jpg

Taking a break from battling against S+ ranked squids, Goggles gets his clothes ripped during a Turf War and has to go shopping for new gear, but someone is watching him from afar: Aloha!

The story starts in Blackbelly Skatepark, the Blue Team are taking the lead against a Turf War with the Green Team made up of Backwards, Safari, Beanie, and Cleats. Backwards is surprised on the Blue Team's strength, only taking them for a bunch of idiots at first. Specs notices that after battling against Rider and Army, they have gotten stronger. Goggles tries to swim up to the center tower but he slips on the ledge and slides down on his back down from the ramp. Specs asks if he is okay and despite Goggles saying he is, Specs notices that the entire backside of his clothes has ripped off. Goggles seems to have noticed and asks for a timeout only to see that his Ink Tank was off and starts playing immediately after he puts it on. As Goggles keeps on battling with the other team, Specs, Backwards, and Safari scold him with saying he is supposed to be more concerned about his rear nudity. The Blue Team then decide to call off the match until they get Goggles properly clothed and Backwards agrees.

The Blue Team then arrive at the Booyah Base in Inkopolis to get Goggles some new gear. As Goggles goes inside, the rest of the team wonder what he will choose until he comes back wearing a mess of weapons strung together on him as he accidentally went inside Ammo Knights and they shout at him for not even wearing any clothes underneath. As Sheldon takes back the weapons, Goggles then goes back into the actual gear stores. He then returns wearing a Black LS and a pair of Sea Slugs but a large Power Mask on his face which confuses Specs and Headphones on who he is. Goggles stole the mask from someone and after returning it and the rest of his clothes, his team decides to help him choose what to wear by seeing he should choose what he wants to. Several outfits are seen as a no by the team such as a Squid-Pattern Waistcoat with Clownfish Basics, a Predator Tee with Oyster Clogs, being naked, Octoling Armor and Octoling Boots, being naked again, and a giant squid costume which the team remarks about its redundancy. Goggles then eventually wears his usual clothes again, saying they are his favorite, Specs sees that he just ended up wearing the same thing but Goggles says that he is wearing new underwear now. Jelonzo then sees that Goggles old clothes were beaten so much that the power of it was going down and now with his new clothes, he should be able to move faster and suggests that he and his team should practice with them beforehand. As they leave, the Blue Team seemed to be noticed by another Inkling.

As they return to start their rematch with the Green Team, Goggles notices how easy it is to move in his new clothes. He then swims up the tower again and now reaches the top and starts shooting while spinning around, splatting Beanie. Backwards then lobs a projectile of ink from his Sloshing Machine and splats Goggles, as he gets up there he thinks he left a bomb up there but it turns out to be a jar of pickled plums which is Goggles' snack. Angry with the trick, Backwards activates his special, the Splat Bomb Rush and now starts throwing Splat Bombs everywhere (along with accidentally giving back Goggles' pickled plums thinking they were a bomb). As Backwards keeps throwing bombs, he is splatted by Headphones from afar and stops the rush. Beanie tries to splat her but Bobble stops it by splatting Beanie first. With the Blue Team in the lead, Specs now starts running towards Backwards and Safari but Goggles appears with his Inkzooka from behind as Specs was actually a decoy and soon Goggles splats the two of them. As they start advancing again, Safari then rises from a patch of ink, revealing he dodged the Inkzooka. Goggles tries to fire another one but Safari backflips and dodges it again, impressing him. As Goggles and Specs try to splat him again by attacking at the same time, neither of them could hit Safari and the match ends declaring the Blue Team the winners anyway.

The Blue Team then catch up with Safari and compliments him with how strong he is and Goggles offering a pickled plum to him. Safari thanks the kind offer and thinks they are pretty strong too, which all of them admit they are not. Safari then criticizes about their lacking coordination and says that they will never beat them, even though the Blue Team just did. Beanie then reads the stats from the battle and notices that Safari did not ink any turf or splatted anyone through the whole match, Cleats even notices that Safari always does that and his moves were way too good for him. The real Safari then shows up while tied up in ropes and sees that the other Inkling is an imposter. A group of Inklings all wearing Logo Aloha Shirts then meet up with the imposter and the Inkling reveals that he is Aloha from the S4, he then says that he and his team will be the Blue Team's next opponents.

Pickled plums were seen in this issue. The stage is Blackbelly Skatepark.

The CoroCoro Splat Roller was seen when Goggles wears a pile of weapons for clothes, referencing the eponymous magazine that the manga is usually read in.

Released in June's CoroCoro Special Magazine in 2016.

Vol. 1 Chapter 4: Aloha

Splatoon Manga Issue 4 cover.jpg

The day has come for the Blue Team to face off against one of the S4 members, Aloha, and the rest of the Pink Team, but right before the match starts, Goggles gets in a fight with his friend Specs. They are fighting on whether ice cream should be in a cone or in a cup. The match starts with Goggles and Specs fighting while everyone else inks the stage. More towards the middle of the match, Goggles and Specs are still fighting but they splat their opponests with stray shots of ink. In the end of the match, they start complimenting each other and they both use inkzooka and splat Aloha. Team Blue won the match, and Goggles and Specs forgot that they were fighting. They then have a party with Team Pink.

This is the first time we see Specs' special weapon: the Inkzooka, which is the wrong special weapon for the Octobrush. Therefore, it is probably an Octobrush Nouveau.

This is the second time Inklings are seen attempting to swim in water, this time being the Blue Team. Unlike in the actual game, they do not dissolve in water, but rather sink to the bottom.

The stage in which this match takes place is Mahi-Mahi Resort.

Its original date of release was going to be August, but it was released on June 30th's CoroCoro Special Magazine in 2016 instead.

Vol. 1 Chapter 4.1 Inkling almanac

This almanac shows each team and its players in the volume:

  • Team Yellow-Green: Rider, Stealth-Goggles, School Uniform, Bamboo Hat
  • Team Orange: Army, B-Sailor, Forge Octarian Jacket, W-Sailor
  • Team Pink: Aloha, Snorkel Mask, Octoglasses, Straw Hat
  • Team Blue: Goggles, Specs, Headphones, Bobble Hat

Volume 2

FlagJapan.svg Japanese Release FlagUSA.svg English Release FlagFrance.svg French Release FlagGermany.svg German Release
27 January 2017 13 March 2018 7 March 2018 31 July 2018
Splatoon manga Vol 2 EN.jpg
Vol. 2 cover

Vol. 2 Chapter 4.5: Dark-Green

Splatoon Manga issue 5.png

Battle against the Dark Green Team. The Dark Green Team call themsevles the Blaster Brothers, which Goggles abbriviates to the Bla Bros, which annoy them. The team uses only blasters and they have their own tactic, which is called Blaster Gatling Gun.

This is the first time the manga shows Headphones' special weapon: the Bubbler.

This is the first time the manga is seen on a regular CoroCoro magazine instead of a special one, being released on 8 September 2016.

Vol. 2 Chapter 5: Mask

Splatoon Manga Issue 6 cover.jpg

After defeating Aloha from the S4, Goggles is already eager for another exciting battle. Luckily there seems to be another squid who is just as eager to take them on, Rider cannot help but wonder who they are.

This is the first time the manga shows Bobble Hat's special weapon: the Inkstrike.

The manga starts with Goggles and Bobble happily asking who would like to battle them, much to Specs and Headphones' embarrassment. Goggles finds Rider and pantses him which gets him beaten up like always. Rider hears that the Blue Team beat the S4's Aloha and they tell him they have a Turf War today as well. Specs tells him that they received a very polite invitation for one but there was no name for it, so he and the others figured the sender forgot with Rider hoping that is the case.

The Blue Team soon arrive in Walleye Warehouse where the email asked them to come to where they meet Mask and his team: Full Moon, Designer, and Jersey, much to Specs and Headphones' horror like always. Goggles remains positive which Mask tells them that people like him who are happy with their lives that he despises, especially with Goggles and Bobble's constant smiling which scares Specs and Headphones even more. The Turf War soon starts and Specs has the team spread out so they cannot get all of them. Headphones sees Full Moon aiming her Luna Blaster at her but she instead walks past her and tricks Headphones into getting splatted by an Ink Mine. Specs is then against Jersey but he is distracted by her that he does not notice that he has been splatted by a sprinkler placed by Jersey above from him. Designer then throws a Disruptor at Goggles which slows him down and Mask throws a Seeker splatting him. Mask introduces their tactic as Sub Weapon Armageddon which Bobble, the only one remaining, calls him a bully for an underhanded tactic before getting splatted by his Carbon Roller which Rider points out that he swung it despite being known for not having to. After they all respawn, the Blue Team try to watch out for any more traps only for Headphones and Specs to be splatted by Mask from the back (which he swings his Carbon Roller yet again). Mask then throws another Seeker at Goggles but he jumps over it, Mask then activates his special, a Seeker Bomb Rush and splats Goggles. With only Bobble left, Mask tries to intimidate her but she simply laughs it off, shocking him and bringing back the rest of her team smiling. Mask asks why she is still laughing where Bobble says because it is fun where he does not believe her, Bobble explains that even when the worst comes, she and her team are always together and that is what makes their Turf Wars fun, she asks if Mask feels the same way where he mumbles that he does enjoy being with his teammates before trying to intimidate her again. However, Bobble activates her special, the Inkstrike and sends it out to the middle, revealing Mask and the rest of his team out of their hiding places. With the Cyan Team now revealed, the Blue Team make a comeback by attacking head-on so they can find any of their traps. Goggles rides on Specs' Octobrush and launches off of it, splatting Full Moon and Designer. Jersey escapes from him only to be splatted by Headphones, leaving only Mask on the feel. Mask is shocked of their sudden push and Bobble and Goggles are now getting closer to him, scared, he swings his roller but Goggles dodges it and splats him just as the battle ends and declares Blue Team the winners.

The Cyan Team now defeated, try to think of different ways of beating the team by using more underhanded tactics. Goggles says the match was fun and asks if that is just enough which to the shock of the entire Cyan Team, they too actually had fun. Rider who watched the whole match wondered if that is how they won their previous matches against the S4. Mask then warns the Blue Team about Skull, the last S4 member saying he is nothing like the others. Goggles stays positive that they will do their best but in the next scene, they are beaten by him. Soon, Skull and his team leaves before Goggles stops to ask for a rematch some other day, but Skull declines for battling someone as weak as him, leaving Goggles shocked before getting up and has the rest of his friends practice. Before they leave, Rider decides to give the Blue Team some "Special training".

This is the first time the Blue Team was defeated on-screen. The Blue Team are defeated in the CoroCoro Cup, there was no proof except for this being mentioned in Issue 2 by Goggles apologizing to Rider for losing and soon getting beaten up by him.

The matches against the Cyan Team and Purple Team both take place at Walleye Warehouse.

Released in October's CoroCoro Special Magazine in 2016.

Vol. 2 Chapter 6: Training

Splatoon Manga issue 7 cover.jpg

After the shocking loss against the Purple Team, the Blue Team, with the help of Rider, train so they could have a rematch with Skull. However, during a battle between the Blue and Yellow-Green teams, Goggles (due to drinking too much) has to go to pee.

During the training, Rider uses the E-liter 3K Scope and states that he always practices with other weapons to learn how to counter them.

The training takes place at Moray Towers.

Released in December's CoroCoro Special Magazine with a colored issue color in 2016.

Vol. 2 Chapter 7: Skull

Splatoon Manga Issue 8 cover.jpg

Battle against the Purple Team.

The stage is Moray Towers.

The manga begins with Goggles now asking Skull and his team: Aviators, Stitch, and Paisley for a rematch on Moray Towers, Aviators says that is the stage where he is best at but Skull accepts. Goggles soon seriously asks why Skull does not have eyebrows which he answers saying he was born like that. Aviators notices that Skull rarely accepts rematches but it is because he was killing time and suspects the whole match will be boring.

As the Turf War starts, the Blue Team rush to get to the center first while dodging Skull's E-liter. Goggles hears it charging up and pushes Specs down, only for Skull to not fire at them and instead splat Bobble and quickly the rest as well. The range of the E-liter 3k Scope with Skull's aiming is known as the tactic of 'Skull Arena'. As they respawn, Goggles tries to throw a Suction Bomb at Skull but he mistakenly throws his jar of pickled plums at him, throwing off Skull as he thinks it is a new type of bomb. Stitch tries to splat Goggles but Headphones takes her out from behind. Specs and Goggles starts advancing towards Skull but he soon unleashes his special on the two, the Kraken and splats both of them. Bobble is then splatted by Aviators, leaving only Headphones while the rest of the Purple Team start advancing onto the Blue Team's side as she is stuck by Skull's E-liter. Specs tries to swing his Inkbrush but he was swinging around Goggles, as he apologizes, Goggles decides to have Specs keep on swinging while he shoots and they quickly splat Aviators, Stitch, and Paisley (with Goggles' shorts now ripped). As they advance, Skull is now surprised on the Blue Team's advance, Specs swims up through a trail on the wall to try and splat Skull but Skull quickly splats him before he can. He is then hit with a Burst Bomb by Bobble and shortly hit with an Inkzooka by Headphones, but Skull super jumps back to his spawn before it can hit him. With him now gone, Skull's team now fights with the three of the Blue Team with only Aviators noticing that only three of them are there. As Skull lands back, he is confused about the feeling he is having battling the Blue Team, only to see Goggles now face to face with him. It is revealed by the rest of his team that Goggles swam up one of the towers of the Purple Team's side while they were busy and Bobble and Specs shortly splats them all by firing their Inkstrikes. Goggles then uses his technique of the Squid Lightning Jet and dodges all of Skull's shots. Just as he gets close enough, Goggles falls off the stage but fires his Inkzooka as he does while the match ends, declaring the Blue Team the winners and finally the champions of the CoroCoro Cup.

As the Purple Team now leaves, Goggles stops them and says that their match was fun and reveals that he was worried about Skull bored from their last match, Skull agrees with their match being fun and returns Goggles' jar of pickled plums to him while seeing that the Blue Team's ability to make any match fun is what makes them so strong. Skull proposes another Turf War with Goggles again but Rider wants to battle Skull first since he is the one that trained Goggles, Aloha then arrives and wants a rematch with Goggles as well, Goggles proposes for all of them to battle only for the three to immediately say no to. Army then decides to celebrate with Blue Team's success with the S4 and Rider over curry in the plaza. As the manga ends, Cap'n Cuttlefish watches from afar and sees that Goggles is "the one"

The rest of Rider's team makes an appearance with watching the match with him.

The issue shows Headphones using an Inkzooka which is not part of the Classic Squiffer's set, so she was probably using a New Squiffer during the match like how Specs used an Octobrush Nouveau during the battle with Aloha. Likewise, Specs is seen using an Inkstrike with an Inkbrush instead of an Octobrush.

This is the final issue that holds the CoroCoro Cup during the Splatoon era.

Released in February's CoroCoro Special Magazine in 2017.

Vol. 2 Chapter 7.5: Train! Train! (Bonus 2)

Goggles is heading for a train to Inkopolis to meet up with the rest of the team, where they plan to practice, but ends up arriving late. Goggles is the first to miss the train and sees Glasses inside, he turns into squid form to arrive just in time but he finds out that his clothes fell off as he got in. Both of them had to go back to the platform for Goggles' clothes until they miss the other train. Goggles notices Headphones and Bobble and he, against Glasses' wishes, try to Super Jump to them, only leading both of them to hit the side of the train with Headphones noticing and Bobble distracted by her music. The boys catch the next train and Glasses yells at Goggles that they are still late. As they arrive at Inkopolis Plaza, Glasses gets out but Goggles is pushed in by a large tour group of jellyfish and ends up being yet again, the last one to arrive.

Released with Volume 2 in 27 January 2017

Vol. 2 Chapter 7.6 Inkling almanac

This almanac shows the new teams and their players in the volume:

  • Cyan Team: Mask, Designer Headphones, Full Moon Glasses, Jersey
  • Purple Team: Skull, Aviators, Stitch, Paisley
  • Dark-Green Team: Bike Helmet, Stripe, Shrimp, Skate Helmet

Volume 3

FlagJapan.svg Japanese Release FlagUSA.svg English Release FlagFrance.svg French Release FlagGermany.svg German Release
23 July 2017 12 June 2018 4 July 2018 30 October 2018
Splatoon Manga Vol 3 cover front.jpg
Splatoon manga Vol 3 EN.jpg
Vol. 3 front cover

Vol. 3 Chapter 8: Hero Mode Part 1

Splatoon Manga Issue 10 cover.jpg

Unlike the previous days, Goggles arrives for the meeting time early, only to remember today is a break from training, and he meets Rider instead. The two are shortly dragged by Cap'n Cuttlefish to save the Great Zapfish from the Octarians. They are assigned as Agents 3 and 3.5 (or "Agents 3") respectively.

Both Goggles and Rider wear the full Hero Suit while still keeping the gear they are named after, being the Pilot Goggles and Black Inky Rider with Goggles wearing his goggles with his headset and Rider wearing his jacket over his Hero Jacket. They also use the Hero weapons, with Goggles having the Hero Shot and Rider having the Hero Roller.

Released in April's CoroCoro Special Magazine in 2017.

Vol. 3 Chapter 9: Hero Mode Part 2

Splatoon Manga Issue 9 cover.jpg

Agents 3 and 3.5 and Cap'n Cuttlefish were taken by DJ Octavio and the fight begins to save the Great Zapfish. While all hope seems to be lost due to being outnumbered, Agents 1 and 2 come in time to assist them. After defeating DJ Octavio they decide to share the Zapfishes as the Octarians were running out of electricity.

Vol. 3 Chapter 10: Gloves

The Blue Team are up for a battle against the Green Team again, but both teams encounter respective problems: Goggles forgot to bring his weapon, and Safari got stuck in fresh concrete. Those problems are eventually solved by an Inkling hailing from Inkopolis Square named Gloves, as he gives his Splattershot to Goggles and temporarily replaces Safari for the battle.

The Splattershot has the Sting Ray as its special weapon, which is different than its in-game set that has Splashdown. However, this is corrected in later issues.

The stage in which the match takes place is Blackbelly Skatepark.

Vol. 3 Chapter 11: Square

Splatoon 2 Manga Issue 2 cover.png

The Blue Team changes their gear and weapons fitting for the trend of Inkopolis Square. Gloves invites them to join the preliminaries of the Square King Cup, which decides the number one player of Inkopolis Square, and the extra prize is a shop, which can help the Blue Team rebuild the Crust Bucket Goggles destroyed with his Super Jump. The team's first opponent is the Ikarus Team (Hockey Team in English).

The manga starts with Specs, Headphones, and Bobble arriving in Inkopolis Square and already bought new clothes. (Specs now has a Baby-Jelly Shirt & Tie and Smoky Wingtips, Headphones has a Slash King Tank and Red Hi-Horses and now wields a Splat Charger instead of the Classic Squiffer, and Bobble has a Gray Hoodie on.) Specs starts panicking as Goggles is nowhere to be found until Crusty Sean calms them down by giving the threesome food. Goggles then gets the others attention from on the top of Deca Tower while he was exploring. Goggles then decides to super jump down to them from the tower but the height causes him to burn up and crashing into the Crust Bucket, destroying it. Goggles tries to apologize with only Crusty Sean not forgiving him and has him put some clothes on first. Goggles then comes back from the Galleria with an Eggplant Mountain Coat on and his Goggles and Hero Runner Replicas still part of his outfit which the others tell him that it suits him. Crusty Sean then brings up the topic of how Goggles is gonna pay for the repairs of his food truck but Goggles does not have any more money and only jars of pickled plums. He tries to figure out how to make cash which has Gloves show up and welcomes them and tells Goggles and the Blue Team that they can participate in the Square King Contest which Gloves is already in the preliminaries and the prize for the champions of the tournament is enough money to start a shop. The Blue Team see that they can rebuild the Crust Bucket with the money and Goggles pants Gloves as thanks. Gloves then scolds Goggles and Headphones goes to apply her team for the preliminaries.

The announcer then has the Blue Team be facing off the Hockey Team with their leader Hockey and his teammates Striped Beanie, Vader Cap, and Headband. They have already been on a winning streak in the preliminaries which worries the Blue Team as they still have not been used to their weapons yey but Goggles gets them back into their spirits by having the team focus on having fun. Striped Beanie sees them rallying up but Hockey assures him that they have the strongest formation. The announcer for the preliminaries explains Turf War and the overview of the stage, The Reef. Goggles is excited that they are having their first Turf War in Inkopolis Square. The Turf War starts but the Blue Team are worried that they have no plan since they do not know what the stage is like, so Specs has them split up and ink the turf. However, as they do, Specs gets quickly surrounded by the Hockey Team and is splatted and soon Headphones and Bobble are splatted as well. Hockey then introduces their tactic as the 4DS (4 Dead Strike) which Specs, Headphones, and Bobble call it lame which shocks Hockey but is surprised of Goggles liking it. Hockey and his team then surround Goggles now and the rest of Blue Team tell him to super jump away. As he does, Hockey jumps from the bridge above to splat him but he, unfortunately, gets hit right in the crotch as Goggles super jumps into him. After he gets back up, Hockey and the others try to surround Goggles once more but Goggles stops them by introducing his team's formation, Blue Inkling Acrobatics Team which has Headphones and Bobble on the side and Goggles standing all on top of Specs' Octobrush and pose but they soon fall over. Headphones has the others play for real and she quickly splats Headband with her precise aim like her experience with using a Classic Squiffer from the first manga series. Bobble swims from the trail Headphones laid and splats Vader Cap, then Specs sneaks up behind Striped Beanie and splats him (only to see that no one saw him do it). Hockey, the only one remaining, is shocked on how strong they could be despite never hearing about them from Inkopolis Plaza, only the S4 but finds out from Gloves that the Blue Team beat all four of them. Goggles then gets the drop on Hockey and splats him as the match ends, declaring the Blue Team the winners.

After their victory, the Blue Team goes on a winning streak and is now qualified for the tournament. Gloves congratulate them and sees that they have a chance in the finals (although he will not lose) and shows them a video on his phone of a team that has been beaten by 99.9% by an Inkling named Emperor who won the tournament four times in a row. Goggles then has them say that they will not lose to him and he and Gloves' teams aim for the championships.

The stage is The Reef.

The Blue Team's side is always depicted by Little Judd now in Turf Wars.

Vol. 3 Chapter 11.5 (Bonus 3)

Blue Team is having a strategy meeting at a café, but end up getting distracted by encountering Rider and the S4. Glasses tries to get the team to come up with strategies but Goggles and Bobble decide to get something to drink first, obviously angering both Glasses and Headphones. After they receive them, they notice Rider scolding them to be quiet and they notice that all of the S4 are there as well. The five S ranked Inklings say they were all by chance but Goggles says that they must all get along well which the all of them protest to. After Goggles pantses Rider, as usual, Headphones wonders if Glasses' glasses have lenses in them since he is always comically popping his eyes out of them. Bobble decides to test it and pokes her fingers right through Glasses' lens, causing them to break and angering Glasses. Glasses decides to start the team's strategy meeting for once which the S4 decides to give them advice, however, it is all for different subjects or otherwise unhelpful for the Blue Team. Skull tells the others to not bother him as he is eating a giant sundae, the Blue team thinks they will see his face but Skull's so fast that he eats it in a blink of an eye. Rider then does the same and causes everyone to compete in eating until three hours later, they are all bloated with Specs now angry with their strategy meeting going nowhere.

Released with Volume 3 in 23 July 2017

Vol. 3 Chapter 11.6 Inkling almanac

This almanac shows the characters in the volume and their new look:

  • Hero mode: Goggles, Rider, Agent 1, Agent 2
  • Gloves
  • Hockey Team: Ikarus, Striped Beanie, Vader Cap, Headband
  • New Blue Team: Goggles, Specs, Headphones, Bobble Hat

Volume 4

FlagJapan.svg Japanese Release FlagUSA.svg English Release FlagFrance.svg French Release FlagGermany.svg German Release
27 October 2017 11 September 2018 14 November 2018 29 January 2019
Splatoon Manga Vol 4 cover front.jpg
Splatoon manga Vol 4 EN.jpg
Vol. 4 front cover

Vol. 4 Chapter 12: Enter! The Real Tournament!

Splatoon 2 Manga Issue 3 cover.jpg

The opening ceremony of the Square King Cup starts, and the real competition is about to begin. Notable Inklings participating are the Blue Team, Gloves' Team, Yellow-Green Team, all of the S4 Teams, and Team Emperor. In the first round, Gloves' Team are up against the Retro Gamer Team in Block A, while the Yellow-Green Team are up against the School Cardigan Team in Block B.

The manga starts with Goggles and the rest of the Blue Team cheering as they are into the real tournament only to ask what is next, Specs scolds him but he too does not know either. Gloves brings them over to Starfish Mainstage where the opening ceremony is held where the Inkling girl wearing a Takoroka Mesh and an armband from the last issue is explaining the tournament system which is in a knockout-style among the champions of the preliminaries. A crowd of Inkling then notices the group which Specs think is from them but they noticed Gloves, angering Specs. The crowd then see Rider and Skull who they know about their high ranks. Goggles happily greets them by pantsing both of them which the crowd are shocked and impressed on how he could get the drop on him and then see him get beat up by the two S ranks, the crowd soon reach a consensus that Goggles is just an idiot. Goggles notices it is only Skull's Team and Rider's team, he asks Skull if the other S4 are here which Skull replies "who knows." Emperor soon arrives on the stage and congratulates the audience in winning the preliminaries and tells them to strive harder so they can fight him in the tournament. Specs sees that Goggles is ridiculously relaxed by sitting and eating which has Emperor notice him and the others yelling at Goggles. The Announcer has the first round be the Gloves Team vs. Retro Gamer Team and the Yellow-Green Team vs. School Cardigan Team. Both Rider and Gloves are determined to win which has both of them argue with Headphones seeing that their personalities do not mesh together as they both say the same thing. Goggles finds out that their battles are on two different stages and tries to watch one while streaming the other one on his phone which has Headphones propose them to split up with Bobble and Specs watching Gloves' fight and Goggles and Headphones watching Rider's.

Their Turf Wars start with Gloves telling his team to win in a cool way which has the Retro Gamer Team questions it and says that they will beat Gloves in a manly way as well in a rage of his team having girls on it as they are an all-boys team. Gloves retorts at them which angers the opposing team more and they start attacking. On Rider's side, he is against an all-girls team instead. He says he will not go easy on them tries to splat the team but he stops when the School Cardigan Team is scared of being splatted. Headphones as well as Rider's teammates, School Uniform and Bamboo point out his double standard when he did not hesitate to splat Headphones and Bobble and did not ease up when having School Uniform and Bamboo be the Inkstrike Reserve. Goggles keeps on cheering for Rider by waving a giant sign which Rider tells him to stop, while he is distracted, the School Cardigan Team start attacking the Yellow-Green Team and splat Stealth, School Uniform, and Bamboo leaving only Rider left. The scene has both Rider and Gloves cornered by their respective opponents, Goggles keeps on cheering for him until he waves his sign so hard that he makes a gust of wind ends up blowing off the School Cardigan Team's hair off which turn out to be wigs and reveal that they are all boys with the shaved hairstyle and it was a ploy so they could win, angering Rider immensely. In Gloves' battle, the Retro Gamer Team keep attacking him but Gloves reveal to him that his whole team covered the whole stage while they were busy chasing him. Both Gloves and Rider splat all of their opponents and both of them are declared the winner in their respective rounds. They soon give a few words of wisdom to their defeated opponents which they are now liked by them.

As they return to the Blue Team, Rider and Gloves compliment each other on their matches but they soon try to intimidate each other from the chance they meet in a battle. As the Blue Team get ready for their match, Goggles sees that all of the S4 are now in one team.

Two stages are featured in this issue. Block A's stage is Musselforge Fitness, while Block B's is Starfish Mainstage.

Vol. 4 Chapter 13: Inkfall

Splatoon 2 Manga Issue 4 cover.jpg

The formed S4 team prepares their battle mainly against Emperor's Team, but their first round in Block B is against a team called The Safari. Meanwhile, the Blue Team plans to watch that battle, but while Goggles was eating the dango, he bumps into Inkfall and accidentally makes his clothes dirty, engaging a battle for the first round in Block A.

The manga starts where the last chapter left off with Goggles seeing all of the S4 together as a team. Aloha tells them that they were invited as Emperor's guests of honor to Mask's dismay. Goggles is happy for them all together since he has a giant platter of dango with him so they can all eat. Skull sees that he may be fighting Emperor but wants to fight with the Blue Team again and Goggles hopes so too. The S4 then start their first round against their team, The Safari which is unseen but with Emperor watching already expecting what will happen. Rider and his team decide to go watch, Goggles wants to as well but Specs reminds him that they have a battle as well and Goggles quickly becomes serious. He starts heading to it while eating dango and with tons of it stuffed in his pockets until he ends up bumping into another Inkling with his dango, staining their shirt. The Inkling makes a big deal about it which the Blue Team try to say otherwise, the announcer sees "the competitors" arguing and the Blue Team now see who their competitors are: The Team Inkfall composing of Inkfall, Knit Hat, Arrow, and Vader. Inkfall tells them that they hate being dirty which the Blue Team tells them that Turf Wars are already messy with using ink, so they clear it up by saying they love to smear their enemies with it.

The Turf War soon starts in Musselforge Fitness and the Blue Team quickly get to the center and all of them attack the Inkfall Team, but to their surprise, the entire team dodged all their attacks due to their need of staying clean. They soon quickly splat the Blue Team and as they respawn and try to get back, Inkfall unleashes his special, an Ink Storm and soon splats all of the Blue Team again. As they respawn once again, Goggles tries to splat Inkfall by shooting from above but he ends up dropping his dango in the mix and Inkfall starts to dodge them all. As he keeps dodging, Inkfall bumps into Headphones who ends up knocking over Specs with her Splat Charger, then he knocks over Bobble who drops her Slosher. The Slosher accidentally hits Inkfall and soaks him with ink as he could not predict an accident, Inkfall decides to go home and Goggles tries to cheer him up by feeding him Dango. Now angry, Inkfall now starts charging with his team at the Blue Team and they do the same. Specs quickly splats Hat with his Octobrush, but he gets angry when no one notices him once again. Bobble then attacks Arrow and Lyvader by riding on Goggles through a row of Suction Bombs, the two Inkfall teammates try to run but Lyvader gets splatted by Headphones. The rest of the Inkfall Team go to surround Headphones, so Goggles super jumps to her to save her but the Inkfall Team already have him surrounded and will splat him when he lands. Gloves then reminds Goggles that his special his ready, so he activates as he lands, causing a Super Jump Splashdown right before the match ends and the Blue Team are now the winners.

The entire Inkfall Team are now drenched in ink from the Splashdown and are already upset about it as they try to clean themselves, Goggles tells them that being dirty is what Turf Wars are about and Inkfall soon sees that it is not bad to get dirty once in a while but he and his team promise that they will dodge next time they battle. The Blue Team see that the S4 won and their second round, now against Emperor, is starting. Goggles ends up needing to go to the bathroom from eating too much dango which has the rest of his team watch without him. As he returns, Goggles sees that the S4 lost against Emperor, shocking everyone.

The Blue Team's battle takes place in Musselforge Fitness.

Vol. 4 Chapter 14: Outcast Inklings

Splatoon 2 Manga Issue 5 cover.jpg

The S4 had lost against Emperor's Team, where they did not even get to fight one member, who is revealed to be Emperor's younger brother. They argued about this loss, but Goggles reminds them that having fun is the most important part of battles. All of them are shortly interrupted by the Stray Squids Team. They believe battles are meant to be taken seriously, and they are the next opponents of the Blue Team.

The S4 Team's match took place in Humpback Pump Track, while Blue Team's battle takes place in Inkblot Art Academy.

Vol. 4 Chapter 15: Sightseeing!

Splatoon 2 Manga Issue 6 cover.jpg

After going through the second round, the Blue Team had forgotten why they were going for the championship again until Crusty Sean reminded them that they need to repair his shop. While waiting for the next few rounds, they help him serve his customers. During their break time, they explore Inkopolis Square along with the S4. Off the Hook introduces the four teams that made it to the semi-finals: the Blue Team (although mistakenly has Goggles as its leader in the announcement and not Specs), Yellow-Green Team, Gloves' Team and Emperor's Team.

Vol. 4 Chapter 15.5: Gloves' Backstory (Bonus 4)

Splatoon 2 Manga Bonus Issue 4 cover.jpg

This story revolves around Gloves' backstory, where he was seen as strong but unfresh to other Inklings. His teammate suggested that he could have a spiritual trip to the mountains for some inspiration. Going there, he met Emperor using the Splat Dualies that he gave to Gloves, which inspired him to get fresher.

Gloves was wearing the Samurai gear along with using the Bamboozler 14 Mk I. He had worn other gear sets as well: in his haircut scene, he wears the Green Tee and White Kicks and when he gets the Splat Dualies, he wears a Black Tee and a pair of Black Seahorses but all of them had Fake Contacts as his headgear. Similarly, his teammates had previous gear sets.

Vol. 4 Chapter 15.6 Inkling almanac

This almanac shows the new teams and their players in the volume:

  • Team Outcasts: Clams Facemask, Piranha Facemask, Punk Mask, Choco Facemask
  • Team Inkfall: Inkfall, Vader, Arrow, Knit Hat
  • Team Retro Gamer: Tennis Headband, Jogging Headband, Squash Headband, B-Ball Headband
  • Team School Cardigan: School Asymmetry, School Short, School Bun, School Long
  • Team Gloves: Gloves, Half-Rimz, Clip-Ons, Straps

Volume 5

FlagJapan.svg Japanese Release FlagUSA.svg English Release FlagFrance.svg French Release FlagGermany.svg German Release
28 February 2018 11 December 2018 6 March 2019 30 April 2019
Splatoon Manga Vol 5 cover front.jpg
Splatoon manga Vol 5 EN.jpg
Vol. 5 front cover

Vol. 5 Chapter 16: Yellow Green vs. Emperor Part 1

Splatoon 2 Manga Issue 7 cover.jpg

The Block B the Semi-finals begins, with the Yellow-Green Team facing against Emperor's Team. The Yellow-Green Team gets the upper advantage, but they were caught up by Emperor first, followed by the rest of his teammates, who painted their area completely by lining up elegantly first. Rider is desperately defending his area shortly afterwards.

This is part 1 of the battle between the Yellow-Green Team and Emperor's Team.

The stage is Sturgeon Shipyard.

Vol. 5 Chapter 17: Yellow Green vs. Emperor Part 2

Splatoon 2 Manga Issue 8 cover.jpg

The Block B Semi-finals continue, as Emperor's Team avoided the two-part special attack from the Yellow-Green Team. Emperor uses his special weapon, the Inkjet, to hold the opposing team back. The Yellow-Green Team fights back, to at least have fun in the end despite in a desperate situation.

This is part 2 of the battle between the Yellow-Green Team and Emperor's Team.

Continuing from the previous part, the stage is Sturgeon Shipyard.

Vol. 5 Chapter 18: Blue vs. Gloves Part 1

Splatoon 2 Manga Issue 9 cover.jpg

The Block A Semi-finals begin, with the Blue Team facing against Gloves' Team. It starts with a 1-v-1 battle, and later on, it was referred to as the idiotic battle as soon as Gloves' tentacles were cut off after tripping. This is part 1 of this battle.

The stage is The Reef.

Vol. 5 Chapter 19: Blue vs. Gloves Part 2

Splatoon 2 Manga Issue 10 cover.jpg

The Block A Semi-finals continue. The first part of this issue is part 2 of the battle between the Blue Team and Gloves' Team. Immediately after, the winning team advances to the Finals and engages in a battle against Emperor's Team on a 1-v-1 to start it off.

The Finals take place on Starfish Mainstage.

In the battle against Emperor's Team, Specs appears to be using the Inkbrush Nouveau.

This is the second time the manga shows Bobble Hat's special weapon, although the first time in the Splatoon 2 era: the Tenta Missiles.

Vol. 5 Chapter 19.5: Blue Group (Bonus 5)

Splatoon 2 Manga Bonus Issue 5 cover.jpg

This issue explores and tells how the members of the Blue Team met each other when they were younger at school and shows how in many if not all of their Turf Wars that they always win by staying positive and sticking together.

The story starts with Specs narrating with him as a small child, which is noted by the eponymous Retro Specs he still wears and the mix of both being a kid and squid, with a group of other younger Inklings with their Jellyfish teacher calling them as the "Blue Group". As Glasses is nervous if he will make any friends, the teacher instructs them to change their color into blue. Glasses does so and another Inkling says he has got it too only to turn into an "idiot-color" with the word, idiot scribbled all over him. (The joke is a Japanese pun with Goggles mistaking Ao which means blue for Aho instead which means idiot.) Specs then corrects the Inkling's mistakes and marks it as his first "Straight-Man Retort" and Goggles correctly becomes blue. The two then introduce themselves as Specs and Goggles and the two become friends, Goggles then walks over to Specs while he is reading and shows him that he made a pair of goggles made of a black strap with pudding cups but did not wash them as pudding is dribbling down his head. After Specs cleans them, Goggles notices a girl staring at them and as he walks over to her, she gets flustered. She tells him that she was envious of Goggles' improvised goggles and wanted a pair of headphones, Goggles kindly breaks apart his goggles and turns them into a pair of improvised "headphones" for her and the girl introduces herself as Headphones and the three become friends and spend their time together with Headphones making a new pair of goggles for Goggles.

The three then decide to go the sandbox outside where they see a pair of Inklings making a sandcastle and saying all that is left is to pour water. A girl hears them and she destroys the sandcastle by pouring a bucket full of water on the castle and splashes the pair of Inklings building it and they run away to clean up, leaving her all alone. As she lonely plays by herself, Goggles helps the girl by building a dam made out of sandcastle so she can pour water on it and he wants her to play with her and Specs and Headphones and the girl introduces herself as Bobble. The four of them started playing together all the time now and Headphones asks if they ever heard of Turf Wars battles but Goggles mistakes them as "Jump-Rope battles" (another Japanese pun as Jump Rope is Nawatobi and Turf War is Nawabari in Japanese) and after Goggles corrects him and explains it, Goggles is interested in participating in them when growing up. The group is then interrupted by a pair of Inklings that got a ball stuck in a tree and try to get a teacher to help them, but Goggles offers to help them. When Specs asks how he is going to do so, Goggles does not know how but if someone is in trouble, he will try to find a way. Inspired by their friend's kind words, the other three offer to help as well: Headphones tries to spray it down with a hose, Bobbles uses a bucket, Specs tries to get it down with a broom by whacking the tree, and Goggles uses rubber bands which Specs scolds that is not strong enough but notices that they are hitting the tree. As none of their efforts work, Goggles makes a slingshot and has his friends launch him, the three do so and Goggles crashes into the tree but he now has the ball in his hands.

After they got scolded by the teacher, Specs narrates that they were all happy with how they worked as a team. Years then pass back to the present with Goggles arriving late as always to the rest of the Blue Team and they are all happy and ready to participate in another Turf War towards Deca Tower which shows that they are still together and their friendship will never end as the last scene shows a picture of all of them playing together with the word "Blue" above them.

When retrieving the ball, the methods each of the Blue Team members represent their future main weapons. Goggles used rubber bands that represent the Splattershot due to them being scattered, Headphones used a hose that represents the Splat Charger due to its long range, Glasses used a broom that represents the Octobrush due to its shape and Bobble Hat used a bucket that represents the Slosher as the weapon is based on the bucket.

Volume 6

FlagJapan.svg Japanese Release FlagUSA.svg English Release FlagFrance.svg French Release FlagGermany.svg German Release
27 July 2018 11 June 2019 3 July 2019 27 August 2019
Splatoon Manga Vol 6 cover front.jpg
Splatoon manga Vol 6 EN.jpg
Vol. 6 front cover

Vol. 6 Chapter 20: Emperor Part 1

Splatoon 2 Manga Issue 11 cover.jpg

The final round of the Square King Cup has begun, with the Blue Team facing against Emperor's Team. In shock and disapproval of Emperor, his teammates, especially Prinz, are fighting with fun together with their opponents, after the Blue Team has encouraged them to do so.

This the second time the manga shows Specs' special weapon, although the first time in the Splatoon 2 era and using the Inkbrush Nouveau instead of his usual Octobrush: the Baller.

Vol. 6 Chapter 21: Emperor Part 2

Splatoon 2 Manga Issue 12 cover.jpg

Continuing from the previous part, Goggles encounters Emperor after he had enough about him making his teammates have fun. Emperor's Team is slowly going back to its usual seriousness. Eventually, the battle ends with its very close conclusion...

Goggles' Splashdown is used twice in this issue, and the same thing happens with Specs' Baller for the overall battle. This makes this battle the first and only one so far to have Special Weapons used more than once by the same Inklings.

Vol. 6 Chapter 22: Emperor Part 3

Splatoon 2 Manga Issue 13 cover.jpg

The Square King Cup has ended upon declaring Team Blue the winning team. Goggles asks Emperor if he enjoyed the match, to which he replies "It wasn't bad" with a smile. Emperor then tells N-Pacer and Squidkid Jr to look after Prinz and he is going to go on a journey to get stronger. Crusty Sean holds a party in the Square for Team Blue and all the other teams shown in the Square King Cup come too. After Goggles gets hit by Rider for pulling his pants down, his pickled plums get knocked out of his hands and roll away. Gloves and Goggles roll after it and accidentally roll into Grizzco. They meet Mr. Grizz who equips them with Salmon Run gear (both retaining their signature headgear) and send them onto a boat. They are surprised to see Mask and Emperor on the boat. Mask asks then why they are working at the part time job instead of being at the party and explains he's working there to get money for new video games. Emperor is there because Mr. Grizz said it would be good training. Goggles asks if the part time job is them selling food but before Mask can explain they all superjump to Spawning Grounds. Mask then says "We've got to fight these Salmonids!!" as Salmonids emerge from the water.

Vol. 6 Chapter 23: Salmon Run

Splatoon 2 Manga Issue 14 cover.jpg

Goggles, Gloves, Mask and Emperor encounter the Salmonids but are having trouble on what to do to complete the task. Mask explains that they have to get the Golden Eggs from the Salmonids. After getting used to the mechanics, they made it through. Everyone in the team Super Jumps back, but Goggles fell and ends up in an underground facility. He was later found by an Octoling Boy.

Each seems to use their main weapon in the Salmon Run session. The specials also seem to match what each person usually uses, with Mask having the Splat-Bomb Launcher, Goggles having Splashdown and Emperor having the Inkjet. They end the Salmon Run session with all of their specials used up as indicated by the lack of packets on their hats.

The Salmon Run session takes place at the Spawning Grounds.

Vol. 6 Chapter 23.5: Charge! (Bonus 6)

Taking place between Chapters 19 and 20, Headphones is training with her Splat Charger in hopes of outsmarting N-Pacer's skills. Half-Rim suggested that showing her openings will get her done for immediately, and this was demonstrated by Skull, who mistook him for a balloon. Headphones is considering using a Scope weapon, but it cannot aim at anything but the desired target, and it does not support her playstyle of using it to watch over her teammates to support them. She decided to keep using her Splat Charger for the Championship match.

After the main plot of the bonus chapter, two 4-panel skits are shown. The first is about Goggles and his newly-bought Splattershot from Sheldon, thinking that taking care of it with love meant that he could play with it literally. The second is about Gloves showing off the main feature of the Splat Dualies - being able to dodge-roll. He uses it to go to the restroom but bumps to the door when a jellyfish opened it.

Vol. 6 Chapter 23.6 Inkling almanac

This almanac shows Team Emperor and the Salmon Run squad in the volume. It also shows the initial designs for Team Emperor.

  • Team Emperor: Emperor, Prinz, Squidkid Jr., N-Pacer
  • Salmon Run Story: Goggles, Gloves, Emperor, Mask

Volume 7

FlagJapan.svg Japanese Release FlagUSA.svg English Release FlagFrance.svg French Release FlagGermany.svg German Release
28 November 2018 10 September 2019 6 November 2019 28 January 2020
Splatoon Manga Vol 7 cover front.jpg
Splatoon manga Vol 7 EN.jpg
Vol. 7 front cover

Vol. 7 Chapter 24: Octo Expansion (Part 1)

Splatoon 2 Manga Issue 15 cover.jpg

Goggles wakes up, only to get attacked by the Sanitized Octarians, mistaking them as Octarians with high fever, immediately. He is armed with no weapon and was about to run until the Octoling Boy helps him and uses his Blaster to attack back. They are later guided to a safe area by Cap'n Cuttlefish who recognizes Goggles as Agent 3 and refers the Octoling Boy as Agent 8, with Goggles referring to him as Eight. To fight back against the Sanitized Octarians again, he gives Goggles the Spy Gear and the Splattershot. The three of them arrive at Deepsea Metro and Goggles and Eight take on many tests, with the first one being Fake Plastic Station. Upon obtaining the first thang, Eight remembers a part of his past, which is about an Octoling Girl. Meanwhile, on a mountainous place, Off the Hook found a walkie talkie, hearing Cap'n Cuttlefish talking from it.

Despite taking on different tests both Goggles and Eight seem to keep using the same weapons, with Goggles still having his Splattershot and Eight having the Blaster.

Vol. 7 Chapter 25: Octo Expansion (Part 2)

S2 CoroCoro Spy Gear promo 2.jpg

As they continue, Eight wonders what kind of people Inklings are after observing Goggles and Cap'n Cuttlefish. The walkie talkie is used by Pearl and Marina to contact with the three as they introduce themselves and help them reach the surface. Eventually, Headphones catches up to Goggles and Eight, who explains that she and the rest of the Blue Team were looking for Goggles after he went missing in Inkopolis, but they ended up getting lost after falling to a hole. The three enter a test, being the Poppin' Fresh Station, where they all have the Splat Charger to pop all the balloons using the rails. After completing the test, they reunite with Bobble while obtaining the second thang. They enter another test, being the Breakdance Station, where they all have the Tri-Slosher to defeat all the enemies while being careful with the crates or there will be no more space to stand. They eventually complete it, but shortly after, Specs appears only to fall off further due to the lack of space to stand. Eight sees the strong friendship of the Blue Team, which results to him remembering another part of his past which involves him making a Octo Shot while talking to the same Octoling Girl he previously remembered. The group obtains the third thang afterwards. Meanwhile, Cap'n Cuttlefish informs Pearl and Marina to contact Rider, who is looking for the Blue Team.

Vol. 7 Chapter 26: Octo Expansion (Part 3)

Splatoon Manga chapter 26 cover.jpg

Eight is thinking about the Octoling Girl he keeps remembering so much, but he puts that aside for now and continues to find the last remaining Thang with Goggles, Headphones and Bobble. They immediately find Specs in the metro, and the group decides to split and clear various tests. Goggles, Specs and Eight go to the Ballercise Station, eventually clearing it, and the group finds the fourth and last thang. The Telephone opens the door of what seems to be the exit of the Deepsea Metro, but it was soon revealed to be a trap. Pearl and Marina realized that it was a blender as soon as it was activated, and the Telephone plans to use the Blue Team, Eight and Cap'n Cuttlefish as the ingredients for its goal. Before the blender can reach to them, Rider crashes through the ceiling and destroy the blender. He was there because of Cap'n Cuttlefish instructing Pearl and Marina to contact him, who also provided him with the cape. This resulted in Eight fully remembering about what happened before he ended up in the Deepsea Metro: He was chasing after the Kamabo Corporation to save the Octoling Girl, who is considered to be his teammate. He wants to find her, and the Blue Team follows him to escape through various phases. Cap'n Cuttlefish and Rider decides to stay to clean up the mess, but they are immediately attacked by the Telephone. While escaping, the Blue Team realizes that they forgot to bring their weapons, but Eight repaired four weapons in the meantime for them to use: Goggles and Headphones receive their main weapons, the Splattershot and Splat Charger respectively, while Specs receives the Undercover Brella and Bobble receives the Tri-Slosher. They later reach to the Spinal Phase. The elevator stops working, and they find Cap'n Cuttlefish and Eight's teammate tied up. Out of nowhere, the ropes tie Headphones, Specs and Bobble as well. Goggles and Eight, being the only ones free from the ropes, face against a partially sanitized Rider.

Released with Corocoro September 2018 magazine in 10 August 2018 with the Spy gear License Card that includes the code to unlock the Spy gear in Splatoon 2.

Vol. 7 Chapter 27: Octo Expansion (Part 4)

Splatoon Manga chapter 27 cover.jpg

While the Telephone is getting ready for its ultimate goal, Eight is noticing that the Octarians he encountered earlier were controlled similarly to how Rider is controlled from sanitation, who uses Splashdown. Eight and Goggles, being the only ones free at the moment, decide to try and hit the paste to free Rider for this control, but they could not get any closer due to his limiter being removed and thus can use any special infinitely. The Octoling Girl navigates the two for them to dodge Rider's Curling-Bomb Launcher. Goggles proceeds to thank her, calling her Seven in the process. After handling many specials, Goggles gets hit in the head by another Splashdown. The Telephone tries to convince Eight that he should be submitted as ingredients to dominate over opponents and says that he has been influenced by idiots, but Eight tells it to not insult them as they helped him find his goal to battle with them in Inkopolis. He is aware that his pants were pulled down by Goggles but is not shaken at all. Rider, on the other hand, hesitates, giving Eight and Goggles the exact time to get rid of the paste and free him from sanitation. He eventually wakes up but notices his pants are also down and proceeds to crush Goggles with his weapon. Later, the entire group is free and they climb up. Once on the surface, Pearl and Marina prepare to airlift them to safety, but the above-ground section of the facility proceeds to rise from the ground, now revealed to be part of a human statue. The Telephone appears inside it and begins to activating an energy cannon to destroy the world.

Vol. 7 Chapter 27.5: Glasses-es (Bonus 7)

After buying a new pair of Retro Specs since the previous pair got pretty battered, Specs meets with Half-Rim, Full Moon Glasses and Aviators, agreeing to start a "glasses conference". Crusty Sean brings drinks for them, commenting that eyeglasses bring poker faces and cool looks, giving Half-Rim the idea to play "old maid". However, no one but Specs knows how to play the game properly. Goggles and Snorkel Mask meet with them, the latter asking if all of them have bad eyesight, in which they answer with a "yes" but Aviators wears his for fashion. Half-Rim tries to take Aviators' 18K Aviators off, but Skull suddenly shoots him to protect him. For the next topic, Specs comments that eyeglasses protect the eyes such as when the wind is strong, but it instead blows the eyeglasses of the Inklings with them except Aviators away, ending the conference.

Half-Rim, Full Moon Glasses and Aviators are revealed to be second-in-commands of their team leaders Gloves, Mask and Skull respectively.

Vol. 7 Chapter 27.6 Inkling almanac

Unlike the previous almanacs, this one showed designs for Rider as Agent 3.5, the S4 Salmon Run, Inkopolis Square and the Lobby. It also showed some short scenes. The first one reveals how Rider found the Deepsea Metro. The second one shows Headphones and Bobble helping Cap'n Cuttlefish cook food. The third one shows Goggles, Eight and Iso Padre reading a book. The fourth and last one reveals that all of the S4 except Mask were first-timers in Salmon Run. It then follows the usual almanac format and this one shows the Blue Team, Rider and the two Octolings from the Octo Expansion:

  • Octo Expansion Blue Team: Goggles, Specs, Headphones and Bobble
  • Octolings: Eight and Seven
  • Agent 3.5 Rider

Volume 8

FlagJapan.svg Japanese Release FlagUSA.svg English Release FlagFrance.svg French Release FlagGermany.svg German Release
28 February 2019 14 January 2020 TBD 30 June 2020
Splatoon Manga Vol 8 cover front.jpg
Splatoon manga Vol 8 EN.jpg
Splatoon manga 8 german cover.png
Vol. 8 front cover

Vol. 8 Chapter 28: Octo Expansion (Part 5)

Splatoon Manga chapter 28 cover.jpg

The telephone introduces itself as Commander Tartar, an AI created by a human scientist to pass on human knowledge to any species worthy enough. The Commander has judged both Inklings and Octarians as unworthy of receiving its knowledge and begins activating a weapon to destroy and recreate life on Earth, fueled by the raw material of the failed subjects that it seeks to use to create "perfect" life. Due to making a promise to have Eight participate in Turf Wars, Blue Team and Rider agree to stop the NILS Statue, with Eight himself and Seven also agreeing to help out, as the group starts to cover it with ink for 3 minutes after Pearl and Marina give them their respective usual weapons, with Seven having the Octo Shot. They split up to focus on turfing different parts of the statue. However, it is too wide, and they only turfed 30% of it when only 1 minute remains. Commander Tartar tells them to give up, but Goggles assures that battles are different now in the present as they spread friendship. Once Marina started throwing her prototype "hyperbombs", the progress of turfing the statue has significantly increased to the point it has been fully turfed. Commander Tartar attempts to fire the paste regardless, but Pearl stops it through her Princess Cannon powered by her voice. With the day saved and Commander Tartar destroyed, Pearl and Marina hug with everyone else celebrating. The Sanitized Octarians fell, and Eight and Seven spot two more of their teammates on a lifeboat. All of them smile, finally being able to reach the surface. As Cap'n Cuttlefish and Marina take the Octarians back to Octo Valley, the Blue Team and the Octolings, now a team of their own, engage in a Turf War, ending the Octo Expansion Ark.

Vol. 8 Chapter 29: Camping

Splatoon Manga chapter 29 cover.jpg

The Blue Team and the Octolings, now as Team Eight, decide to go camping on Camp Triggerfish. Team Eight learns about the Rank system by Army. Eight challenges Blue Team to a Turf War to pass some time, with Army being the host. They all had fun after the Turf War match. However, Army dropped a photo after making curry which shows the Rank X Team, X-Blood. He explains that it is a newly made rank that is higher than S+. He researched some info about them since there is a chance his team will encounter them in battle.

The stage is Camp Triggerfish.

Vol. 8 Chapter 30: Vs. Team Costume Lovers

Splatoon Manga chapter 30 cover.jpg

Many gears are being sold in Wahoo World as part of the best gear set contest, wherein the reward is a super-rare keychain. Team Blue is interested in the costume part, while Rider is forced to participate since he broke Aloha's keychain. Due to not wanting to be noticed by Team Blue fully, he opts to temporarily join a team while wearing his costume despite not bringing his weapon and his teammates. Unfortunately for him, he got matched against Team Blue in a match of Turf War.

Splatoween and some Amiibo gears are showcased. For Blue Team, Goggles wears the Anglerfish Mask, Headphones wears the Li'l Devil Horns, Specs wears the Fresh Fish Head, Fresh Fish Gloves and Fresh Fish Feet (Octoling Octopus set) and Bobble wears the Kyonshi Hat (in which the text from the sealing scroll spells out her name) and Panda Kung-Fu Zip-Up. Rider wears the Steel Helm, Steel Platemail and Steel Greaves (Octoling Boy set) and temporarily joins Team Costume Lovers, who are wearing the Squinja (Inkling Boy 2) set, Power (Inkling Squid) set and Enchanted (Octoling Girl) set. The other Splatoween headgear, Hockey Mask is also showcased when Goggles and Bobble wore one at least once.

The stage is Wahoo World.

Vol. 8 Chapter 31: Splatfest

Splatoon Manga chapter 31 cover.jpg

Off the Hook announces a new Splatfest: Straight Man vs. Funny Man. Everyone chooses their sides. Goggles, Bobble, Gloves and Eight are in Team Funny Man while Headphones, Specs, Prinz and Skull are in Team Straight Man. Even though their match is eventually over, they meet the rumored team in Rank X, Team X-Blood, who are not in their Splatfest Tees. A new cup focusing on Ranked Battles is announced as well.

The concept of Splatfest is showcased, specifically the one that got announced shortly after this chapter was released in Japan, Boke vs. Tsukkomi (Japanese version of Straight Man vs. Funny Man.)

The stage is New Albacore Hotel.

Vol. 8 Chapter 31.5: Junior (Bonus 8)

Splatoon Manga Bonus Issue 8 cover.jpg

A new Inkling called Junior enters Inkopolis Square and aims to be fresh like its residents. The first step to this is to obtain a new weapon, the Gold Splattershot, but he does not have a team yet. Encountering Team Blue, he eventually makes his Turf War debut as he temporarily joins them with Bobble being on cheer duty. He learns how battling works as they progress in turfing. They win the battle and Junior gets to keep the Gold Splattershot as he was the one who wanted it.

Vol. 8 Chapter 31.6 Inkling almanac

This almanac shows Team Eight both during the Octo Expansion arc and on the surface, the costumed Team Blue, Team Costume Lovers and Junior. It also shows the proposed design for the Spy Gear set.

  • Team Eight (both in the Octo Expansion arc and on the surface): Eight, Seven, Burns and Ponytails
  • Costumed Team Blue: Goggles, Specs, Headphones and Bobble
  • Team Costume Lovers: Squinja, Robe, Power Armor and Knight (Rider)
  • Bonus: Junior

Volume 9

FlagJapan.svg Japanese Release FlagUSA.svg English Release FlagFrance.svg French Release FlagGermany.svg German Release
28 June 2019 12 May 2020 TBD 27 October 2020
Splatoon Manga Vol 9 cover front.jpg
Splatoon manga Vol 9 EN.jpg
Splatoon manga 9 german cover.png
Vol. 9 front cover

Vol. 9 Chapter 32: Tower Control

Splatoon Manga chapter 32 cover.jpg

Goggles, Headphones and Bobble are getting ready for the new cup, the Square King Ranked Cup, only to realize that Specs is the one who is late this time. It turns out he had to be cured first after getting stung by bees. Crusty Sean greets the team, only for him and his shop to be blasted again, this time by an explosion from an overheat in the shop caused by Emperor who escaped using his Inkjet. Not having enough money to fix his problem, Emperor steps up to replace Specs for Team Blue, and they participate in the preliminaries, renaming the team to Team Blue-Per. The prize for winning the tournament is enough money to fix Crusty Sean's shop, so if Team Blue-per win the tournament, Crusty Sean can get his shop back. Their first opponent is Team Green.

The featured Ranked Mode is Tower Control. The stage is Blackbelly Skatepark.

Vol. 9 Chapter 33: Vs. Team Worker's Head Towel

Splatoon Manga chapter 33 cover.jpg

The Square King Ranked Cup has begun and various teams have gathered at Skipper Pavilion to hang up their prayers. Among the participating teams are Teams Blue-Per, Gloves, Hachi, S4 and X-Blood. Vintage of Team X-Blood approaches Skull and asks him why is he still in S+, who replies that he is stronger than before. Not believing him, Vintage tells him that everyone who is ranked S and below is trash, smacking the ema of the pavilion which causes some of the prayers to fall. Worried that they will be cursed, Goggles speeds ahead to put the fallen prayers back to the ema. He tells Vintage that it does not matter what one's rank is as long as anyone can have fun, but he claims that it is impossible to beat him and his ranked X companions as they leave the scene.

The first round is about to start to various teams. Team Blue-Per's opponent is Team Worker's Head Towel. They eventually defeat them and they accept their request of carrying their spirit on. Teams Gloves and Hachi have successfully won their first rounds as well, and up next is Team S4's battle. However, just like Specs, Army got injured by insects during his trip to gather curry ingredients. Headphones wonders who is taking his place, only for Rider to reveal that he is the replacement since he is also S+.

In this issue, Goggles briefly appears in the Mecha Gear set, which contains the Mecha Head - HTR, Mecha Body - AKM and Mecha Legs - LBS that would be released in Splatoon 2 in the very next CoroCoro issue as part of its promotion.

The featured Ranked Mode is Clam Blitz. The stage is Piranha Pit.

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Vol. 9 Chapter 34: Goby Arena

Splatoon Manga chapter 34 cover.jpg

Rider replaces Army when he is injured, and temporarily is a member of the S4. They battle Team Inkfall and unfortunately, team S4 keeps arguing with each other, especially Rider and Aloha. Team Inkfall keeps on covering turf, but eventually, when Goggles cheers on them enough, they start to work as a team again. They beat Team Inkfall, and soon a battle is announced: Team New Emperor vs. Team X-Blood.

The featured Ranked Mode is Clam Blitz, and the stage is Goby Arena.

Vol. 9 Chapter 35

Splatoon Manga chapter 35 cover.jpg

Team New Emperor were beaten by X Blood, unable to get a single Clam. Prinz cheers up Laceless afterwards and everyone gets ready for the next round.The stage used was Arowana Mall and the mode was Clam Blitz

Vol. 9 Chapter 35.5 (Bonus 9)

Emperor comes to work in the Crust Bucket. Crusty Sean gives him different jobs to try, but he fails at all of them. When Crusty Sean asks him why he decided to work there, he says that it is training to be a better king both inside and outside of battle.

Vol. 9 Chapter 35.6 Inkling Almanac

The following are in the Inkling almanac

Volume 10

FlagJapan.svg Japanese Release FlagUSA.svg English Release FlagFrance.svg French Release FlagGermany.svg German Release
28 October 2019 8 September 2020 TBD TBD
Splatoon Manga Vol 10 cover front.jpg
Splatoon manga Vol 10 EN.jpg
Vol. 10 front cover

Vol. 10 Chapter 36: Iromaki Rangers

Splatoon Manga chapter 36 cover.jpg

Team Blue-per goes up against a team called the Iromaki Rangers. The battle starts with Team Blue-per getting the zone first, while the Iromaki Rangers paint outside of the zone. Then all of the Iromaki Rangers activate their special, Suction Bomb launcher, and they take over the zone while splatting Team Blue-per. Team Blue-per is trying to take over the zone again and the Iromaki Rangers active their special again, but Goggles throws Headphones, Bobble hat, and Emperor at Red Iromaki, and they splat him. Then Goggles keeps throwing his teammates while dodging the bombs, and his teammates that he threw are attacking the Iromaki Rangers. Then when the Iromaki Rangers' Bomb launcher runs out, Bobble hat uses Tenta Missles and splats half of the Iromaki Rangers, and the other half is dodging by using the dualie roll. Team Blue-per then takes the zone, keeps it and wins! After that match, Pearl and Marina announce who will be up against who in the semifinals. Team Blue-per will be up against Team S4, and Team Gloves will be up against X-Blood.

The featured mode is Splat Zones and the stage is MakoMart

Vol. 10 Chapter 37: Manta Maria

Splatoon Manga chapter 37 cover.jpg

Team Gloves goes up against X-Blood! The battle starts with Team X-Blood getting the rainmaker first. Red-soled carries the rainmaker while Double-Egg follows her. Gloves tells Red-Soled to stop, and Red-soled fires shots from the rainmaker, which Gloves and Clip-ons dodge with their dodge rolls. X-Blood is advancing with the rainmaker, but Gloves and Clip-ons trys to stop Red-soled, but Double-Egg protects Red-soled. Vintage then tells Double Egg to not get hit again, which distracts Double Egg, and Gloves splats him while Clip-ons also splats Red-soled. Team Gloves then grabs the rainmaker, and are moving forward. Half Rim uses his charger to create a path of ink, but accidentally makes Gloves' tentacle fall off. Team Gloves keeps advancing with the rainmaker, but they are suddenly splatted with X-Fall. But Team Gloves keeps advancing with the rainmaker, until they are splatted with X-Fall again, but this time Gloves dodges X-Fall, but gets splatted by Vintage anyways. Red-soled then jumps into the sea with the rainmaker and that makes the rainmaker reset. Vintage tells Team Gloves that they can have the rainmaker, which Gloves responds with that's kind of him. But then the rest of Gloves' tentacles fall off and leave him shocked. Then Straps gets the rainmaker, and charges forward. X-Blood is about to splat her, when Gloves and Clip-ons use Double Tenta Missles which X-Blood dodges, and then Half Rim uses Sting Ray and breaks X-Fall's formation. They then keep advancing with the rainmaker.

The stage is Manta Maria and the mode is Rainmaker.

Vol. 10 Chapter 38: The S4 1

This chapter is part two of the battle of Team Gloves vs. X-Blood. Team Gloves keeps advancing with the rainmaker, and protects Straps, who is still carrying the rainmaker. They are not too far from the goal when Gloves says that he may be X rank material himself. That angers Vintage, and it activates his ability, X-Zone, splatting all of Team Gloves. The match then ends, and X-Blood win that round and advance to the Finals. Team Gloves then meets up with Team Blue-per, and Gloves' tentacles fall off. He then says that Vintage was amazing at the end of the game and that it was as if he knew what they were going to do. Skull then explains that X-Zone is Vintage's ability to find people and sense their movement, and his pride of being a Rank X draws that ability out from him. He also says that he was on the same team as Vintage, Aviators and Omega were also on that team. Skull was quitting that team to create a new team, and Vintage responded with that it is absurd, and if he wants a friendly relationship, then go ahead and do it. Skull says that is how their team broke up and how Vintage hasn't learned what true strength is, and he is looking forward to the battling Team Blueper. Their battle then starts after Goggles and Skull eat some rice balls and Specs tells them to check the map, which no one listens to him. Team Blue-per gets ahold of the rainmaker first, with Goggles holding the rainmaker. Then Aloha and Rider are standing in Team Blueper's way, and Team Blue-per realize that Rider and Aloha are using different weapons than usual. Army says that it was part of their strategy, but then Army realizes that Bobble Hat and Headphones are also using different weapons, and is mad that that isn't in his manual. Headphones remembers seeing Rider's weapon before, but she can't remember where exactly. Specs says that Aloha and Rider are coming in for the attack, but instead they paint the area to charge up their special. Headphones then remembers what Rider's weapon is, and then they then both activate booyah bomb at the same time.

For the battle of Team Blueperor and Team S4, the stage is Port Mackerel and the mode is Rainmaker.

Vol. 10 Chapter 39: The S4 2

This is part two of Team Blueperor and Team S4's battle. Rider and Aloha have both activated Booyah Bomb, and everyone realizes that is why they changed their weapons. Goggles then says that the S4 are good friends because they keep saying Booyah over and over, which angers the S4. Then Aloha and Rider throw their Booyah Bombs, which splats Goggles because he couldn't move fast enough with the rainmaker. Aloha grabs the rainmaker, with Mask and Rider following him. Team Blue-per tries to stop them, but Bobble Hat is suddenly splatted by Skull, which says that if they move closer they'll be within his range. Team S4 keeps moving on with the rainmaker and Headphones attacks Skull with her Squiffer, which can charge shots faster. But meanwhile, the S4 are still moving forward with the rainmaker. Then Emperor comes to attack them, and the S4 try to attack him, and Mask ends up getting splatted. Goggles then comes to help Emperor by standing below him, which makes Emperor stand on Goggle's shoulders. Rider attacks both of them, while Aloha takes that chance to get closer to the goal. Aloha almost gets to the goal when Bobble Hat comes and splats him. Goggles then grabs the rainmaker, and when Mask tries to attack him, Bobble Hat activates her special weapon, Ultra Stamp, and splats Mask. Team Blue-per is advancing, and they seem to be pushing the S4 back, but they were actually being lured into Skull Arena, which all of Team Blue-per is splatted by Skull. Rider grabs the rainmaker and Team Blue-per come back into the battle, and they attack Team S4. Bobble Hat attacks Aloha, Headphones is attacking Mask, Goggles attacks Rider on a curling bomb that Emperor sent, and is then splatted by Skull. Emperor then takes the rainmaker, and Headphones creates a path for Emperor using Baller. But then Emperor gets run over by Mask and Headphones takes the rainmaker. Team Blue-per tries to move forward and Team S4 is pushing them back. Headphones is near the goal, when Skull tries to stop her, but then Goggles Super Jumps to Headphones and uses Splashdown and Headphones puts the rainmaker in the goal! Team Blue-per wins the battle and advances to the Finals, where they will face X-Blood.

In this chapter, some characters used different weapons than their usual weapons. Bobble Hat is using the Kensa Octobrush instead of her usual Slosher and Headphones is using the New Squiffer instead of her Splat Charger. Rider is using the Kensa Dynamo Roller instead of his Gold Dynamo Roller, which he also used when he was in Team Costume Lover, and Aloha uses the Kensa .52 Gal instead of the .52 Gal. Bobble Hat uses the Brush because she decided to use it in the Bonus Story. Headphones uses the New Squiffer because she can charge shots faster. Rider uses the Kensa Dynamo Roller and Aloha uses the Kensa .52 Gal because both weapons have the Booyah Bomb.

Vol. 10 Chapter 39.5 (Bonus 10): The Strategy Meeting on a Rainy Day

Specs is in the cafe when Bobble Hat comes in drenched because it was raining outside. She asks if she can sit with Specs, and he says that she can. During that time she asks him where Jellyfish is, gets some sandwiches, shares a sandwich with Specs, makes origami, and makes an origami Crusty Sean until she asks Specs why he is there. Specs then says that he was coming up with a strategy for the semifinal match of Team Blueper against the S4. He also says that the greatest fear in a rainmaker match is for everyone to be fighting on one side of the stage, and the person with the rainmaker goes another way, avoiding the people that are fighting. He then says that you could easily catch up with the person holding the rainmaker if you use an octobrush or an inkbrush, then says if only he could participate in the tournament. Then Bobble Hat gets the idea to use the octobrush, and asks Specs to teach her how to use it. Specs then agrees to teach her and it stops raining.

Dear Pearl (Squid Research Lab made)

Marina is dreaming, and she's dreaming of when she was with the octarians, she thought that the world should be filled with songs. Then she wakes up, to when she was building the splatfest stage for the Final Fest, and spills a soda, that Pearl picks up. Pearl says that the final Splatfest is coming, and they should go out with a bang. Then Marina says that she thinks that Pearl is so cool, and she wants to shout out a killer wail too.

Vol. 10 Chapter 39.6 Inkling Almanac

This Almanac shows the Iromaki Rangers.

  • Team Iromaki Rangers: Red Iromaki, Green Iromaki, Yellow Iromaki, Purple Iromaki.

Volume 11

FlagJapan.svg Japanese Release FlagUSA.svg English Release FlagFrance.svg French Release FlagGermany.svg German Release
27 March 2020 12 January 2021 TBD TBD
Splatoon Manga Vol 11 cover front.jpg
Splatoon manga Vol 11 EN.jpg
Vol. 11 front cover

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Vol. 11 Chapter 40: Vintage 1

Team Blue-per face off against X-Blood. The stage is Skipper Pavilion and the mode is Tower Control.

Team Blueperor and X-Blood are ready for their battle! Vintage says that his team will win, and Goggles says that his team won’t lose. Goggles then asks why they want to win, and Emperor proudly responds that it is to fix Crusty Sean’s shop. Emperor goes up to Specs, breaks the lenses of his glasses, and then puts them on. He says, “Your glasses will lead us to victory”. Goggles says that he has a plan too, and it is to keep dodging. The match then starts. Team Blue-per try to take the tower first, but Vintage uses X-zone and splats all of them. X-Blood takes control of the tower. Headphones attacks Vintage and keeps him away from the tower. Goggles and Bobble Hat go to take the tower, but Vintage says that he isn't the only X-ranker, and Omega uses X-zone and splats them, then X-Blood keep moving the tower. Emperor then uses his Inkjet, and splats Red-soled and Double Egg, stopping the tower at checkpoint 2. Vintage and Omega super-jump back to their spawn, and Vintage says that that is, “..more than enough.” Team Blue-per then take the tower back, and successfully get past Checkpoint 1. Vintage says that they "...will fall before the X.", and X-Blood use X-Fall, splatting all of Team Blue-per. They don’t take the tower and they let it return to its original position. When Team Blue-per go to take the tower again, Vintage attacks Goggles and says that Goggles will never be an X ranker, but then Goggles dodges Vintage’s attack, surprising Vintage and the rest of X-Blood. Goggles then says that he’s moving up, and Vintage speculates if he means moving up to X-rank. Goggles then says again, “I’ll move up to him…And…Pull Vintage’s pant’s down!”, proudly. Vintage looks angry and annoyed, and mostly everyone else is in shock.

Vol. 11 Chapter 41: Vintage 2

Team Blue-per and X-blood take the tower back and forth, and when Double Egg gets splatted, Vintage talks to Double egg and recognizes that Double Egg is an X-ranker. Then Goggles takes this opportunity to pull both of their pants down, angering both of them.

Vol. 11 Chapter 42: Vintage 3

Team Blue-per and X-Blood each try to take control of the tower, and at the last second, Goggles takes control of the tower, making it Overtime.

Vol. 11 Chapter 43: Vintage 4

The match has entered overtime, and the moment that Team X-Blood take the tower, they would win. Everytime that a member of Team Blue-per gets splatted, another member quickly gets control of the tower again. When Headphones is splatted, and Vintage goes to take control of the tower, he sees a super jump landing marker. Goggles then super jumps to the tower, and uses Splashdown, splatting Vintage and taking control of the tower. We then rides it to the goal and the match ends. Team Blueperor wins the Square King Ranked Cup! Crusty Sean fixes his shop again, and everyone has a party.

Vol. 11 Chapter 44: Hero Mode 2, Part 1

Gloves is blow-drying his tentacles, when his house runs out of electricity, and his hair isn't done. He rushes out of his house to find electricity for his tentacle-do. He goes to Ammo Knights, where Goggles and Sheldon are, and asks for electricity. Sheldon tells him that it is a weapon shop, and a sign shows up saying that there is electricity with an arrow leading to Octo Canyon. Gloves and Goggles go down the man-hole and wind up in Octo Canyon. They see Marie and she tells them that the Octarians have stolen the Zapfish again after Goggles and Gloves fight some Octarians. Marie then gives them the hero gear and she names Goggles Agent 3 and Gloves Agent 4. They then go on to fight the first boss, the Octo Oven. Goggles says that he likes rice more than bread, and Gloves says that he's more of a bagel person, angering the Octo Oven. Goggles then spreads chocolate on the bread, somehow calming the Octo Oven down. Gloves then starts spreading cream on it too, and Goggles starts to spread jam on the bread. They then defeat the Octo Oven and get a zapfish. They then do more missions, getting a lot of more Zapfish. They then meet Marie again, and she tells them that Callie has gone missing. Someone then tries to talk to them through a radio that Marie has, but the audio is bad. Callie then appears hanging from an Octocopter and she tells them to "Leave now". She accidentally came too close because talking through the radio was so bad, and the Octocopter flys away with her. Goggles and Gloves grab on to her, and they all fall into the last boss kettle. Callie then goes to her spot on the Octobot King II and is mad at herself for bringing Goggles and Gloves there. Then DJ Octavio appears, says that he "remixed Callie's brain", and starts to attack Gloves and Goggles.

Vol. 11 Chapter 44.5 Inkling Almanac

This Almanac has X-Blood and Goggles and Gloves as the agents.

  • X-Blood: Vintage, Omega, Double-Egg, Red-Soled.
  • Hero Mode 2 Arc: Goggles, Gloves.

Volume 12

FlagJapan.svg Japanese Release FlagUSA.svg English Release FlagFrance.svg French Release FlagGermany.svg German Release
28 July 2020 11 May 2021 TBD TBD
Splatoon volume 12 cover.png
Splatoon Manga Vol 12 EN.jpg
Vol. 12 front cover

Vol. 12 Chapter 44

Vol. 12 Chapter 45

Vol. 12 Chapter 46

Vol. 12 Chapter 47

Vol. 12 Chapter 47.5 (Bonus 12)

Vol. 12 Chapter 47.6 Inkling Almanac