List of Sunken Scrolls in Splatoon 3

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Sunken Scrolls are collectible items in the Splatoon series.

Unlike the prior games, Sunken Scrolls are now rendered in 3D, allowing for alternative views when tilted. Collecting each Sunken Scroll also unlocks a locker sticker of its contents.

This list documents all Sunken Scrolls found in Splatoon 3.

List of Sunken Scrolls

Scroll 1

The first Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Greater Inkopolis and the Splatlands have wildly different methods of serving up clam mochi. 'Inkopolis style' means a clam wrapped in mochi, but Splatlanders wrap the mochi with clams! They also sprinkle on sesame seeds and top it with hot sauce. Mmm... It's Splatsville's clam to fame!"
  • Site: Future Utopia Island
  • Location: Complete the Balloon chase on site 1. The player should remove ooze around the northwest section of the site and ink the ground to keep up with the balloon.
  • Description: A color-coded map of Greater Inkopolis and the Splatlands, accompanied by a diagram of the two methods of serving clam mochi, a description of the color-coding, and the ratio of the two colors. Overlaid on the bottom right of the map are two stickers of illustrations of the two clam mochis, the eyes of which move when the controller is tilted. Sticky notes describing clam mochi adorn the top left of the map.

Scroll 2

The second Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Long ago, our splatted lands were almost washed away by a great flood. All was presumed lost...until three lights appeared and united to consume the disaster. Thankful for their salvation, the townsfolk threw a festival with three portable shrines as a tribute."
  • Site: Future Utopia Island
  • Location: The scroll is buried on the end of a ledge on the eastern border of the site.
  • Description: A depiction of a great flood washing over the Splatlands, with an Inkling clinging to a tree. In the sky are three lights, shining down upon the flood; closer inspection reveals them to be the personal symbols used by Deep Cut's members. In the background, the Eiffel tower or a replica of it can be seen collapsed and flipped over. A sticky note with the three swirl symbols used in the Anarchy Splatcast logo can be seen, with labels for each swirl.

Scroll 3

The third Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Visit a sparkling city of chaos.' 'The hottest place in the Splatlands!' 'Anarchy Avenue. Walk it. Feel it. Live it.' —Special Collection, 'Walk the Splatsville Walk,' pg. 54"
  • Site: Future Utopia Island
  • Location: It is required to destroy the ooze that's just north of the kettle for Get to Know Alterna, Your Only Choice for 600 Power Eggs.
  • Description: A spread of two pages from a magazine, describing Splatsville. The left page features an overhead map of Splatsville with various annotations, while the bottom half of both pages are various rectangular images of various parts of Splatsville, labelled accordingly. Some sticky notes are along the left-hand side of the page, one about the Great Zapfish.

Scroll 4

The fourth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Live wild! Live free! We do whatever we want! This town is a melting pot, so let's stir things up!' 'I'm tired of folks pretending to be cool. I wanna get so fired up that I boil over!"
  • Site: Future Utopia Island
  • Location: On the eastern border of the island, the player has to remove a patch of ooze for 1400 Power Eggs. Then, they need to simply walk to the eastern tip next to a couple of generators.
  • Description: Cut-outs of various magazines, showcasing various Equipment items. At the bottom left and right corners are what appear to be headers of the magazine pages. A few sticky notes are at the top left and top right, notably, one showing a diagram of the Tri-Shred Tee.

Scroll 5

The fifth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "For the Inklings and Octolings of the Splatlands, aggressive action is the best way to make a splash in the local sense. Youths will often dress themselves in the style of a delinquent or hooligan to intimidate peers during combative courtship rituals known as 'rumbles."
  • Site: Cozy & Safe Factory
  • Location: On the northwest side of site 2, there will be a large framed structure with multiple materials stacked on top of each other. Remove the tiny patch of ooze for 100 Power Eggs and destroy the crate to reveal the scroll.
  • Description: Two pages of a shonen manga featuring Octolings and Octarians fighting, with doodles of the delinquent Octarians at the top right of the page. Various sticky notes on the left feature sketches and stickers of the delinquent Octarians. The central comic also appears to be a reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.

Scroll 6

The sixth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "The lobby I've built doesn't have a single standout feature...'cause EVERYTHING in there is featureworthy! If you don't have the greatest Turf War experience ever, I'll eat the smaller of my two claws.' —Glen Fiddler, President & CEO"
  • Site: Cozy & Safe Factory
  • Location: There will be ooze on the northernmost corner of the site. Spend 400 Power Eggs to reveal the balcony and find the scroll buried in a patch of snow.
  • Description: A business card of Glen Fiddler, a fiddler crab who built the Lobby. By tilting it, it reveals two lenticular illustrations; one of him on dark background in front of the Lobby's tower, and one of him on a white abstract background. At the bottom-middle is a quote from him printed on transparent film, and the bottom right seems to be another business card. Various sticky notes seem to describe his architecture.

Scroll 7

The seventh Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Grizzco Industries Occupational-Safety Guidelines (1) Keep your eggs in the game. (2) 'I'll try to grab one more!' could end with one less—of YOU! (3) Sea goes dark, tide goes up. (4) ACB: Always Check the Basket. (5) Throw eggs! Don't yolk around!"
  • Site: Cozy & Safe Factory
  • Location: Complete the Balloon chase on top of the eastern building in site 2. The player should remove the ooze around the area to make the chase easier.
  • Description: A metal sign about Grizzco Industries' Occupational-Safety Guidelines, with symbols notating each one. Two stickers of Chums, one on a plate squirting a lemon onto itself and another crawling into a can, can be seen on the top left and bottom right corners. A sticky note about the Egg Throw mechanic can be seen at the bottom left, and a pair of sticky notes about the egg cannon and Lifesaver can be seen at the top right.

Scroll 8

The eighth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Salmonids mature by returning to the waters where they were spawned. Sometimes, in very rare cases, a young Salmonid will stray too far from their original school during a run and become lost. Their wandering quest to return home can lead to prolonged starvation and an insatiable appetite."
  • Site: Cryogenic Hopetown
  • Location: It is buried under a small patch of ooze sitting between a large orange container on the northern side of the area. Simply spend 500 Power Eggs and the scroll is obtained.
  • Description: A biological chart of a Smallfry, including a description of its onesie. At the bottom left of the page is a diagram describing its appetite, and at the bottom right is a photograph of a Smallfry entering deeper waters. The hairstyles depicted match some of the options for the player's Smallfry companion.

Scroll 9

The ninth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Splatsville's rowdiest, loud-iest trio is hijacking the airwaves! Clean out those ears and open those eyes wide for your hometown hype squad, Deep Cut! Tune in and catch 'em—if you can!"
  • Site: Cryogenic Hopetown
  • Location: Remove the small patch of ooze between the small islands on the southeast part of site 3 for 100 Power Eggs.
  • Description: Various newspaper clippings describing Deep Cut, featuring various photographs of the trio. At the bottom left of the page is an origami manta ray. Sticky notes adorn the right side of the page, further detailing the members and the Anarchy Splatcast logo.

Scroll 10

The tenth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "A hungry blade, a sharp grin in a wild warrior's hand. It bites just once—a flash, a slash, a sudden shudder. Shredded remains sink down, down, down like falling snow. A fleeting flurry, brief as life itself, falls around my open parasol."
  • Site: Cryogenic Hopetown
  • Location: Complete the Balloon chase on the eastern side of site 3. The ooze that is covering the frozen lake should be removed first before attempting the challenge.
  • Description: An illustration in a style resembling Yakusha-e woodblock prints, with a character greatly resembling Shiver wielding a katana, surrounded by various sharks. To the left is another illustration of a singular shark in greater detail. Two blue sticky notes are posted to the left, depicting what appears to be a family tree.

Scroll 11

The eleventh Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Moray Eel Manipulation: Secret Dances of the Onaga Clan
    First: Soak the dry ground like a welcome summer rainstorm. Second: Stir up a whirlpool to summon winds from the rocky shore. Final: As a hundred eels take flight, follow them to the promised land.
  • Site: Cryogenic Hopetown
  • Location: Complete the Balloon chase on the western side of site 3. It is advised to remove all the ooze that borders the site, as the balloons will appear clockwise around the perimeter.
  • Description: An illustration resembling a Hindu religious painting, depicting masked figures which closely resemble Frye. There are three figures in total, each displaying a step of the 'secret dance'. A photograph of one of the masks is on the left-hand side of the page, alongside various sticky notes that illustrate different eel formations. The Onaga family tree is scribbled underneath.

Scroll 12

The twelfth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "The Manta Clan's Early-Morning Ritual
    After careful grooming of their pectoral fins, the family gathers for their favorite breakfast. This unique plankton dish, a family recipe passed down across generations, is said to enhance the mind, body, and bodily toxins.
  • Site: Landfill Dreamland
  • Location: Remove the ooze on the ground which is against a curved un-inkable wall for 200 Power Eggs.
  • Description: A Baroque-styled painting of Big Man at a dinner table, holding a half-filled wine glass in front of a lavish dinner table with half-eaten bread directly in front of him. To the left of the painting are sticky notes depicting the Manta family tree. A schedule (including the breakfast) is drawn underneath.

Scroll 13

The thirteenth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "One year after expanding his business into a new region.' 'Bombarding the Splatlands with over 20,000 hours of rapid-fire weapons chatter! His steel scopes are aimed at a new horizon.' 'What's next for the so-called arsenal ambassador?"
  • Site: Landfill Dreamland
  • Location: The scroll is located on a platform slightly beside the Ink Fast, Hotshot kettle.
  • Description: A photograph of Sheldon at Ammo Knights, looking at the camera. Holographic stickers of the Splattershot, Tri-Stringer, and .96 Gal adorn the page. The banner overlays and text on the photograph give it a resemblance to a news broadcast interview.

Scroll 14

The fourteenth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "#PondSnailLikeABoss #EddyIsGnarly #ChaoticSunshine #FreshHeadgear #ShellfishBeFreshFish #MasterOfMerchants #NautilusIntrospection #GotThatGoldenRatio #GottaGetOutOfYourShell #NautCouture4Life"
  • Site: Landfill Dreamland
  • Location: The ooze covering the bridge next to the Let's Put a Pin in That kettle will need to be removed.
  • Description: An assortment of photographs taken by Nails, some of which are selfies and some of which feature Gnarly Eddy. Sticky notes to the left-hand side of the page seem to depict Nails and Gnarly Eddy, including one of Nails without his sunglasses.

Scroll 15

The fifteenth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Man-o'-Wardrobe' 'We are temporarily closed so that we may restock.' 'Cash only' 'No photography or influencers allowed. Ever.' 'We've run rather low on paper bills.' 'We're always open. Your fashion emergency is our fashion emergency.' 'Do NOT touch it until you have PAID for it."
  • Site: Landfill Dreamland
  • Location: Complete the Balloon chase on the top of the site 4 building. It is advised to clear out all the ooze in the western surroundings of the site.
  • Description: A bunch of receipts from Man-o'-Wardrobe taped onto the page, surrounding a sleek, black business card that seems to be for Man-o'-Wardrobe, with its logo engraved into it and visible if rotated.

Scroll 16

The sixteenth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "As they grow, crustaceans such as the coconut crab frequently shed their shells to allow for further growth. Because strong sunlight encourages this shedding behavior, this may explain why Splatlands crustaceans often grow to be far larger than their counterparts in other regions."
  • Site: Eco-Forest Treehills
  • Location: It is located at the spot where two bridges meet below the Uh-Oh! Too Many Snipers! kettle.
  • Description: A depiction of a coconut crab across its lifespan. A sticky note at the bottom left depicts an arm of a coconut crab, and a sticky note at the top right depicts a strange graph with Mr. Coco labelled at one point.

Scroll 17

The seventeenth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "YO! Barry C. here, Hotlantis's hottest (only) owner, ha! I gotta split for a bit to stock up on...stock. (•ω<) But it's all good! Harmony (yup, from Chirpy Chips) is fillin' in, and she knows this shop way, WAY better than me. (;^_^A So business? That's gonna keep right on boomin'! (^v^)v"
  • Site: Eco-Forest Treehills
  • Location: Look on the southern border of the island. There will be a small overhang with graffiti of different shapes on the wall.
  • Description: A printed screenshot of a web page featuring Harmony inside Hotlantis. To the sides are various foodstuffs from Hotlantis, a pair of sunglasses, as well as an advertisement featuring Fresh Fish. A sticky note in the top right depicts Harmony, alongside the "avatar" of Barry C. seen on the webpage.

Scroll 18

The eighteenth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Fryin' out here in Scorch Gorge—in more ways than one! #SweatyShell #BikingTrip"
  • Site: Eco-Forest Treehills
  • Location: Complete the Balloon chase close to the One-Way Ride through Target Town kettle. To make the chase easier, clear the ooze along the eastern border of the island.
  • Description: Two printed screenshots of an Instagram-like webpage, detailing Crusty Sean's Wandercrust. The left screenshot depicts him on a bicycle in the Splatlands, while the right screenshot depicts various travel accessories, including clothing and cooking supplies. On the right-hand side of the page, a sticky note depicting Crusty Sean's bicycle can be seen, as well as a sticky note seemingly depicting a boy band comprised of jellyfish.

Scroll 19

The nineteenth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Letter of Appointment
    Employment: New Squidbeak HQ, First Splatoon
    Adjustments: Promoted to Captain with emoluments of pay grade 33. —Craig Cuttlefish
  • Site: Eco-Forest Treehills
  • Location: A small patch of ooze has to be removed at the cliff on the eastern side of size 5 for 300 Power Eggs. It is close to the bridge that leads to site 4.
  • Description: A formal document inside a booklet depicting the Cuttlegear logo, with a photograph of Callie, Cuttlefish, and Marie in the Crater, with Cuttlefish holding the formal document. A sticky note in the top left features a diagram of the Cap of Legend, whereas the top right has a sticky note with the Cuttlegear logo with various annotations beneath.

Scroll 20

The twentieth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Thursday night / Friday morning at 1:00 AM: It's the 100th episode of Marie After Midnight, and a special guest stopped by to help me celebrate: my cousin Callie! It's a Squid Sisters gabfest! We could NOT stop talking. (Not kidding. We went over the scheduled end time by five hours. Oops.)"
  • Site: Eco-Forest Treehills
  • Location: The scroll is buried under a tiny ledge below the A Compulsive Collector's Paradise kettle.
  • Description: Two photographs of Callie and Marie sitting at a kotatsu table with microphones and headsets on. There appear to be sticky notes featuring diagrams of flower-like orange peels, and the kotatsu table itself can be seen at the bottom as well as a doodle of the flowery decorations on the page itself.

Scroll 21

The twenty-first Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Seems these are instructions on how to mummify an Inkling. Maybe in olden times, Inklings thought if they preserved their bodies after death, they could be revived someday? But that's... Well, there's no way this is a real one stuck here, right? No, of course it isn't... Right?"
  • Site: Happiness Research Lab
  • Location: In a crate that is on the elevated section of the island with the Keep It Rolling kettle.
  • Description: A dried Inkling or a replica of one held together with toothpicks. Various sticky notes surround the page, following a process for how it was preserved, as well as various labels on the page itself.

Scroll 22

The twenty-second Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "After leaping from Inkopolis Square to the world stage, Off the Hook has found their new side project: performing vocals for a rising rock band as Damp Socks feat. Off the Hook! Discovered online, their super talented collaborators offer an 'upbeat melancholy' sound that had OTH...Hooked!"
  • Site: Happiness Research Lab
  • Location: Simply remove the ooze on the wall below the Mission: Fly-Fishin' kettle.
  • Description: A photograph of Pearl and Marina and the rest of Damp Socks feat. Off the Hook, as well as an Off the Hook CD cover. A sticky note at the bottom middle of the page features a diagram of Vinny Mack's guitar.

Scroll 23

The twenty-third Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Operation: Li'l Judd's Judgy Judgment!' 'Prey's behavior' 'Analyzing prey's fur quality... No impurrrfections found!' 'I guess I'll just go after the toe beans."
  • Site: Happiness Research Lab
  • Location: The ooze that is covering the roof of the building on the island with the Conserve Ink—Splat Sustainably kettle will need to be removed. Use the ink rail close to the That Sinking Feeling kettle.
  • Description: Various monochromatic photographs of Judd, featuring a detailed pair of sketches of Judd with a high quantity of annotations on a page to the right. A sticky note at the top right depicts Li'l Judd with a labelled arrow pointing at Judd.

Scroll 24

The twenty-fourth Sunken Scroll.
  • Text: "Subject Name: 'Marigold'
    Nishiyo Oranda (Alias): Anarchy District 3, 3-■
    Poisson Rouge (Alias): Rue de ■■ 19-6, Chateaubateau
    Ran Chi-Yu (Alias): Southgill Province, Tailfin City, ■■■ District
  • Site: Happiness Research Lab
  • Location: Complete the Balloon chase on site 6. It is advised to remove all ooze around the perimeter of site 6 first.
  • Description: Three IDs showing Staff in different hairdos, each with various information hastily scrawled out with thick black lines. A sticker depicts Staff in a shopping basket, and two sticky notes in the top right depict Staff.