List of tactics in the Splatoon manga

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As named in Splatoon's fifth issue, one or more of a team's members' items or abilities used together is called a tactic. Most teams that Team Blue fights have tactics, an exception of this was Team Green.

Triple Inkstrike

Triple Inkstrike in action.

Not to be confused with the special weapon from Splatoon 3 of the same name.
A tactic used by Team Yellow-Green. It has School Uniform, Bamboo Hat, and Stealth Goggles all firing their Inkstrikes at the same time. It was used in their first battle as well as when they were training Team Blue to take on Skull.

Squid Net Manual

Squid Net Manual in action.

The tactic used by Team Orange. They all read a manual by studying up on their previous Turf Wars and recording everything so they can anticipate future battles. It ends up failing as they started over-relying on it, leaving them confused when Goggles ended up eating curry with one of the residents in Flounder Heights.

The same tactic fails in the Splatoon 2 era where Army tries to use it to find weaknesses in Emperor's team, but he could not find any and was quickly splatted by N-Pacer.

Disco Ball Dance

Disco Ball Dance in action.

A tactic used by Team Pink. They dance around the stage while shooting ink so they can attack enemies, cover ground, and dodge attacks in style.

Stupid Sync Power

Stupid Sync Power in action.

A tactic used by Team Blue and was seen in Issue 4. While throwing insults at each other, Goggles and Specs end up perfectly in sync and start complementing each other.

It can only be used by Goggles and Specs. It is unknown if this tactic can be used in another battle or if it can also be used by Bobble Hat and/or Headphones.

Its Japanese name is アホシソクロパワー (Aho Shisokuro Pawā). Aho translates to things like 'idiot' and 'fool'.

Blaster Gatling Gun

Blaster Gatling Gun in action.

A tactic used by Team Dark Green. One of them activates a Bubbler and all of them stack up in pairs and shoot their enemies with several Blaster shots while the Bubbler is active. When it wears off, another one activates it and extends its longevity. The tactic eventually fails when Goggles picks one of them up and accidentally throws them with the other pair into the water.

Sub Weapon Armageddon

Sub Weapon Armageddon in action.

A tactic used by Team Cyan. They all use sub weapons to take out their opponents without firing their main weapons, which helped Mask gain his notoriety of never swinging his Carbon Roller.

Each team uses a different sub weapon that splatted one of Team Blue:

The tactic fails when Bobble Hat launches an Inkstrike on the stage, flushing out the whole team as well as destroying any Ink Mines and Sprinklers.

Operation: "If You Get Hit, Bad Things Will Happen to You"

A tactic used by Team Blue when training with Rider to try to beat Team Purple. It was used when they saw Goggles dodge all of Rider's E-liter 3K Scope shots by thinking if he got hit, he would force himself to not eat any more pickled plums that day.

Each of the members had different circumstances if they got hit:

  • Headphones promised that if she got hit, she wouldn't listen to music for a week.
  • Specs would think if he got hit, he would have to wear contact lenses instead of his Retro Specs.
  • Bobble said if she got hit, she would never pet a puppy again, to the shock of Specs. Other translations have her say she would go to hell, which Specs says is too scary.

Absolute Firing Range: Skull Area

Absolute Firing Range: Skull Area in action.

A tactic used by Team Purple, and Skull when on Team S4. Wherever the range of the E-liter 3K Scope can reach is the area that Skull can splat anyone.

Squid Lightning Jet Attack

Squid Lightning Jet in action.

A tactic used by Goggles that was first used when training with Rider. Goggles makes consecutive dashes toward the opponent in a zipper pattern, leaving an ink trail similar to a lightning bolt. The first time he used it was unintentional as he actually had to go to the bathroom and could not hold it in any more during the Turf War against Team Yellow-Green, leaving him to dodge all of the team's attacks and Rider's E-liter 3K Scope to get to a bathroom. He then uses this tactic against Skull in the Team Purple battle, against some Octolings in Octo Valley, and in the battle against X-Blood with Emperor using King's Slide Dodge Attack alongside Goggles.

4DS (Four Dead Shots)

Four Dead Shots in action.

A formation used by Team Hockey. The team surrounds their opponents and splats them from all directions, giving the opponent no time to splat them all. The tactic then fails when Goggles ends up Super Jumping into Hockey's crotch along with being distracted by Goggles' made-up formation.

Blue Squid Acrobatic Team

Blue Squid Acrobat Team in action.

A made-up formation Goggles used against Team Hockey. It is simply having him, Headphones, and Bobble stand on Specs with his Octobrush. The only good it did was distract Team Hockey and Headphones was able to be the first one to get a splat.

Need to Stay Clean

A tactic used by Team Inkfall. Team Inkfall simply dodges all of their opponents' shots out of the need to stay clean from others' ink. Inkfall himself can be as fast as to dodge all of Goggles' shots and even his dango falling from out of his pockets. The tactic fails when Inkfall gets accidentally dumped with ink from Bobble's Slosher due to Team Blue knocking each other down and he gets angry with charging instead of a clear tactic.

The Five Oaths of Seriousness

A tactic used by Team Outcasts. It is five rules that they all follow to win their battles. The rules include:

  • 1. Be courteous in battle! - They bow their heads down in politeness during every start of a Turf War.
  • 2. Paint every corner of the stage! - They ink every spot of the ground without leaving any uncovered.
  • 3. Always rush over to help a friend in need! - Whenever one of them signals a This Way!, all of the teammates Super Jump towards that teammate and splats whoever is attacking them.
  • 4. Use your weapons properly and with care! - They all use their weapons to the fullest potential seen by Squid Mask when he activates a Curling-Bomb Launcher, he launches a row of Curling Bombs without any gaps to dodge them.
  • 5. Don't forget to take everything seriously!

The tactic is eventually used against them when Specs signals a This Way! for Goggles and he splats them all with a Super Jump Splashdown along with earlier when Squid Mask signals a This Way! to his teammates when Goggles was stuck to a wall, giving the rest of Team Blue a chance to splat them all and retake the ground.

Emperor Road

Emperor Road in action.

A tactic used by Emperor and his team. They all walk in a synchronized path, while shooting to the side to completely cover the stage. Anytime someone is close, one of the team members, usually Emperor, splat them while their teammates ink the road. Emperor suggested using this tactic in the Square King Ranked Cup Preliminary Round, before Specs reminded Team Blueperor that the aim of Ranked Battles is different from painting the ground. However, Team Blueperor does use this tactic against the Iromaki Rangers, as the mode was Splat Zones.

"Shadow Clone Technique?"

This technique is used by Goggles in the Octo arc. In the first test chamber Goggles and Eight enter, they become swarmed by Octolings, with some of them even using Inkjets. Goggles then confuses the Octolings by moving behind some trees very quickly to make it appear like there were many of him. While they were confused, Goggles and Eight were able to splat them and complete the chamber.

Kaiser Arrow

A tactic used by Team New Emperor. N-pacer shoots a line of ink with her Splatterscope, and her teammates swim in it, rushing to their opponents and attacking them all together. The name of the tactic comes from the German word for Emperor.


A tactic that Team X-Blood uses. They surround their opponents in an X shape, and splat them all at once by rapidly attacking them. The attack will leave a large X on the ground in X-Bloods ink.


A version of X-Fall used by Vintage and Omega. Vintage first used it in X-Blood's battle against Team Gloves, when he became enraged at the thought of an Inkling like Gloves, who just wants to have fun, becoming an X-Ranker. Later, he and Omega use it in the battle against Team Blueperor. To use it, they rapidly move around, splatting all opponents in an X shape.

Squid King's Jet Attack

A tactic used by Goggles and Emperor during the battle against X-Blood. Goggles preforms his Squid Lightning Jet Attack while Emperor dodge rolls alongside him with his dualies.

Glasses Formation

This tactic is used by Team Glasses. Every member on the team uses their glasses to predict their opponent's movement.

Cosmic Time

A tactic used by Hivemind and the rest of his team (Emperor, Specs, and N-Pacer) during the second battle of the final Splatfest. Hivemind uses his mind control to make all of his allies move in perfect sync, performing an extremely powerful combo attack.

The upgraded version, Ultra Cosmic Time, is used in the final battle of the final Splatfest. This version functions the same, except Hivemind is not controlling his allies with mind control. This makes them perform better as they can utilize their personal strengths more optimally.

Pickled Plum Chaos Time

A tactic used by Goggles and the rest of his team (Fierce, Prinz, and Skull) during the final battle of the Final Splatfest. This tactic is the exact same as Ultra Cosmic Time.

Emperor of Emperors

During the battle against X-Blood, Emperor shatters the lenses of Spec's glasses and puts them on. Because of this, Emperor understands how to support his teammates, and moves around to help them.