List of unarmed stations

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These missions in the Octo Expansion and Return of the Mammalians require the player to go through parts of, or sometimes the whole, mission without any main, sub, or special weapon. Typically, these missions utilize a mechanic that does not require any weapons (e.g. an Ink Cannon in I03E01 No Whammy Station) or offer challenges in which a weapon would defeat the point of the challenge (e.g. C04 Move It Move It Station).

Unarmed missions are marked with an icon (S2 Weapon Main Unarmed.png) on the selection screen of the equipper.

List of unarmed stations

Octo Expansion

Unarmed Stations Reasons
OE Abandoned Station.jpg
A? Abandoned Station
Introductory station. A weapon is granted for one area but returned upon leave.
Dm mA00.jpg
A00 Central Station
Hub station.
Dm mB07.jpg
B07 Fly 8-Ball Station
Pressure switches used.
Dm mD01-B15.jpg
D01B15 Ink from Above Station
Tactical mission. Weapons are granted later on.
Dm mC04.jpg
C04 Move It Move It Station
Tactical evasion mission.
Dm mI03-E01.jpg
I03E01 No Whammy Station
Ink Cannon used.
Dm mE06.jpg
E06 Swass 8-Ball Station
Ink Cannon used.
Dm mCoccyx Phase.jpg
Escape 01 Coccyx Phase
Stealth mission.
Dm mVilli Phase.jpg
Escape 02 Villi Phase
Tactical mission. Weapons are granted later on.

Return of the Mammalians

Unarmed kettle Reason
S3 alterna s1 m10.jpg
0110 Deadly Dance Hall - Jump, Jump!
Tactical dodging mission.
Alterna 0612.jpg
0612 Enter the Stamp Gauntlet
Uses unlimited Ultra Stamp cans. Choosing being unarmed is optional for this mission, but yields more Power Eggs.