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Lockers redirects here. For the lockers in the Octo Expansion, see Central Station. For the lockers in Side Order, see Side Order#Rewards.
One of the example lockers shown, featuring clothing, shelves, and decorative items

The locker room is a Splatoon 3 feature located in the lobby to the right of the battle pot and under the second story. This area contains three walls of lockers, with the player's own locker standing in the middle row, to the left of other lockers belonging to the players they've recently played with. Lockers belonging to the player's friends are located on the right side of the room, and lockers that have been deemed very 'fresh' are located on the left side.

The locker room doors are blacked out from a distance as well as before they are unlocked by the player to reduce the amount of items being rendered. After reaching level 4, the player can enter the locker room and interact with their locker by pressing .

Following the 4.0.0 update, players are able to interact with lockers while waiting for a match.


While customizing a locker, an item can be grabbed with and rotated freely with , , , , and . Items within lockers have physics and may fall over if dropped inside. Multiple items can be grabbed by holding . Grabbing shoes or shirts and then promptly pressing can put the shoes in a box or fold the shirt respectively. Up and down on the are used to zoom. There are 8 tabs available to the player when opening the owned items menu with. These tabs respectively contain decoration items, stickers, weapons (main and sub), headgear, clothing, shoes, locker parts, and locker styles.[1][2]

Decoration items, stickers, weapons, gear, and locker parts can be placed inside the player's locker. Stickers can be placed on the back wall as well as on the inside and outside panels of the door. Lockers are gray by default, but their color can be changed by purchasing new styles from Hotlantis. Their size can also be increased in accordance with the player's level. Players start with a small-sized locker at level 4; it increases to a medium size upon reaching Level 15 and to its maximum large size upon reaching Level 30.

Asides from shopping at Hotlantis, there are several ways to unlock new decorations of any kind. Raising a weapon's Freshness unlocks stickers at 2 and 3 stars. Earning fish scales in Salmon Run Next Wave and spending cash or conch shells at the Shell-Out Machine can unlock decoration items and stickers for the locker.[3] Playing through the Splatoon 3 story mode and finding loot anchors may reward players with special decorations while uncovering Sunken Scrolls will unlock special stickers. The player may own multiples of many decorations and stickers as well as all sub weapons, allowing them to place many of the same item in their locker; the owned quantity of each item, limited to 10 units, is shown in the menu.


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Locker parts

There are 5 types of locker parts in total, all of which were introduced in Drizzle Season 2022 (Version 1.1.0). Additional parts are unlocked with locker upgrades and are limited to 10 hooks, 10 wide hooks, 3 shelves, and 3 locker organizers. The photo stand is the only unique item thus far, and the player can customize it with any screenshot taken in Photo Mode.

Item Name Default Level 15 Level 30
hook +3 +3 +4
wide hook +3 +3 +4
shelf +1 +1 +1
locker organizer +1 +1 +1
photo stand N/A N/A +1

Locker styles

There are 15 alternate locker styles total, as well as one default style, all of which were introduced in Drizzle Season 2022 (Version 1.1.0).

Item Name Availability Price
regular locker Default N/A
shabby locker Hotlantis Cash 34646
black locker Hotlantis Cash 6800
light-blue locker Hotlantis Cash 6800
blue locker Hotlantis Cash 6800
cream-colored locker Hotlantis Cash 6800
magenta locker Hotlantis Cash 6800
green locker Hotlantis Cash 6800
gray locker Hotlantis Cash 6800
pink locker Hotlantis Cash 6800
red locker Hotlantis Cash 6800
white locker Hotlantis Cash 6800
yellow locker Hotlantis Cash 6800
cypress-wood locker Hotlantis Cash 31290
lacquered-wood locker Hotlantis Cash 35640
walnut-wood locker Hotlantis Cash 37100


  • Some locker styles sound different when opened and closed.
    • The shabby locker makes creakier, harsher noises.
    • Wood lockers make softer, quieter noises.


Speaking of sports, let's check out the new locker room! Given the focus on fashion in the Splatlands, these lockers aren't just for storage. Folks trick them out with gear, stickers, and other decor. Is the Fashion Desk jealous? We did see them shopping for stickers online...
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[4]


Names in other languages

Locker room
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ロッカールーム
Rokkā Rūmu
Locker room
Netherlands Dutch Kluisjes Lockers
CanadaFrance French Vestiaire Locker room
Germany German Spindhalle Locker Hall
Italy Italian Sala degli armadietti
Russia Russian Комната со шкафчиками
Komnata so shkafchikami
Room with lockers
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Vestuario
Spain Spanish (NOE) Sala de taquillas Room of lockers
China Chinese (Simplified) 置物区
Zhìwù qū
Storage area
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 置物區
Zhìwù qū
Storage area
South Korea Korean 로커 룸

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ロッカー
Netherlands Dutch Kluisje Locker
CanadaFrance French Casier
Germany German Spind
Italy Italian Armadietto
Russia Russian Шкафчик
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Casillero
Spain Spanish (NOE) Taquilla
China Chinese (Simplified) 置物柜
Zhìwù guì
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 置物櫃
Zhìwù guì
South Korea Korean 로커

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オキモノ
Netherlands Dutch Versiering Decoration
CanadaFrance French Objet de décoration
Germany German Deko
Italy Italian Decorazione
Russia Russian Украшение
SpainMexico Spanish Adorno
China Chinese (Simplified) 装饰品
Zhuāngshì pǐn
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 裝飾品
Zhuāngshì pǐn
South Korea Korean 장식품
 Internal Figure[5]

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ステッカー
Netherlands Dutch Sticker -
CanadaFrance French Autocollant
Germany German Aufkleber
Italy Italian Adesivo
Russia Russian Наклейка
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Calcomanía
Spain Spanish (NOE) Pegatina
China Chinese (Simplified) 贴纸
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 貼紙
South Korea Korean 스티커
 Internal Sticker[5]