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One of the example lockers shown, featuring clothing, shelves, and decorative items

The locker room is a Splatoon 3 feature located in the Battle Lobby. This area contains customizable lockers, with one belonging to the player and others belonging to players they've recently played with.


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Decorations,[1] weapons, including main weapons and sub weapons,[1] gear, and some form of shelving can be placed in the player's personal locker. Stickers can be placed on the outside and inside of the locker's door, and on the inside of the locker. The locker's type or color can be customized as well.[2] Decorations and stickers are sold at Hotlantis,[2] while raising a weapon's Freshness can unlock displayable weapons. Earning fish scales in Salmon Run Next Wave and spending conch shells at the Shell-Out Machine can also unlock items for lockers.[3] Photos taken in Photo Mode and earned Sunken Scrolls may also be displayed in the player's locker.[2] The player may own multiple of most locker-related items, such as decorations, stickers, and sub weapons, allowing them to place many of the same item in their locker; the owned quantity of an item is shown in the menu.

While customizing a locker, an item can be grabbed with and rotated freely with , , , , and . Items within lockers have physics and may fall over if dropped inside. Multiple items can be grabbed by holding . Up and down on the are used to zoom. opens the menu of owned items, which has separate tabs for decorations, weapons, headgear, clothing, shoes, shelves, and type of locker.[1][2]

There are three sizes of locker, with the player's locker size depending on their level. Players start with a small-sized locker that increases to a medium size upon reaching Level 15, and its maximum large size upon reaching Level 30.


Speaking of sports, let's check out the new locker room! Given the focus on fashion in the Splatlands, these lockers aren't just for storage. Folks trick them out with gear, stickers, and other decor. Is the Fashion Desk jealous? We did see them shopping for stickers online...
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[4]


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ロッカールーム
Rokkā Rūmu
Locker room
Netherlands Dutch Kluisjes Lockers
Germany German Spindhalle Locker-Hall
Spain Spanish Sala de taquillas Room of lockers