Loot anchor

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A hidden loot anchor revealed with ink.

A loot anchor is a device found in Return of the Mammalians in Splatoon 3. They are hidden in the overworld and have eight legs with a red LED light on the top. In the Crater and Alterna, they can be found either out in the open, buried in the snow, or invisible. All varieties can be shot at with ink to reveal and destroy them.

Loot anchors can be tracked down using Smallfry, who will 'notice' them when he is nearby and produce an exclamation mark, move toward its location, and jump up and down with a golden glow in order to alert the player.

Loot anchors can contain Sunken Scrolls, Sardinium, gold records, Power Eggs, or locker decorations, meanwhile only one contains a Tableturf card pack. Most loot anchors can only be destroyed once, however there is a select number of them in each area of Alterna that will always re-appear in the same location after leaving, which all give a small number of Power Eggs. All of these respawning anchors are invisible.

For the location of items found in loot anchors, see Treasure of Alterna.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese びっくりネジ
bikkuri neji
Surprise screw
Netherlands Dutch Schatschroef Treasure screw
Canada and France French Ancre à butin
Germany German Beuteanker
Italy Italian Pescatesori
Russia Russian Выковырякорь
Pick out anchor
Spain Spanish Anclaje sorpresa
China Chinese (Simplified) 惊人螺丝
Jīngrén luósī
Amazing screw
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 驚人螺絲
South Korea Korean 깜짝 나사
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