Master Mega

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Master Mega

Master Mega
Species Likely a great white shark
Hair color
Eye color Black
Gender Male[1]
Location Alterna
Maximum HP
Other forms

Master Mega is a shark which aids Shiver in Return of the Mammalians.


Master Mega is a large shark with a saddle which Shiver sits on, rocket boosters, and a spawn point for when Shiver gets splatted. The harness securing these adornments strongly resembles a two-point seat belt. He also wears a pair of aviator sunglasses perched on his head. Shiver rides on his back until enough damage is dealt. When Master Mega has taken enough damage, his regular eyes turn into an X shape, similar to how some cartoon characters have "X" eyes when they die.

Splatoon 3

Return of the Mammalians

Shiver and Master Mega are the third bosses of the single-player mode Return of the Mammalians, in the mission, The Pursuit of the Precious. In the first phase, Master Mega uses three simple attacks. For his first attack, he circles the player in a ring of ink around a platform (which Agent 3 stands on), occasionally sending out vertical slashes. In his second attack, Master Mega charges at Agent 3 with his mouth open, which Agent 3 can throw a bomb or Smallfry into. For Master Mega's third attack, he goes underground, creating a ring around him, similar to a Maws, which sounds an alert when Agent 3 is inside the ring. Agent 3 can drop a bomb into the ring, and Master Mega will catch the bomb.

Once Master Mega swallows a bomb, he flies onto the platform and tries to crawl back into his ring of ink, where Agent 3 can use his vulnerable state to splat him while he is crawling. Once splatted, Shiver falls off Master Mega, making her vulnerable as well.

In the second phase, Master Mega makes ink tornadoes to charge up his main attack, where he fires a beam of ink at Agent 3.

In the third phase, Master Mega fires three beams of ink at Agent 3 instead of one. Master Mega also crawls faster after swallowing a bomb.

In the The Ursine Anomaly - #03, Master Mega makes another appearance after Shiver lends him to Agent 3 to help them boost into space to stop Mr. Grizz.

Side Order

Although neither he nor Shiver appear directly in Side Order, Master Mega is the main focus of Smollusk's notes visible upon reconfiguring Shiver's Palette. Therein, Smollusk voices its grievances over the fact that Shiver addresses Master Mega with an honorific, but does not seem to actively be learning as would be expected of a "master". It accuses her of using flattery to curry favor and vows its intent to punish her (although much as with many of Smollusk's notes, this is likely an overreach).



"Mega" comes from the megalodon, an extinct prehistoric species of shark once believed to be closely related to great white sharks.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 先生
Teacher, Master
Netherlands Dutch Meneer Megalo Mister Megalo (from megalodon)
CanadaFrance French Maître Mégalo Master Megalo
Germany German Meister Megalo Master Megalo
Italy Italian Grande Megalo Great Megalo
Russia Russian Мастер Мега
Master Mega
Transliteration of the English name
SpainMexico Spanish Maestro megalodón Master megalodon
China Chinese (Simplified) 老师
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 老師
South Korea Korean 선생님


  1. "[...]Master! I need you to REALLY focus this time, OK? Attaboy, Master Mega! Let's FINish this!" ~ Shiver, The Pursuit of the Precious