Matchmaster Station

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J01: Cool Your Jets Station
Deepsea Metro Line J
J03: Girl Power Station

"Break it down!"
Matchmaster Station
Match the shape!
Station J02
Test Fee CQ Points 2,000
Lives × 3
and rewards


CQ Points 2,700 CQ Points 3,000 CQ Points 4,000
Mem cake King Tank
Music #4 dunno

Matchmaster Station is a test in Splatoon 2's paid downloadable content, Octo Expansion. This station is unlocked after clearing Cool Your Jets Station or Girl Power Station.


The player must clear either J01H07 Cool Your Jets Station or J03D08 Girl Power Station to access this test. The shortest way to access this station is to clear J03D08 Girl Power Station.


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Players must carve a sculpture on the right to match a copy of the octopus-shaped sculpture on the left. Unlike F07C12 Matchmaker Station where players must compare the two sculptures constantly, all the crates that need to be destroyed in this mission are item crates, while all the ones which should not be destroyed are normal crates. Despite this, the sculpture is very large and various Grapplinks are located throughout the structure to get around.

Various item crates contain ink refills. One crate, however, contains a key and using this key on the vault at the center of the map gives access to a single checkpoint which saves any progress made to the sculpture. If a player were to fail the mission, they would be reset to that point rather than having to restart from scratch.

After successfully matching the sculptures, the top of the left sculpture will raise, revealing the goal.



Choosing the Squeezer allows to face the mission relatively faster than doing it with the other provided weapons. The single-tap fire mode provides a precise, long-ranged projectile that can destroy quickly and safely the target crates. This shooter-class weapon does not lose accuracy while jumping, so the player can hit without risks further crates from below.

Splat Charger

Ink economy, decent aim and paying attention to the charge are necessary to beat this mission while using the Splat Charger. In fact, it cannot be used to its maximum potential, because a fully-charged projectile will penetrate through the crates and break both the target and the normal ones. To complete this mission properly, after choosing this weapon, the player must take advantage of the Splat Charger's range and precision and they have to be careful to not shoot a fully-charged shot: however, a three-quarters of charge can create a projectile that can one-shot a crate without touching the ones behind it, allowing to complete the mission faster (the player has to be careful, because the interval between the three-quarters and the maximum charge is very short). It is recommended to find the key for the second checkpoint and use it at least halfway. After taking the checkpoint, respawning from it restores the normal crates, previously ink-stained, to a non-damaged state.

Rapid Blaster Pro

The Rapid Blaster Pro is certainly the most risky choice. Despite having pretty long range and a precise aim, the explosiveness of the shots increases the chance to damage the normal crates, especially when they "surround" the target crates. Concentration, a perfect aim and damage awareness are a must to avoid a failure. Even aiming badly for Grapplinks can lead to a fatal mistake. The best strategy to adopt, in addition to keep calm, is to aim for the edges and for the angles of the boxes: doing this will weaken the blasts and minimize possible damage to the other crates. Doing this is easier at the top of the statue, when more crates have their angles exposed, and more difficult (but more necessary too) when facing the lower crates, which are enveloped within the tentacles of the statue. The best way to face this mission is to destroy every crate on the top, because they are easier to destroy, and then to focus on the lower ones, trying to find the key for the checkpoint. After destroying more than half of the crates, it is recommended to reach the checkpoint to avoid restarting from the beginning (and to restore the crates if the player fails). Think about disabling motion controls for extra precision.


Mem cake

This swells a stir of royal pride.
In small or large, you lead the charge.
The ink of nobles flows inside.

Completing this test awards the player with the King Tank mem cake.

Mem medal

The player is awarded a mem medal from this station after completing Octo Expansion.

Enemies and mechanics

Previously introduced


C.Q. Cumber's Quotes

Please create a shape out of the crates that is identical to the example on the left.
If you destroy an incorrect crate by accident, you will fail.
Take care not to lose your focus.
You broke an incorrect crate - test failed.

Cap'n Cuttlefish's Quotes

Looks like you're about halfway done...
Sounds like the perfect time for some ink-robics! One-and-two! One-and-two!
This is as satisfying as spring cleaning!

Marina's Quotes

Destroy crates until you match the example on the left, OK?
Go easy on the trigger when you're trying to break just a few crates at a time.
— When the player has the Squeezer equipped.
Be careful not to hit crates with the explosion if they've already been inked!
— When the player has the Rapid Blaster Pro equipped.
All right - take a deep breath, and try again when you're ready.
OK - less than 20 left now!
Oh, yeah... there was that vault back in the middle, right?
Oh, hey! How about using that key?
Ooh - a checkpoint! Use it wisely!
Ah, Ok. It looks like you'll be fine if you only destroy the orange crates.
There's the goal! Climb up to the top of the example statue!

Pearl's Quotes

This thing is HUGE!
Making sure your ink hits its mark should limit the explosion!
— When the player has the Rapid Blaster Pro equipped.
Check it - if you fire a fully charged shot, it'll bust through multiple crates.
— When the player has the Splat Charger equipped.
Only halfway?! UUUGGGH.
Oh, man... I'm losing my ability to focus.
You know, up here you could try destroying the crates from above...
Almost done! Keep it up, Eight!
Look at that sucker spin!
Key get! Whoop whoop!
Pweh! I thought you were gonna have to start all over if you failed.
Wow - that's using your head!



  • There are slingshots floating around in the background of this station.
  • When the player is using a launchpad to get to the center of the stage, the word ''OCT'' is visible under the crates , this is likely a reference to the word Octo Expansion or Octoling.


The subtitle, "Break it down!", is a reference to a line in the song 1990 U Can't Touch This by MC Hammer. This song is also referred to in I04 Can't Touch This Station.

Names in other languages

Translation needed
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Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Een boom van een uitdaging
Niet te hard van stapel
Maak het voorbeeld na!
A tree of a challenge[note 1]
Not too hard from stocks[note 2]
Copy the example!
France French (NOE) Vive la sculpture poulpe !
Musée de l'Art récup'
Reproduis la forme !
Hurrah for octopus sculpturing!
Museum of Recycling art
Recreate the shape!
Germany German Was will der Künstler sagen?
Baue die Vorgabe nach!
What does the artist want to say?
Art museum
Reconstruct to the specifications!
Italy Italian Capisci l'arte contemporanea?
Fiordo Fionda
Crea la stessa forma!
Do you understand contemporary art?
Slingshot Fjord[note 3]
Create the same shape!
Russia Russian ...Настоящее осьморянское качество!
Скопируй статую!

...Nastoyascheye os'moryanskoye kachestvo!
Skopirui statuyu!
...True Octarian quality!
Cthulhu-Sculpting Town Station
Copy the statue!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) ¿Qué vamos a hacer esta noche?
Pulpo y Cerebro
Crea una forma idéntica.
What are we going to do tonight?[note 4]
Octopus and the Brain[note 4]
Create an identical shape
Spain Spanish (NOE) Visitas rompedoras
Crea una forma idéntica.
Breaking views
Create an identical shape

Translation notes

  1. Comes from "een boom van een vent", a Dutch expression meaning "a man that is very large", and "uitdaging" ("challenge").
  2. Comes from "te hard van stapel lopen", a Dutch expression meaning "to do things immediately without a plan." It is a pun on "stapel" also meaning "stack".
  3. The Italian name "Fiordo Fionda" plays on the assonance between "Fiordo" ("fjord") and "Fionda" ("slingshot"). It is also a reference to the slingshots which float around the level.
  4. 4.0 4.1 A reference to Pinky and the Brain, characters from the 1990s animated TV show Animaniacs.