Mellow Squid 4-Panel Comic

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Mellow Squid 4-Panel Comic is a four-panel manga series featured in Weekly Famitsu magazine with illustrations from Kino Takahashi. It revolves around different characters from the Splatoon series, showing different scenarios with each, where the main character is an Inkling girl with orange ink and also acts as Agent 3 shown with green ink.

Splatoon Heartwarming Squids 4-Koma & Play Manga, a comic book compiling the previous comic strips based on the first Splatoon game, was released on 15 June 2017 in Japan only and features 118 pages.

Some of these comic strips have been translated into English and appear in The Art of Splatoon. There is one additional comic strip on the copyright page of The Art of Splatoon 2.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese スプラトゥーンほのぼのイカ4コマ&プレイ漫画
Supuratūn Honobono Ika 4-Koma & Purei Manga
Splatoon Heartwarming Squids 4-Koma & Play Manga