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Miiverse is a social network incorporated into Splatoon, allowing conversation about video games on Nintendo consoles.


Players can post to Miiverse's Splatoon community from the mailbox in Inkopolis Plaza, either with text or a drawing, both of which are created on the GamePad. Drawings may appear as graffiti or on billboards in the Plaza and in various Stages, and both drawings and text posts appear over other Inklings in the plaza when approached. When zoomed in on or seen when examining another Inkling with Button1 A.png, the player can "Yeah" a post by pressing Button1 Y.png.

Miiverse posts can be hidden via the Options screen. They will then be replaced by placeholder drawings, the source of which is unknown.


During Splatfest, many more Miiverse drawings can be seen around the Plaza. They adorn a variety of objects, including fireworks, neon signs, and the backs of the Squid Sisters' trucks.


  • Miiverse is split into three regions: North America, Europe and Oceania, and Japan. Players from one region will not see posts from another.
  • Miiverse posts can be un-yeahed by going into Miiverse.
  • Some, if not all, graffiti in Inkopolis Plaza is implied to be made by jellyfish; as stated in a developers' interview, jellyfish are known to create a large amount of graffiti.[1]


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