Mixed Team

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Mixed Team
Splatoon Bankara Chapter 1 Mixed Team.jpg
Species Inkling
Hair color Green
Eye color
Gender Male/Female
Location Splatsville
Maximum HP
Other forms

The Mixed Team is a team of Inklings from the Splatoon manga.



Main article: Goggles

Goggles is a male Inkling with the "Top Knot" hairstyle, his eye color is blue, and for Mixed Team, his hair color is green. He wears the Pilot Goggles, Tri-Squid Tee, "Loose denim shorts" legwear, and Hero Runner Replicas. His main weapon is the Splattershot.


Main article: Braid

Braid is a female Inkling with the "Megalobraid" hairstyle, her eye color is yellow, and for Mixed Team, her hair color is green. She wears the Fake Contacts, Tri-Shred Tee, "Classic" legwear, and Force ReBoots. Her main weapon is the Tri-Stringer.


Sudadera is a male Inkling with the "Hipster" hairstyle, his hair color is green. He wears the Fake Contacts, Sudadera Celeste, "Classic" legwear, and Blue Slip-Ons. His main weapon is the Splattershot Jr..


Wrap is a male Inkling with the "Spiky-Haired" hairstyle, his hair color is green. He wears the Fake Contacts, Barazushi Wrap, "Baggy sweatpants" legwear, and Suede Basics. His main weapon is the Luna Blaster.



Goggles is portrayed as outgoing, idiotic, and naïve. He often enjoys doing embarrassing stunts to his friends, the most popular being him pantsing them. Goggles is also shown as caring, as when he wins to Skull, he admits that he only wanted to fight him so Skull could have fun.


Braid is very awkward at times, she enjoys the thought of Turf Wars, however, she gets shy whenever asked to battle. She does not tend to let the fame of her allegedly being one of Splatsville's top eight battlers get to her head.


Sudadera is the more worrisome of him and Wrap. He worries about being paired with the wrong people against a to-strong team at the beginning of the match against Team Horn Helmet. He gets worried when Goggles does stupid moves, though he eventually calms down after Mixed Team wins against Team Horn Helmet.


Though both he and Sudadera are paranoid, Wrap seems more laid back than Sudadera. He claims he doesn't mind fighting alongside Braid and Goggles and tends to ignore Goggles when he does stupid moves.



  • Half of the team is made up of firsts.
    • For Braid, it's her first time in a Turf War.
    • For Goggles, it's his first time in the Splatlands.
    • Additionally, Sudadera and Wrap happened to be there to spectate, being placed on the team accidentally.