Mr. Coco

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Mr. Coco
S3 Mr. Coco Render.png
Species Coconut crab
Hair color
Eye color
Gender Male
Shop Crush Station

Mr. Coco is a character in Splatoon 3 who runs the shoe shop in Splatsville, Crush Station. He is a kind-hearted coconut crab with an intimidating appearance that contrasts with his personality.


Mr. Coco is a large coconut crab. He has three whiskers on each side of his face, the shorter ones resembling a mustache. He wears a white graphic tank top, denim shorts with an orange belt, and wristbands on his claws. He wears a total of 6 mismatched Enperry shoes on his legs, starting on the left and going counter-clockwise the shoes are: one Black & Blue Squidkid V, one Sun & Shade Squidkid IV, one Blue & Black Squidkid IV, one Online Squidkid V, and a pair of Red & White Squidkid V. He wears a black cap with a red brim.

Personality and traits

Mr. Coco looks very intimidating, but when a customer gets to his store, he becomes very nice and offers him to try new shoes. Either way, his dialogue seems to be very kind as he wants the customers to be happy. In short terms, he looks up to his customers.



SRL Fashion Desk keeping it rolling with a report on Crush Station—your source for footwear, from sneakers to sandals. Don’t be intimidated by the shopkeeper Mr. Coco. He never skips Claw Day, but he also never skips Kindness Day, so we think you’ll find he’s a big softy.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[1]
You can get your kicks from Mr. Coco.
This coconut crab might look intimidating, but deep down he’s a real softie! Mr. Coco owns Crush Station, the hottest shoe store in Splatsville. You can choose your kicks based on how cool they look, but everything from trainers to sandals comes with abilities that can help you in battle.
— Play Nintendo[2]

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Japan Japanese

  • 「いらっしゃいマセ☆ ココナッツクラブへ ようこそっ」
("Come on in!☆ Welcome to Crush Station.") - When a player enters the shop.
  • 「買ってくれるのっ?」
("You're buying these, right?") - When a player selects a pair of shoes.
  • 「そうびしてくかなっ?」
("Want to equip these?") - When a player buys a pair of shoes.

USA North America (English)

  • "Come in, come in! Welcome to Crush Sta- OH! You're not looking so fresh. Is everything OK? Listen, we're gonna get through this. Here's how. Go to the lobby. Get in some Turf War battles. CRUSH 'EM! Get that level up! Come back when you hit level 4, and we'll move forward together in freshness, friendo! HAAA!" - When a player below level 4 enters the shop.
  • "Come in, come in! Welcome to Crush Station. Ooo! You are looking FRESH today! But you could look even fresher with something new on your feet. Am I right? Of course I am! You know about gear abilities, right? They make the freshest kicks even fresher so you can play as good as you look. Maybe even better? Nah! Anyway, press if you wanna hear more about 'em. Or not if you just wanna keep shopping!" - When a player of level 4 or up enters the shop for the first time.
  • "DAAANG! The sheer freshocitty coming off your feet is mind-bedazzling! I surrender! HAAA! Just playing, but you are one fresh fiend. What can I do for you?" - When a player enters the shop after reaching level 30.
  • "Come in, come in! Welcome to Crush Sta- OH! Oh NO! You're offline! Alright, you got this. Take a deep breath, head to the lobby, and connect to the internet. I BELIEVE IN YOU!" - When entering the shop without an internet connection.
  • "Come in, come in! Welcome to Crush Station." - When a player enters the shop.
  • "These, right?" - When a player selects a pair of shoes.
  • "Wear 'em out?" - When a player buys a pair of shoes.
  • "You ARE a sneakerhead! You already got a pair of those today!" - When the player selects an already-bought pair of shoes, that cannot yet be traded in or have their star power raised.
  • "Oh nooo! You don't have the cash!" - When the player tries to buy shoes they cannot afford.
  • "Aha! You already own those, friendo! Do you want to raise the star power of your pair, or trade 'em in to reset their abilities?" - When a player tries to purchase a pair of shoes that they already have.
  • "Aw, PHOOEY! Those are already at the highest possible star power." - When attempting to raise the star power of a pair of shoes at 5 stars.
  • "Hey! Mind if I bend your ear for just a second? You are a regular, and one of the biggest sneakerheads I've ever met. I love that about you! So I hope you'll do me the honor of accepting this commemorative badge. It's only for regulars like you! Don't sell it on the internet! HAAA!" - When a player spends over 100,000 coins at Crush Station.
  • "Hey, um...I've got something non-sneaker related to discuss... You know how I gave you that special badge before? Well... You have gone WAY above and WAY beyond what I dreamed! You inspire ME every day to be the freshest I can BE! So I got you an even more special badge. You're the best!" - When a player spends over 1,000,000 coins at Crush Station.
  • "Oh my gosh, I lost. But you WON! You’re so good at this! We should play again, OK? Not just so I can get a chance to win… but also NOT that! Heehee!" - When a player wins a Tableturf Battle.
  • "Ooo, I won! Wheee, haha! What a fun game this is! Don’t get me wrong- you were tough! I definitely want a whole bunch of rematches against you." - When a player loses a Tableturf Battle.
  • "I just wanna thank you for always choosing me for these super-great Tableturf Battles! I feel like we're learning from each other and having fun too. So I got you a little something... I hope you can use these cool card sleeves!" - When a player wins 30 matches against Mr. Coco at level 3.

Netherlands Dutch

When a player below level 4 enters the shop:
  • "Kom erin! Kom erin! Welkom in Kr- Oooo! Je ziet er niet zo vers uit! Gaat alles goed?! Komt goed! Geen zorgen! Ga eerst naar de lobby, speel een paar potjes Grondoorlog, en dan bereik je voor je het weet een megavers niveau! Zodra je niveau 4 hebt bereikt, moet je hier terugkomen en een heleboel schoenen kopen! Hahaha!"
(Come in! Come in! Welkom to Cr- Ooooh! You are not looking so fresh! Is everything going okay?! It will be fine! Do not worry! Go to the lobby first, play a couple of Turf War games, and then you will reach a mega-fresh level before you know it! Once you have reached level 4, you have to come back and buy a lot of shoes here! Hahaha!")
When a player of level 4 or up enters the shop for the first time:
  • "Kom erin! Kom erin! Welkom bij Krab voor Stap! Oooo! Wat zie jij er vandaag vers uit! Maar weet je hoe je nog verser kunt zijn?! Met leuke nieuwen schoenen aan je voeten! Wist je dat uitrusting bepaalde effecten heeft?! Natuurlijk wist je dat! Dus als je uitrusting koopt, zie je er vers uit en speel je met verse effecten! Supervers! Als je meer wilt weten, moet je op drukken! Of niet, dat mag ook! Dan kun je verdergaan met winkelen!"
(Come in! come in! Welcome to Crustation! Ooooh! How fresh you look today! But you know how you can be even fresher! With nice new shoes on your feet! Did you know that gear has certain abilities! Of course you knew that! So when you buy gear, you look fresh and play with fresh abilities! Superfresh! If you want to know more, you have to press ! Or not, that's okay too! Then you can continue shopping!)
When a player of level 10 or up enters the shop for the first time:
  • "Wauw! Jij hebt echt de versheidsfactor! Eens zien wat ik een versionista als jij kan aanbieden!"
(Wow! You really have the freshness factor! Let's see what I can offer a freshionista like you!)
When a player of level 20 or up enters the shop for the first time:
  • "Kom erin! Kom erin! Krab voor Stap ontvangt je met open deuren! Yo, jij bent verser dan ooit! Heb je soms gesport?! Helpt dat om verser te worden?! Wat is je geheim?! Mijn geheim is schoenen! Geef me je voeten, dan proberen we een paar!"
(Come in! Come in! Crustation welcomes you with open doors! Yo, you're fresher than ever! Have you exercised?! Does that help to get fresher?! What's your secret?! My secret is shoes! Give me your feet and we'll try a pair!)
When a player of level 30 or up enters the shop for the first time:
  • "Kom erin! Kom erin! Je voeten zijn aan het goede adres in Krab voor Stap! ZO HÉ! Tegen zo veel voetenversheid kan ik niet op! HAHAHA! Grapje! Ik heb vast wel iets leuks voor je! Wat mag het zijn?!"
(Come in! Come on in! Your feet are at the right place in Crustation! SO HEY! I can't stand that much foot freshness! HAHAHA! Just kidding! I'm sure I have something nice for you! What can it be!)
When spending at least 10.000 cash for the first time:
  • "Hé, luister! Ik moet je wat vertellen! Jij bent een van mijn trouwste klanten en duidelijk net zo'n grote schoenenfan als ik! Omdat je zo'n bijzondere schoenenfan bent, wil ik je deze badge geven! Die geef ik alleen aan speciale klanten! Dus niet online doorverkopen, hè?! Hahaha!"
(Hey, listen! I have to tell you something! You're one of my most loyal customers and obviously as big a shoe fan as I am! Because you're such a special shoe fan, I want to give you this badge! I only give these to special customers! So don't resell them online, you hear?! Hahaha!)
When entering the shop without an internet connection:
  • "Hallo! Je zoekt vast schoe- O jee! Je bent offline! Dan kan ik je dus niet helpen! Oké, haal even diep adem, kijk diep in je hart, bezoek de lobby en maak verbinding met het internet! Ik geloof in je!"
(Hello! You must be looking for shoe- Oh dear! You are offline! So then I can't help you! Okay, take a deep breath, look deep into your heart, visit the lobby and connect to the internet! I believe in you!
When entering the shop:
  • "Kom erin! Blijf niet buiten staan!"
(Come in! Don't stay outside!)
When entering the shop through or :
  • "Kom erin! Kom erin!"
(Come in! Come in!)
When the shop stocks a pair of already-owned shoes for the first time:
  • "O, ik moet je wat uitleggen! Luister goed, want het gaat over schoenen, dus het is superinteressant! Als je iets wilt kopen waar je al een paar van hebt, kun je kiezen of je er de zeldzaamheid van verhoogt of dat je die van jou inruilt om de effecten ervan terug te draaien. Ik zei toch dat het interessant was?! Alleen moet je wel een lastige keuze maken! Veel succes daarmee!"
(Oh, I have to explain something to you! Listen carefully, because it's about shoes, so it's super-interesting! If you want to buy something that you already have a pair of, you can choose whether to raise the star power or to trade in yours to reverse its abilities. I told you it was interesting! Only you have a tough choice to make! Good luck with that!)
When selecting a pair of shoes:
  • "Deze dan?!"
(These then?!)
When selecting a pair of already-owned shoes:
  • "Daar heb je al een paar van! Wil je het paar dat je hebt zeldzamer maken of inruilen om de effecten terug te draaien?"
(You already have a pair of those! Do you want to raise the star power of the pair you have or trade in to reverse the abilities?)
When selecting a pair of already-bought shoes on the same day:
  • "Ik weet dat deze geweldig zijn, maar je hoeft er niet gelijk twee paar van te kopen op dezelfde dag! Jeetje, wat ben jij een schoenenfan!"
(I know these are great, but you don't have to buy two pairs of them right away on the same day! Geez, what a shoe fan you are!)
When trying to trade in a pair of shoes that has the same main ability:
  • "Wacht! Je gaat toch geen paar omruilen als ze allebei hetzelfde hoofdeffecten hebben?! Hahaha! Volgens mij maak je een grapje!"
(Wait! You're not going to trade in a pair if they both have the same main ability, are you?! Hahaha! I think you're kidding!)
When buying a pair of shoes:
  • "Trek je ze gelijk aan?!"
(Are you putting them on right away?!)
After buying a pair of shoes:
  • "Dank je wel! Dank je wel! Als je een ander paar wilt aantrekken, kun je dat doen in het uitrustingsscherm! Veel plezier ermee!"
(Thank you! Thank you! If you want to put on another pair, you can do so in the equip screen! Have fun with them!)
When not having enough cash:
  • "O nee! Je hebt niet genoeg schoenengeld bij je!"
(Oh no! You don't have enough shoe money on you!)


  • When the player tries to buy shoes they cannot afford, Mr. Coco's voice will suddenly become deeper as he tells the player they do not have enough money.
  • Mr. Coco is the only character whose species were already terrestial before they evolved into a humanoid form after the extinction of humanity, although real-life coconut crabs begin their life in the water.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ヤシガニさん
Mr. Coconut Crab
Netherlands Dutch Koko From kokoskrab (coconut crab)
Canada and France French M. Coco Mr. Coco, pun on Crabe de cocotier (coconut crab)
Germany German Palmino From Palmendieb (coconut crab)
Italy Italian Granluca From granchio (crab) and the male given name Gianluca
Russia Russian Боря Крабко
Borya Krabko
From Боря Borya (abbreviation/diminutive of the Russian name Boris) and краб krab (crab)
Borya Crabko
Spain Spanish Sr. Pinzón Mr. Big Claws
China Chinese 椰子蟹先生
yēzi xiè xiānshēng (Mandarin)
Mr. Coconut Crab
South Korea Korean Mr. 야자집게
Mr. Yajajibge
Mr. Palm Claws
Portugal Portuguese Mr. Coco Same as English

Translation notes