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Species Salmonid
Hair color
Eye color
Location Salmon Run Next Wave
Maximum HP
Other forms
There's an old saying about Mudmouths... "If you see one pop up from underground, throw a bomb in its mouth." Yes, it is a VERY specific saying.
This article is about the Boss Salmonid. For the Known Occurrence, see Mudmouth Eruptions.

Mudmouths are Boss Salmonids that appear in special waves in Salmon Run Next Wave in Splatoon 3.


Mudmouths are tall, stationary Salmonids that emerge from Gushers during a Mudmouth Eruption wave. Their body seems to be made of slime or ectoplasm of some sort, with trash (such as tires) sticking out. They have large mouths that extend all the way down to the ground and an orange, mohawk-like dorsal fin similar to that of Chum and Cohocks. Their eyes and inside of their mouths emit a green-blue light, which pulses slowly.

Mudmouths spawn Lesser Salmonids from their mouths at a rapid rate; either singular Chum or groups of three Smallfry. Each Mudmouth that spawns will only ever spawn a single type of lesser Salmonid. Mudmouths also deal a small amount of contact damage, similar to the Rainmaker shield, although their main threat is the lesser Salmonids they spawn.

Throwing a Splat Bomb into a Mudmouth's mouth, firing at the base of its mouth with an Explosher, Grizzco Slosher, Crab Tank explosion or Inkjet, or hitting it with the Grizzco Splatana's charged slash, will damage it and cause it to drop a Golden Egg. Other main weapon types have no effect on them.

As the Mudmouth takes more damage, its expression will become more pained, its dorsal fin will fray and more trash will stick out of it. After the Mudmouth takes damage three times, it will writhe and explode, dropping an additional 3 eggs for a total of six.

Golden Mudmouths

Hey, I thought I saw a Golden Mudmouth out there! Also, what's with the Cohocks on parade? Weird.

During the Mudmouth Eruptions, occasionally a Golden Mudmouth will spawn. Mr. Grizz will always notify the players of this. Golden Mudmouths have a golden sheen to their bodies and the light shining inside them is yellow; additionally, a golden shimmering-like sound can be heard coming from them. They spawn Cohocks instead of Chum or Smallfry, and drop extra Golden Eggs: two when damaged, five when splatted, for a total of 11. It is unknown if the Hazard Level affects the chance/number of Golden Mudmouths spawning in a wave.


The following text is quoted from the Salmonid Field Guide.

What Happens

  • A Mudmouth will erupt out of the hole left by a gusher and open its huge mouth.
  • Lesser Salmonids will start jumping out of the Mudmouth's mouth, one after another after another...

How to Get Golden Eggs

  • Throw a bomb into the Mudmouth's mouth. When the bomb explodes, it'll cough up a Golden Egg.
  • If you throw in enough bombs, the Mudmouth will explode and drop even more Golden Eggs!
  • Sometimes you'll see one covered in golden goop. Defeat it, and it'll leave behind LOTS of Golden Eggs.

Advice from Mr. Grizz

  • Search for the Mudmouth by tracking where the Lesser Salmonids are coming from.
  • Mudmouths multiply as time passes, so splat 'em fast!

Supplementary Information

  • Long ago, the Mudmouth was thought to be a spirit who haunted the depths of the Splatlands seas.
  • Now, thanks to the courage and quick thinking of Splatsville youths who thought to start throwing bombs into their mouths, we know they're just Salmonids who got stuck in a pipe and coated in mud.


  • Rollers do an exceptionally good job protecting the crew from Salmonids coming out of Mudmouths. It's recommended for a roller user to stand in front of a Mudmouth while moving slowly towards it, as rolling this way will consume less ink but will still splat Salmonids. Staying still is not recommended, as this will cause the Roller user to be bounced back by Salmonids.
  • Weapons with high damage per second do a great job taking out large groups of Cohocks so they should focus on protecting the teammates from them when a Golden Mudmouth appears.
    • Dynamo Roller is able to crush Cohocks, so when a Golden Mudmouth appears, the Dynamo Roller user can stand in front of it slightly rolling towards the Cohocks stream while the rest of the team can damage the Golden Mudmouth.
    • All chargers except Bamboozler 14 Mk I and Snipewriter 5H are able to pierce shots through Salmonids including Cohocks, so it's recommended for the said charger users to focus on Cohocks when a Golden Mudmouth appears.
      • Additionally, the E-liter 4K is able to one shot Cohocks.
  • Booyah Bomb, Killer Wail 5.1, Triple Inkstrike and both the jump and dash attacks of the Kraken Royale can pierce through Mudmouths, dealing damage to them.
  • Weapons with explosive projectiles such as Explosher, Grizzco Slosher, Inkjet and Crab Tank's bomb mode are able to damage Mudmouths similarly to Splat Bomb if aimed in the mouth. Because of that, it's recommended for Explosher and Grizzco Slosher users to focus on taking out Mudmouths, while the rest of the team can focus on splatting Salmonids and collecting Eggs.



  • Like the Flyfish, Mudmouths and Golden Mudmouths can be defeated with the Explosher alone. The projectile needs to hit the bottom of the mouth.
  • Before Version 1.1.1, Mudmouths were subject to an infamous glitch where they would rarely move around the map at extremely high speeds. A variation of this glitch had Mudmouths teleporting between their spawn points every few seconds. This would make splatting them nigh-impossible, and effectively guarantee a loss for the players.
  • When a Mudmouth is defeated, the Salmonid can be seen being launched out of the mud just before it explodes. [1]
  • Mudmouths are the only Salmonids that are completely stationary.


"Mud" refers to what the Mudmouths are made of, and "mouth" refers to their large, gaping mouth.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ドロシャケ
Mud salmon
Netherlands Dutch Moddermuil Mudmuzzle
CanadaFrance French Salmonoïde de boue Mud Salmonid
Germany German Schlämmermaul From schlemmen ("to feast") and Maul ("mouth") [a]
Italy Italian Fangonoide Mud-like [b]
Russia Russian Илистый ревун
Ilistyy revun
Mudhowler [c]
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Bocalodo Mudmouth
Spain Spanish (NOE) Morrolodo Sludge
China Chinese (Simplified) 泥鲑鱼
ní guīyú (Mandarin)
Mud Salmon
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 泥鮭魚
ní guīyú (Mandarin)
Mud Salmon
South Korea Korean 진흙연어
Mud Salmon
 Internal SakeTamaire [2]

Translation notes

  1. Schlämmern could be dialectical for schlemmen
  2. From fango ("mud") and -oide, implying something similar to the first word
  3. From илистый прыгун ilistyy prygun ("mudskipper") and ревун revun ("howler")