Mudmouth Eruptions

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For the Boss Salmonid, see Mudmouth.
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Mudmouth Eruptions are a Known Occurrence in Salmon Run Next Wave.


During this event, Mudmouths will erupt from the holes left by gushers. Lesser Salmonids will jump out of the mouths of the Mudmouths periodically. Golden Mudmouths may also appear. The player should throw three bombs in the Mudmouths' mouths to obtain Golden Eggs. The more bombs players throws into their mouths, the more decrepit Mudmouths appear. Chum and smallfry will come out of regular Mudmouths, but Cohocks will come out of Golden Mudmouths, Which is why players must focus on the Golden Mudmouths if one is present. It is recommended that players should team up against the Mudmouths rather than take one on by them selves.

Salmonid Field Guide

The following text is quoted from the Salmonid Field Guide.

What Happens

  • A Mudmouth will erupt out of the hole left by a gusher and open its huge mouth.
  • Lesser Salmonids will start jumping out of the Mudmouth's mouth, one after another after another...

How to Get Golden Eggs

  • Throw a bomb into the Mudmouth's mouth. When the bomb explodes, it'll cough up a Golden Egg.
  • If you throw in enough bombs, the Mudmouth will explode and drop even more Golden Eggs!
  • Sometimes you'll see one covered in golden goop. Defeat it, and it'll leave behind LOTS of Golden Eggs.

Advice from Mr. Grizz

  • Search for the Mudmouth by tracking where the Lesser Salmonids are coming from.
  • Mudmouths multiply as time passes, so splat 'em fast!

Supplementary Information

  • Long ago, the Mudmouth was thought to be a spirit who haunted the depths of the Splatlands seas.
  • Now, thanks to the courage and quick thinking of Splatsville youths who thought to start throwing bombs into their mouths, we know they're just Salmonids who got stuck in a pipe and coated in mud.


Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ドロシャケ噴出
doroshake funshutsu
Mudmouth Eruption
Netherlands Dutch Uitbarstingen van Moddermuilen Eruptions of Mudmouths
France French (NOE) émergence de salmonoïdes de boue Rise of mud salmonids
Italy Italian Eruzioni di Fangonoidi Mudmouth Eruptions
Russia Russian Появление илистого ревуна
Poyaleniye ilistogo revuna
Mudhowler's appearance
From илистый прыгун ilistyy prygun (mudskipper) and ревун revun (howler)
China Chinese (Simplified) 泥鲑鱼喷发
ní guīyú pēnfā
Mudmouth Eruption
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 泥鮭魚噴發
ní guīyú pēnfā
Mudmouth Eruption