N-ZAP '85

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N-ZAP '85
N-ZAP '85 HQ.png
Type Main, Shooter
Level Unlocked 5
Base Damage 28
50 / 100
27 / 100
Fire Rate
75 / 100
Sub Weapon Weapon Sub Splat Bomb.png Splat Bomb (Splatoon)
Weapon Sub Suction Bomb.png Suction Bomb (Splatoon 2)
Special Weapon Weapon Special Echolocator.png Echolocator (Splatoon)
Weapon Special Ink Armor.png Ink Armor (Splatoon 2)
Special Depletion Specdep icon.png Light
Complete your retro style with an N-Zap. What's your pick, 85 or 89?
— SplatoonUK[1]

The N-ZAP '85 is a Shooter in Splatoon and the first weapon to be added to the game as downloadable content. It was released on June 1, 2015 alongside the stage Port Mackerel and Ranked Battles.


Each shot is kind of weak, but the high rate of fire makes up for it. This weapon's popularity is due not only to its helpful special but also to its snazzy futuristic design.
— In-Game Description
A new weapon called the N-ZAP ‘85 has been added to Splatoon! It’s apparently based on the design of something called the NES Zapper that was released in 1985? Doesn’t ring a bell. While it’s not the most powerful weapon out there, it’s got a great rate of fire and it comes in a set with Splat Bombs and the Echolocator.
Sheldon's Introduction
The N-ZAP '85 is a Shooter that boasts incredible ink efficiency and rapid-firing capability!

Its attack power is low, but it excels at hounding foes long after their weapons have run out of ink!

With the Echolocator and Splat Bombs, this set suits fighters who like to cover a lot of ground in battle!


Sheldon's Introduction
The N-ZAP '85 is a Shooter with excellent ink efficiency and rapid-fire capability!

Its attack power isn't all that, but it's fabulous at quicky charging up the Echolocator special weapon.

Combined with Splat Bombs, this set caters to fighters who like to cover a lot of ground in battle!




  • Its fast fire rate and high spread allows faster turf cover. It is more recommended than the Splattershot for turf coverage.
  • Due to the weak range and high fire rate, it is recommended going up close to land more hits quickly.
  • Because of its incredible movement speed, stacking more movement such as Run Speed Up and Swim Speed Up will allow for very quick movement, making it much more challenging for opponents to hit you
  • Damage Up is also recommended, at least one main's worth, to insure that it stays as only 4 hits to kill against most players who use Defense Up


  • Catch them off guard and splat them before they can react.
  • Use longer ranged weapons, such as the Splatterscope, to splat players using this weapon, as their weak fire range will make it challenging for them to engage you from a distance.
  • Take advantage of the weak damage of each shot, and finish them quickly


Damage Against Defended Enemies

(based upon the number of defense attributes on the enemy and the number of shots by the weapon without any damage attributes on the user's gear)

Defense One Hit Two Hits Three Hits Four Hits Five Hits
No Defense 28 56 84 112 (Kill) N/A
One Defense 26.5 53.1 79.7 106.3 (Kill) N/A
Two Defense 25.4 50.8 76.2 101.6 (Kill) N/A
Three Defense 24.5 49 73.5 98.0 122.5 (Kill)


The following ranges were calculated by the maximum shot range in the Shooting Range. Note that the range for a damaging hit is always slightly lower than that of regular ink coverage.

NZAP 85 RANGE.jpeg
  • Ink Range - 3.75
  • Ink Range (Jumping) - 4.00
  • Damage Range (Target) - 2.50
  • Damage Range (Arcing/Jumping) - 2.75

Version history


  • Walk speed while firing increased by 11%.


  • The radius of the droplets that fall before the shot hits has been increased by about 7%.
  • Intervals between the droplets that fall before the shot hits have been reduced.
  • Special gauge loss: 50% → as low as 40%


  • This weapon is based on the 1985 version of the NES Zapper. The name N-ZAP '85 also derives from this.
  • While this weapon has nearly identical stats to the Splattershot Jr., it fires straight instead of spreading shots in random directions, giving it better accuracy at the cost of spreading ink slower.


Similar weapons

Name Origin

N-ZAP '85 is a shortened form of NES Zapper 1985. '85 is based on the year the original NES Zapper model was released.

The N-ZAP '85 has the same name origin in all regions.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese N-ZAP85 Shortened form of "NES Zapper 1985". Same as English name.
FlagFrance.svg French N-ZAP 85 Same as English name.
FlagGermany.svg German N-ZAP85 Same as English name.
FlagItaly.svg Italian N-ZAP85 Same as English name.
FlagSpain.svg Spanish N-ZAP 85 Same as English name.


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