Naut Couture

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Naut Couture is a headgear shop in Splatsville that appears in Splatoon 3. It is run by Gnarly Eddy and Nails.


Naut Couture sells headgear items that can be purchased with cash, which come with their default primary ability, default star power, no experience, and empty secondary ability slot(s).

There are nine unique headgear items at a time, which are randomly chosen among eligible items and cycle at midnight UTC. Naut Couture shares its daily stock with Cooler Heads and Headspace: purchasing an item in one of the headgear shops removes it from all other such shops.

The availability of shop gear by initial star power is based on the player's level. Gear items exclusive to the catalog need to be obtained from it before they start appearing in Naut Couture.

Pre-S3 S3 Pre-S3 S3 Pre-S3 S3
4-6 6 3 N/A N/A N/A N/A
7-9 6 2 N/A 1 N/A N/A
10-12 4 2 2 1 N/A N/A
13-15 3 2 2 1 N/A 1
16-19 2 1 2 2 1 1
20+ 2 1 2 1 2 1
In Splatoon 3, gear items in shops are grouped to (1) returning gear from previous games and (2) gear introduced in Splatoon 3.[2]

Each gear item can only be bought once per day, but owned items can be repurchased, which gives the following options:

  • Replacing the owned item with its brand new duplicate (with default primary ability, default star power, and empty secondary ability slots) with the same price as buying it for the first time.
  • Upgrading the owned item's star power to the next one, which costs cash depending on its star power.
Next star power Cash Slots XP Multiplier
N/A 1.00
10,000 1.00
30,000 1.00
50,000 1.03
100,000 1.06
200,000 1.10

Players can tilt to rotate their character and click to try on the highlighted item, and pressing purchases this item. Pressing displays further information about the selected item. Pressing zooms in on the character's head, allowing for a closer look at the headgear. Pressing allows players to enter Ammo Knights and pressing similarly allows them to enter Man-o'-Wardrobe, while pressing takes players back to the square in Splatsville.


The shop is decorated by a variety of natural-looking decor, including tree branches with charms hung on them, various boxes and rocks. There are nautilus fossils only on the dark part of the wall, perhaps to represent rock layers. A radio is on a rock near the corner of the wall. On the right wall is a bookcase in the shape of a nautilus shell with a cabinet in the middle. On the shelves of it are some hats and glasses, and on the bottom shelf there are two Ink Theory and Hightide Era CD's.


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List of Naut Couture merchandise in Splatoon 3
Name Brand Availability Ability Star power Added in

18K Aviators 18K Aviators Rockenberg Rockenberg Cash 12,000 Last-Ditch Effort

Air Gills DX Air Gills DX SquidForce SquidForce Cash 825 Tenacity

Annaki Beret Annaki Beret Annaki Annaki Cash 11,500 Ink Resistance Up

Annaki Beret & Glasses Annaki Beret & Glasses Annaki Annaki Cash 7,850 Ink Saver (Main)

Annaki Charms Annaki Charms Annaki Annaki Cash 777 Swim Speed Up

Annaki Mask Annaki Mask Annaki Annaki Cash 3,600 Opening Gambit

B-ball Headband B-ball Headband Zink Zink Cash 300 Opening Gambit

Backward Cap Backward Cap Zekko Zekko Cash 700 Quick Respawn

Bamboo Hat Bamboo Hat Inkline Inkline Cash 2,200 Ink Saver (Main)

Barrelfish Home Helmet Barrelfish Home Helmet Forge Forge Cash 3,500 Run Speed Up

Beachcomber Beachcomber Inkline Inkline Cash 9,800 Opening Gambit

Bike Helmet Bike Helmet Skalop Skalop Cash 4,800 Ink Recovery Up

Black Arrowbands Black Arrowbands Zekko Zekko Cash 2,800 Tenacity

BlobMob Mask BlobMob Mask Emberz Emberz Cash 825 Tenacity

Blowfish Bell Hat Blowfish Bell Hat Firefin Firefin Cash 850 Ink Recovery Up

Bobble Hat Bobble Hat Splash Mob Splash Mob Cash 2,000 Quick Super Jump

Bucket Hat Bucket Hat SquidForce SquidForce Cash 400 Special Saver

Camo Mesh Camo Mesh Firefin Firefin Cash 1,400 Swim Speed Up

Camping Hat Camping Hat Inkline Inkline Cash 800 Special Power Up

Cap'n Cap Cap'n Cap Splash Mob Splash Mob Cash 10,500 Quick Respawn

Cephalo Pods Cephalo Pods Forge Forge Cash 1,980 Ink Recovery Up

Classic Bowler Classic Bowler Splash Mob Splash Mob Cash 3,000 Run Speed Up

Classic Straw Boater Classic Straw Boater Skalop Skalop Cash 1,500 Special Power Up

Crust Bucket Visor Crust Bucket Visor SquidForce SquidForce Cash 1,200 Quick Super Jump

Cycle King Cap Cycle King Cap Tentatek Tentatek Cash 2,400 Sub Resistance Up

Cycling Cap Cycling Cap Zink Zink Cash 800 Sub Power Up

Designer Headphones Designer Headphones Forge Forge Cash 2,500 Ink Saver (Sub)

Do-Rag, Cap & Glasses Do-Rag, Cap & Glasses Skalop Skalop Cash 9,500 Intensify Action

Double Egg Shades Double Egg Shades Zekko Zekko Cash 2,200 Run Speed Up

Dustcloud 'Phones Dustcloud 'Phones Z+F Z+F Cash 2,500 Ink Recovery Up

Dustcloud Cap Dustcloud Cap Z+F Z+F Cash 7,800 Run Speed Up

Face Visor Face Visor Toni Kensa Toni Kensa Cash 10,300 Sub Resistance Up

Fake Contacts Fake Contacts Tentatek Tentatek Cash 2,000 Special Charge Up

Firefin Facemask Firefin Facemask Firefin Firefin Cash 650 Run Speed Up

FishFry Biscuit Bandana FishFry Biscuit Bandana Firefin Firefin Cash 1,250 Special Power Up

FishFry Visor FishFry Visor Firefin Firefin Cash 500 Special Charge Up

Five-Panel Cap Five-Panel Cap Zekko Zekko Cash 1,800 Comeback

Forge Mask Forge Mask Forge Forge Cash 1,400 Intensify Action

Full-Moon Glasses Full-Moon Glasses Krak-On Krak-On Cash 600 Quick Super Jump

Gas Mask Gas Mask Forge Forge Cash 11,000 Tenacity

Glam Clam Specs Glam Clam Specs Splash Mob Splash Mob Cash 10,000 Special Saver

Glassless Glasses Glassless Glasses Toni Kensa Toni Kensa Cash 11,000 Quick Respawn

Golf Visor Golf Visor Zink Zink Cash 400 Run Speed Up

Half-Rim Glasses Half-Rim Glasses Splash Mob Splash Mob Cash 4,100 Special Power Up

Hat-Trick Bell Hat Hat-Trick Bell Hat Z+F Z+F Cash 9,333 Ink Resistance Up

Hickory Work Cap Hickory Work Cap Krak-On Krak-On Cash 8,700 Special Power Up

Hipster Horn-Rims Hipster Horn-Rims Splash Mob Splash Mob Cash 11,200 Sub Resistance Up

Hockey Helmet Hockey Helmet Forge Forge Cash 9,900 Intensify Action

Home-Team Catcher Home-Team Catcher Forge Forge Cash 1,960 Ink Resistance Up

House-Tag Denim Cap House-Tag Denim Cap Splash Mob Splash Mob Cash 5,200 Special Charge Up

Howdy Hat Howdy Hat Rockenberg Rockenberg Cash 13,000 Sub Resistance Up

Ink-Black Flap Cap Ink-Black Flap Cap Barazushi Barazushi Cash 11,200 Special Power Up

Ink-Tinted Goggles Ink-Tinted Goggles Emberz Emberz Cash 10,500 Swim Speed Up

Invisifloats Invisifloats Inkline Inkline Cash 2,780 Comeback

Jellyvader Cap Jellyvader Cap Skalop Skalop Cash 10,000 Ink Saver (Sub)

Jean Dream Bucket Jean Dream Bucket Splash Mob Splash Mob Cash 2,100 Ink Recovery Up

Jet Cap Jet Cap Firefin Firefin Cash 700 Special Saver

Jogging Headband Jogging Headband Zekko Zekko Cash 400 Ink Saver (Sub)

Jungle Hat Jungle Hat Firefin Firefin Cash 9,000 Ink Saver (Main)

Knitted Hat Knitted Hat Firefin Firefin Cash 1,400 Ink Resistance Up

Lightweight Cap Lightweight Cap Inkline Inkline Cash 800 Swim Speed Up

Moto Shades Moto Shades Barazushi Barazushi Cash 10,200 Last-Ditch Effort

MTB Helmet MTB Helmet Zekko Zekko Cash 10,500 Tenacity

Noise Cancelers Noise Cancelers Forge Forge Cash 9,200 Quick Respawn

Ocho OctoPhones Ocho OctoPhones Forge Forge Cash 3,000 Opening Gambit

Ocho OctoPhones Blancos Ocho OctoPhones Blancos Forge Forge Cash 3,000 Ink Saver (Main)

Octo Tackle Helmet Deco Octo Tackle Helmet Deco Forge Forge Cash 8,888 Sub Resistance Up

Octoglasses Octoglasses Firefin Firefin Cash 8,800 Last-Ditch Effort

Octoking Facemask Octoking Facemask Enperry Enperry Cash 1,450 Tenacity

Paintball Mask Paintball Mask Forge Forge Cash 10,000 Comeback

Painter's Mask Painter's Mask SquidForce SquidForce Cash 4,500 Intensify Action

Paisley Bandana Paisley Bandana Krak-On Krak-On Cash 750 Ink Saver (Sub)

Party Hard Hat Party Hard Hat Forge Forge Cash 12,000 Quick Super Jump

Pilot Goggles Pilot Goggles Forge Forge Cash 5,500 Sub Power Up

Retro BluFocals Retro BluFocals Emberz Emberz Cash 11,700 Intensify Action

Retro Framers Retro Framers Enperry Enperry Cash 9,900 Opening Gambit

Retro Specs Retro Specs Splash Mob Splash Mob Cash 500 Quick Respawn

Safari Hat Safari Hat Forge Forge Cash 2,300 Last-Ditch Effort

Scrum Cap Scrum Cap Forge Forge Cash 8,500 Special Saver

Sea-Me-Nots Sea-Me-Nots Z+F Z+F Cash 11,000 Quick Respawn

Seafoam 'Phones Seafoam 'Phones Z+F Z+F Cash 9,000 Ink Saver (Main)

Seafoam Cap Seafoam Cap Z+F Z+F Cash 7,800 Swim Speed Up

Seashell Bamboo Hat Seashell Bamboo Hat Inkline Inkline Cash 3,200 Quick Respawn

Short Beanie Short Beanie Inkline Inkline Cash 600 Ink Saver (Main)

Skate Helmet Skate Helmet Skalop Skalop Cash 2,500 Special Saver

Skull Bandana Skull Bandana Forge Forge Cash 7,800 Special Saver

Snorkel Mask Snorkel Mask Forge Forge Cash 3,000 Ink Saver (Sub)

Soccer Headband Soccer Headband Tentatek Tentatek Cash 3,000 Tenacity

Special-Forces Beret Special-Forces Beret Forge Forge Cash 9,700 Opening Gambit

Splash Goggles Splash Goggles Forge Forge Cash 2,800 Sub Resistance Up

Sporty Bobble Hat Sporty Bobble Hat Skalop Skalop Cash 800 Tenacity

Squash Headband Squash Headband Zink Zink Cash 400 Special Saver

Squid Facemask Squid Facemask SquidForce SquidForce Cash 300 Ink Saver (Main)

Squid Nordic Squid Nordic Skalop Skalop Cash 9,500 Comeback

Squid-Stitch Cap Squid-Stitch Cap Skalop Skalop Cash 8,500 Opening Gambit

Squidband Squidband Zink Zink Cash 400 Quick Respawn

Squidbeak Shield Squidbeak Shield Toni Kensa Toni Kensa Cash 4,000 Sub Power Up

Squidlife Headphones Squidlife Headphones Forge Forge Cash 7,070 Ink Recovery Up

Squidvader Cap Squidvader Cap Skalop Skalop Cash 1,300 Special Charge Up

Stealth Goggles Stealth Goggles Forge Forge Cash 9,800 Swim Speed Up

Stealth Squidbeak Shield Stealth Squidbeak Shield Toni Kensa Toni Kensa Cash 4,400 Ink Saver (Sub)

Straw Boater Straw Boater Skalop Skalop Cash 550 Quick Super Jump

Streetstyle Cap Streetstyle Cap Skalop Skalop Cash 600 Ink Saver (Sub)

Striped Beanie Striped Beanie Splash Mob Splash Mob Cash 900 Opening Gambit

Studio Headphones Studio Headphones Forge Forge Cash 2,800 Ink Saver (Main)

Sun Visor Sun Visor Tentatek Tentatek Cash 2,600 Sub Power Up

SV925 Circle Shades SV925 Circle Shades Rockenberg Rockenberg Cash 11,000 Swim Speed Up

Swim Goggles Swim Goggles Zink Zink Cash 100 Last-Ditch Effort

Takoroka Mesh Takoroka Mesh Takoroka Takoroka Cash 400 Sub Resistance Up

Takoroka Visor Takoroka Visor Takoroka Takoroka Cash 7,500 Quick Super Jump

Tennis Headband Tennis Headband Tentatek Tentatek Cash 300 Comeback

Tentaclinger Earring Tentaclinger Earring Toni Kensa Toni Kensa Cash 12,800 Quick Super Jump

Tinted Shades Tinted Shades Zekko Zekko Cash 350 Last-Ditch Effort

Toni Kensa Goggles Toni Kensa Goggles Toni Kensa Toni Kensa Cash 200 Comeback

Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter Forge Forge Cash 3,000 Ink Recovery Up

Triple-Deck Specs Triple-Deck Specs Enperry Enperry Cash 11,300 Sub Power Up

Tulip Parasol Tulip Parasol Inkline Inkline Cash 1,280 Ink Resistance Up

Two-Stripe Mesh Two-Stripe Mesh Krak-On Krak-On Cash 700 Special Saver

Urchins Cap Urchins Cap Skalop Skalop Cash 600 Sub Power Up

Visor Skate Helmet Visor Skate Helmet Skalop Skalop Cash 8,000 Last-Ditch Effort

Wharfside Cap Wharfside Cap Skalop Skalop Cash 5,000 Tenacity

White Arrowbands White Arrowbands Zekko Zekko Cash 8,000 Special Power Up

White Headband White Headband SquidForce SquidForce Cash 300 Ink Recovery Up

Winkle Stripe Helm Winkle Stripe Helm Skalop Skalop Cash 9,000 Sub Resistance Up

Woolly Urchins Classic Woolly Urchins Classic Krak-On Krak-On Cash 3,800 Comeback

Z+F Flair Bowler Z+F Flair Bowler Z+F Z+F Cash 9,800 Special Charge Up

ZedFry Beanie ZedFry Beanie Z+F Z+F Cash 1,111 Quick Super Jump

ZedFry Helmet ZedFry Helmet Z+F Z+F Cash 8,000 Last-Ditch Effort

Zekko Mesh Zekko Mesh Zekko Zekko Cash 500 Quick Super Jump


SRL Fashion Desk here with info on Naut Couture, Splatsville's headgear shop. It seems the laid-back shopkeeper Gnarly Eddy and his, uh, less laid-back boss Nails sell hats, masks, glasses, and other things you wear on your head. PSA: do NOT attempt to wear Nails as a hat.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[3]


Main article: Badge#Purchased Items

Spending enough money at Naut Couture will reward the player with special badges that they can use on their Splashtag.

Naut Couture Badges
100K Naut Couture Club
1M Naut Couture Club




The name Naut Couture comes from "nautilus", Gnarly Eddy's species, and Haute couture, a French term for high fashion.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese golden ratio Reference to the golden ratio in the Nautilus shell spiral
Netherlands Dutch Nauts Deals Gnarly Eddy's Deals. The name also sounds like the start of the word Nautilus
CanadaFrance French Eaux-de-forme Waters of shape, sounds like Haut-de-forme (Top hat)
Germany German Naute Couture Same pun as in English
Italy Italian Guscintesta From Guscio ("shell") and testa ("head")
Russia Russian Шмот-кутюр
Gear Couture
SpainMexico Spanish Estilo Nautilo Nautilus Style
China Chinese golden ratio Same as Japanese
South Korea Korean golden ratio Same as Japanese
Portugal Portuguese Naut Couture Same as English