No Whammy Station

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I02: Dinky Ink Station
Deepsea Metro Line I
I04: Can't Touch This Station
Deepsea Metro Line E
E02: Bust & Run Station

"Don't stress your luck..."
No Whammy Station
Defend the Orb!
Station I03E01
Test Fee CQ Points 1,000
Lives × 5
Time Limit 1 min
and rewards
CQ Points 2,000
Mem cake DJ Octavio
Music #16 salty

No Whammy Station is a test in Splatoon 2's paid downloadable content, Octo Expansion. This station is unlocked after clearing Bust & Run Station, Dinky Ink Station, or Can't Touch This Station.


The player must clear either E02 Bust & Run Station, I02 Dinky Ink Station, or I04 Can't Touch This Station to access this test. The shortest way to access this station is to clear I04 Can't Touch This Station.


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Agent 8 must defend an orb being assaulted by Octozeppelins and Octomissiles from afar for one minute by using an Ink Cannon.

When the mission starts, there are four launchers - one Octomissile launcher and one Octozeppelin launcher on each side. At 25 seconds, six more launchers appear, four being Octomissile launchers and two being Octozeppelin launchers. The player has 5 lives to complete this station. Failure to do so will result in C.Q. Cumber splatting them.


Mem cake

I leave without ceremony.
Don't be too sore; I wanted more.
My sincerest apology.

Completing this test awards the player with the DJ Octavio mem cake.

Enemies and mechanics

Previously introduced


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C.Q. Cumber's Quotes

Please defend the orb.
If the orb is destroyed, you will fail.
Shooting the orb will help it recover some health, so keep that in mind.
The orb broke - test failed.

Cap'n Cuttlefish's Quotes

Blast those Octomissiles by shooting the turf just in front of them!
Aim for the tip of the tentacle on those Octozeppelins!

Marina's Quotes

You must protect the orb from enemy attacks!
Octomissile inbound - up to the right!
Octozeppelins approaching from the left and right!
You can shoot the orb to recover some of its health!
Octozeppelins approaching from behind as well!
More Octomissiles inbound - from up to the right!
Cya! Shoot the orb to recover some of its health!

Pearl's Quotes

Octomissile incoming from the left!
Just 30 seconds left! You're good, right?
More Octomissiles inbound from the left!
Ten seconds left! Let's go, Eight!
Watch out - it's taking damage!



  • This station has Inkling versions of "mamehon key holders" floating in the background. These miniature book keychains were popular in Japan in the latter half of the twentieth century.


The title and subtitle are a reference to the eighties game show Press Your Luck, where a cartoon character called "Whammy" would appear on the game's losing spaces.

Names in other languages

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Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ちゃ…ちゃんと守りなさいよ!

Cha...chanto mamorinasai yo!
Tsunde Rei Eki
Eito Kapuseru o mamorikire!
P...protect me securely!
Tsunde Peak Station[note 1]
Defend the 8-capsule!
Netherlands Dutch Agent 8: een sleutelroman
Volgens het boekje
Verdedig de missiecapsule!
Agent 8: a roman à clef[note 2]
By the book[note 2]
Defend the mission capsule!
Canada French (NOA) Alerte aux mille obus!
Bastion Canon
Protège la capsule 8!
Beware the thousand bombshells!
Cannon Bastion
Protect the 8 capsule!
France French (NOE) Alerte aux mille obus !
Bastion Canon
Protège la capsule 8 !
Beware the thousand bombshells!
Cannon Bastion
Protect the 8 capsule!
Germany German Nicht alle auf einmal!
Verteidige die Achterkapsel!
Not everyone at once!
Defend the 8-capsule!
Italy Italian Mai abbassare la guardia!
Torretta Torpedine
Proteggi il capsulotto!
Russia Russian ...Батарея, огонь!
Защити шарокапсулу!

...Batareya, ogon'!
Zaschiti sharokapsulu!
...Battery, fire!
Keychain-Origami Town Station
Defend the 8-capsule!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Los pulpos solo quieren divertirse
Protege la cápsula ocho.
The octopuses just want to have fun
A Hundred Sparks
Protect the eight capsule.
Spain Spanish (NOE) Donde saltan chispas
Protege la cápsula ocho.
Where sparks arise
A Hundred Sparks
Protect the eight capsule.

Translation notes

  1. A pun on Tsundere.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Alludes to the miniature book keychains in this level.