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Agent 3 against the Octarian army

The Octarians are a group of octopus-like individuals, descending from ancient octopuses as opposed to the Inklings, who descend from ancient squids.

Most of the Octarians in the Splatoon series are part of the Octarian army, ruled by DJ Octavio. These Octarians once lived in peace alongside the Inklings of Inkadia, but as sea levels rose the species erupted into the Great Turf War with each other over the remaining land in the region. The Octarians lost, and were banished to the wasteland regions of Octo Valley and Octo Canyon.

Not all Octarians in the series are antagonistic. Splatoon 2 introduces Marina and Agent 8, both allies of the Inkadia Inklings whom defected from the Octarian army. Splatoon 3 introduces the many Octarians of the Splatlands, a region that avoided the same interspecies war that befell Inkadia. As a result, Inklings and Octarians there live in integrated communities.

Octolings act as a direct parallel to Inklings; both presenting as intelligent humanoids that can transform into a cephalopod form at will. Octolings are only one kind of Octarian though, and the term can also describe the many non-humanoid members of the Octarian army. These Octarians come in a variety of shapes and sizes with different abilities, but generally seem to be less intelligent than their humanoid counterparts.

History and events

The ancestors of Octarians lived in the waters of Alterna, an underground human settlement built to escape an apocalypse caused by warfare and intesified natural disasters. During the accidental collapse of the settlement, psychoreactive liquid crystals that retained the humans' desire to return to the surface fell into the water, which were absorbed by the sea life and implanted the desire into them, causing their evolution to accelerate dramatically.

A hundred years before the events of Splatoon, the Octarians of Inkadia used to have a friendly relationship with the Inklings, but further rising sea levels caused the two species to engage in a war known as the Great Turf War. This war is described throughout Splatoon's Sunken Scrolls.

The considerably more technologically advanced Octarian army had a clear advantage over the Inklings, utilizing massive weapons known as the Great Octoweapons. For a time, victory seemed certain for the Octarians, but a plug being carelessly pulled from its socket (implied to be powering the Octoweapons) resulted in a loss against the Inklings' Squidbeak Splatoon.

The Inklings emerged victorious, and conquered Inkadia. Meanwhile, the Octarians were forced to occupy the neighboring wasteland territories of Octo Valley and Octo Canyon; living inside underground domes. From there, the Octarians would plan their revenge.[1]

The Squidbeak Splatoon would be disbanded after the war, but its leader, Cap'n Cuttlefish, would remain vigilant for the next century. He continued monitoring Octarian activity long after their defeat, and even formed the New Squidbeak Splatoon with his granddaughters Callie and Marie. In time, his efforts faded into obscurity among Inklings.


The Octarians had been facing ongoing energy crises in the time since the Great Turf War. With further crises predicted, as well as the continued deterioration of the Octarian Domes (as described in Sunken Scroll #6), the Octarian army, led by DJ Octavio, plotted to steal Inkopolis' energy supply: the Zapfish. The common, smaller Zapfish were used to power the domes and Great Octoweapons, while Inkopolis' Great Zapfish would be stolen to power DJ Octavio's own personal Great Octoweapon, the Octobot King.

Cap'n Cuttlefish of the New Squidbeak Splatoon had been keeping a close eye on the Octarians to this point. Unfortunately, he had become incapable of combat in his old age, and thus needed to recruit younger Inklings into the ranks in order to combat the invasion. He's eventually able to convince Agent 3 to face the Octarians head-on in their underground domes across Octo Valley, while Agents 1 and 2 helped with support.

Eventually, Agent 3 is able to face off against DJ Octavio in the Octobot King. Agents 1 and 2 play Calamari Inkantation during the fight, giving Agent 3 the edge over DJ Octavio, who is captivated by the music. While visible in game, several Octarians were spectating the battle at the time, and the sound of Calamari Inkantation is said to have changed their lives.

DJ Octavio is defeated and imprisoned in a large snow globe.

Splatoon 2

Between the events of Splatoon and Splatoon 2, DJ Octavio manages to escape the snow globe he was trapped inside.

The Octarian army moves to the nearby Octo Canyon, their domes are re-established, the Zapfish are stolen again, and Octostomp as well as some new Octoweapons (now known as Octobosses) are powered up to once again invade Inkopolis.

This time, however, Agent 1, better known as Callie of the Squid Sisters, has been brainwashed by the Octarians. She works together with the Octarians, and is implied to have helped decorate Octo Canyon after deeming it ugly. She can also be heard singing in the background music present at the Octo Canyon domes, where these vocals are reversed versions of her existing work.[2]

Her cousin, Agent 2, better known as Marie, sets out to rescue her. Since Cap'n Cuttlefish had gone on a research trip with Agent 3, she's left to recruit Agent 4 to help her get the Zapfish back and rescue Callie.

Like Agent 3 before them, Agent 4 makes it through all the Octarian domes and confronts DJ Octavio in the Octobot King II, alongside the brainwashed Callie, equipped with controlling Hypnoshades. This final battle is staged like a concert, with packed seats of Octarians watching as an audience. Callie is saved and recovered from her brainwashing, the Squid Sisters once again perform Calamari Inkantation, and the New Squidbeak Splatoon recovers the Great Zapfish.

DJ Octavio is defeated and imprisoned in another snow globe.

Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion

The final battle between Agent 3 and DJ Octavio as depicted in Splatoon was spectated by many Octarians. Several of them had their "souls freed" by hearing the Calamari Inkantation during the fight, and defected from Octarian society to seek a better life in Inkopolis; integrated among the Inklings. One of these Octarians is Marina Ida.

Some time before the events of Splatoon 2, a number of Octarians had been kidnapped by an entity known as the Kamabo Corporation. They were taken to a facility located deep below Inkopolis bay, known as the Deepsea Metro. Here, these Octarians underwent several tests with the premise that they would return to the surface if they succeed. These tests served to select out the best genes, where the successful test subjects get tricked into building a machine that blends them alive into a gestalt ink[3]; self-selecting for supreme DNA.

Other Octarians are Sanitized. This process uses the aforementioned blended ink to purge them of their memory, identity, and free will; submitting them to the ideas of the Kamabo Corporation[3]. This process also has their "life's energies" purged from them, with Marina stating that they show no pulse or signs of life.

As a side-effect of the memory wiping procedure induced by sanitization (including the very light sanitization that all test subjects are exposed to), objects called Mem cakes are created as physical manifestations of memories. These can be recovered by victims of the process in order to gain back their memories. The corporation uses this as a reward method for tests that keeps subjects convinced of the corporation's rhetoric.

At the center of this plot is an AI called Commander Tartar. Created by a human professor thousands of years ago, the machine was supposed to guide the next intelligent lifeform to avoid the same fate as humans did. The AI founded Kamabo Co., which had concluded that the desire to fight others must be eliminated in order to prevent yet another extinction, and believed that combining the best individuals that they had tested in the Deepsea Metro would eliminate "the general idea of the individual." After that, they could create a new lifeform, and in turn a harmonious world.[3]

During the events of Octo Canyon, Cap'n Cuttlefish and Agent 3 are interrupted from their research trip in Octo Valley by an encounter with an Octoling, descending into a battle. This battle is interrupted by a mysterious assailant, who knocks all three out and drags them into the Deepsea Metro.

Here, the Octoling is wiped of their memories via partial sanitization and onboarded onto the Kamabo Corporation's test program as test subject number 10,008. They meet Cap'n Cuttlefish in the Deepsea Metro, whom they quickly befriend, as he discovers their mutual love for Calamari Inkantation, which the Octoling heard during the finale of Splatoon. Cuttlefish names this Octoling Agent 8 as a shortening of their test subject number, although they aren't technically a member of the New Squidbeak Splatoon.

As an Octoling who has also had their "soul freed" by Calamari Inkantation, it is one one of the first things they remember after losing their memory as well as a significant factor motivating them to reach Inkopolis.

They manage to escape the facility with the help of Off the Hook and help defend Inkopolis and the world Commander Tartar's plot to sanitize the world. While being stuck underground in the facility, it is possible to read Agent 8's thoughts on the Octarians and their previous life in the army, as well as Marina's worry about being revealed to be an Octoling who also worked for the army. Cap'n Cuttlefish was apprehensive of the defected Octarians at first but showed support throughout the Octo Expansion.

Sanitized versions of the Octobosses that Agent 4 fought in Octo Canyon are also present in the testing facilities.

The Inklings in Inkopolis are said to be unaware that Octolings are Octarians, and instead assume that they are Inklings with weird hairstyles. This is attributed to the Inklings' laid-back and inattentive lifestyle.[4] It is revealed that Inklings do learn about Octarians and their army in schools, and Pearl did recognize the Sanitized Octarians as Octarians, which may imply that descriptions or depictions of Octolings in particular are absent in Inkling school curriculum.

Splatoon 3

In Splatoon 3, the Octarians make a return once again in the Crater; located across Inkopolis bay in the neighboring region of the Splatlands. This time, they're under the control of the mysterious Fuzzy Ooze.

Splatsville's Great Zapfish is stolen, alongside a handful of smaller Zapfish.

DJ Octavio is initially assumed to have been involved in the theft of the Zapfish, and Cuttlefish (now officially retired from the New Squidbeak Splatoon) quickly recruits a new agent into the ranks to fill the place of the previous Agent 3, who has been promoted to Captain of the Splatoon to fill Cuttlefish's old role. This new agent is also known as Agent 3.

Agent 3 and Cuttlefish quickly discover that DJ Octavio is not involved in this new invasion, however, and the investigation begins into the appearance of the Fuzzy Ooze and the abduction of the Octarian army.

It is eventually revealed that a brown bear known as Mr. Grizz is the true culprit and fuzzified the Octarians as part of his plan to restore a supposed missing balance in nature after the extinction of all mammals (save for himself, Judd, and Li'l Judd) and subsequent dominance of marine life on Earth's surface.

Side Order

Splatoon 3's second singleplayer campaign, Side Order, marks the only first singleplayer campaign not to feature Octarians as the main antagonists (although one boss is a mind-controlled Octoling, and the final boss resembles an octopus). The campaign revolves heavily around the aftermath of the Octo Expansion, as Marina attempts to use a program called ★Dramatic Days in Orderland★ (although largely referred to by its working title Project Memverse) in order to help recover the memories of the sanitized Octarians. She is aided by the Octolings Acht and Agent 8, as well as the Inkling Pearl in recovering the program from the rogue AI that overtakes it, Order.

Order plans on using an exploit in Sea-Cucumber Phones in order to turn the real world into one without individuality or change. While his motivations are unclear at first, it becomes evident that he is the manifestation of a desire for order in the Memverse's creators. This includes not just Marina's desires, but the desires of the other Octoling developers that she had helping her develop the program. It is revealed that Marina's defecting from the Octarian army, particularly given her high ranking as an Elite Octoling, created great discord among the other Octarians, with many growing to resent not only her, but the change that she inevitably brought to their world with her departure and success in Inkopolis.

Appearance and traits

Three Octarians; a humanoid Octoling (center), and two born from severed tentacles (left and right).

Like Inklings, Octarians are ink-based creatures that use their ink as ammunition for their weapons. The term "Octarian" describes the sapient, Inkling-like Octolings, but also describes the non-humanoid militia of the Octarian army, born from severed tentacles.[5]

The Octolings appear as humanoids that can swap into an octopus form, similarly to Inklings. The octopus forms for the Octolings who are seen working for the army have green sclera and small irises and pupils as opposed to the defected Octolings, which have white sclera and bigger irises and pupils. Both of these Octolings have black markings around their eyes, except for DJ Octavio, who has purple eyelids in his octopus form. When splatted, they have an octopus "ghost" which flies away.

Octarians severed from tentacles typically carry two protruding, circular eyeballs with a green sclera and purple-blue small irises with purple markings around the eyeballs. They have large, round, connected, purple lips, but lack other visible features such as ears or noses. All "severed" Octarians have two small and stubby legs but otherwise lack humanoid limbs. Octo Samurai, who is not an Octoling, has a ghost animation like an Octoling, as well as being shown respawning from a spawn point.

The majority of Octarians have red tentacles and use various shades of purple/magenta for their ink color. Octoling soldiers have red hair, while Elite Octoling soldiers have black or dark red hair. The octopus forms of Octolings, however, match their ink color just like Inklings. While Octolings are known to be capable of changing colors at will like Inklings, the same is unclear of "severed" Octarians.

The more tentacles an Octarian has, the more intelligent they are. For example, Twintacle Octotroopers are more intelligent than regular Octotroopers, and the Octolings are more intelligent than Twintacles.[5]

Aside from the Octolings, the rest of the Octarians' genders remain unknown, with the exception of Octo Samurai, who is referred to as male.


While the Octolings of the Splatlands seem to share their culture with the Inklings there, the Octarians of Inkadia have a very different culture from the Inklings, and are frequently described as diligent, serious-minded and loyal to their leader. Even defected Octarians such as Agent 8 still seem to respect DJ Octavio, based on a mem cake. Marina also has a sticker of the text from DJ Octavio's album art on her laptop as seen in the Octo Expansion.

It appears that Octarians are a part of the army at an early age as revealed by documents on Marina, where she started elementary training at the age of 6 and designed weapons when she was 10.


The Octarian society features a lot of machinery, which is also present in their military. Octarians are skilled with technology and machinery, and their capabilities are described as being 15 years ahead of the rest of the world.[5] Inventions such as floating platforms are staple examples of Octarian technology as revealed by Cap'n Cuttlefish. They tend to hoard a lot to not let anything go to waste, and frequently use ancient artifacts left from the humans of the past era for their technology, such as air conditioner fans for their UFOs[6][7] and telephone poles to make objects float[8], and are described to make them more efficient. Defected Octarians still seem to have an affinity with technology, as Marina still likes to develop machines and weapons as her hobby, and Agent 8 appreciates Sheldon's technical talk. The Octolings who live in Inkopolis also inspect weapons more carefully than Inklings when trying them out in Ammo Knights.

Octarians have a trade deal with the Salmonids, where they trade their technology for Power Eggs, which are described as a form of energy source.[9] This may explain why Power Eggs are present in the domes and why Octarians drop Power Eggs when defeated.

Like Inklings, Octarians are seen using a mixture of conventional weapons, such as Gatling guns, snipers and missiles, while also using weapons inspired by regular appliances such as bowling balls, stamps and showers. Octolings also use weapons that have an Inkling equivalent. In the Octo Expansion and Splatoon 3, Sanitized Octolings and Fuzzy Octolings respectively can use the same special weapons as Inklings.


Octarians wear uniforms or a standard set of clothes, which carry a general theme of having a black color and metal elements. The Octarians resembling tentacles usually only wear black boots with some peripherals relating to their attack methods; such as Octodivers wearing snorkels and Octocopters wearing propeller helmets. Octolings wear black, tight clothing exposing their midriff, black boots, metal plating and belts. Every Octoling in the army also wears goggles or shades which cover their eyes.

During Splatoon 2, the outfit worn by the Octolings changed, as well as certain Octarians having a different look for their gear and machines. It is unknown whether this is related to the difference in location between Octo Valley and Octo Canyon, or if they updated their look over time. However, in the past, Marina is seen wearing the old Octoling gear even though she is stated to have worked in Slimeskin Garrison in Octo Canyon. The new Octoling gear also uses the term "Neo" in its name, which implies that the gear is the new standard uniform and is not dependent on location.


Octarians seem to like music, as their leader is a DJ and the society has a band, Turquoise October, which plays music in each dome. The final Great Octo Weapon against Inklings also has music integrated into its design by featuring turntables and speakers that play DJ Octavio's music. Octarians were also invited to spectate both final battles, which were perceived as "concerts" according to the Sunken Scrolls. DJ Octavio also kidnapped Callie and had her work as a singer in the final battle in Splatoon 2. Her vocals can also be heard in Turquoise October music that plays in the Octo Canyon domes.

Hearing the Squid Sisters sing the Calamari Inkantation is also what caused many Octolings to defect to Inkling society.


Octarians have a language different from Inkling. In the Japanese version, DJ Octavio speaks only in katakana, which is usually used to display foreignness in the way the speaker speaks. It is also suggested that Marina sings in Octarian since her lyrics are rendered in katakana in the Splatune 2 booklet, where the developers confirmed that she is singing in a different language than Inkling.[10]

As seen with the Octoling amiibo, defected Octolings can have difficulties speaking Inkling and make several grammatical mistakes. In the Japanese version, Marina also speaks in a way that suggests she only recently has learned the Inkling language.

Known individual Octarians

Types of Octarians

Ground units

Air units


Great Octoweapons


Sanitized Octobosses

Return of the Mammalians Octobosses



Squid Research Lab here with what we believe is called a "shower thought." While contemplating our own bristles, we realized that Octarians now seem to be sporting magnificent manes of hair. But don't let those good locks fool you - warm 'n' fuzzy Octotroopers are still deadly!
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[11]

In the manga series

In the end of Chapter 0: Yellow, a then-unnamed Specs flies over a group of Octotroopers and Octoballs. They appear again in the Hero Mode issues when Goggles and Rider are enlisted by Cap'n Cuttlefish to recapture the Great Zapfish. The Octo Expansion arc introduces the Sanitized Octarians as well as Agent 8 and other Octolings.



  • According to The Art of Splatoon, Octarians are not able to reproduce on their own and are thus created by cutting off a tentacle from a host. Their intelligence and rank are linked to how many limbs they possess, with high-class Octarians possessing more limbs. It was later confirmed that only common Octarians are cut from tentacles.[5]
    • Worth noting also is the presence of SashiMori's Paul, a ten-year-old Octoling. He possesses all eight tentacles and resembles an analogous phase in an Inkling's growth cycle, implying that Octolings and Inklings may share similar reproductive cycles.
    • Mashup of Diss-Pair, is stated to have parents who are famous actors. The fact that he has multiple parents, not just one, implies that he was birthed through sexual, not asexual, reproduction. This suggests that Octolings are sexually dichotomous for more than aesthetic purposes, just like Inklings.
  • Some characters use insults to refer to enemy Octarians, such as Marie repeatedly calling them for "Octoslobs" in Octo Canyon, Cap'n Cuttlefish calling them for "Octojerks" in Octo Valley, and Pearl once calling Sanitized Octarians for "Octo-nerds" in the Octo Expansion. The Inkling Boy amiibo, on the other hand, calls them "Octodudes".
  • Octarian society appears to have an affinity for DJs, as this was the profession of every confirmed Octarian musician in Splatoon and Splatoon 2. However, Splatoon 3 introduced Octarian musicians in other roles including Shiver, Garris, Lionel, and Tao Blu.
  • While most Octarians' genders remain unknown, there may be differences in what positions each gender can occupy, as it was revealed that only elite female Octolings are allowed to be a part of the specific Octoling troop that is encountered in the single-player campaigns.
  • In the Sweater vs. Sock Splatfest, it is implied that Octarians celebrate "Octivus", which seems to be a reference to Festivus, as opposed to Inklings, who celebrate "Squidmas". However, Octivus is only mentioned in the North American localization.
  • The spawning animation for normal Octarians shows them appearing after a swirl of purple ink. Sanitized Octarians, however, appear after a short series of green glitching effects. The same is true for their "getting splatted" animations; normal Octarians simply burst, while Sanitized Octarians burst with the same glitch effects as their spawning animation.
  • Some enemies act oddly at times, most likely to balance out the game so the player is not overwhelmed.
    • Ground enemies seem to miss more often when the camera is facing the other way.
    • Jumping repeatedly causes them to not hit any shots.
    • If there is more than one Octarian noticing the player, only one attacks.
      • This does not apply to later stages or in the Octo Expansion.
    • Flying enemies won't attack if the camera is not focused on them.
      • In later stages and in the Octo Expansion, they try to fly into view.
    • If more than two Octolings are attacking at the same time, one of them will disappear.
      • This animation is identical to the one that plays when a player disconnects or goes out of bounds in online matches.
      • This does not apply to later stages, the Octo Expansion, or Return of the Mammalians.


A real-life Shibuya Tower exhibit on 2018 shows the Japanese title of Octo Valley mode, "Octalien Strikes Back" (in Latin letters), showing that the name is intended to be a portmanteau of "octo" and "alien", possibly referencing their UFOs and Inkopolis invasion.[12] However, the English name is the romanization of the Japanese name instead of the intended "Octalien".

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オクタリアン
Octalien: from "octo" and "alien"[12]
Netherlands Dutch Octariaan Octarian
CanadaFrance French Octarien Octarian
Germany German Oktarianer Octarian
Italy Italian Octariani Octarian
Russia Russian Осьморянин
From осьминог os'minog (octopus), possibly море more (sea), and ending "янин" "yanin" meaning belonging to some nation

Transcription of English name
Spain Spanish (NOE) Octariano Octarian
China Chinese 章魚軍團[14]
Zhāngyú Jūntuán
Octopus Army
South Korea Korean 옥타리안