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Breaking News from the latest Nintendo Direct! The first paid DLC is coming to Splatoon 2 this summer. Players will take on the role of an Octoling for the very first time in this large-scale downloadable content! This full-on single-player adventure spans 80 missions starring Agent 8, a new character who awakens without her memories on a dark subway platform. Navigate this mysterious underground test facility in a desperate battle to reach the surface of Inkopolis. Escape from these twisted depths, and it seems you'll finally be able to join multiplayer matches as an Octoling! How is this possible!? Does this mean we now need an Octopus Research branch too?
The story of Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion unfolds in a huge test facility deep underground. Who made this facility and for what purpose is veiled in mystery. The area is completely isolated from the outside world, as if time stopped long ago. Objects from the old world drift here and there, like relics of a bygone past.
The protagonist in Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion is No. 10,008, aka Agent 8. Agent 8 has lost its memory—it doesn't remember who it is or how it ended up underground. While it seems that most Octarians are pure evil, it appears this one has had its very nature changed somehow by having heard the Squid Sisters' Calamari Inkantation. It's up to you to help this lost Octoling escape from this mysterious subterranean world.
Are Pearl, a.k.a. MC.Princess, and Marina, a.k.a DJ_Hyperfresh, aiding the Octolings? Rumor has it they'll help Agent 8 escape from the underground via wireless connection from above. We've also heard that the untold story of how 'Off the Hook' was formed may also be revealed…
Agent 8 will face over 80 tough tests on the journey out of the underground. With a little help from 'Off the Hook' though, Agent 8 will be able to skip the tests that are just too difficult. And don't worry, even if you skip some tests you'll still be able to play as an Octoling once you escape the underground.
Octolings in Inkopolis Plaza? This is highly irregular! It looks like they'll be joining in on Regular and Ranked Battles, and they'll have the same stats and abilities as an Inkling. Because of their similar sizes, they'll also be able to wear the same gear as well.

Once you've helped Agent 8 reach the surface and completed the Octo Expansion, you'll unlock the ability to play as one of these tentacled terrors.

This is Cap'n Cuttlefish, leader of the New Squidbeak Splatoon, which secretly protects the world of Inklings from Octarian forces. He looks very old, but won fame as a brave fighter. Along with his apprentice Agent 3, he's been out on patrol. Unfortunately, it looks like he somehow strayed into this underground world and lost track of Agent 3 as well.
In order to move around the underground world, a subway system called Deepsea Metro is essential. The ecosystem of the underground seems to have developed uniquely within its closed environment. Therefore, passengers you can see in the subway look quite different from residents above ground. And while they look a bit grim, it seems they're not bad guys.
This is one of the stations where Deepsea Metro stops. Each station is directly connected to a respective test facility in which various tests await Agent 8. Each station will offer a unique test; for example, there appears to be a test in which you must clear an area only using special weapons.
This is C.Q. Cumber, a humble sea cucumber who works as a subway conductor and guide to the underground test facility. Despite his mysterious looks, this diminutive dude is a total pro and takes his job quite seriously. Whenever you're in trouble, try talking to him.
This is the Telephone. It provides Agent 8 with a CQ-80 device and CQ Card, essential items for exploring the underground world. The phone speaks as if it knows a lot of things…
The CQ-80 is an essential tool for exploring the underground test facility. When aboard a Deepsea Metro subway train, you can use the CQ-80 to view the subway map. Choose a station on the map, and the train will take you there.
The protagonist of #Splatoon2: Octo Expansion is an Octarian youth. Octarians seem to have a more serious character compared to the carefree Inklings.
This is Iso Padre from #Splatoon2: Octo Expansion. Don't let his hardy exterior put you off – he's actually a total gentleman! He seems to have his heart set on something in the underground test facility…
Greetings! Squid Research Lab here with intriguing new information on the Splatoon 2: Octo Expansion!

We just received video footage showing an Octoling attempting extended Inkjet travel! Seems dangerous! We're still a little curious about all that stuff floating in the background though. What's that purple thing, some sort of primitive cell phone? Looks like the research must continue!

These are Mem Cakes, which you can collect by completing challenges in #Splatoon2: Octo Expansion. It sounds like they're made by piecing together the lost memories of Agent 8.
This passenger on the Deepsea Metro might look a bit miffed at first glance, but he's actually quite content! #Splatoon2

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Japanese Translation
【オクト】Nintendo Directで「スプラトゥーン2」の有料追加ダウンロードコンテンツ「オクト・エキスパンション」が発表された。
[Octo] The Octo Expansion downloadable content for Splatoon 2 was announced at the Nintendo Direct.
A young octopus[a] wakes up in an undergound world, suffering from amnesia, and will aim to reach the surface, overcoming many missions with the help of Cap'n Cuttlefish and Off the Hook.


[Octo] The Octo Expansion protagonist, "No. 10008" also known as "Agent 8".
She has lost her memory due to some shock not even she remembers, and does not know why she is underground.
And so, this young octopus person aims to escape from the underground world by following the Calamari Inkantation that lives in her soul.


[Octo] The backdrop for this story is a huge experiment facility deep underground.
Its creator and purpose are shrouded in mystery.
It is a place that time forgot in its isolation from the outside world.
【オクト】私服姿もキマっている「ヒメ」a.k.a MC Princess、そして「イイダ」a.k.a DJ E-DA。


[Octo] The new clothes for Pearl a.k.a MC Princess[b] and Marina a.k.a DJ E-DA[c].
They contact Agent 8 wirelessly from above ground and help her escape.
New songs by the popular group "Off the Hook" continue to come out one after another, and their secret origin story will also be revealed...!?


[Octo] In total, there are more than 80 stages to sink your teeth into.
However, with the help of Off the Hook, you can skip levels you are too weak to complete.
Even if you receive help you can become an octopus once you've escaped, so players who are not confident in their skills should not worry.

ギアも共通のものを使ってコーディネート可能だ。 「オクト・エキスパンション」をクリアすれば、カスタマイズからタコとイカを選べるようになるぞ。

[Octo] The performance of octopus girls and boys in regular battles and ranked battles is exactly the same as squid girls and boys.
Your gear is shared between the characters in your account.
Once you've cleared the Octo Expansion, you will be able to choose squid and octopus from the customization menu.


[Octo] He is Cap'n Cuttlefish.
He has led the "New! Squidbeak Splatoon" to protect the squid world from the octopus forces.
Although he is old, he is a proud warrior.
He should have been touring with his disciple, Agent 3, but somehow got stuck as well as separated from Agent 3 after straying into the underground world.


[Octo] This subway, the "Deep Sea Metro", is indispensible for movement in the underground world.
The underground ecosystem seems to have evolved independently in this closed space, and the appearance of its residents is quite different from those above ground.
They may look scary, but seem not to be bad people.


[Octo] A "Station" where the Deepsea Metro stops.
Each station is connected directly to an experimental facility, and at its hands Agent 8 faces her challenges.
There are various goals to accomplish in each station, and some stages even offer only special weapons.
Leverage various weapons and techniques and aim for the surface!


[Octo] This is the talking sea cucumber, C.Q. Cumber.

He is the guide for the underground world.
Despite looking fishy[d], he is a competent staff member and perfectly suited for all kinds of tasks.
When in trouble, try talking to C.Q. Cumber.



[Octo] This is the young octopuses' octopus form

No, after the kid form has been transformed, this one is really natura... Um, I think I'll leave that part of the detailed story for later.
It looks different, but it can swim as quickly in ink, Super Jump, and do everything exactly like the squid form.



[Octo] This is the Telephone.

It provides Agent 8, who is lost underground, with the "CQ-80" and "CQ Card" that are required for exploration.[e]
It speaks as if it knows all sorts of things......



[Octo] Don't go trying to search for the "CQ-80", it is used only in the underground facility.

When the CQ-80 is used in the subway car, the Deepsea Metro route map is displayed.
If you choose a station on the route map, you will be taken there.



[Octo] Each station has a ticket gate, which leads to an experimental facility.

The facility can be challenged by spending "NAMACO Points" which have been charged to the NAMACO Card.
If you clear the (selected) challenge, you will receive the (indicated) "Clear reward".
It seems that the amount of points received varies depending on the weapon you choose.



It seems that the Shinkai 6500, which was the inspiration for the Autobomb's design, is investigating the deep sea in the Octo Expansion scheduled for release this summer.

Apparently, there are mysteries left in the deep sea of the squid world, too.



[Octo] These are the "Deep sea dwellers", the passengers of the Deepsea Metro.

Since their environment is a little special, it seems their appearance has changed and they have adapted.
Even if Agent 8 or Cap'n Cuttlefish talk to them, they will not respond, but the deep sea seems to have its own ecosystem... or society.



[Octo] The protagonist is a young member of the octopus race, the Octarians.

Many Octarians seem to have a thorough and serious character, in contrast to flighty nature of the squid tribe, the Inklings.
They are said to have dexterous hands and to be good at handling tools and machinery.

【JAMSTEC×Splatoon 2】オクトの駅舎のような建物からモクモクと煙が噴き出しています。同じように現実の深海にも地下のマグマで高温となった熱水が噴き出す場所があります。そこは生命が誕生した神秘のスポットかもしれません


[JAMSTEC×Splatoon 2] Smoke and bubbles are blowing out of buildings like the Octo[f] train station. Similarly, in the real deep sea, there are places where water made hot by contact with underground magma is blown out. This mysterious spot might be where life itself was born.

Continued in joint research report 10, "Black Smoker".

【JAMSTEC×Splatoon 2】オクト・エキスパンション深海メトロの「ナマコ車掌」は深海にすむセンジュナマコに似ています。ヒトデやウニと同じ仲間で管足という移動や感覚のための器官があります。ナマコ車掌、かわいい...


[JAMSTEC×Splatoon 2] C.Q. Cumber of the Octo Expansion is similar to sea pigs that live in the deep sea. They have appendages used for mobility and sensation with tubed feet, similar to starfish and sea urchins. C.Q. Cumber, you're so cute...

Watch a video of the deep sea's sea pig in joint research report 11.



[Octo] His name is Iso Padre.

He looks a little scary, but in reality he's a friendly gentleman.
He seems to be interested in a certain thing that can only be acquired in the underground experimental facilities



These are "Mem Cakes".

They can be obtained by clearing the challanges in the laboratories.
They appear to be Agent 8's lost memories, which were knocked out of her.
If you collect them and show them to Iso Padre, it will make him happy.

【JAMSTEC×Splatoon 2】ダイオウグソクムシはメキシコ湾などの深海に生息する世界最大のダンゴムシの仲間。死肉を食べ「海の掃除屋」と呼ばれることも。「グソクさん」もきれい好きかな?


Giant isopods, who live in the Gulf of Mexico, are the world's largest isopods[g]. They are carrion eaters, and are also called "The sea sweepers". Do you also think "Iso Padre" is beautiful?

Joint research report 12, "The Giant Isopod".
*This video shows a different species of giant isopod



Those who ride the Deepsea Metro are dignified passengers.

I thought he might not be feeling well, but upon closer look I saw he has a charming face.
He is sound asleep, and it looks like he can't be woken up.

【JAMSTEC×Splatoon 2】深海メトロに体形は丸く鼻の大きなお客さんがいますね。ニュウドウカジカのようですが、深海の生息環境下ではこのような姿は観察されません。いったいなぜでしょうか?

共同研究15「深海の住人 ニュウドウカジカ」実はかわいいんですよ

[JAMSTEC×Splatoon 2] On the Deepsea Metro is a large-bodied person with a big nose. In their habitat, the deep sea, the blobfish do not have this appearance. Why do they on the ground?Joint research report 15, "Deep sea resident, the blobfish" - he's actually kinda cute!


【JAMSTEC×Splatoon 2】オクトの深海を観察すると雪のようなものが降っています。これはマリンスノー。プランクトンの死がいやフンなどが深海に降り積もります。海の生き物の食物連鎖を支える恵みでもあるんですよ。


[JAMSTEC×Splatoon 2] If you look carefully at the deep sea in Octo[f], you will see what appears to be snow coming down. This is marine snow. Dead plankton and other remains pile up in the deep sea. It serves as the base of the deep sea food chain.

Joint research report 16, "Marine Snow", provides more details.



[Octo] These Deepsea Metro passengers... ... of sorts, are stuck to the walls and floor everywhere.

It's strange to imagine how they get on and off the train.

【JAMSTEC×Splatoon 2】オクトの深海メトロに大きな口のかわいい住人が乗っていますね。これはオオグチボヤ。名前のとおり「大口」をあけたような「ホヤ」ですが、なんで口を開けているのでしょうか?

共同研究レポート20「深海の住人 オオグチボヤ」で報告します

[JAMSTEC×Splatoon 2] These cute, big-mouthed passengers are riding aboard Octo[f]'s Deepsea Metro. These are predatory tunicates. As their name implies, they are ascidians which have big mouths[h], but why are they opening their mouths?

Joint research report 20, "Deep sea resident, the predatory tunicate", provides more details.



[Octo] This is the "Chat Log".

The two members of Off the Hook are watching Agent 8 and Cap'n Cuttlefish's escape attempts from above ground, and created a chat room to kill time while waiting - you can see its history here.
It would seem you can learn about Pearl's and Marina's as well as Cap'n Cuttlefish's personalities from these faithful conversations.

「スプラトゥーン2 オクト・エキスパンション」のプレイ映像を入手したのでお届けしよう。


A gameplay video of the "Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion" has come to our possesion, so let's have a look at it.

Attacking these troublemakers could make your own footing precarious.
By using precise attacks, you can keep being an octopus.



[Octo] In the Deepsea Metro, you can find this stylish lady passenger.

Contrary to her elegant clothing, her hairstyle is somewhat messy.
She always stands very quietly, but rumor has it that she has unexpected carnivorous tendancies... ... .

【JAMSTEC×Splatoon 2】オクト深海の住人によく似たピンポンツリースポンジと呼ばれるカイメンの一種です。カイメンの芸術品のような形状とその生態は社会でのネットワーク構築へのヒントが隠されているかも?詳しくは共同研究レポート21「深海の住人 カイメン」で報告します


[JAMSTEC×Splatoon 2] The ping-pong tree sponge is a type of sponge which is very similar to a certain Octo[f] deep sea dweller. Are hints for building networks in society hidden in its art-like form and ecology? More details can be found in Joint research report 21, "Deep sea resident, the sponge".




[Octo] Cap'n Cuttlefish's hobby is rap.

His vocabulary might be a little dated, but his freestyle lyrics are so tight you'll feel sorry for ever thinking of him as an elderly person.
He would make a good rival to Pearl.

「スプラトゥーン2 オクト・エキスパンション」のプレイ映像を入手したのでお届けしよう。


A gameplay video of the "Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion" has come to our possesion, so let's have a look at it.

This challenge seems to involve carrying the Rainmaker to the goal.
But, this is supposed to be an underground experimental facility.
What sort of experiment is being carried out here ... ... ?



[Octo] She is Dedf1sh (pronounced "Dead fish").

Even though she was a promising up-and-coming DJ, while searching for the ideal music she entered the underground experimental facility and got sanitized.
She lost her free will, but she continues to spin beats, and her mixes flow throughout the facility.

【オクト】「スプラトゥーン2 オクト・エキスパンション」のプレイ映像を入手したのでお届けしよう。


A gameplay video of the "Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion" has come to our possesion, so let's have a look at it.

This big ball is the "8Ball (pronounced "Eight Ball").
It seems that you have to carry it to the goal, making sure it doesn't fall off along the way.



[Octo] A passenger that looks like a salary man rides the Deepsea Metro.

Even though he looks like he works hard, his large eyes are wide open.
Maybe he's sleeping with his eyes open ...?

【JAMSTEC×Splatoon 2】オクト深海の住人にヘラツノザメに似た乗客がいますね。深海にもサメなどの大型の魚類がいますが、どの生物がどの生物に食べられて食物連鎖ができているのかよくわかっていません。詳しくは共同研究レポート22「深海の住人 ヘラツノザメ」で報告します


[JAMSTEC×Splatoon 2] One of the Deepsea Metro passengers in Octo[f] looks like a longsnout dogfish[i]. These deep sea fish are as large as sharks, but it is uncertain which creatures eat which and how the food chain is built. For more details, check out Joint research report 22, "Deep sea resident, the longsnout dogfish".


【オクト】「スプラトゥーン2 オクト・エキスパンション」のプレイ映像を入手したのでお届けしよう。

ヒーローモードでもおなじみの「ピロピロ」。 このチャレンジではその特性を利用しながら、道なき道を進まねばならないようだ。

[Octo]A gameplay video of the "Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion" has come to our possesion, so let's have a look at it.

The Inkfurlers are a familiar sight from Hero Mode.
It seems that in this challenge, we must go through a road without a road, by taking advantage of the Inkfurlers' properties.

【オクト】アメリカでも「スプラトゥーン2 オクト・エキスパンション」のプレイ映像が公開されている。


[Octo] A gameplay video of the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion was released in America.

Don't burst the fail balloons.

【オクト】ヨーロッパでも「スプラトゥーン2 オクト・エキスパンション」のプレイ映像が公開されているぞ。


[Octo] A gameplay video of the Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion was released in Europe.

Control the 8-Balls well, and aim for bingo!



[Octo] These passengers in the Deepsea Metro are dressed like schoolchildren.

Their slim bodies do not fit their gluttony.
Their mouths have grown large since they think only of food.

【JAMSTEC×Splatoon 2】深海メトロにフクロウナギらしき乗客がいますね。大きな口と小さな目がそっくりです。深海には他にも大きな口の魚がいます。数少ないえものに出会うチャンスを逃さない工夫だと考えられています。

続きは共同研究レポート23「深海の住人フクロウナギ」 http://www.jamstec.go.jp/sp2/research/#r23

[JAMSTEC×Splatoon 2]There are large passengers in the Deepsea Metro that appear to be gulper eels. There are other large-mouthed fish in the deep sea. It is thought to be a mechanism to avoid missing the scarce nourishment. Continued in Joint research report 23, "Deep sea resident, the gulper eel".


【JAMSTEC×Splatoon 2】ちなみに、こちらはホラアナゴの仲間。かなり大きなエサを飲み込んだのか、胃袋がエサの形に波打っているようです。エサの少ない深海は生存競争が激しい世界なのです。駿河湾の水深644メートルで撮影されました http://www.jamstec.go.jp/sp2/research/#r23
[JAMSTEC×Splatoon 2]By the way, this is a member of the family Synaphobranchidae. It seems to have swallowed some large food, as its belly is rippling with it. The deep sea is a world with very scarce nourishment and the competition for survival is intense. Photographed at Suruga Bay at 644 meter depth. http://www.jamstec.go.jp/sp2/research/#r23
「スプラトゥーン2 オクト・エキスパンション」の最新情報がファミ通.comで公開されたぞ!


The latest information on Splatoon 2 Octo Expansion can be found at Famitsu.com!

Check it out if you're interested.

Translation notes

  1. The word for Octarian or Octoling is specifically not used.
  2. Pearl's Japanese name means Princess.
  3. Marina's Japanese name is Iida.
  4. This is a pun, the word フシギな could mean either strange or like a fish.
  5. The company name "NAMACO" sounds like a company name due to the -CO suffix, but is also a homophone of the word ナマコ, Sea Cucumber. C.Q. Cumber's name in Japanese is ナマコ-conductor.
  6. 6.0 6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 Expansion.
  7. The actual text refers to them as the world's largest dango-mushi, which is the Japanese name for woodlice, or roly-poly.
  8. The literal meaning of the Japanese name is "big-mouthed ascidians".
  9. The Japanese term used is the name for the entire genus Deania, but the video and the character show D. quadrispinosa specifically.