Octo Shot

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Octo Shot
Basic information
Category Main
Class Shooter
Special points
Special depletion
Fire rate
Charge speed
Ink speed
Added in
Base damage 35
Base duration
Ink consumption 1%
Base range
Rate of fire
Muzzle velocity
Base accuracy
MPU effect
SPU effect
SPU effect
Other variant

The Octo Shot (formatted as Octoshot in Splatoon) is a main weapon used by enemy Octolings in Octo Valley, Octo Canyon, the Octo Expansion, and Return of the Mammalians, as well as by Agent 8 during the escape sequence of the Octo Expansion and when using their own Palette in Side Order. Outside of the Octo Expansion's escape sequence and Side Order, the Octo Shot cannot be used by the player, though the Octo Shot Replica, which is a fully usable weapon, is based on it. The Octo Shot is a shooter with identical statistics to the Splattershot but with a different model and color scheme.


The Octo Shot's overall appearance is similar to that of the original Splattershot (from Splatoon), albeit with an overall aesthetic more closely resembling that of a firearm than a toy. The Octo Shot's ink tank is a large cylindrical tank with a black screw cap which rests on top of the main parts of the gun with a thick, plastic, black band wrapped around it, connecting the ink tank to the gun. From the top of the screw cap, a large wide tube bends in a U-turn fashion connecting the ink to the barrel of the Octo Shot, which resembles a pure black and miniature version of the ink tank, complete with a black screw cap. Below the barrel is a large pistol grip with a small trigger that is held within one hand. Connecting on the remaining side of the barrel is a foregrip, held with the other hand to stabilize the weapon when firing. The foregrip is a silver-colored semi-cylinder with a black semi-cylinder coating the outside, complete with finger holds for grip. Connecting to the forward-facing side of the foregrip is a funnel-shaped silver nozzle. The default appearance and Octo Shot thumbnails portray the ink color to be a dark purple, resembling Callie's shade of ink.


An Elite Octoling holding the Octo Shot

In Splatoon, this weapon is called the Octoshot and is the only main weapon used by Octolings in Octo Valley.

Octoshot Replica

Main article: Octo Shot Replica

The Octoshot Replica is a weapon that can be obtained as a reward from Judd for reaching level 40. It is visually identical to the Octoshot, but functionally, it is identical to the Tentatek Splattershot, sharing the same stats and loadout, with Suction Bombs as its sub weapon and the Inkzooka as its special weapon.

Splatoon 2

In Octo Canyon in Splatoon 2, Octolings again use the Octo Shot as a main weapon. However, there are some that use different weapons of other classes, all of which are red versions of the hero weapons, such as the Hero Roller and the Hero Blaster.

Octo Expansion

In the Octo Expansion, the Sanitized Octolings use the Octo Shot and red variants of the hero weapons of other weapon classes like in Octo Canyon, though there are now more that they can use, such as the Hero Brella and the Herobrush. Elite Octolings with the Octo Shot use the Inkjet as their special. Notably, enemy Octo Shots are colored a dark green in the Octo Expansion instead of the normal black, possibly to match the colors of the now Sanitized Octolings.

An Octo Shot is found as a canned weapon and collected by Agent 8 during the Villi Phase of the escape sequence, and it is then used for the rest of the escape sequence as Agent 8's main weapon (although they instead use the Inkjet for most of the Diaphragm Phase). It is also used as Agent 8's main weapon in the fight against Inner Agent 3.

Although it is intended for the player to be forced to collect the Octo Shot in the Villi Phase due to a wall that the player must ink and climb followed by a Splat-Switch that must be activated, there is an exploit that makes it possible to avoid obtaining it by inking the wall with Splat Bombs and climbing it that way (as it is possible to dodge the Octoseeker that usually deters the player from doing this), then throwing Splat Bombs at a precise point on a wall next to the Splat-Switch in order to activate it using the ink from the explosions. However, when the player moves on to the Belly Phase, they will be equipped with the Octo Shot for the rest of the escape sequence like usual regardless of whether they actually collected it.

Octo Shot Replica

Main article: Octo Shot Replica

The Octo Shot Replica is a weapon unlocked upon completion of the Octo Expansion's main story. Like in Splatoon, it is identical in appearance to the Octo Shot and functionally identical (in both stats and loadout) to the Tentatek Splattershot. Notably, its sub weapon (Splat Bombs) and special weapon (Inkjet) are identical to those collected during the Octo Expansion's escape phase and used with the Octo Shot.

Splatoon 3

Promotional image featuring Fuzzy Octolings, holding the Octo Shot.

The Octo Shot returns in Splatoon 3 as a main weapon enemy Octolings can use in Return of the Mammalians, alongside other main weapons like the Blaster or the Splat Dualies, similarly to the Octo Expansion. The Octo Shot used by enemies also retains a similar dark green color to those in the Octo Expansion.

Side Order

The Octo Shot is available as a playable weapon in Side Order when equipping Eight's Palette, with its default sub weapon and special being Splat Bomb and Triple Splashdown respectively. It is the final Palette to be unlocked. Unlike other Palettes, the maximum number of color chips that can be gained while climbing the Spire of Order will decrease by 6 for each hack active (other than Risky Rewards) to a minimum of 6 color chips. Additionally, a failed run with Eight's Palette cannot be retried, but the option to skip a floor is available for 100 Membux on the first 10 floors, 500 on floors 11-20, and 1000 on the final 10. Boss floors cannot be skipped. Finally, completing boss floors for the first time will not give locker keys, but instead secret entries in Marina's Dev Diary.

Octo Shot Replica

Main article: Octo Shot Replica

The Octo Shot Replica is again available to unlock for use in battles, this time upon completion of the Spire of Order using Eight's Palette. It once more remains aesthetically identical to the Octo Shot used by the player within Side Order, but functionally identical to the Tentatek Splattershot.



Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese オクタシューター
Netherlands Dutch Octoschot Octo Shot
CanadaFrance French Lanceur Octaling Octoling shooter
Italy Italian Octosplasher from "octopus" and "Splasher" (Splattershot)
Russia Russian Осьмострел
SpainMexico Spanish Pistola Octariana Octarian Gun