Octo Valley (location)

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Octo Valley.
This article is about the location. For the mode by the same name, also known as Hero Mode, see Octo Valley (mode). For the similar location in Splatoon 2, see Octo Canyon (location).

Octo Valley is a hidden valley located near Inkopolis Plaza, which serves as the setting of the Octo Valley mode in Splatoon.


After following him through a manhole in Inkopolis Plaza, the player arrives in Octo Valley and meets Cap'n Cuttlefish outside his shack. He recruits the player as Agent 3, as part of the New Squidbeak Splatoon in order to steal back the Great Zapfish from the Octarians. The player goes through completing levels and defeating the Great Octoweapons. After defeating The Rampaging Octowhirl!, Cap'n Cuttlefish gets kidnapped, and soon comes in contact with Agents 1 and 2. Agent 3 soon completes all the levels in Octo Valley and battles DJ Octavio. Agent 3 defeats him and rescues Cap'n Cuttlefish and the Great Zapfish. DJ Octavio is placed in a snow globe outside Cuttlefish's shack. Replaying the final battle shows a scenario where DJ Octavio has escaped from his snow globe and captured Cuttlefish again.

Splatoon 2

The Squid Sisters Stories reveals that shortly before the events of the game, Marie returned to Octo Valley to find the snow globe destroyed and DJ Octavio missing.

In the game, however, Octo Canyon replaces Octo Valley as the single-player hub, and therefore does not appear and is never mentioned.

In the Octo Expansion, Cap'n Cuttlefish claims that Agent 8 and Agent 3 were battling in Octo Valley before being attacked and kidnapped. Marina also notes that she and Pearl are communicating with Cap'n Cuttlefish on Mount Nantai, which he states is nearby Octo Valley.


Octo Valley is a large, outdoor area surrounded by mountainous formations and octopus-shaped rocks. There are several waterfalls in Octo Valley. It is the home base of the Octarians, and is where single-player missions can be accessed. The player can enter Octo Valley via a manhole near the front of Inkopolis Plaza or by tapping "Octo Valley" on Gamepad. Under Octo Valley is a collection of many large Octarian domes, their interior walls covered with screens that display images of the surface. There are 33 Kettles scattered across the valley that will take players into these domes when they go through their grated surfaces in squid form. It has five areas, each connected to each other by Inkrails, except for the fifth area, which has blocks that need to be jumped across. Each level in an area can be completed in any order. Once all levels have been passed, the boss kettle for each section will open. The boss will need to be defeated to disable the power plug for the force field, which blocks the Inkrail to the next area.

Cap'n Cuttlefish in Octo Valley.

Cap'n Cuttlefish appears to reside in Octo Valley, as players encounter him standing outside a shack decorated with a large map. From here, players assume the role of Agent 3 and join Agents 1 and 2 in locating and defeating the Octarian army. Upon defeating DJ Octavio, he will appear inside a snow globe next to Cap'n Cuttlefish's shack, along with a floating credits board allowing the player to view Splatoon's credits again. When the snow globe is hit with ink, DJ Octavio will cower and give off a purple glow. Both he and Cap'n Cuttlefish will turn to look at Agent 3 whenever they approach.


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Area 1: Area 1 is on top of a building, and is the smallest area. The entrance to Octo Valley is here, as well as Cap'n Cuttlefish's shack. Holds three kettles and one boss kettle.

Area 2: Area 2 appears to be a skatepark. The boss kettle is on a tower similar to the one at Blackbelly Skatepark. Holds six kettles and one boss kettle.

Area 3: Area 3 has lots of walls with the boss kettle is at the top. Holds six kettles and one boss kettle.

Area 4: Area 4 is accessible by Inkrail and Propeller Lift from Area 3. It has lots of square holes in the ground, which lead to platforms below. There are several Gushers and Inkrails. Holds six kettles and one boss kettle.

Area 5: The final area, Area 5, is a big platform with lots of blocks in the air. There are two ways to get up. On the right-hand side, there is a grate which goes behind the area and leads to a Propeller lift, taking the player up to the platforms in mid-air. The second way to get up is by an Inkrail near the back. Throughout the stage, there are lots of sponges, Propeller lifts, and Inkrails. Once the player gets to the top, they will find the top of an Inkrail that leads to the ground. Holds six kettles. The final boss kettle is located on a UFO flying above Octo Valley. A Launchpad is found at the highest point in the area, taking the player to it.


Main article: Octo Valley (mode) - Gameplay
Agent 3 spawning into a single-player level.

Once the player enters Octo Valley, they can access the Octo Valley mode. From there, they can play 32 different missions (including boss battles) that feature various singleplayer-only mechanics such as Inkrails, sponges, and Balloon Fish.


S Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish.png Cap'n Cuttlefish's Quotes

USA North America

Following him to Octo Valley for the first time:

"Th-th-the... Oc-Oc-Oct... The Octarians are coming! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Oh, uh, hi... Guess I lost my cool for a minute there! I'm Cap'n Cuttlefish, leader of the legendary Squidbeak Splatoon! That look in your eye... It's the look I've been lookin' for! The Great Zapfish that powers Inkopolis has been squidnapped! Nobody believes me, but it's the work of the Octarians! I just know it! They want revenge for the Great Turf War of 100 years ago! I've been keepin' an eye on them this whole time, of course... But they stole the Great Zapfish right out from under my nose! Please! You gotta help me rescue the Great Zapfish! ... ... ... So... I'm gonna take your silence as a yes. Starting today, you are Agent 3 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon! This is your brand-new Hero Suit! It'll help you fight the Octarians. What a great fit! (For a hand-me-down from Agents 1 and 2...) Now let's go get those Octojerks! I'm countin' on you, bucko!"

Talking to him before defeating DJ Octavio:
Tap revealed kettles on Gamepad to Super Jump straight to them!
Tap Upgrade Gear on Gamepad to spend Power Eggs and power up your gear!
Shoot ink (ZR) to reveal the entrances to the Octarian lair!
Dash (ZL) and jump; dive to hide. Using ink (ZR) is key to victory!
It's so warm here... Makes me wanna take a nap...
Zzzzzz... Hu-WHA?! No, I wasn't sleeping. I was just... resting my brain.
You kids think you're sooo fresh, but ya can't touch my squidstyle!
That Hero Suit really... suits you!
Rescue all the little Zapfish first, then save the Great Zapfish!
I can't produce much ink at my age... That's where you come in!
I may be old and crusty now, but I used to be quite the looker!
I guarantee you the Octarians are behind that UFO crash!
All the young 'uns in town don't believe me about the Octarian threat. Well, WHO'S CRAZY NOW?!
You know, bucko... You remind me of my grandsquids.
That look in your eyes reminds me of carefree bygone days... *sniff*
Talking to him after defeating DJ Octavio
Hey there, bucko! Been kickin' tail in the Turf Wars?
Been battling online at all lately? If so, I hope you've been winning!
You're lookin' good these days, but I'm still the freshest around!
Back in the day, I was the best battler Inkopolis had ever seen!
Zzzzzz... Take that, Octojerk... WHA?! Aw, fiddlesticks... You woke me up!
With DJ Octavio bottled up here, the Great Zapfish is finally safe!
We gotta keep this Zapfish fiasco a secret. Wouldn't want to spoil my best-selling tell-all!
Did I ever mention that Agents 1 and 2 are my grandsquids?
My grandkiddos brought me lunch yesterday. They're the best!
There be a storm a-brewin'... I can feel it in me cuttles!

Europe Europe and Oceania

Following him to Octo Valley for the first time:

"Th-th-the-! Th-the Oc- Oc- Oc-... The Octarians are coming! Ahh! I'm sorry, I lost my cool for a moment there! I'm Cap'n Cuttlefish, leader of the legendary Squidbeak Splatoon! That look in your eyes... I've been waiting for a young 'un like you! The Great Zapfish that powers Inkopolis has vanished! And though nobody will believe me, it's the work of Octarians! They're after revenge for their defeat in the war 100 years ago! I was keeping a watchful eye on them myself, of course... But they stole the Great Zapfish from right under my nose! Please! You must help me recover the Great Zapfish! ... ... ... ... ... ... I'll take your silence to mean, 'yes, of course I'll help!' Starting today, you are Agent 3 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon! Take this special Hero Suit - it will help you withstand their ink! What a perfect fit! (For a hand-me-down from Agents 1 and 2...) Now, let's go beat those nasty Octarians! I'm counting on you!"

Talking to him before defeating DJ Octavio:
Talking to him after defeating DJ Octavio
Ah, Agent 3! Are you doing well in the Turf Wars?
Ain't I just the freshest feller you ever saw?
If you have trouble in the field, remember my Rules of Battle!
Agents 1 and 2 are busy with a mission. ...What was it again?
We need to keep the theft of the Zapfish a secret, OK?
They used to call me the Great Bluefin Cuttlefish, you know!
The wind... is blowing.
Why yes, Agents 1 and 2 are my grandkids. Didn't I mention?
With DJ Octavio here, the Zapfish won't be stolen again!
...............................................................Oops! I fell asleep!

Japan Japan

Following him to Octo Valley for the first time:
Talking to him before defeating DJ Octavio:
  • 「街の若いのは、デンチナマズがぬすまれとる、 っちゅう話を 信じてくれんのじゃ…」
(None of the kids in the city believe Zapfish are getting stolen…)
  • 「デンチナマズを集めて、 オオデンチナマズを 取り戻すんじゃ!」
(Gather the Zapfish, and take back the Great Zapfish!)
  • 「ハイカラシティに落ちたUFOは まさしく オクタリアンのモノじゃ」
(The crashed UFO in Inkopolis is definitely the Octarians'.)
  • 「ヒーロースーツ… よく似合っておる」
(The Hero Suit… it really suits you.)
  • 「3号を見とると、 孫を思い出すわィ」
(Agent 3, you remind me of my grandkids.)
  • 「こう見えても昔、 戦場ではブイブイ言わせたもんじゃ」
(I don't look like it now, but I was great on the battlefield way back when.)
  • 「ワシはもうトシじゃから インクがたまらんのじゃ… おヌシのように、 みなぎる若さが 欲しいのゥ」
(I'm too old to regenerate Ink… Wish I were young like you.)
  • 「暖かいのゥ… 絶好の 天日干し日和じゃ」
(It's a warm day… perfect for drying things in the sun.)
  • 「………………………………………………… …おぉ、 ねとったわィ」
(……………………………………………………Oops, I was asleep.)
  • 「ZLダッシュして ジャンプ、もぐって かくれる… インクを上手く ZR塗ることが 勝利への近道じゃ」
(ZL Swim and jump, dive and hide… Skillful Inking with ZR is the quickest way to victory.)
Talking to him after defeating DJ Octavio
  • 「オクタリアンにデンチナマズを うばわれとった事… ワシらだけの秘密じゃ」
(The fact that Octarians took the Zapfish is… just between us.)
  • 「DJタコワサ将軍が ここに居るからには もうデンチナマズは ぬすまれんじゃろ」
(As long as DJ Octavio is here, I guess the Zapfish won't be getting stolen anymore.)
  • 「3号よ、ナワバリバトルに はげんでおるか?」
(Agent 3, are you doing well in your Turf Wars?)
  • 「バトルで困ったら 「戦場の鉄則」を 思い出すんじゃ」
(If you get cornered in a Turf War, remember the "Rule of the Battlefield".)
  • 「1号と2号はイカにも、ワシの孫じゃ ………言っとらんかったかいの?」
(Agents 1 and 2 are actually my grandkids. ………Did I tell you that already?)
  • 「1号2号は 仕事がいそがしいらしいからのゥ ………してきゃつらの仕事は何じゃ?」
(Agents 1 and 2 seem busy with their jobs. ………Wait, what are their jobs?)
  • 「こう見えても昔、 戦場では ブイブイ言わせたもんじゃ」
(I don't look like it now, but I was great on the battlefield way back when.)
  • 「この服か? ビンテージっちゅうんじゃ せくしーじゃろ?」
(These clothes? They're vintage, aren't they sexy?)
  • 「風が……ふいておる」
(The wind... is blowing.)
  • 「………………………………………………… …おぉ、 ねとったわィ」
(……………………………………………………Oops, I was asleep.)


Inkadia and the Splatlands.png
  • Octo Valley can be seen in a map that appeared in a Splatoon 3 developer interview.
  • The official Japanese Splatoon Twitter account stated that Octo Valley "was made using the remains of an ancient civilization. It seems to be using very familiar things... or is it just my imagination?" This was an early hint that Splatoon's events take place on Earth, long after humans have gone extinct.[1]
    • The Art of Splatoon has a comic about Splatoon's backstory, revealing that the Octarian domes were originally built and used by humans as a means to survive the rising sea levels before they eventually died out. The Octarians seem to not know that the humans created the domes in the comic.
  • In various parts of Octo Valley, it is possible to see Inkopolis off in the distance, as well as a huge rock formation that resembles an octopus.
  • Unlike nearly every other area in Splatoon, Octo Valley is not set at night during a Splatfest.
  • On the corner of Cap'n Cuttlefish's shack are two small photographs, one of Callie and one of Marie.
  • Area 1 of Octo Valley is on the top of a building.
  • In the Splatoon manga, there is a panel in chapter 25 showing the location of Mount Nantai in relation to Octo Valley, with the mountain being close to the octopus rock formation found in Octo Valley, but separated by water.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タコツボバレー
takotsubo barē
Octopus Pot Valley
Netherlands Dutch Octovallei Octo Valley
Canada French (NOA) Octovallée Octo Valley
France French (NOE) Octavallée Octo Valley
Germany German Okto-Distrikt Octo-District
Italy Italian Distretto Polpo Octopus District
Russia Russian Осьмо-падь Octo Gorge
Spain Spanish Distrito Pulpo Octopus District
China Chinese 章鱼谷[a]
Zhāngyú gǔ
Octopus Valley

Translation notes

  1. From the official Chinese release of the Splatoon artbook.