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A photograph from Sunken Scroll 24.

The Octobosses are large opponents, mostly mechanical robots piloted by Octarian forces. In the Octo Canyon and the Deepsea Metro, they serve as bosses.

The Octobosses


The Octobosses replace the Great Octoweapons from Octo Valley.

After Agent 4 beats the Octo Oven, Marie says she did not expect the Octarians to have fully operational Octobsses at their disposal.

According to Sunken Scroll 24, the Octobosses have sentient tentacles implanted in their machines as a means of control. In the sketch, the complex chemical structure for the Octostomp weaponry can be seen.

During the Octo Canyon campaign, the Octarians revive the Octobosses using the stolen Zapfish. However, Agent 4 defeats them one by one before capturing DJ Octavio.


  • The Octo Samurai is considered a "big bad boss by the Octarian rank-and-file troops" and its design looks more like a sumo wrestler than a samurai.[1]

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 戦略タコツボ兵器
Senryaku takotsubo heiki
Strategic Octopus Weapons