Octolings Ahoy!

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Octo Canyon missions
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Octolings Ahoy!
˜ Moray Twilight ˜
Hm2 m21.jpg
Number 21
Area 4
Sheldon's Request
Items 1 Scroll, 1 Sardinium, 4 Armor, 2 Sting Ray, 1 Crust Bucket Ticket
Music Octoling Rendezvous
amiibo challenges

Octolings Ahoy! is the twenty-first mission of Splatoon 2's single player mode Octo Canyon and is the third mission to encounter a group of Octolings. It takes place on a modified form of Moray Towers.

Octo Canyon

Unfurl the Inkfurlers at the end of the path at the center of the far edge of the map. Destroy the two crates on the other side, and the kettle is behind the crates.


Use the roller, and head straight down the towers while staying on the ground. Then, take care of the 2 Octosnipers. Once that is done, start heading up the enemy side, where you will find a cannon. Use it to scope out your surroundings, and ink turf. Then, get the last 7 mini zapfish.


Sunken Scroll

S2 Sunken Scroll 21.png
Pandemonium ensued when pop star Callie was spotted at the airport by fans after wrapping up filming for her new upcoming TV drama in New Sardine. She smiled through it all, but it's clear to this reporter that the pressure of fame is getting to her.

Location: Get to the enemy's side of the map and climb up the slope with the grates sticking out of it. Drop onto the second grate, and walk around the corner to get the Sunken Scroll.


Location: The Sardinium can be found in a crate right in front of the Octoling spawn point.


Octolings Ahoy has 4 pieces of armor to collect.

Armor 1 Location: Drop down and forward from the spawn point to where the closest Mini Zapfish is. To the right beside the boxes lays the armor.

Armor 2 Location: From the spawn point's side down below to the right from the center, there gentle slope leading up the tower, where the armor is situated before the first turn.

Armor 3 Location: There is a gentle slope that leads up to the other side of the map, where an Octosniper resides. Beside it lays the armor.

Armor 4 Location: The second highest gentle slop leading up to the other side of the map has some crates, where a small one sitting on top a big crate contains the armor.

Special Weapon

Sting Ray 1 Location: Down below to the lowest level in the middle of the map and off to the far right (as seen from the spawn-point's perspective), there is an armored crate at the edge of the map besides the lower end of two ramps. This crate contains the Sting Ray.

Sting Ray 2 Location: On the highest floor near the Octoling spawn point, there is a collection of smaller crates bundled together. One of these crates contains the Sting Ray.

Enemies and Mechanics

First Introduced

Previously Introduced


S2 Icon Marie.png
Marie's Quotes

Looks like you’ve got Octolings to deal with.
You know the drill. Go find those Mini Zapfishies!
Don't let your guard down, Agent 4.
One down. A bunch to go.
You're very...thorough, Agent 4.
Take that, inanimate object!
That's two.
Ride rail! Use it to get to the other side.
They're gunning for you, Agent 4!
Hop to it, Agent 4.
That's the third Mini Zapfish.
Hm? Is this one lost?
Mini Zapfiiiiiish! Where are youuuu?
There's four. Halfway there.
That's five.
A cannon! Let’s get cookin'!
Yeah! Boil these suckers!
There. That should make things a bit easier.
That's seven, right? Just one more!
Can't believe you found that...

S2 Icon Sheldon.png
Sheldon's Level Quotes

Octosnipers too!
The Sting Ray! Aim and shoot from afar!
That makes six. Don't stop now.


Names in other languages

S2 Lil Judd Pointer.png To do: Add/complete Italian translations edit
Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese またまた! タコゾネス #
たそがれドライブ! タチウオパーキング
Matamata! Takozonesu #
Tasogare Doraibu! Tachiuo Pākingu
Once Again! Octolings:
Twilight Drive! at Moray Towers
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Octolings in zicht! Octolings in sight!
FlagFrance.svg French (NOE) - Tours Girelle -
Le crépuscule des Octalings
- Moray Towers -
Twilight of the octolings
FlagGermany.svg German Oktoling-Hinterhalt an den Muränentürmen Octoling ambush at the Moray Towers
FlagItaly.svg Italian Invasione di Octoling alle torri cittadine! Octoling invasion at the Moray Towers
FlagRussia.svg Russian Внезапные осьмозонки!
«Вечерний Муренск»
Vnezapnyye os'mozonki!
«Vecherniy Murensk»
Sudden octolings!
"Evening Moray"
FlagMexico.svg Spanish (NOA) Invasión octoling
˜Misión Merluza˜
Octoling invasion
˜Mission Moray˜
FlagSpain.svg Spanish (NOE) Invasión nocturna en Torres Merluza Nightly invasion at Moray Towers

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