Octosniper Ramparts

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Octo Valley missions
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Octosniper Ramparts
~ Inkredible Aim! ~
OV Octosniper Ramparts beginning.jpg
Number 17
Area 4
Sheldon's Request
Items 1 scroll, 1 armor
Music Eight-Legged Advance
amiibo challenges Inkling GirlInkling Girl (recolor)Inkling Girl 2S Weapon Main Hero Charger Replica.png Results Arrow.png Cash 1600
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Octosniper Ramparts

Octosniper Ramparts is the seventeenth mission in Splatoon's single-player mode, Octo Valley. It is the first mission with Octosnipers, Octarian enemies that use charger-like weapons.

Octo Valley

Upon entering Area 4, Mission 17 can be found on the left side of the front corner of the area. To reach it, there is a Gusher near the Tower. Activate the Gusher and Mission 17 can be found.



Mission briefing

Octosniper Ramparts Stats
Area Enemies Armor Special Weapon Sunken Scroll
Beginning area 4x Octotroopers
1x Octosniper
Checkpoint 1 2x Twintacle Octotroopers
1x Octosniper
Checkpoint 2 3x Octosnipers
2x Octotroopers
N/A N/A Yes
Checkpoint 3 1x Octosniper
2x Twintacle Octotroopers
2x Squee-Gs
Checkpoint 4 1x Octosniper N/A N/A N/A
Final Checkpoint 4x Octosnipers
2x Octotroopers
1x Piece of Armor N/A N/A

Beginning area

Make your way to the launchpad when you spawn in. After you land you will have your first encounter with an Octosniper on a high ledge. With four Octotroopers stationed around it. Either, stay out of its sights by hiding behind a wall or in your ink, or go head-on towards them while dodging its attacks. Once you have splatted them all, a Launchpad will appear at the top of a ramp behind where the Octosniper was. Take it to progress ahead towards the next Checkpoint.

Checkpoint 1

Once you land, you are met with two Twintacle Octotroopers and a single Octosniper. Swim past its sights in a path of your ink and take out the Twintacle Octotroopers. Now you have to submerge into your ink on a moving platform to slip past a net fence and splat the Octosniper.

Checkpoint 2

Now onto Checkpoint 3, yet another Octosniper is guarding the area. Take it out, but slip through the grate to obtain the Sunken Scroll. Climb back out and continue over grated walkways while splatting Octotroopers. But be aware of two Octosnipers on a moving platform, guarding a Launchpad. Wait patiently for the right moment to attack, and splat the Octosnipers to take the Launchpad towards the next Checkpoint.

Checkpoint 3

There is a base, guarded by Twintacle Octotroopers and an Octosniper in the Center. Take out the Twintacle Octotroopers, and ink the platform the Octosniper is on to get into range to splat it to reveal a Launchpad there. Take it to reach the mission's penultimate Checkpoint.

Checkpoint 4

Now you are met with some platforms with sponges that are needed to cross them. But at the end, there is an Octosniper. Keep in mind that its attacks will shrink the sponges you inflated. Continue forward and splat the Octosniper while heading for the Launchpad.

Final Checkpoint

The Zapfish is located at the top of a series of ramps that are guarded by four Octosnipers and a few Octotroopers. You can swim up some walls to get past them easier. Once you have reached the top, you are now able to collect the Zapfish to complete the mission.


Sunken Scroll

S Sunken Scroll 17.png
"These two cousins from Calamari County won Inkopolis's first annual Youth Folk-Singing Contest. Their remarkable voices earned them a standing ovation from all present and catapulted them into the spotlight!"
Octosniper Ramparts Sunken Scroll.jpg

Location: Once you have made your way to checkpoint 2, use seekers to create a safe path for you to follow. Head up the ramp in squid form and take out the first Octosniper. Once the first Octosniper has been dispatched head over to the netting in squid form and drop down. Once beneath the netting, you will find the crate containing the sunken scroll.


Octosniper Ramparts Final Checkpoint-Armor.jpg

Location: The only piece of armor that can be found in this level is located at the beginning area of the final checkpoint. From the checkpoint head over to the crates located by the first ramp and destroy them.

Enemies and mechanics

First introduced

Previously introduced


S Icon Agent 1.png
Agent 1's Quotes

Agent 1
S Icon Agent 1.png
Oh! Isn't that an Octosniper?
Agent 1
S Icon Agent 1.png
Smooth moves!
Agent 1
S Icon Agent 1.png
Be careful, Agent 3!
Agent 1
S Icon Agent 1.png
Launchpad located!
Agent 1
S Icon Agent 1.png
Agent 1
S Icon Agent 1.png
Just a bit farther!

S Icon Agent 2.png
Agent 2's Quotes

Agent 2
S Icon Agent 2.png
Try to stay hidden while moving–that'll make it easier, 'kay?
Agent 2
S Icon Agent 2.png
Take a breather behind that wall!
Agent 2
S Icon Agent 2.png
Agent 2
S Icon Agent 2.png
The ZapfishZapfish is totally up there!


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タコスナイパーとりで
~うちぬくゼ?! オマエハート~

Takosunaipā no Toride
Uchinuku ze?! Omae no Hāto
Fortress of Octosnipers:
We Win (Shoot Through) Your Heart?!
Canada French (NOA) - Tentatourelles en position -
Encroyable tir
- Octosnipers in position -
Inkredible shot
France French (NOE) - Remparts éoliens -
Le fiel des tentatourelles
- Wind turbines -
The Octosniper's bile
Germany German Im Visier der Oktoschützen In the Octosniper's sight
Italy Italian Presidio fortificato: nel
mirino dei polpotiratori!
Fortified stronghold: in
the octosniper's aim!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Octotiradores en posición
~ ¡Qué tino tan tincreíble! ~
Octosnipers in position
~ What an inkredible ink-shot! ~[note 1]
Spain Spanish (NOE) En el punto de mira
de los octotiradores
In the spotlight
of the Octosniper

Translation notes

  1. "tino" comes from tiro ("shot") and tinta ("ink").