Octotrooper Hideout

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Octo Valley missions
#2: Lair of the Octoballs

Octotrooper Hideout
Catch That Zapfish!
Hm m1.jpg
Number 1
Area 1
Sheldon's Request
Items 1 scroll, 1 armor
Music Eight-Legged Advance
amiibo challenges Inkling BoyInkling Boy (recolor)Inkling Boy 2S Weapon Main Hero Roller Replica.png Results Arrow.png Cash 600

Inkling GirlInkling Girl (recolor)Inkling Girl 2S Weapon Main Hero Charger Replica.png Results Arrow.png Cash 600
Inkling SquidInkling Squid (recolor)Inkling Squid 2S Weapon Special Kraken.pngChallenge Time Icon.png Results Arrow.png Cash 600

Octotrooper Hideout is the first mission in Splatoon's single-player mode, Octo Valley.

Octo Valley

Octotrooper Hideout's kettle.

The player must follow Cap'n Cuttlefish down a grate to access Octo Valley.

The kettle for this mission is to the left of Cap'n Cuttlefish along the path on the first corner in Area 1.



Octotrooper Hideout Stats
Area Enemies Armor Special Weapon Sunken Scroll
Beginning Area 1x Octotrooper N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 1 1x Shielded Octotrooper N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 2 3x Octotroopers N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 3 1x Shielded Octotrooper N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 4 1x Shielded Octotrooper

1x Octotrooper

Checkpoint 5 6x Octotroopers N/A N/A Yes
Checkpoint 6 6x Octotroopers 1x Piece of Armor N/A N/A
Final Checkpoint 1x Shielded Octotrooper

3x Octotroopers

1x Twintacle Octotrooper



First, hit the launchpad immediately in front of you with ZL.

You will face three Octotroopers: one on top of a box and two guarding behind. The light brown boxes do not contain anything, but the darker-colored ones with a white label contain Power Eggs.

After defeating the Octotroopers by shooting with ZR, grab all the Power Eggs around. These can be obtained by walking close to them or shooting them. There is also a hidden Power Egg box behind the ramp.

Swim up the ramp by covering it with ink and transforming into squid form.

Checkpoint 1

Octotrooper Hideout Checkpoint 1.jpg

The Octotrooper in front of you has front-facing armor. To defeat it, you must shoot it in the back. This can be done by swimming around and shooting it from behind, or by distracting it with a Splat Bomb or other sub weapon so it faces the bomb and exposes its rear to you, then shooting it. After defeating it, grab the Power Eggs and smash the boxes. Launch to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 2

Octotrooper Hideout Checkpoint 2.jpg

You are faced with an arena and three Octotroopers on top of boxes. From your starting point, make a trail of ink by shooting out from the shelter. You can use a Splat Bomb to distract the Octotroopers, but they will not see you as you swim through the ink. Get behind or to the side of the enemies for an easy win. Note that when one is splatted, the others will be alerted, so act fast.

Clean up the field by grabbing all Eggs surrounding the arena and destroying the red boxes, then launch.

Checkpoint 3

Octotrooper Hideout Checkpoint 3.jpg

Fill in the ink trail already left for you, then swim down to a barricade to collect one Power Egg. Remember you can shoot to the other side to get the other Power Egg.

Like with Checkpoint 1, you need to distract the Octotrooper with a bomb so that it turns around, then shoot its back. Splatting the enemy reveals the launchpad.

Checkpoint 4

Octotrooper Hideout Checkpoint 4.jpg

Make a trail down to the first barricade, then shoot out to get the other two Power Eggs from the barricade. As with the previous checkpoint, use a bomb to distract the two Octotroopers, then shoot them in the back. Defeating both reveals the launchpad. There are no other collectibles so launch to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 5

Octotrooper Hideout Checkpoint 5.jpg

Six Octotroopers are circling three pillars, two per pillar. Swim around the pillars and splat all of the enemies, making sure to hide behind the first pillar if you get hurt. Then burst the remaining boxes. After all the Octotroopers are splatted, a launchpad will appear.

On top of the third, tallest pillar is the Sunken Scroll for the mission. After getting the Scroll, Super Jump with the launchpad.

Checkpoint 6

Octotrooper Hideout Checkpoint 6.jpg

Make an ink trail down to the end of the walkway, grabbing the three Eggs and smashing the box containing the armor. When collected, smash the box to the left and splat the Octotrooper circling the vault behind. Cover as much of the ramp to your right as you can, then swim up and splat the Octotrooper standing guard on the right. Collect the egg on the way up.

At the top of the ramp is four Octotroopers guarding a key. Remember that they lose your position when you dive into ink. Use bombs to distract them or simply shoot them all after destroying the boxes. There are two Power Egg boxes on the far right. After splatting them, grab the key by covering the ramp with ink and swimming up.

Go back to the vault with the key and approach it to unlock it. It reveals a Launchpad.

Final checkpoint

Octotrooper Hideout Checkpoint 7.jpg

Two Octotroopers are circling the Zapfish. One has front armor, the other does not. Fire down the ramp towards them, collecting the three Power Eggs on the way. As before, distract the one with armor with bombs. After splatting both, destroy all boxes around. The stack of three (two red on top of brown) has the key.

When you approach the vault, three more Octotroopers spawn in. Use a bomb or simply shoot them. Unlock the vault and launch using the unlocked launchpad.

You are thrown to the top of the tower. Destroy the shield by firing at the Zapfish and then touch it to complete the mission.


Sunken Scroll

Splatoon Sunken Scroll 1.png
Since time immemorial, a rare type of electric catfish known as the Zapfish has been prized by Inkling society as a source of energy. In fact, the entire city of Inkopolis is powered by a single 100-year-old Great Zapfish!
Octotrooper Hideout Checkpoint 4-Sunken Scroll Location.jpg

Location: Octotrooper Hideout's Sunken Scroll can be found on top of a pillar after Checkpoint 5. It is located inside a crate, and discusses Inkopolis' power source, Zapfish. It also depicts an image of the Great Zapfish, which has been captured by the Octarians.


Octotrooper Hideout Checkpoint 5-Armor.jpg

Location: The armor is located in front of Checkpoint 6.

Enemies and Mechanics

First Introduced


S Icon Cap'n Cuttlefish.png
Cap'n Cuttlefish Quotes

Octotrooper Hideout -Cap'n Cuttlefish Thirteenth Quote.jpg
Octotrooper Hideout -Cap'n Cuttlefish Eighteenth Quote.jpg
Octotrooper Hideout Cap'n Cuttlefish Seventeenth Quote.jpg
Give 'em heck, Agent 3!
Octotroopers dead ahead! Press ZR to attack!
Aye! Well done!
Hide yourself with ZL! You can move without being seen.
Launchpad ahoy!
Don't overdo it, bucko! Hide behind a wall if you're hurtin'.
Launchpad ahoy!
Ya can't hit those sheilded Octojerks from the front!
Use R to distract 'em with a bomb-then attack from behind!
Launchpad ahoy!
Hit R to distract 'em with a bomb, and then press ZL to hide.
Launchpad ahoy!
It's time to feed the fish, bucko! Chaaaaarge!
Launchpad ahoy!
You're gonna want that armor!
Gotta have a key to open that vault!
Way to be, Agent 3! Make for the vault.
That's it! Heave ho!
Hmm. A key. Look for the key!
Oho! Ya found the key!
Way to be, Agent 3! Make for the vault.
Zapfish Zapfish off the port bow! Bust in and grab it!
Nice work on your first mission! I knew ya could do it, bucko!


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese タコトルーパー秘密基地

Takotorūpā no Himitsu Kichi
Denchi Namazu o Torimodose!
Octotroopers' Secret Base:
Take the Zapfish Back!
France French (NOE) - Base des tentassins -
Objectif poisson-charge !
- The Octotroopers' base -
Zapfish objective!
Germany German Das Versteck der Oktorekruten The Octotroopers' hiding place
Italy Italian Nascondiglio dei polpastri:
caccia al pescescossa!
Octotrooper hideout:
hunting the zapfish!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Guarida de octorreclutas Lair of Octorecruits
Spain Spanish (NOE) ¡A la caza del siluro
en el octocuartel!
Hunting the zapfish
in the Octobarrack!