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Onward! (Octo Canyon)
S2 Band Turquoise October.jpg
Performer Turquoise October
Album Splatune 2
Game Splatoon 2
Heard in Splatoon 2 Octo Canyon missions (once finished)
Length 0:05
Genre -
Key signature -
Track list no. 24 (Splatune 2 Disc 2)

Mission1 Thumbnail.jpg
Album Splatune
Game Splatoon
Heard in Splatoon Octo Valley missions (once finished)
Length 0:05
Genre -
Key signature -
Track list no. 15 (Splatune Disc 2)

Onward! is a jingle.


Onward! is a very short jingle, lasting roughly five seconds, taking a lot of elements from Turquoise October songs. It is the signature five-note melody of the Octarians playing twice, the second time with a higher pitch. It is heard during the sequence that plays once the player finishes a mission in Hero Mode.

Remixes and covers

Onward! (Octo Canyon)

A remix of the jingle was composed for Splatoon 2, where unlike the original where no artist was given, the Splatune 2 booklet lists it as a Turquoise October song. Like the original, it plays after successfully completing a mission in Hero Mode.

Samples and interpolations

Eight-Legged Advance

Main article: Eight-Legged Advance

The intro of Eight-Legged Advance is a version of the Onward! jingle. The "burp" sound effects have a great similarity to the sounds in Onward!

I am Octavio

Main article: I am Octavio

A choral version of the Onward! jingle plays throughout I am Octavio as a musical motif.


Main article: Octarmaments

Octarmaments contains various distortions of the Onward melody.

Bomb Rush Blush (DJ Octavio)

Main article: Bomb Rush Blush

Similar to its final boss theme predecessor, DJ Octavio's remix of Bomb Rush Blush also uses the Onward! motif throughout the track.

Scrapper jingle

Whilst stunning a Scrapper, a jingle is played, consisting of the Onward! theme being played with what appears to be car horns.

Ebb & Flow (Demo)

Main article: Ebb & Flow

Similar to DJ Octavio's usage of the jingle, the demo version of Ebb & Flow contains interpolations of the Onward! theme, hinting at Marina's Octarian origins.

Inkopolis Memorial Mixtape

The Onward! jingle can be heard twice in the Inkopolis Memorial Mixtape. The first time, the same version of the jingle heard in Eight-Legged Advance plays, and the second, which seems to be the same choral version that plays in I am Octavio, is heard after the Opening jingle by Wet Floor.


The name of the song states that the player has just completed a mission and it is time to continue onward.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese ヒーローモード つづく!
Hīrōmōdo tsudzuku!
Hero Mode continues!