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Which would you reserve for a day?
Palace vs. Theme Park vs. Beach
Teams   Palace
  Theme Park
Regions Global
Start 13 July 2024 00:00 UTC
End 15 July 2024 00:00 UTC
Length 48 hours
Winner Beach

Palace vs. Theme Park vs. Beach, also known as Summer Nights, was a special Splatfest in Splatoon 3. It was the first Splatfest to take place during Sizzle Season 2024 and was announced on social networks on 28 May 2024[1] with the theme and date later being announced on 21 June 2024.[2]


Splatsville's unique decoration and other features for Summer Nights

This was the first Splatfest to allow conch shells to be rewarded after winning 10x, 100x and 333x Battles. The newly-introduced Conch Clashes also function in a similar fashion, and can be triggered when both teams in a battle are on the same Splatfest team.

As a special Splatfest, Summer Nights is accompanied by several cosmetic changes to the game, as well as new gear:

  • Splatsville, Inkopolis Plaza, and Inkopolis Square are decorated with a summer theme. These decorations include hanging flowers, artificial palm trees, inflatable flamingos, multiple pool floats, balloons and ice cream. The kitsune statue in Inkopolis Plaza and the tortoise statue in Inkopolis Square can be seen wearing sunglasses, while the origami crane statue in the Square has a pool float around its neck and balloons tied to its head. Small rising air bubbles can be seen throughout all three lobbies, as if they are underwater.
  • In the lobby, translucent stickers shaped like pufferfish and water droplets appear when the floor and wall are inked.
  • Deep Cut, the Squid Sisters, and Off the Hook wear special outfits.
    • Shiver's eyebrows, shawl and hair change to yellow, the latter having a gradient to purple towards the tips. She wears green leaf-shaped earrings in place of her usual ones, and an ornament resembling a large, curved lime slice pierced with light wooden chopsticks on her head. Her sarashi and charm tassels are changed to black, her shawl presents a dark yellow swirl circle pattern, and the soles of her shoes are electric blue; her fingertips are colored purple.
    • Frye's hair, eyelashes, shawl, and eyebrows are changed to blue. She wears green leaf-shaped earrings in place of her usual ones, and two blueberry-shaped ornaments on each side of her head, the left one also having another smaller blueberry on the front. Her usual shirt is colored white, while her pants are dark blue with a lighter swirly circle pattern and her socks are black; her fingertips and toe tips, as well as the holes on her pants and the tassels of her charm, are colored yellow.
    • Big Man has a coloration reminiscent of watermelon, with his body being green with a white stripe in the middle and his fins being red with a gradient to white towards the bottom, a magenta swirl pattern and black seed shapes. He wears a pair of magenta sunglasses on his head.
    • The Squid Sisters wear completely new, black and holographic outfits that do not bear any similarity with their usual ones. Callie wears a holographic strapless crop top with two zippers on the sides, a matching miniskirt, a light black mesh covering her midriff, and black tights; her footwear consists in a pair of silver ankle boots with black laces and chunky-heeled holographic soles. Similarly to her, Marie also wears a holographic strapless crop top, but it does not feature zippers; in place of Callie's miniskirt, mesh and tights, she wears baggy black suspenders and has her midriff bare, while her shoes are the same as her cousin's. They both wear lemon slices as ornaments, with Callie's having a prawn and a rosemary twig, and Marie's having an oyster and dill. Both of them also have new haircuts, with their back tentacles having been cut on the tips and their bangs straightened; Callie's bangs are one piece and feature short swirly sideburns, while Marie's are split in three and feature chunkier sideburns. The tips of their tentacles are colored lilac; Callie wears a cuff on the top of her left ear, while Marie wears black chain earrings on both.
    • Off the Hook wear outfits similar to their usual ones, with Pearl wearing a black version of her usual dress and boots, accompanied by her usual gloves and dark gray tights; her crown is replaced by a black mesh baseball cap with a holographic studded front, while her left front tentacle has a piercing-like ring on it, similar to her appearance in the music video for the song Suffer No Fools. Marina wears a holographic version of her usual shirt and shorts, while her boots, headphones and gloves are the usual black; she wears a straight purple visor on her eyes, dark gray tights, and her tentacles have a gradient to purple, while her fingers still change between the three team colors every stage rotation. She also wears a ring matching Pearl's on her back left tentacle, plus two more on her front right tentacle (which could not be seen in promotional photos due to the angle).
  • Characters in the cities and lobby such as jellyfish, Staff, Judd, Murch, and Smallfry wear yellow, aqua, and pink party hats decorated with various patterns.
  • A special news article in the Nintendo Switch news rewards players with six unique pieces of headgear:
  • Music is added or modified for the Splatfest.
    • A special surf rock song, Suntan Ocean, plays in the lobby instead of Soak & Stomp. Crab-N-Go also plays a unique samba-style theme.
    • The title screen has a new sound, along with the Deep Cut intro.
    • Anarchy Poisons is modified for the Splatfest to add steel drums and a guitar.
    • A special mambo rendition of Anarchy Rainbow is performed during the second half, played in a major key.
    • Opening is modified to add timbales and steel drums.
    • Ego Overboard and Still Swimmin' are remixed with a more "tropical" style, with additional vocal ad libs from Shiver, Frye, and Big Man. Ego Overboard is played in a calypso style, while Still Swimmin' is played in a swung reggae style.
  • The battle opening is modified with water splash effects and dancing squid and octopus icons. Bubbles appear in midair during the first few seconds of a match, similar to those in the hubs.
  • This Splatfest has a special ink variant, with animated streaks in a lighter shade resembling water caustics. This ink effect is not applied during mirror matches with the same team.
  • The TV screens in Splatsville display unique videos related to the summer theme of the Splatfest.

The Tricolor Turf War stage for this Splatfest was Hagglefish Market.


Results were announced in-game on 15 July 2024 at 02:00 UTC.

Halftime Report

At the halfway point in the Splatfest, Deep Cut revealed the team currently with the most overall Clout, and congruently announced that the mode Tricolor Turf War would be open.

  Palace   Theme Park   Beach
32.56% 33.86% 33.58%


Category   Palace   Theme Park   Beach
Conch Shells
90p (1st)
45p (2nd)
34.21% 32.60% 33.19%
70p (1st)
35p (2nd)
19.05% 59.77% 21.18%
Clout (Open)
120p (1st)
60p (2nd)
32.54% 33.67% 33.79%
Clout (Pro)
120p (1st)
60p (2nd)
33.63% 31.27% 35.10%
180p (1st)
90p (2nd)
32.09% 35.21% 32.70%
Total 150p 310p 410p


A special Summer Nights #Splatfest is scheduled to drop during Sizzle Season 2024!
Come visit Splatsville and soak up the sun, sounds, and summer vibes. Stay tuned for the event schedule and theme!
— Nintendo of America on Twitter[3]
The streets of Splatsville and Inkopolis will be soaked in summery vibes when the Summer Nights Splatfest comes to #Splatoon3 Sizzle Season 2024. Stay tuned for more deets!
— Nintendo of Europe on Twitter[1]
☀️ Summer Nights update! 🌕
A palace, a theme park or a beach? Either way, make sure to reserve the weekend of July 13th for this summery #Splatoon3 Splatfest!
— Nintendo of Europe on Twitter[4]


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USAUnited KingdomEnglish

Dialogue Dialogue Region

“Which would you reserve for a day? A palace, theme park, or beach?”

“Summer is here, and the heat is on!”

“My choice is a palace, where you can live it up royal-style.”


“I'm going with a theme park. Rides! Games! Carnival food! What's not to love?!”

Big Man

“Ay! (I'd rent out a beach for that blue horizon, white sands, and good friends!)”

“Whew! This is a choice I can get behind!”
Big Man

“Ay. (I wouldn't mind spending a day at any of these.)”

“I've never been to a palace, but I assume everything there is the absolute finest.”


“I'd wear swanky clothes for the occasion and dine on five-star meals before the ball.”

“Before the brawl? Ooo, is there gonna be some stylish violence at this thing?”

“And come bedtime, I'd sleep soundly on a four-poster fit for a queen.”
Big Man
“Ay. (Careful, or normal beds might be ruined for you forever.)”


“Eh, I'd be too worried about breaking stuff. Gimme a theme park where I can run wild!”


“Biggest benefit of reserving it: no lines! We can ride whatever we want, all we want.”


“If it's Wahoo World, I can take a bunch of photos with Fresh Fish. My sisters will flip!”

“Since when has there ever been a line for the Fresh Fish meet and greet?”

Big Man

“Ay? Ay! (Aren't theme parks more fun with a crowd? I'd rather reserve a beach!)”

Big Man

“Ay. (I could zone out watching the waves, or go surfing if that ever gets dull.)”

Big Man

“Ay! (And there's no sight like the setting sun reflecting off the water!)”
“Save it for the tourism board, buddy.”


“This topic makes me wonder what everyone else would do with their choice for a day.”

“Speaking of which, you've had that manga I lent you for a lot longer than a day, Frye.”


“Oops, almost out of time! Look forward to our special outfits during the Splatfest!”

“Frye. I am getting it back, aren't I?”

Big Man

“Ay... Ay! (Um... The plaza will be decked out for the event too! Wait till you see!)”

“Be sure to check the Nintendo Switch News app for your own festive gear!”

Dialogue Dialogue Region

Big Man

“Ay! Ay! (Team Beach wins! It shore feels good!)”

“What a royal disappointment.”

“I am NOT amused!”

Big Man

“Ay. Ay! (Our steady waves wore down the competition. Give it up for Team Beach!)”
“Team Palace may not have won the crown, but you're all royalty to me.”
“It was a real roller coaster of emotions, huh, Team Theme Park?”

Big Man

“Ay? (If the three of us did reserve a beach, what would you two want to do?)”

“Hm. Good question.”


“I think I'd be most interested in racing around on a water scooter.”

“I'd smash watermelons, play volleyball, and... Oh! Make a huge sandcastle!”
Notes: Frye's comment about smashing watermelons is a reference to suikawari, a game often played on the beach in Japan during the summer.

“What about you, though, Big Man?”
Big Man

“Ay. (I'd watch the ocean to relax and let my mind wander, thinking of new songs.)”

“Doesn't quite sound like any of us are on the same page here.”
Big Man

“Ay. Ay! (But that's what's great about the beach. Everyone finds their own groove!)”

Netherlands Dutch

Dialogue Dialogue Region

“Wat zou je een dag willen afhuren?
Een paleis, pretpark of strand?”

(What would you rent for one day? A palace, amusement park, or beach?)

“Het is zomer en hoog tijd voor een

(It is summer and high time for a dream vacation!)

“Stel je voor dat je een paleis kon afhuren,
voor een vorstelijk verblijf vol luxe!”

(Imagine that you could rent a palace, for a regal residence full of luxury!)


“Of wat dacht je van een pretpark, met
attracties, spelletjes en allerlei snoep?!”

(Or how about an amusement park, with attractions, little games, and all kinds of candy?!)


“Ay! (Of een strand, met een blauwe zee, zacht wit zand en sfeervolle avonden!)”

(Ay! (Or a beach, with a blue sea, soft white sand, and atmospheric evenings!))

“Ha, dat zie ik ook wel zitten!”

(Ha, I would be up for that too!)

“Ay. (Ik zie alle drie deze opties wel zitten.)”

(Ay. (I would be up for all three of these options.))

“Ik ben nog nooit in een paleis geweest, maar
alles is daar vast het neusje van de zalm!”

(I have never been in a palace before, but everything there must be the crème de la crème!)


“Met heerlijke diners, prachtige gala's en
bediening die altijd voor je klaarstaat...”

(With delicious dinners, splendid galas, and attendance who are always standing by you...)
“Dat mag ik hopen. Ik ga echt niet in een paleis
zitten als de tv geen afstandsbediening heeft!”

(I should hope so. No way I would be in a palace when the tv has no remote control!)
Notes: Frye misunderstands Shiver's comment on there being bediening as something that operates a device instead of staff that serves you.

“En dan kan ik me 's avonds heerlijk
uitstrekken in een enorm hemelbed.”

(And then I can stretch myself out gloriously in an enormous canopy bed at night.)
“Ay. (Kijk maar uit, want daarna wil je vast
nooit meer in een normaal bed slapen.)”

(Ay. (Better watch out, cause after that, you are bound to never want to sleep in a normal bed anymore.))


“Ik zou me niet thuis voelen tussen die dure zooi.
Geef mij maar een pretpark om me uit te leven!”

(I would not feel at home between that expensive stuff. Just give me an amusement park to indulge myself!)


“Het is het 100% waard om een pretpark af te
huren, want dan hoef je niet in de rij te staan!”

(It is 100% worth it to rent an amusement park, cause then you don't have to stand in line!)


“En in Waterwonderland heb ik dan alle tijd
om met Vismaatje op de foto te gaan!”

(And in Wahoo World, I will then have all the time to get a picture with Fresh Fish!)
“Dus alle vrijheid voor jou, maar niet voor
Vismaatje? Arme Vismaatje...”

(So all the freedom for you, but not for Fresh Fish? Poor Fresh Fish...)


“Ay? (Leuk al die actie van het pretpark,
maar wat als je wat wilt luieren?)”

(Ay? (Sounds nice all that action in the amusement park, but what if you wanted to laze about some?))


“Ay. (Op het strand kun je loom naar de
golven staren, maar ook surfen als je wilt.)”

(Ay. (On the beach you can stare lazily at the waves, but you can surf too if you want.))


“Ay! (En geen attractie kan op tegen de
zonsondergang die glinstert in het water!)”

(Ay! (And no attraction beats the sunset glistening in the water!))
“Met dat soort leuzen kun je een reisbureau

(With that sort of slogans you can begin a travel agency...)


“Waar zouden anderen voor gaan als ze iets
een dag helemaal voor zichzelf konden hebben?”

(What would other people be going for if they could have something completely for themselves for a day?)

“Over 'hebben' gesproken... Hoe zit het met
dat stripboek dat je van me hebt geleend?”

(Speaking of 'having'... How about that comic book that you have borrowed from me?)


“Oeps! De tijd zit er bijna op! Kom naar het
Splatfest! We zullen ons feestelijk verkleden!”

(Oops! The time is almost up! Come to the Splatfest! We will dress up festively!)
“Muriël, je geeft het wel aan me terug, toch?”

(Frye, surely you will be giving it back to me, right?)


“Ay... Ay! Ay! (Ehhh... En het plein zal ook
versierd zijn! Komt dat zien!”

(Ay... Ay! Ay! (Uhhh... And the square will also be decorated! Step right up!)

“Ga naar het nieuwskanaal op de Nintendo Switch om je eigen feestkleding te krijgen.”

(Go to the news channel on the Nintendo Switch to get your own festive clothing.)

Dialogue Dialogue Region

“We huren de boel af voor een zomers

(We are renting the place for a summery Splatfest!)

“Ay! (Maak je keuze bij de stembus op het
plein en ga de strijd aan voor terrein!)”

(Ay! (Make your choice at the Pledge Box in the square and go into battle for terrain!))

Dialogue Dialogue Region


“Ay! (Team Strand heeft de overwinning gepakt
als een vloedgolf die een strandslipper opeist!)”

(Ay! (Team Beach has taken the victory like a tidal wave that claims a beach flip-flop!))

“We zijn van de troon gestoten...”

(We have been dethroned...)

“Dat was geen pretje...”

(That was no fun...)


“Ay! Ay! (Goed werk, Team Strand! Jullie
hebben de anderen in het zand laten happen!)”

(Ay. Ay! (Good work, Team Beach! You folks have made the others bite the sand!))
“Het heeft ons geen paleis opgeleverd, maar
Team Paleis heeft toch vorstelijk gevochten!”

(It has not resulted in us having a palace, but Team Palace has battled regally anyway!)
“En team [sic] Pretpark heeft een achtbaan aan
emoties geleverd. Precies waar ik van hou!”

(And Team Amusement Park has delivered a rollercoaster of emotions. Precisely what I love!)


“Ay? (Als we samen een strand zouden
afhuren, wat zouden jullie dan doen?)”

(Ay? (If we would rent a beach together, then what would you guys do?))

“Hmmm. Goeie vraag.”

(Hmmm. Good question.)


“Ik zou een heel groot zandkasteel bouwen.
Zo groot dat je het een paleis kunt noemen...”

(I would build a very great sand castle. So great you could call it a palace...)

“Ik zou op een waterscooter scheuren,
alsof het een wildwaterpretpark is!”

(I would tear on a water scooter, as if it was a whitewater amusement park!)

“En jij? Wat zou jij doen, Ray?”

(And you? What would you do, Big Man?)

“Ay. (Ik zou naar de zee staren, ontspannen
en misschien nieuwe nummers bedenken.)”

(Ay. (I would stare at the sea, wind down and maybe think of new songs.))

“Maar dan zouden we dus niet echt samen
iets aan het doen zijn...”

(But so then we wouldn't truly be doing something together...)

“Ay. Ay! (Dat is het mooie aan het strand.
Iedereen vindt zelf wel iets om te doen!)”

(Ay. Ay! (That is the beauty of the beach. Everyone will surely find something to do themselves!))

CanadaFrance French

Dialogue Dialogue Region

« Que réserverais-tu pour un jour ? Un château, un parc à thème ou une plage ? »

(What would you reserve for one day? A castle, a theme park or a beach?)

« L'été est là et la fièvre monte ! »

(Summer is here and the fever is rising!)

« Sans hésiter, je choisis la vie de château, avec tout un tas de gens à mon service ! »

(Without hesitation, I choose to be the king of the castle, with loads of people at my service!)

Notes: Shiver's French expression "la vie de château" is a pun on "mener une vie de château" ("living a life of luxury", "living like a prince"...) and the fact that she chooses the "Château" ("Castle", the French translation for "Palace") team.


« Pour moi, c'est parc à thème sinon rien. Grands huit, jeux, frites... Qui dit mieux ? »

(For me, it's theme park or nothing. Rollercoasters, games, fries... Who can top that?)


« Ay. (Je choisis la plage de sable blanc, l'eau turquoise et une bande de copains !) »

(Ay. (I choose the white sand beach, the turquoise water and a bunch of friends!))

« Ah ouais, j'approuve ! Faudra pas me demander deux fois de venir ! »

(Oh yeah, I agree! No need to ask me twice to come!)

« Ay. (Je dois dire que si on me propose n'importe laquelle de ces options, je viens.) »

(Ay. (I must say that if I'm offered any of these options, I'm coming.))

« Je n'ai jamais visité de château, mais à mon avis c'est le summum du luxe. »

(I never visited any castle, but in my opinion it's the pinnacle of luxury.)


« Je mettrais une tenue super classe pour dîner au resto cinq étoiles avant le bal. »

(I'd wear very fancy clothes to eat at the five-star restaurant before the ball.)
« Sérieux, tu te vois danser après un menu où tu enquilles cinq ou sept plats ?! »

(Seriously, you see yourself dancing after a menu where you down five or seven dishes?!)

« Et après, j'irais m'endormir douillettement dans un lit à baldaquin XXL. »

(And after that, I'd sleep snugly in a king-size canopy bed.)
« Ay. (Fais gaffe, tu risquerais de ne plus pouvoir dormir dans un lit normal, après.) »

(Ay. (Beware, you might not be able to sleep in a normal bed anymore after that.))


« J'aurais trop peur de péter des trucs... Je serais plus à l'aise dans un parc à thème ! »

(I'd be too afraid of breaking things... I'd be more comfortable in a theme park!)


« Et s'il est réservé rien que pour nous, ciao les files d'attente ! »

(And if it's reserved just for us, ciao queues!)


« On peut réserver le parc Carapince ? Mes sœurs adorent Scott la mascotte ! »

(Could we book Wahoo World? My sisters love Fresh Fish!)
« Depuis quand il faut faire la queue pour se prendre en photo avec Scott la mascotte ? »

(Since when you need to queue to take a photo with Fresh Fish?)


« Ay. (Je préfère les parcs à thème quand il y a du monde. Par contre, la plage...) »

(Ay. (I prefer theme parks when there's people. On the other hand, for the beach...))


« Ay. (Je m'imagine bien regarder les vagues et oublier tout le reste, juste une journée...) »

(Ay. (I can picture myself watching the waves and forgetting everything else, just for a day...))


« Ay ! (Et le clou du spectacle, un coucher de soleil qui se reflète sur la surface !) »

(Ay! (And the showstopper, a sunset reflecting on the surface!))
« C'est ce que tu as lu dans la brochure de l'office du tourisme ? »

(Is that what you read on the tourism office's pamphlet?)


« Je me demande où les participants vont choisir de passer leur journée. »

(I'm wondering where the participants will choose to spend their day.)

« À propos de journée, ça en fait quelques-unes que je t'ai prêté mon manga, Angie. »

(Speaking of days, it's been some since I lent you my manga, Frye.)


« Oh, on a plus beaucoup de temps ! J'ai hâte de voir nos tenues pour le festival ! »

(Oh, we don't have much time! I can't wait to see our outfits for the festival!)
« Angie, et mon manga, tu me le rends quand ? »

(And my manga, Frye, when will you return it to me?)


« Ay. (La place sera aussi décorée. Attendez de voir ce qu'on vous réserve !) »

(Ay. (The plaza will also be decked out. Wait till you see what we have in store for you!))

« Ne ratez pas l'équipement festif dans les Nouvelles de la Nintendo Switch ! »

(Don't miss the festive gear in the Nintendo Switch News!)

Italy Italian

Dialogue Dialogue Region

«Cosa affitteresti per un giorno?
Castello, parco a tema o spiaggia?»

(What would you rent for one day?
Castle, theme park or beach?)

«L'estate è arrivata e l'atmosfera
si surriscalda!»

(Summer is here and the atmosphere
is heating up!)

«Io scelgo il castello, dove posso far
finta di essere un testa coronata.»

(I choose the castle, where I can
pretend to be a crowned head.)


«Io scelgo invece il parco a tema! Giostre!
Giochi! Cibo a volontà! È perfetto!»

(I choose the theme park instead! Rides!
Games! Food at will! It's perfect!)
Notes: Food at will ("Cibo a volontà") also means Food galore.


«Man! (Io affitterei una spiaggia per il mare,
la sabbia dorata e la buona compagnia!)»

(Ay! (I would rent a beach for the sea,
the golden sand and good company!))

«Beh, devo dire che non è malaccio,
come scelta.»

(Well, I have to say that it's not bad,
as a choice.)

«Man. (Sì, anche se, a dire il vero,
mi piaccono tutte e tre.)»

(Ay. (Yes, even if, to be honest,
I like all three.))

«Non sono mai stata in un castello, ma
immagino che sia tutto opulentissimo!»

(I've never been to a castle,
but I imagine that everything is very opulent!)


«Indossero abiti sfarzosi e mangerei piatti
raffinati, lontano dalla ressa.»

(I will wear sumptuous clothes and I would eat refined
dishes, away from the crowds.)
«Dalla rissa? Oooh, vuoi dirmi che è
prevista una battaglia tra elegantoni?»

(From the fight? Oooh, you want to tell me that there's a
planned elegant battle?)

«E quanto arriva la sera, dormirei su un
letto a baldacchino come una vera regina.»

(And when the evening comes, I would sleep on a
canopy bed like a real queen.)
«Man. (Attenta che poi non riuscirai più
a dormire su un letto normale.)»

(Ay. (Be careful, you won't be able to
sleep on a normal bed again.))


«Io avrei troppo paura di rompere qualcosa.
In un parco a tema posso scatenarmi!»

(I would be too afraid of breaking something.
In a theme park I can go wild!)


«E la cosa migliore se l'affitto? Niente code!
Posso andare sulle giostre quanto mi pare!»

(And the best thing if I rent it? No queues!
I can go on the rides as much as I want!)


«Se è Soglioland, farò un sacci di foto con
Fresh Fish. Le mie sorelle impazziranno!»

(If it's Wahoo World, I'll take lots of photos with
Fresh Fish. My sisters will go crazy!)
«Quanto mai c'è stata la coda per
andare a farsi una foto con Fresh Fish?»

(How long has there been a queue for
going and taking a photo with Fresh Fish?)


«Man! (I parchi a tema sono più divertenti
con la gente... Io preferisco la spiaggia!)»

(Ay! (Theme parks are more fun
with people... I prefer the beach!))


«Man. (Posso perdermi a guardare le onde
oppure fare surf se finisco per annoiarmi.)»

(Ay. (I can get lost watching the waves
or surf if I end up bored.))


«Man! (E non c'è niente di meglio del sole
al tramonto che riflette sull'acqua!)»

(Ay! (And there is nothing better than the setting sun
reflecting on the water!))
«Sembri un depliant turistico, Mantaleo.»

(You look like a tourist depliant, Big Man.)


«Ammetto che, con questo tema, non saprei
proprio dire cosa sceglierebbe la gente.»

(I admit that, with this theme, I really couldn't
say what people would choose)

«Morena, a proposito di gente che usa cose
altrui... hai un mio manga da secoli.»

(Frye, speaking of people using other people's
things... you've had a manga of mine for ages.)


«Ooops, tempo scaduto! Non perdetevi
i nostri look speciali a tema festivo!»

(Ooops, time's up! Don't miss
our special holiday-themed looks!)
«Me lo restituirai, vero, Morena?»

(You'll give it back to me, right, Frye?)


«Man... Man! (Ehm... Anche la piazza sarà
addobbata per l'occasione! Vedrete!)»

(Ay... Ay! (Erm... Even the square will be
decorated for the occasion! You'll see!))

«E i vostri articoli festivi vi aspettano nella
sezione Notizie su Nintendo Switch!»

(And your festive articles are waiting for you in the
Nintendo Switch News section!)

Dialogue Dialogue Region

«È ora del festival della stagione ardente!»

(It's time for the Sizzle Season Splatfest!)

«Man! (Partecipate scegliendo un team
al terminal di voto in piazza!)

(Ay! (Participate by choosing a team
at the Pledge Box in the square!)

Russia Russian

Dialogue Dialogue Region

«Что бы вы арендовали на целый день?
Дворец, парк развлечений или пляж?»

(What would you rent for a whole day? Palace, amusement park, or beach?)

«Лето пришло, атмосфера накаляется!»

(Summer has come, the atmosphere's heating up!)

«Что может быть лучше роскошного
дворца и королевской жизни!»

(What can be better than a luxurious palace and the royal life!)


«Мой выбор – парк развлечений. Горки,
игры, еда! Ура и еще раз ура!»

(My choice is the amusement park. Slides, games, food! Hurray and hurray again!)

Биг Ман

«Ик! (Нежиться на белоснежном пляже
и смотреть в синюю даль с друзьями!)»

(Ay! (Basking on a snow-white beach and looking into the blue with friends!))

«Ха! А тоже ничего!»

(Huh! That's quite something too!)
Биг Ман

«Ик. (Если честно, мне все три варианта
по душе.)»

(Ay. (To be honest, all three options are to my liking.))

«Я никогда не бывала во дворце, но думаю,
в нем все должно быть идеально.»

(I've never visited a palace before, but I think everything in it should be perfect.)


«Я надену вечернее платье и полакомлюсь
перед балом изысканными блюдами.»

(I will wear an evening dress and enjoy gourmet dishes before the ball.)
«Перед балом? Значит, еще и вечеринку
планируешь? Наверняка с дракой...»

(Before the ball? So you're also planning a party? With a fight, most probably...)

«А ночь проведу я на самых пышных
перинах, как настоящая королева.»

(As for the night, I'll spend it on the fluffiest feather bed like a true queen.)
Биг Ман
«Ик? (А потом всю жизнь спать на
обычных кроватях? Ну уж нет...)»

(Ay? (And sleeping on the regular beds for your whole life after that? Hell no...))


«Э, я бы боялась все там разломать. Вот
парк развлечений – совсем другое дело!»

(Uh, I'd be afraid to break everything in there. But the amusement park is a whole different story!)


«К тому же, если арендовать целиком,
то и очередей не будет. Катайся не хочу!»

(Besides, if you rent it whole, there will be no lines either. Ride all you like!)


«В луна-парке «Язь» я бы сфоткалась
с Плавнишкой. Мои сестры обзавидуются!»

(At Wahoo World, I'd take a pic with Fresh Fish. My sisters will die of envy!)
«На фотосессии с Плавнишкой
очередей и так никогда не бывает...»

(There are never any lines at the photo shoots with Fresh Fish anyway...)

Биг Ман

«Ик! (Разве весело в парке развлечений
в одиночку? Вот на пляже – да!)»

(Ay! (Is it really that fun being at an amusement park alone? One a beach, though – it is!))

Биг Ман

«Ик. (Я смогу просто смотреть на волны,
а если надоест, пойду серфить.)»

(Ay. (I can just watch the waves, and if I get bored, I'll go surfing.))

Биг Ман

«Ик! (А лучи заходящего солнца на воде?
С этим зрелищем ничто не сравнится!)»

(Ay! (What about the rays of the setting sun on the water surface? Nothing can compare to such spectacle!))
«Ты такие речи туристам задвигай, ладно?»

(You better push such speeches to tourists, okay?)


«Так интересно, что бы арендовало

(So curious what the majority would rent!)

«Кстати, Мурия, где мои комиксы, которые
ты у меня тоже «арендовала»?»

(By the way, Frye, where are my comics that you also «rented» from me?)


«Упс! Время-то подошло к концу!
Пора примерять наряды к Сплатфесту!»

(Oops! Looks like the time's up! It's time to try on the outfits for the Splatfest!)
«Мурия, ты вернешь комиксы или нет?!»

(Frye, will you return the comics or not?!)

Биг Ман

«Ик... Ик! (Э... Площадь тоже приукрасим
к Сплатфесту! Скоро все увидите сами!)»

(Ay... Ay! (Uh... We'll also decorate the square nicely for the Splatfest! You'll see it all yourself soon!))

«Посмотрите снаряжение для Сплатфеста
в приложении Nintendo Switch News!»

(Check out the Splatfest gear in the Nintendo Switch News app!)

Dialogue Dialogue Region

«Палящий летний Сплатфест начался!»

(The scorching summer Splatfest has started!)
Биг Ман

«Ик! (Сделайте свой выбор в терминале
для голосования на площади, и вперед!)»

(Ay! (Make your choice at the Pledge Box in the square and go!))

Dialogue Dialogue Region

Биг Ман

«Ик! Ик! (Команда «Пляж» победила!
Под вашими ногами золотой песок!)»

(Ay! Ay! (Team «Beach» won! Under your feet lies golden sand!))

«Из князей в грязи...»

(From riches to rags...)

«Развлечься не удалось!»

(Couldn't entertain ourselves!)

Биг Ман

«Ик. Ик! (Наши волны атак стерли вашу
оборону в песок! Команде «Пляж» ура!)»

(Ay. Ay! (Our waves of attacks grinded your defense to sand! Hurray to team «Beach»!))
«Команда «Дворец», вы не удостоились
короны, но держались по-королевски!»

(Team «Palace», you didn't receive the crown, but you carried yourselves like royalties!)
«Команда «Парк развлечений», мы с вами
покатались на эмоциональных качелях!»

(Team «Amusement park», we all rode on the emotional swings!)

Биг Ман

«Ик? (Если бы мы втроем арендовали
пляж, что бы вы делали?)»

(Ay? (If the three of us were to rent a beach, what would you do?))

«Хм, хороший вопрос.»

(Hm, good question.)


«Думаю, можно было бы погонять
на водных мотоциклах.»

(I think we could ride some jet skis.)

«Я бы лопала арбузы, играла в волейбол
и... построила из песка огромный замок!»

(I'd munch on watermelons, play valleyball and... build a giant castle out of sand!)

«А ты, Биг Ман?»

(And you, Big Man?)
Биг Ман

«Ик. (Я бы смотрел на океан, мечтал
и придумывал новые песни...)»

(Ay. (I'd watch the ocean, dream, and come up with the new songs...))

«Похоже, у нас совсем разные планы.»

(Looks like we have completely different plans.)
Биг Ман

«Ик. Ик! (На пляже каждый найдет то,
что ему по душе. Этим он и хорош!)»

(Ay. Ay! (Everyone will find something of their liking on a beach. This is why it's so good!))

Mexico Spanish (NOA)

Dialogue Dialogue Region

«¿Qué alquilarías durante un día? ¿Un
palacio, un parque temático o una playa?»

(What would you rent for a day? A palace, a theme park, or a beach?)

«¡El verano llegó y también el calor!»

(Summer has arrived and so has the heat!)

«Mi elección sería un palacio para disfrutar
de un día absolutamente majestuoso.»

(My choice would be a place to enjoy an absolutely regal day.)


«Pues yo elegiría un parque temático. ¿Comida,
atracciones y juegos? ¡No se puede pedir más!»

(Well, I'd choose a theme park. Food, attractions, and games? Can't ask for more than that!)


«¡Zasss! (¡Yo alquilaría una playa por el azul
del mar, la arena y la buena compañía!)»

(Ay! (Well, I'd rent a beach for the blue sea, the sand, and good company!))

«Bueno, cuando lo dices así, ¡tampoco
suena nada mal!»

(Well, when you say it like that, that also doesn't sound bad!)

«Zasss. (La verdad es que todas las
opciones me parecen muy buenas).»

(Ay. (Honestly, all the options look real good to me.))

«Yo jamás he estado en un palacio, pero nada
superaría ese nivel de lujo y distinción.»

(I've never been in a palace, but nothing could overcome that level of luxury and distinction.)


«Luciría mis mejores galas y organizaría una
cena de alta cocina seguida por un baile.»

(I'd show off my best galas and organize a fine cuisine dinner, followed by a dance.)
«¿Baile? ¿O sea como un concurso
con premios para los ganadores y eso?»

(Dance? Like, a contest with prizes for the winners and all that?)

«Y, para concluir el día, dormiría en una
enorme y mullida cama digna de una reina.»

(And to end the day, I'd sleep in an enormous and soft bed worthy of a queen.)
«Zasss... (Si haces eso, las camas normales
nunca te volverán a parecer lo mismo...)»

(Ay... (If you do that, regular beds will never feel the same for you...))


«No sé, en un sitio tan refinado, me
preocuparía romper algo sin querer.»

(I don't know, at such a refined place, I'd worry about accidentally breaking something.)


«En el parque de atracciones puedo hacer
lo que quiera y ¡sin tener que hacer fila!»

(At the theme park, I could do whatever I want and without having to line up!)


«Si fuera Pirañalandia, ¡me tomaría un
montón de selfis con la mascota del parque!»

(If it were Wahoo World, I'd take a whole bunch of selfies with the park's mascot!)
«¿Y de cuándo acá hay filas para tomarte
selfis con la mascota?»

(And since when have there been lines to take selfies with the mascot?)


«¿Zasss? (Y, además, lo divertido es compartir
el parque, ¿no? ¡Me quedo con la playa!)»

(Ay? (And, besides, the fun is in sharing the park, right? I'm sticking with the beach!))


«Zasss. (Podría relajarme viendo las olas
o incluso surfear si me aburro).»

(Ay. (I could relax watching the waves, or even go surfing if I get bored.))


«¡Zasss! (¡Y no hay nada tan bonito como
el sol reflejándose en el mar al atardecer!)»

(Ay! (And there's nothing prettier than the sun reflecting off the sea at dusk!))
«Sí, ya, como sacado de un folleto

(Yeah, alright, like straight out of a tourist pamphlet...)


«Pero, en serio, ¡me pregunto lo que nuestra
audiencia preferirá alquilar por un día!»

(But, really, I wonder what our audience would rather rent for a day!)

«A propósito... ya ha pasado mucho más de
un día desde que te presté aquellos cómics.»

(By the way... it's already been way more than a day since I lent you those comics.)


«¡Uy, se nos acaba el tiempo! ¡Espero que
les gusten nuestros atuendos especiales!»

(Gah, we're out of time! I hope you'll like our special outfits!)
«¡Angie!... Me los vas a devolver, ¿verdad?»

(Frye!... You're gonna give them back to me, right?)


«¡Zasss! (Este... ¡Y la plaza también
estará engalanada para la ocasión!)»

(Ay! (Uh... And the plaza will also be decked out for the occasion!))

«Y fijense en las noticias de Nintendo Switch.
¡También habrá artículos de aire festivo!»

(And keep an eye on the Nintendo Switch News. There will also be gear with a festive vibe!)


As with all other seasonal-themed Splatfests in Splatoon 3, Summer Nights made several changes to the game's music to match the upbeat and tropical theme of the fest. A list of Summer Nights versions of Splatfest music is included below.

Song Audio
Opening (Tricolor Turf War)
Ego Overboard
Still Swimmin'
Anarchy Rainbow
Suntan Ocean First half version:

Second half version:

Sound effects

Sound Audio
Title screen startup



Promotional images


Team artwork

Win screens

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Splatfest Tees

In-game screenshots


Idols: Day 1
Idols: Day 2


TV screen animations


  • This is the first special Splatfest event that is original to Splatoon 3 as all other special Splatfest events were previously featured in Splatoon 2.
  • The Splatfest was announced on 28 May, 2024, the ninth anniversary of the original Splatoon in Japan.
  • This is the first Splatfest during which an idol (Callie and Marie in this case) has a completely different hairstyle as a part of their special costume.
    • In Callie's case, this is the second instance her model has had a different hairstyle, the first being her look in Return of the Mammalians.
  • Promotional screenshots posted on Twitter before the Splatfest showed an Octoling wearing a Splatfest Tee with a purple Lionfish Funface on the front instead of the Beach icon, possibly to avoid spoilers. The Splatfest Tees shown in the promotional picture of the Splatfest's themed gear lack team icons altogether.
  • Had this Splatfest used the results scoring system from before Version 7.0.0’s release, which only awards points for the winner of each results category, then Team Theme Park would have been declared the winner. [5]
  • Currently, the teams Big Man represented have won all seasonal Splatfests in Splatoon 3.
  • One of the TV screen animations for Summer Nights parodies the Bemani rhythm game series Dance Dance Revolution, using squid icons instead of arrows.

Names in other languages

Translation needed
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Short name
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 宮殿 vs. 遊園地 vs. ビーチ
Kyūden vs. Yuenchi vs. Bīchi
Palace vs. Amusement Park vs. Beach
Netherlands Dutch Paleis vs. Pretpark vs. Strand Palace vs. Amusement park vs. Beach
France French (NOE) Château vs. Parc à thème vs. Plage Castle vs. Theme Park vs. Beach
Germany German Palast vs. Vergnügungspark vs. Strand Palace vs. Amusement Park vs. Beach
Italy Italian Castello vs. Parco a tema vs. Spiaggia (in-game) Castle vs. Theme park vs. Beach
Un castello vs. Un parco a tema vs. Una spiaggia (official artwork)[6] A castle vs. A theme park vs. A beach
Russia Russian Дворец против Парк развлечений против Пляж
Dvorets protiv Park razvlecheniy protiv Plyazh
Palace vs. Amusement park vs. Beach
SpainMexico Spanish Palacio vs. Parque temático vs. Playa Palace vs. Theme park vs. Beach
China Chinese (Simplified) 宫殿 vs 游乐园 vs 海滩
gōngdiàn vsyóulèyuánvs hǎitān
Palace vs Amusement Park vs Beach
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 宮殿 vs 遊樂園 vs 海灘
South Korea Korean 궁전 vs 놀이공원 vs 바닷가
Gungjeon vs Noligongwon vs Badatga
Palace vs. Amusement Park vs. Beach
Brazil Portuguese (NOA) Palácio vs. Parque temático vs. Praia[7] Palace vs. Theme park vs. Beach
Which would you reserve for a day?
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 1日貸し切るなら?
1-nichi kashikirunara?
Netherlands Dutch Wat zou je een dag willen afhuren? What would you rent for one day?
Canada French (NOA) Que réserverais-tu pour un jour?
France French (NOE) Que réserverais-tu pour un jour ? (in-game)
Que réserveriez-vous pour un jour ? (official artwork)[8] What would you reserve for one day?
Germany German Was würdest du für einen Tag mieten? What would you rent for one day?
Italy Italian Cosa affitteresti per un giorno? What would you rent for one day?
Russia Russian Что бы вы арендовали на целый день?
Chto by vy arendovali na tselyy den'?
What would you rent for a whole day?
SpainMexico Spanish ¿Qué alquilarías durante un día? What would you rent for one day?
China Chinese (Simplified) 如果要租借1天的话?
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 如果要租借1天的話?
South Korea Korean 하루 종일 통째로 빌릴 수 있다면?
Haru jongil tongjjaero bilril su itdamyeon?
If you could rent this for a whole day?
Brazil Portuguese (NOA) O que você reservaria por um dia?[7] What would you reserve for a day?

Long name
I'd reserve a palace!
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 1日貸し切るなら?「宮殿」
1-nichi kashikirunara? "Kyūden"
Netherlands Dutch Ik zou een paleis afhuren! I would rent a palace!
Canada French (NOA) Je réserverais un château!
France French (NOE) Je réserverais un château !
Germany German Ich miete einen Palast! I rent a Palace!
Italy Italian Affitterei un castello! I would rent a castle!
Russia Russian Лучше арендовать дворец!
Luchshe arendovat' dvorets!
It's better to rent a palace!
SpainMexico Spanish ¡Alquilaría un palacio! I would rent a palace!
China Chinese (Simplified) 如果要租借1天的话?"宫殿"
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 如果要租借1天的話?「宮殿」
South Korea Korean 하루 종일 통째로 빌릴 수 있다면? 「궁전」
Haru jongil tongjjaero bilril su itdamyeon? "Gungjeon"
If you could rent this for a whole day? "Palace"

I'd reserve a theme park!
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 1日貸し切るなら?「遊園地」
1-nichi kashikirunara? "Yuenchi"
Netherlands Dutch Ik zou een pretpark afhuren! I would rent an amusement park!
Canada French (NOA) Je réserverais un parc à thème!
France French (NOE) Je réserverais un parc à thème !
Germany German Ich miete einen Vergnügungspark! I rent a Theme Park!
Italy Italian Affitterei un parco a tema! I would rent a theme park!
Russia Russian Лучше арендовать парк развлечений!
Luchshe arendovat' park razvlecheniy!
It's better to rent an amusement park!
SpainMexico Spanish ¡Alquilaría un parque temático! I would rent a theme park!
China Chinese (Simplified) 如果要租借1天的话?"游乐园"
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 如果要租借1天的話?「遊樂園」
South Korea Korean 하루 종일 통째로 빌릴 수 있다면? 「놀이공원」
Haru jongil tongjjaero bilril su itdamyeon? "Noligongwon"
If you could rent this for a whole day? "Amusement Park"

I'd reserve a beach!
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 1日貸し切るなら?「ビーチ」
1-nichi kashikirunara? "Bīchi"
Netherlands Dutch Ik zou een strand afhuren! I would rent a beach!
Canada French (NOA) Je réserverais une plage!
France French (NOE) Je réserverais une plage !
Germany German Ich miete einen Strand! I rent a Beach!
Italy Italian Affitterei una spiaggia! I would rent a beach!
Russia Russian Лучше арендовать пляж!
Luchshe arendovat' plyazh!
It's better to rent a beach!
SpainMexico Spanish ¡Alquilaría una playa! I would rent a beach!
China Chinese (Simplified) 如果要租借1天的话?"海滩"
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 如果要租借1天的話?「海灘」
South Korea Korean 하루 종일 통째로 빌릴 수 있다면? 「바닷가」
Haru jongil tongjjaero bilril su itdamyeon? "Badatga"
If you could rent this for a whole day? "Beach"

Internal names

Internal name Meaning