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The Princess Cannon is a special weapon in Splatoon 2. It is not part of any main weapon's kit, and is instead only available in the final Shifty Station layout, MC.Princess Diaries, where it appears in the middle of the stage when there is one minute left until the battle ends.[1] It is similar in appearance and function to the Killer Wail from Splatoon, although the beam that it produces is much larger and it takes slightly longer to charge up.


The Princess Cannon is similar in appearance to the Killer Wail. However, the Princess Cannon has a larger version of Pearl's crown from the Octo Expansion on the top left, as well as a pair of training wheels at the back. Additionally, the parts that would change color to match the user's ink on the Killer Wail are always pink on the Princess Cannon to reflect Pearl's ink, and there is a gold sticker of Off the Hook's Splatfest logo on the sides. There are also some Inkling words written on the inside of the megaphone in Marina's ink color.

Octo Expansion

The Princess Cannon is used against Commander Tartar in the ending cutscene of the Octo Expansion.

After the player successfully completes the game's final boss battle, Turf War, the NILS Statue still manages to fire its giant ink laser at Inkopolis out of the cannon in its mouth. Pearl uses the Princess Cannon to counter the ink beam. As she fires the Princess Cannon, the gauge from the score screen of multiplayer Turf Wars appears, showing the percentages of ink covered like normal. Pearl manages to score 888.8%, and the meter cracks, similarly to how it does in Ranked Battles.

Princess Cannon

Princess Cannon

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MC.Princess Diaries

MC.Princess Diaries is the final Shifty Station layout, debuting in the final day of the Chaos vs. Order Splatfest. When there is one minute left of the battle, Pearl slowly descends from Off the Hook's helicopter and lands in in the center of the stage, then waits for a player to get close to her. When a player gets close to Pearl, she gives them her Princess Cannon and allows them to aim it, then helps them to fire it. Using the Princess Cannon is considered using a special weapon for the purposes of the special gauge, so the player is always left with an empty special gauge after firing the Princess Cannon regardless of how much gauge for their own special weapon was filled prior to aiming the Princess Cannon. The Princess Cannon can only be used once per battle, since Pearl leaves for the rest of the battle after it is used.

Side Order

The Princess Cannon makes a return in Side Order, albeit as an alternative form the Pearl Drone transforms into, and as such, the Princess Cannon is much smaller, more stylized, and is supported by Killer Wail 5.1 speakers. This form is called the Color Wail by Pearl.

Just like before with Commander Tartar, Pearl uses the Color Wail to finish off Overlorder, using the power of the super saturated color chip tones as the means to do so, with the main Princess Cannon-like body emitting a white Killer Wail beam, while the 6 oscillating Killer Wail 5.1 speakers emit a colored beam that match one of the six color chip tones, just like with Commander Tarter, Pearl was doing 8,888 damage with every hit she hit on Overlorder.

This attack did some degree of permanent damage. While not outright destroying Overlorder, it did forced it into a state that was swiftly dubbed "Smollusk". Because of the Color Wail, Overlorder only has three phases in subsequential runs, and reverts back to Smollusk once defeated.


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  • Pearl likely has multiple Princess Cannons, as seen in the Chaos vs. Order Splatfest Promotional image.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese センパイキャノン[note 1]
ヒメちゃんメガホン[note 2]

senpai kyanon
Hime-chan megahon
Pearlie Cannon[note 3]
Pearl Killer Wail
Netherlands Dutch Megafoon Megaphone
CanadaFrance French Haut-Perleur[note 1] From the French names of the Killer Wail (in Europe) and Pearl.
Germany German Perla-Kanone[note 1] Pearl Cannon
Italy Italian Algorgheggio[note 1] From "Alga" (Pearl's Italian name) and gorgheggio (trill)
Russia Russian Боевой Вопль[note 1]
Boyevoy Vopl'
Battle Screech
SpainMexico Spanish Megaperláfono[note 1] Mega-Pearl-aphone, similar to the European Spanish name for the Killer Wail

Translation notes

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 This name was first mentioned in the language's respective version of the Octo Expansion. In the case of French and Spanish, the name was originally used in their European localizations only.
  2. First official use was during Haicalive Kyoto Mix.
  3. While the honorific term "senpai" is mostly used by Marina when referring to Pearl (translated as the nickname "Pearlie" in English versions), here it seems to be used as a nickname, as Pearl says it when referring to herself.