Propeller-Lift Fortress

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#B3: The Rampaging Octowhirl!
Octo Valley missions
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Propeller-Lift Fortress
~ Spin to Win! ~ (NA)
- Caught in a Spin - (EU/OC)
OV Propeller-Lift Fortress beginning.jpg
Number 16
Area 4
Sheldon's Request
Items 1 scroll, 5 armor, 1 Bubbler
Music Eight-Legged Advance
amiibo challenges Inkling GirlInkling Girl (recolor)Inkling Girl 2S Weapon Main Hero Charger Replica.png Results Arrow.png Cash 1500
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Propeller-Lift Fortress

Propeller-Lift Fortress, also named Propeller Lift Fortress,(EU/OC)[a] is the sixteenth mission available in Octo Valley. It is the first mission of the fourth area after the third boss, The Rampaging Octowhirl!. The mission is named as such because of its heavy use of Propellers. It is also the first level to introduce Elite Octolings.

Octo Valley

OV Mission 16 gap.png
OV Mission 16 Inkrail.png

When first entering Area 4, Mission 16 can be found under the area. The player needs to fall down the large gap in Area #4. There should be two Inkrails (can be found to the left and right), and a Gusher. Take the Inkrail on the left, it will take the player to a Gusher and extra platforming. Mission 16 can be found on that platform.



Mission Briefing

Propeller-Lift Fortress Stats
Area Enemies Armor Special Weapon Sunken Scroll
Beginning Area 4x Twintacle Octotroopers 1x Piece of Armor N/A N/A
Checkpoints 1 and 2 3x Octoballs
3x Octobombers
2x Twintacle Octotroopes
3x Pieces of Armor N/A N/A
Checkpoint 3 6x Octocopters
1x Octobomber
N/A N/A Yes
Final Checkpoint 1x Octoling
1x Elite Octoling
1x Piece of Armor 1x Bubbler N/A


The very first section of this mission holds 2 Propeller-Lifts. It holds 4 Octotroopers and 1 Armor to collect. There is an Inkrail to use to advance toward Checkpoint 2.

Checkpoint 1

After using the Inkrail, there is another Propeller-Lift that can raise several platforms, along with 3 Octoballs and 1 armor to collect. Agent 3 can advance to Checkpoint 2 with or without raising the platforms with the Propeller-Lift.

Checkpoint 2

The first part of Checkpoint 2 holds 3 Octobombers and 1 armor to collect. There is a Propeller-Lift located above the Octobombers. It's best to splat them so they won't distract Agent 3. After passing that, an area similar to Checkpoint 1, but there are 2 Octotroopers. The Armor is located on one of the platforms which needs to be triggered to raise the Propeller-Lift. To advance to the next Checkpoint, the player will have to use the Propeller-Lift to elevate them to the Launchpad, heading to Checkpoint 3.

Checkpoint 3

After taking the Launchpad, Agent 3 will be put in an area surrounded by water. There is a Propeller-Lift in the distance and can only be reached with the Ink Cannon after shooting the Propeller-Life with the Ink Cannon, but there is a single Octocopter guarding the Ink Cannon. A platform will reveal when Agent 3 successfully hits the Propeller-Life with the Ink Cannon. Take the Platform to get across the water. The player will meet 5 Octocopters and an Octobomber that awaits near the end of the ride. There is a Launchpad after climbing the wall, leading to the final Checkpoint.

Final Checkpoint

Once Agent 3 has reached the final checkpoint, there will be two propeller lifts, one with a bubbler on it. Once they've jumped off the platform, an Octoling will appear. Splat it, and an Elite Octoling will appear. Once you've splatted both of them, a Launchpad will appear. Super Jump to the platform with the Zapfish then burst its shield.


Sunken Scroll

S Sunken Scroll 16.png
Before the Great Turf War, there were amicable relations between the Inklings and the Octarians. They couldn't have dreamed that rising sea levels would force them to battle fiercely over the remaining territory.
Propeller-Lift Fortress Checkpoint 3-Sunken Scroll Location.jpg

Location: At the third checkpoint on a floating platform above the pool of water. After hitting the checkpoint, use the turret to hit the fan, bringing the platform over to you. As you defeat the enemies, keep note of the taller portion of the wall to the left. Ink a trail up that rather than the main wall when you reach the end of the pool. Climb up it, spray the ground, and turn around. Using the ink you sprayed, jump over to the platform as a squid and get the scroll within the crate. If you went up the short part of the wall, don't worry. You can still pray the fan to move the platform out so you can try again.


Propeller-Lift Fortress contains a grand total of five pieces of armor.

Propeller-Lift Fortress Beginning Area-Armor #1

Armor 1 Location: Before going into the area with the Octotrooper, make sure the platforms are moved far enough to reach the first armor. It can also be done by jumping in squid form to reach the lone platform. Can be found in the Beginning.

Propeller-Lift Fortress Checkpoints 1 and 2-Armor #2

Armor 2 Location: There are 2 small crates on the right side of the wall which advances Agent 3 to the next checkpoint. Destroy the top crate, which will reveal armor. Can be found in Checkpoint 1.

Propeller-Lift Fortress Checkpoints 1 and 2-Armor #3

Armor 3 Location: One of the crates away from the group of Octobombers wields armor inside. Can be found in checkpoint 2.

Propeller-Lift Fortress Checkpoints 1 and 2-Armor #4

Armor 4 Location: Going into the area with 2 Octotroopers, there is armor on one of the platforms that will rise when the Propeller-Life is being shot at. It can be picked up even if the platform is elevated. Can be found in Checkpoint 2.

Propeller-Lift Fortress Final Checkpoint-Armor #5

Armor 5 Location: During a duel with the Octoling, the last armor can be found on the right side of the platform. Break the 2 crates and the armor will appear. Can be found in the Last Checkpoint.

Special Weapon

Propeller-Lift Fortress Final Checkpoint-Bubbler.jpg

Location: The Bubbler can be found in the Last Checkpoint. It can be found on the left platform of the Propeller-Lift's Platforms. It will be helpful to fight against the 2 Octolings.

Enemies and Mechanics

First Introduced

Previously Introduced


S Icon Agent 1.png
Agent 1's Quotes

Agent 1
S Icon Agent 1.png
Where's theZapfish Zapfish?
Agent 1
S Icon Agent 1.png
Ugh! These guys?!
Agent 1
S Icon Agent 1.png
It's quiet...Too quiet.
Agent 1
S Icon Agent 1.png
Three more!
Agent 1
S Icon Agent 1.png
All in a day's work!
Agent 1
S Icon Agent 1.png
Octolings! Two of 'em!
Agent 1
S Icon Agent 1.png
There goes the first course!

S Icon Agent 2.png
Agent 2's Quotes

Agent 2
S Icon Agent 2.png
So... I think we need to go up from here?
Agent 2
S Icon Agent 2.png
Uh that's a Lot of Octo ink...
Agent 2
S Icon Agent 2.png
Here they come!
Agent 2
S Icon Agent 2.png
Ok, who ordered the extra large?!
Agent 2
S Icon Agent 2.png
Hope you're hungry for action, Agent 3!
Agent 2
S Icon Agent 2.png
Down goes the second course! Oh, and there's the launchpad!



  • The German name for this mission is a play on the phrase "durch Wind und Wetter" which means "through Wind and Weather". It shares a wind-themed pun with Propeller-Lift Playground.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese プロペラリフトようさい
~回し回され 無我夢中~

Puropera-Rifuto no Yōsai
Mawashi Mawasare Mugamuchū
Fortress of Propeller-Lifts:
Turning and Being Turned for My Life
Canada French (NOA) - Fort aux hélévateurs -
Les hélices du délice
- Fortress of the Propeller-Lifts -
The propellers of delight
France French (NOE) - Fort aux hélévateurs -
Délices d'élices
- Fortress of the Propeller-Lifts -
Propeller delight
Germany German Propellerflug durch
Tint' und Wetter
Propeller flight through
Ink and Weather
Italy Italian Fortezza inespugnabile:
un delirio di eliche!
Inexpugnable fortress:
propellers madness!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Fortaleza de hélices
~ ¡Gira para ganar! ~
Propeller fortress
~ Spin to win! ~
Spain Spanish (NOE) La fortaleza de los
bloques propulsados
The fortress of the
propelled blocks


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