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A player's Rank bar, showing a C rank with 50 points in the rank
C- redirects here. For the competitive Splatoon team in Leagues Under the Ink, see C- (team).

Rank (Japanese: ウデマエ udemae) is a progress indicator in Splatoon alongside Level. Ranks originally went from C- to A+, and were extended to S and S+ with Version 2.0.0.[1]

The higher the player's rank, the more competitive their Ranked Battles are and the higher amount of cash they can earn from said battles.

Ranks in Splatoon

Players begin at rank C-. Winning in Ranked Battles grants Battle Points based on the player's current rank and what their odds of winning were. Getting 100 points or more in any rank will promote the player to the next one, starting them off at 30 points into the new rank. Conversely, dropping below (but not exactly to) 0 points on a rank will demote the player to the next one down. However, they only need 30 points to get back up, since they start at 70 after dropping a rank. Players cannot go below C-.

When the match ends, players recieve Coins.png cash depends on how much they gained from the objective from the scale of 0 to 500p, the victorious team earns the bonus of knockout or non-knockout. The higher you rank is the bigger your bonus of victory is. Once a team won by knockout, the losing team earns 0 cash upon defeat.

Normally, matches award a base amount of points per win and loss (±10 above B-). These numbers change depending on the average rank of each team in a match. A team with a higher average rank than their opponents will be given a smaller reward if they win and a larger punishment if they lose, and vice versa; a team with a lower average rank gets a larger reward for winning and a smaller punishment for losing. The values are ±10±2 or ±10±4 depending on the magnitude of the difference. For example, a team of 4 A+'s vs an A+ and 3 A-'s, or 4 B+s vs an A+ and 3 B+s, will receive scores of ±10±2.

When a team starts with three players or fewer and loses, they will each lose only 1 point.

Prior to Version 2.0.0, the maximum rank was A+ with 99 points, at which point the text would change from white to yellow. The update added S and S+ rank to the ranking system (though no S-). The current maximum is rank S+ with 99 points. S and S+ rank players cannot lose or gain points in Squad Battles. Upon getting to S+ with 99 points, the S+ turns yellow like A+ did before Version 2.0.0. The amount of Base Points and Base Penalty was adjusted in Version 2.2.0.

Prior to Version 2.6.0, players could battle against other rank players and get different amount of base points per win or base penalty per loss depends on the teams matchup. Latter to Version 2.6.0, It will now not be possible for the following ranks to be matched together:

  • S+ and S
  • S and A+
  • A- and B+
  • B- and C+

This allows the players to get much more accurate base points per win or base penalty per loss.

Rank Points Base Points per win Base Penalty per loss Knockout Bonus Non-Knockout Win Bonus
C- 20 -10 1300 1000
C 15 -10 1600 1300
C+ 12 -10 2000 1600
B- 12 -10 2300 2000
B 10 -10 2600 2300
B+ 10 -10 3000 2600
A- 10 -10 3300 3000
A 10 -10 3600 3300
A+ 10 -10 4000 3600
S 0-39 5 -5 5000 4000
40-79 4 -5
80-99 4 -6
S+ 0-39 4 -4 6000 5000
40-79 3 -5
80-99 2 -5

Ranks in Splatoon 2

Like in the original game, ranks start at C- and go to S+, and players only play against players with the same letter grade- so C- players can play with C+, but not B-. However, each player now has three seperate ranks, one for each mode of ranked battle (Splat Zones, Tower Control, Rainmaker). This means that players will need to rank up in each mode individually, and will play against players at their skill level for each mode.

The mechanism by which players move between ranks has been significantly rehauled. Players now start with an empty meter, and as they win games, their meter will fill up, depending on their performance in each game. However, as they lose games, their meter will start to get cracks in it, getting 1 crack for every 1-3 games lost, depending on various factors that may include the team's score, the enemy team's power, a player's position on their team, how many enemies they splatted, and how much turf they inked.

If the player gains 4 cracks (equal to roughly 8 games lost), their meter will shatter, resulting in either their meter going down, or being sent down to the previous rank, depending on whether or not the player's meter is past the "OK" line. If a player successfully fills their meter, they will rise to the next rank, and can move up multiple ranks should they perform well in that rank.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese ウデマエ
FlagFrance.svg French Rang Rank
FlagGermany.svg German Rang Rank
FlagItaly.svg Italian Rango Rank
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Rango Rank