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Team of top 500 players in Rank X with their crown icons, shown before battle in Splatoon 2.

Players who have ranked up to Rank X battle for X Power rather than the Rank Meter. Players with similar X Power levels are matched together within Rank X.

On SplatNet 2, players can check X Power, most used weapon within the last 50 matches and estimate position within top 2,000 for each mode. They can also see the top player and the top player with their weapon.

After every month, for each of the four different Ranked Battle modes, 500 players with the highest X Power are announced on SplatNet 2.

X Power resets after every month. Players whose X Power ended up lower than 2,000 rank down to S+9.

If X Power drops far enough that they lose after their power is lower than 1,900, players may rank down to S+9 on the spot rather than at the time of the reset.[1][2]

Monthly Ranking periods

Before every ranking period, stages roster for each of the 4 different Ranked Battle modes are announced on social media.

Each Ranking period starts at the beginning of the month at 00:00 UTC with X Power reset.

After each period, X Rank leaderboard of the top 500 players in each of the 4 different Ranked Battle Modes is announced on SplatNet 2.

2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
N/A 9. January 21. January 33. January 45. January
N/A 10. February 22. February 34. February 46. February
N/A 11. March 23. March 35. March 47. March
N/A 12. April 24. April 36. April 48. April
1. May 13. May 25. May 37. May 49. May
2. June 14. June 26. June 38. June 50. June
3. July 15. July 27. July 39. July 51. July
4. August 16. August 28. August 40. August 52. August
5. September 17. September 29. September 41. September 53. September
6. October 18. October 30. October 42. October 54. October
7. November 19. November 31. November 43. November
8. December 20. December 32. December 44. December
Legend in X Rank leaderboard:
Player's Rank change:
  - new player/username in the ranking.
 - player went up in ranking.
 - player went down in ranking.
 - player remained in the same ranking.

Changes related to X Power reset

Change in weapon and stage additions

New weapons were added approximately once a week, with a ranking period of a month, while a batch of several weapons was added once a month.

Furthermore, stage additions or revamps were more likely to debut once a month at the time of the monthly reset.

Month New additions
Stage Weapons
May 2018 Camp Triggerfish Neo Splash-o-matic, Foil Squeezer, New Squiffer and Glooga Dualies Deco
June 2018 Wahoo World Carbon Roller Deco, Custom Dualie Squelchers, Rapid Blaster Pro Deco and Undercover Sorella Brella
July 2018 New Albacore Hotel Explosher, Ballpoint Splatling, Bamboozler 14 Mk II and Tenta Sorella Brella
August 2018 Ancho-V Games Light Tetra Dualies, Custom Hydra Splatling, Bloblobber and Nautilus 47
Month New additions from updates
(New stages were added to Ranked Battle rosters of all modes)
Stage Weapons
September 2018 Starfish Mainstage - revamped (4.0.0) 4.0.0: Kensa Splattershot, Kensa Splat Roller, Kensa Charger, Kensa Splatterscope and Kensa Splat Dualies
October 2018 Skipper Pavilion (4.1.0) 4.1.0: Kensa Splattershot Pro, Kensa Luna Blaster, Kensa Dynamo Roller and Kensa Sloshing Machine
November 2018 The Reef - revamped (4.2.0) 4.2.0: Kensa Splattershot Jr., Kensa L-3 Nozzlenose, Kensa Octobrush and Kensa Undercover Brella
December 2018 Blackbelly Skatepark - revamped (4.3.0) 4.3.0:
August 2019 Shellendorf Institute - revamped (5.0.0)

Ranked Battle stage limitation

The Ranked Battle stage roster is limited to eight per Ranked Battle mode. Then, at the monthly X Power reset, the stage selection refreshes to a different set of eight.

History regarding X Rank

Version history

Version Adjustments
  • A new rank type, "X Rank" is now available.
  • When a player has reached X Rank in the Ranked Battle mode they are currently playing pressing in the L and R sticks at the same time while in the lobby will cause the player to strike a special pose.
  • Fixed an issue for X Rank causing the "Danger!" warning message to appear mistakenly just after the calculating period ended.
  • Fixed an issue causing Clam Blitz rank to incorrectly display as S+9 on the screen displaying Rank X positions for the previous month when a player has attained Rank X in any mode other than Clam Blitz and also has a Clam Blitz rank of between S+0 and S+8.
  • Fixed an issue causing an incorrect calculation period to display on the screen displaying Rank X positions for the previous month.
  • Fixed an issue occurring on the X Rank results screen while calculating X Power in which the highest X Power would temporarily be displayed incorrectly, preventing the actual number from being displayed.
  • When playing Ranked or League Battles as a pair, your rank meter, X Power, or League Power will no longer decrease when playing with fewer members on your team due to internet disconnections for an even shorter period than was previously the case.
  • If internet disconnections prevent a player from finishing enough matches out of the last few dozen matches played, the decrease to their rank meter or X Power for each subsequent unfinished match will be greater than it was previously.
  • Weapon specifications are taken into account when splitting an assembled group of eight players into teams for Ranked Battle, but this feature has been changed in the following ways:
    • The number of players with crown icons in X Rank will no longer have a significant impact on team breakdown.
    • The number of players using weapons from different categories such as "shooter" or "roller" won't have a significant impact on team breakdown. Instead, the specifications for each specific weapon will be given more weight when splitting up teams.
  • Adjusted settings for X Rank battles so that during times when there are many players online, players with high X Power will be more likely to match with each other.
    • Further changes may be made depending on how the situation develops.
  • Made it so that for X Rank battles, other players' names are not displayed on the screen while waiting for players to join.
  • Made it so that for X Rank battles, you may battle with someone even if they're blocked via console settings if that player's estimated rank is within the top 2,000.