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A rare weapon being loaned to a player during a rotation with randomized weapons.
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Rare weapons are weapons from existing classes that have been illegitimately modified[1] by Grizzco Industries. During wildcard rotations in Salmon Run and Salmon Run Next Wave, one of Mr. Grizz's personal weapons will be accidentally added to the mix.[2] Rare weapons are tweaked versions of normal weapons with much more powerful stats. Some rare weapons have special abilities, such as the ability to cut through armor, though they often have a significant drawback compared to other weapons of their class. These weapons are only available at certain times, and only within Salmon Run; they cannot be used or obtained anywhere else.

List of rare weapons

Rare weapon Description Games

Grizzco Blaster
Modified Blaster. A moderate-damage, close-range blaster with a fast rate of fire and low ink consumption.
It debuted on 16 September 2017.

Grizzco Brella
Modified Splat Brella. A moderate-damage, mid-range brella with a fast rate of fire and low ink consumption. There is no canopy on this brella, so it cannot be opened; instead, it fires rapidly when the trigger is held.
It debuted on 15 October 2017.

Grizzco Charger
Modified Bamboozler 14 Mk I. A high-damage, long-range charger with high ink consumption. It charges instantly but cannot store a charge.
It debuted on 29 April 2018.

Grizzco Slosher
Modified Sloshing Machine. A high-damage, long-range slosher with a slow rate of fire and high ink consumption. The projectiles penetrate armor and keep moving after hitting enemies, then drop vertically at the end of their arc.
It debuted on 17 June 2018.

Grizzco Stringer
Modified Tri-Stringer. A high-damage, long-range stringer with high ink consumption. It fires nine projectiles per shot and charges quickly but has low accuracy due to its irregular spread pattern.
It debuted on 1 October 2022.

Grizzco Splatana
Modified Splatana Stamper. A high-damage, close-range splatana with low ink consumption. Both slashes have extremely limited range, but are highly damaging. The charged slash can pierce armor and has a long distance dash but has a long charge time.
It debuted on 2 December 2022.

Grizzco Dualies
Modified Splat Dualies. Extremely close-range dualies with a fast rate of fire, moderate damage, and low ink consumption. Performing a dodge roll with them creates a small burst of ink around the user's body, dealing heavy explosion types of damage to nearby foes. The player can dodge roll up to 9 times in a row.
They debuted during the Big Run starting on 2 September 2023.

Grizzco Roller
Modified Dynamo Roller. A high-damage, low ink consumption roller with slow but very powerful vertical swings and quick horizontal swings. Its rolling speed is superior to even that of the Inkbrush.
It debuted during the BIG Big Run starting on 8 June 2024.

Names in other languages

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Rare weapon
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese レアブキ
Rea buki
Rare weapon
Netherlands Dutch Zeldzaam wapen Rare weapon
France French (NOE) Arme rare Rare weapon
Germany German Seltene Waffe Rare weapon
Italy Italian Arma rara Rare weapon
Russia Russian Редкое оружие
Redkoe oruzhie
Rare weapon
SpainMexico Spanish Arma poco común Uncommon weapon