Respawn Punisher

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Respawn Punisher

Respawn Punisher

Applicable Gear Clothing
Favored By
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Respawn Punisher is an ability in Splatoon 2. The ability is exclusive to clothing, and cannot be rolled as a sub ability.

Respawn Punisher increases the respawn time and the amount of Special Gauge that is lost to both the user and opponents defeated by a Respawn Punisher user. If the opponent has S2 Ability Quick Respawn.png Quick Respawn on their gear, the effects are nullified by 85%, if applicable.

You and your defeated enemy's special gauge penalty and respawn time increase.
— In-game description, translated.(JP)[a]

Mutual exclusivity

This ability is found as the main ability only on clothing, so other abilities found only on clothing are mutually exclusive with it; in other words players cannot have them together. These abilities are S2 Ability Ability Doubler.png Ability Doubler, S2 Ability Haunt.png Haunt, S2 Ability Ninja Squid.png Ninja Squid, and S2 Ability Thermal Ink.png Thermal Ink. In addition, since wearing the S2 Gear Clothing Splatfest Tee.png Splatfest Tee with S2 Ability Ability Doubler.png Ability Doubler is mandatory during a Splatfest, these abilities cannot be used for the duration of those events.


Respawn Punisher is the main ability of:


Effects when using Respawn Punisher
For Respawn time Special Gauge lost
A player splatted without the ability 8.5 seconds 50%
An enemy splatted by a user of the ability 9.2 seconds 65%
A user of the ability splatted by an enemy 9.6 seconds 72.5%
A user of the ability splatted by another user 10.3 seconds 87.5%
  • Respawn Punisher has a stronger effect on the user than on the enemy, as shown in the table above.
  • Depending on whether or not the user and/or enemy are wearing Respawn Punisher, 2 subs, 4 subs, or 2 mains and 2 subs of Special Saver will automatically cancel out the special gauge penalty.
  • If both the user and an enemy are wearing Respawn Punisher, the effects of being splatted by an opponent with Respawn Punisher, and the penalty of being splatted while having Respawn Punisher will stack, as shown in the table above.
  • Respawn Punisher has no effect on assists. The user must land the final blow that splats the enemy for there to be an effect.
  • Respawn Punisher does not affect respawn time if the user drowns or falls out of bounds, but still has its normal Special Gauge effects.
  • The strength of Respawn Punisher does not decline with repeated deaths or splats.
  • Respawn Punisher only applies the nullification effect of S2 Ability Quick Respawn.png Quick Respawn on opponents. If the user has Quick Respawn, no additional penalty, aside from the additional respawn time already added by Respawn Punisher itself, is applied.
  • Respawn Punisher does not affect an enemy that splats the user and dies afterwards. As of 3.0.0, S2 Ability Haunt.png Haunt now applies this effect.

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Version history

Version Adjustments
  • Increased the reduction of a defeated opponent’s special gauge when they respawn from 5% to 15%.
  • Increased the reduction of the user’s special gauge when respawning from 7.5% to 22.5%.
  • Increased degree to which the effect of the gear ability S2 Ability Quick Respawn.png Quick Respawn is nullified on opponents from 80% to 85%.
  • When an opponent who splats the player, that activation will stand out clearly on the screen while waiting to respawn.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese 復活ペナルティアップ
Fukkatsu Penaruti Appu
Respawn Penalty Up
FlagNetherlands.svg Dutch Repercussie Repercussion
FlagFrance.svg French Retour perdant Losing return
FlagGermany.svg German Heimsuchung Homing
FlagItaly.svg Italian Castigo Punishment
FlagRussia.svg Russian Кара
FlagSpain.svg Spanish Castigo póstumo Posthumous punishment


  1. Japan


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  2. Testing was done on the Inkademy server on Discord. Published on 11/29/2017 in the #mechanics-research channel. Information was obtained on version 2.0.0.
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