Rider (character)

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Species Inkling
Hair color Yellow-Green
Eye color Yellow-Green
Gender Male
Maximum HP
Other forms

Next time, try using skills instead of tricks.
— Rider in the match against Team School Cardigan.

Rider is a character in the Splatoon manga and is a temporary member of the S4.


Rider usually wears the Fake Contacts, the Black Inky Rider, and the Octoleet Boots. In the Hero Mode arc, however, he wears the Hero Headset Replica, the Hero Jacket Replica with the Black Inky Rider on top, and the Hero Runner Replicas. He usually wields the Gold Dynamo Roller, but also wields the Kensa Dynamo Roller in volumes 8 and 10 while part of team S4 and the Hero Roller during the Hero Mode arc.


Rider has a tough personality, and seems to be short tempered. After battling alongside the S4 during the ranked battle cup arc, Rider began to care more for his teammates. He still has a serious attitude, but it is nowhere as extreme as it was before. While sanitized, he only cares about destroying things and seems to have reverted back to being tough and uncaring. After being freed from his initial sanitization, he becomes grateful to Goggles, Eight and Team Blue but still thinks that they are ridiculous; "But thanks all the same," he states after he is freed, after which Goggles pantses him.



  • Rider temporarily replaces Army as a member of the S4 when the latter was attacked by bees in the Square Ranked Battle Cup arc.
  • Rider does not like to team up, but when he lost to Team Blue, he realized that he needs teamwork to win.
  • Rider takes good care of his weapon.
  • He was on Team Chaos for the Final Splatfest.
  • He is Agent 3.5 of the New Squidbeak Splatoon.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ライダー
CanadaFrance French Rider Rider
Germany German Rider Rider