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This article discusses content that is not part of the official Splatoon series canon but is part of the community or competitive gaming space.
Rising Moon

Rising Moon

Location France
Captain Inky, binx
Created May 2016 [1]
Player Changes -

Rising Moon was a french competitive Splatoon team.


In late 2015, Inky has the idea to create a high level french team. Discussing details with binx, they decide to recruit on high criteria, aiming to become the best french team and then try to compete in Europe. In may 2016 is announced the creation of the team and recruitment officially starts, while both first members stay in their previous teams (Warp and PinkFlood).

In summer, the team welcomes the two brothers Musclor and Yoyo. In the meanwhile, a temporary team "Les Touristes" is created for the summer, to keep playing in tournaments and meet people, especially Andy from Koopa Clan.

In late summer and autumn this year, the team starts its first tournaments and recruits both Desailly (ex-Andy) and Ceybau from Koopa Clan, disbanded. The last member, Erza, was recruited in late 2016 after he left Cool Down.


  • Inky (Founder)
  • binx (co-founder)
  • Musclor
  • Yoyo
  • Desailly
  • Ceybau
  • Erza

Tournament placements

Rising Moon regularly ended up in the top 4, with some worse placements occasionally. The following table contains the 1st places (major wins in bold):

Tournament Date Place
1st French Cup November-December, 2016 1st
Go4Splatoon Europe December 2016 Finals January 7th, 2017 1st[2]
SCL 30 January 21st, 2017 1st[3]
Monsoon Splat Weekly #10 January 15th, 2017 1st[4][5]
Go4Splatoon Europe Cup #20 January 22nd, 2017 1st[6]
Go4Splatoon Europe Cup #21 January 29th, 2017 1st[7]
Agility Cup 1 February 4th, 2017 1st[8]
Go4Splatoon Europe Cup #25 February 26th, 2017 1st[9]
Go4Splatoon Europe February 2017 Finals March 5th, 2017 1st[10]
Top French Splatoon League 2 Finals March, 2017 1st[11]
Go4Splatoon Europe Grand Finals 2017 April 1st, 2017 1st[12]
Leagues Under The Ink, season 4, div S April, 2017 1st[13]
Tidal Wave April 23rd, 2017 1st[14]

With subs:

1st place in Monsoon 17 (march 5th, 2017), with cF Kiver and Ext Heaven.[15][16]