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What would you do at the world’s end?
Same Ol' vs. Bucket List vs. Save the Day
Teams   Same Ol’
  Bucket List
  Save the Day
Regions Global
Start 18 May 2024 at 00:00 UTC
End 20 May 2024 at 00:00 UTC
Length 48 hours
Winner Bucket List

Same Ol' vs. Bucket List vs. Save the Day was a Splatfest event in Splatoon 3. It was the third Splatfest to take place during Fresh Season 2024 and was announced on social networks on 2 May 2024.


The full name of each choice was "I'd do the same ol' thing at the world's end!", "I'd check off my bucket list at the world's end!", and "I'd try to save the day at the world's end!".

The Tricolor Turf War stage for this Splatfest was Robo ROM-en.


Results were announced in-game on 20 May 2024 at 02:00 UTC.

Halftime Report

At the halfway point in the Splatfest, Deep Cut revealed the team currently with the most overall Clout, and congruently announced that the mode Tricolor Turf War would be open.

  Same Ol'   Bucket List   Save the Day
33.36% 34.06% 32.58%


Category   Same Ol'   Bucket List   Save the Day
Conch Shells
90p (1st)
45p (2nd)
35.82% 32.54% 31.64%
70p (1st)
35p (2nd)
29.09% 50.25% 20.66%
Clout (Open)
120p (1st)
60p (2nd)
33.42% 33.82% 32.76%
Clout (Pro)
120p (1st)
60p (2nd)
34.38% 32.79% 32.83%
180p (1st)
90p (2nd)
33.42% 34.53% 32.05%
Total 395p 415p 60p


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Dialogue Dialogue Region

“What would you do at the world's end?”

“The world's end?! Did I miss a bulletin somewhere in there?”

“The options this time are... same ol' -- meaning, to treat it like any other day.”


“Or you could make a last-ditch push to cross things off your bucket list!”

Big Man

“Ay! Ay! (Personally, I wouldn't accept it! I'd try to save the day!)”

“OK, now can we talk about the WORLD ENDING?! Is this, like... tomorrow? Today?!”
Big Man

“Ay! (Relax -- it's just a what-if scenario!)”


“Ohh. Right. You had me in full panic mode for a sec.”

“If the world was ending, I think Splatfest participation would be at an all-time low.”


“In that case, I'd stuff myself with sweets, max out my credit cards, and live it up.”


“If there's no consequences, you know I'm gonna go for broke!”

“That sounds so... desperate. I'd go about my day as normal and cherish the time left.”


“A day talking about nothing on Anarchy Splatcast would be a good way to go out.”
Big Man
“Ay. Ay! (We don't always talk about nothing here. There's serious stuff too!)”

Big Man

“Ay! (I'm not letting the world end when I have so many more songs to record!)”

Big Man

“Ay. Ay! (So I wouldn't give up looking for a way to save us. All of us!)”
“Big Man with the big plans!”

Big Man

“Ay. Ay. (C'mon, I'm serious. You don't need to poke fun.)”

“No, I was serious too! That stuff you said got me right in the heart.”


“Still, I'll leave the world-saving stuff to the experts. I gotta be true to me!”


“Ah, but they say that happiness is close to home, and I happen to agree.”

Big Man

“Ay?! (Maybe we can find a portal to another world or something?!)”
“If that's the kind of doomsday solution you're considering... we're doomed.”


Dialogue Dialogue Region

“What would you do at the world's end?! The latest Splatfest is underway!”
Big Man

“Ay! (Join in the fun by choosing a team at the Pledge Box on the street!)”



Dialogue Dialogue Region

「明日世界が終わるとしたら?! いつもどおり過ごす vs
やりたいこと全部やる vs 助かる方法を探す~!!」




「やりたいこと全部やる」! そして...」



「って終わるのか?! 世界が! 明日?!!」

「エイィ! (もしもの話だよ!)」


























Dialogue Dialogue Region

“Wat doe je als de wereld gaat eindigen?”

(What do you do if the world is going to end?)

“Als de... wereld gaat eindigen?
Heb ik wat gemist?”

(If the... world is going to end? Did I miss something?)

“We hebben de keuze uit... Zelfde als altijd!
We leven gewoon door zoals altijd.”

(We have the choice of... Same as always! We live on just as always.)


“Of laat nog zoveel mogelijk dromen
uitkomen! Haal alles eruit wat erin zit!”

(Or let as many more dreams come true as possible! Get the most out of it!)


“Ay! Ay! (Ik laat het niet zomaar gebeuren!
Ik doe alles om de wereld te redden!)”

(Ay! Ay! (I won't let this happen just like that! I will do everything to save the world!))

“Ja, leuk allemaal, maar... DE WERELD GAAT
EINDIGEN? Wanneer? Morgen? Vandaag?!”

(Yes, that all sounds nice, but... THE WORLD IS GOING TO END? When? Tomorrow? Today?!)

“Ay! Ay... (Rustig, het is maar een gedachte-
experiment! "Wat zou jij doen als...")”

(Ay! Ay... (Calm down, it is just a thought experiment! "What would you do if..."))


“Oooh... Oké dan. Leuk, die experimentjes
van jullie.”

(Oooh... Okay then. Fun, those little experiments of you guys.)

“Als de wereld ging eindigen, dan denk ik dat
het niet druk zou zijn tijdens het Splatfest.”

(If the world was going to end, then I think it won't be crowded during the Splatfest.)


“In dat geval geef ik het grootste feest ooit!
Al mijn spaargeld gaat naar chocola en cola!”

(In that case, I will be giving the greatest feast ever! All my savings will go to chocolate and cola!)


“Als het geen gevolgen heeft, dan ga ik me
ook nergens voor inhouden!”

(If it has no consequences, then I won't hold back for anything!)

“Dat klinkt... wanhopig. Ik leef gewoon mijn
gewone leven en waardeer de tijd die ik krijg.”

(That sounds... desperate. I will simply live my simple life and appreciate the time that I am given.)


“Een hele dag over zeekoetjes en -kalfjes
babbelen in een Splatcast klinkt niet verkeerd.”

(A whole day having small talk in a Splatcast doesn't sound bad.)
“Ay. Ay! (Hé, wij praten niet de hele tijd
over niks. Soms is het best zinnig!)”

(Ay. Ay! (Hey, it is not the whole time we talk about nothing. Sometimes it is quite sensible!))
Notes: Zeekoetjes en -kalfjes comes from koetjes en kalfjes ("smalltalk"), and the diminutives of zeekoe ("manatee") and [zeekoe]kalf ("[manatee] calf").


“Ay! (Maar ik laat de wereld niet eindigen
zolang ik nog nummers te schrijven heb!)”

(Ay! (But I won't let the world end as long as I still have songs to write!))


“Ay. Ay! (Daarom zal ik altijd zoeken naar
manieren om ons te redden. Ons allemaal!)”

(Ay. Ay! (That is why I will always search for ways to save us. All of us!))
“Onze Ray-dende engel!”

(Our guardian Ray-ngel!)


“Ay. Ay. (Daar hoef je geen geintjes over te
maken, hoor. Ik meen het serieus.)”

(Ay. Ay. (There is no need to make fun of that, you know. I am being serious.))

“Ik meende het ook serieus! Je hebt me
oprecht geraakt met je woorden.”

(I was being serious too! You have sincerely touched me with your words.)


“Maar ik laat het wereldredden maar over
aan de experts. Ik kan alleen mezelf zijn.”

(But I will leave the world-saving to the experts. I can only be myself.)


“Helemaal mee eens, en hoe kan ik meer
mezelf zijn dan gewoon normaal te doen?”

(I completely agree, and how can I be more myself than simply doing normal?)


“Ay!? Ay! (Geven jullie zomaar op?! Misschien
is er een portaal naar een veilige wereld!)”

(Ay!? Ay! (Are you guys giving up just like that?! Maybe there is a portal to a safe world!))
“Eh... Gaat het, Ray? Jij zei toch dat dit
maar een gedachte-experiment was...?”

(Uh... Are you all right, Big Man? Didn't you say this was just a thought experiment...?)


Dialogue Dialogue Region

“Wat doe je als de wereld gaat eindigen?
Dat is tijdens dit Splatfest de vraag!”

(What do you do when the world is going to end? That is the question during this Splatfest!)

“Ay! (Ga naar de stembus op het plein
en kies een team, voor het te laat is!)”

(Ay! (Go to the Pledge Box in the square and choose a team, before it is too late!))


Dialogue Dialogue Region

“Wat gaan we doen als de wereld gaat

(What are we going to do when the world is going to end? WHATEVER WE FEEL LIKE!)


“O jee... M'n... dromen... Waar droom ik van?
Misschien had ik een lijstje moeten maken...”

(Oh gee... My... dreams... What am I dreaming of? Perhaps I should have made a little list...)

“Ay... Ay... (O nee... We hebben de boel
niet kunnen redden...)”

(Ay... Ay... (Oh no... We weren't able to save the day...))

“Wat had ik een dreamteam voor dit
Splatfest! Ze hebben er alles uitgehaald!”

(What a dream team I had for this Splatfest! They gave it their all!)

“Team Zelfde als altijd bleef trouw aan zijn
principes en heeft geen stap te veel gedaan.”

(Team Same Ol' stayed true to its principles and did not make a move too much.)
“Ay! (Ik ben diep geroerd door de helden
van Team Wereld redden!)”

(Ay! (I am deeply moved by the heroes of Team Save the Day!))

“Nou ben ik wel benieuwd. Wat zijn dan die
dromen die jij zo dringend wilt nastreven?”

(Now I am curious, though. What are those dreams you want to pursue so urgently, then?)

“O, eh... Dat wil je nu meteen weten?”

(Oh, uh... You want to know that right now?)


“Nou, ik wil eerst... zoals gewoonlijk een
Splatcast maken. Misschien een snoepspecial!”

(Well, I firstly want... as usual, to make a Splatcast. Maybe a candy special!)

“Jij wilt het einde der tijden snoepend
tegemoet? Hm, past ook wel bij je.”

(You want to head into the end of times while eating sweets? Hm, that does suit you, actually.)


“En dan kunnen we met z'n drietjes gaan
shoppen voor spullen om de wereld te redden!”

(And then the three of us can go shopping for stuff to save the world!)

“Ay? Ay. (Huh? Dat... klinkt vooral als een
combinatie van wat Haya en ik wilden doen.)”

(Ay? Ay. (Huh? That... sounds especially like a combination of what Shiver and I wanted to do.))

“Maar natuurlijk! Mijn grootste droom is om
te zorgen dat jullie een fijne dag hebben!”

(But of course! My greatest dream is to make sure you guys have a nice day!)

“Ay... Ay! (Snik... Ach, Muriël toch!)”

(Ay... Ay! (Sob... Oh, why, Frye!))

“Weet je? Ik vind dat het einde van de
wereld nog maar even moet wachten.”

(You know what? I find that the end of the world will have to wait a little longer.)

“Maak je geen zorgen. Het einde ter tijden
kan niet op tegen onze vriendschap!”

(You don't need to worry. The end of times is no match for our friendship!)



Dialogue Dialogue Region

« Que ferais-tu à la fin du monde ?
Des idées ? »

(What would you do at the world's end?
Some ideas?)

« La fin du monde ?! J'ai raté un épisode, ou quoi ? »

(The world's end? Did I miss something, or what?)

« Cette fois-ci, il y a le choix entre... Rien de spécial. Faire comme si de rien n'était. »

(This time, you can choose between... Nothing special. Do as if nothing was happening.)


« Et attendre la fin les fesses sur le sofa ? Jamais ! Je veux réaliser mes rêves ! »

(And wait for the end with your butt on the sofa? Never! I want to fulfill my wishes!)


« Ay ! (Moi, je ne baisserais pas les bras ! Je me battrais pour défendre le monde !) »

(Ay! (As for me, I would not give up! I will fight to defend the world!))

« Mais la fin du monde... c'est quand ?! Demain ? Ne me dites pas aujourd'hui ?! »

(But the end of the world... when is it?! Tomorrow? Don't tell me it's today?!)

« Ay ! (Respire, c'est totalement hypothétique !) »

(Ay! (Breathe, it's entirely hypothetical!))


« Ooooh, alors là tu m'as bien eue ! On est passés à deux doigts de la grosse panique ! »

(Ooooh, well you got me there! We came very close to major panic!)

« Si c'était la fin du monde, le festival afficherait un taux record d'abstention... »

(If it was the end of the world, the festival would boast a record rate of abstention...)


« Et moi, je me jetterais sur les bonbons... et tout ce qui me fait plaisir ! »

(And me, I would plunge into candy... and everything that makes me happy!)


« S'il y a zéro conséquence, autant lâcher la bride et vivre sa vie à fond ! »

(If there's no consequences, may as well ease up and live fully!)

« Moi, ça me dépasserait. Je préfère profiter calmement du temps restant. »

(Personally, it would be beyond me. I prefer to calmly enjoy the remaining time.)


« Par exemple avec un Anarchie Splatcast, à parler de tout et n'importe quoi... »

(With an Anarchy Splatcast, for example, talking about anything and everything...)
« Ay ! (On parle pas que de n'importe quoi ! On aborde aussi des sujets importants !) »

(Ay! (We don't talk about anything! We also address important matters!))


« Ay ! (Et j'ai trop de chansons à enregistrer pour laisser la fin du monde arriver !) »

(Ay! (And I have too much songs to record to let the end of the world happen!))


« Ay ! (Alors je me battrais jusqu'au bout pour le défendre ! Pour nous tous !) »

(Ay! (So I will fight to the end to defend it! For all of us!))
« Raimi fait jamais les choses à moitié, hm ? »

(Raimi doesn't leave anything half-done, hm?)


« Ay. (Je suis sérieux. Ne te moque pas de ceux qui veulent agir.) »

(Ay. (I'm serious. Don't make fun of those who want to act.))

« Moi aussi je suis sérieuse ! Ça me va droit au cœur, ce que tu dis. »

(Me too I'm serious! What you're saying is touching me deeply.)


« Mais je laisse le soin aux experts de sauver le monde. Perso, j'ai autre chose à faire ! »

(But I leave it to the experts to save the world. Personally, I got something else to do!)


« Moi, j'entends souvent que le bonheur est dans le quotidien, et je suis d'accord. »

(As for me, I often hear that happiness is to be found in the everyday life, and I agree with it.)


« Ay ?! (Sinon, on pourrait trouver un sas de téléportation vers un autre monde ?!) »

(Ay?! (Or else, we could find a teleportation chamber to another world?!))
« ... Si tu comptes sur ce genre de solution pour sauver le monde... on est fichus. »

(... If you rely on this kind of solution to save the world... we're done for.)



Dialogue Dialogue Region

«Cosa faresti se finisse
il mondo?»

(What would you do if the world

«Il mondo finisce?! Mi sono persa la
notizia, per caso?»

(The world ends?! Did I miss the
news, by any chance?)

«Le opzioni sono... le solite cose,
cioè viverlo come un giorno qualunque.»

(The options are... the same things,
that is, live it like any other day.)


«Oppure fare un ultimo, disperato sforzo
per esaurire la propria lista dei desideri!»

(Or make a last, desperate effort
to run out your wishlist!)


«Man! (Personalmente non lo accetterei
e proverei a salvare tutti!)»

(Ay! (Personally I wouldn't accept it
and I would try to save everyone!))

«OK, ma possiamo parlare del fatto che
IL MONDO FINISCE?! Tipo... domani? Oggi?!»

(OK, but can we talk about the fact that
THE WORLD ENDS?! Like... tomorrow? Today?!)

«Man! (Calmati, è solo uno scenario

(Ay! (Calm down, it's just a hypothetical scenario!))


«Aaaah, capito. Per un attimo ero
davvero nel panico.»

(Aaaah, got it. For a moment I was
really panicking.)

«Se il mondo stesse finendo, penso che
il festival non interesserebbe a nessuno.»

(If the world was ending, I think
no one would care about the festival.)


«In tal caso, penso che mangerei fino a
scoppiare e prosciugherei il conto in banca.»

(In that case, I think I would eat until I
explode and drain my bank account.)


«Se non ci sono conseguenza, la mia
scelta è finire al verde e spassarmela.»

(If there are no consequences, my
choice is finish on green and have fun.)
Notes: "Finish on green" means "to go broke".

«Che tristezza. Io farei nulla di diverso
e mi goderei il tempo che mi resta.»

(How sad. I would do nothing differently
and enjoy the time I have left.)


«Un ultimo giorno a parlare di aria fritta
nello Splatcast Anarchia non sarebbe male.»

(One last day talking about hot air
in the Anarchy Splatcast wouldn't be bad.)
«Man! (Non parliamo solo di aria fritta!
Affrontiamo anche argomenti seri!)»

(Ay! (We're not just talking about hot air!
We also deal with serious topics!))


«Man! (Il mondo non può finire quando ho
ancora tante canzoni da registrare!)»

(Ay! (The world can't end when I still
have so many songs to record!))


«Man. Man! (Quindi non rinuncerei a trovare
un mondo per salvarci. Per salvare tutti!)»

(Ay. Ay! (So I wouldn't give up on finding
a world to save us. To save everyone!))
«Mantaleo, il nostro eroe!»

(Big, you're our hero!)


«Man. Man. (Dai, sono serio. Non prendermi
in giro.)»

(Ay. Ay. (Come on, I'm serious. Don't make
fun of me.))

«No, no, anch'io sono seria! Quello che
hai detto mi ha davvero emozionata.»

(No, no, I'm serious too! What
you said really emotioned me.)


«Ma lascio il compito di salvare il mondo
agli esperti. Io devo essere me stessa!»

(But I leave the task of saving the world
to the experts. I have to be myself!)


«Però si dice che la felicità sia vicino a noi,
quindi forse dovremmo restare uniti?»

(But they say that happiness is close to us,
so maybe we should stick together?)


«Man! (Forse esiste un portale che ci
condurrà tutti in altro mondo!)»

(Ay! (Maybe there is a portal that will
lead us all to another world!))
«Se è quella soluzione a cui stai
pensando, siamo spacciati.»

(If that's the solution you're
thinking about, we're done for.)


Dialogue Dialogue Region

«Cosa faresti se finisse il mondo?
Il nuovo festival è in corso!»

(What would you do if the world ended?
The new Splatfest is ongoing!)

«Man! (Partecipate scegliendo un team
al terminal di voto in piazza!)»

(Ay! (Participate by choosing a team
at the Pledge Box in the square!))



Dialogue Dialogue Region

«Грядет конец света. В какой ты группе?»

(The end of the world is coming. Which group are you in?)

«Конец света?! Я что, новости пропустила?»

(The end of the world?! Did I miss the news or something?)

«Команды следующие... «Каквсегдашники»...
Они будут жить, будто все нормально...»

(The teams are as follows... «As-usual-ers»... They will live as if everything's normal...)


««Торопыжки» наоборот не захотят упустить
последний шанс реализовать свои мечты.»

(On the contrary, «Twinkletoes» won't want to miss the last chance to realize their dreams.)

Биг Ман

«Ик! Ик! (Ну нет, я не согласен! Я выбираю
команду «Спасители»!)»

(Ay! Ay! (Oh no, I disagree! I choose team «Saviors»!))

«Не-не, поподробнее, пожалуйста! Когда
конец света-то?! Завтра? Сегодня?!»

(No-no, more details please! When is the end of the world after all?! Tomorrow? Today?!)
Биг Ман

«Ик! (Успокойся! Это все в теории!)»

(Ay! (Calm down! It's all in theory!))


«Ох, ну ладно. А то я уже запаниковала...»

(Oh, alright then. Because I was already panicking...)

«Если бы конец света на самом деле был
близок... Сплатфест не состоялся бы...»

(If the end of the world was actually near... Splatfest wouldn't happen...)


«Тогда... я бы наелась сладостей, потратила
все деньги и отдохнула на полную!»

(Then... I'd eat sweets to my heart's content, spend all the money and chill to the fullest!)


«Никакого завтра, никаких процентов
по кредитам, гуляем!!!»

(No tomorrow, no loan interests, we're partying!!!)

«Это прямо крик отчаяния какой-то...
А я бы просто провела день как обычно...»

(It sounds like some cry of despair... And I'd just spend the day as usual...)


«Поболтала бы о глупостях на нашем
сплаткасте «Анархия», например!»

(I'd chatter about some stupid stuff on our «Anarchy» Splatcast, for example!)
Биг Ман
«Ик?! (Мы порой и про серьезные вещи
разговариваем, разве нет?!)»

(Ay?! (We sometimes talk about serious things as well, don’t we?!))

Биг Ман

«Ик! (И вообще, никакого конца света,
пока я не записал все свои песни!)»

(Ay! (And in general, no end of the world until I recorded all my songs!))

Биг Ман

«Ик. Ик! (Я буду искать любые пути,
чтобы всех-всех спасти!)»

(Ay. Ay! (I'll search for any way to save everyone!))
«Биг Ман мыслит глобально!»

(Big Man thinks globally!)

Биг Ман

«Ик. Ик. (Не надо сарказма, пожалуйста.
Я абсолютно серьезен!)»

(Ay. Ay. (No sarcasm please. I'm dead serious!))

«Да я серьезно и говорю! Твои слова,
можно сказать, пронзили мою душу.»

(I mean it seriously too! Your words can be said to pierce my soul.)


«Но с мировыми проблемами все же пусть
разбираются те, кто в них разбирается.»

(But let those who understand the world's problems deal with them.)

Notes: As a pun, Frye repeats the word разбираться razbirat'sya which can mean both "to understand" and "to deal [with something]".

«А все-таки счастье – это про дом...
про то, что с ним связано.»

(And yet, happiness is about home... about everything related to it.)

Биг Ман

«Ик?! (Может, нам удастся найти портал
в другой мир и там у нас будет новый дом?!)»

(Ay?! (Maybe we'll be able to find a portal to another world and we'll have a new home there?!))
«Знаешь, Биг Ман... Если это твой план
по спасению мира, то нам всем крышка...»

(You know, Big Man... If this is your plan of saving the world, then we're all doomed...)


Dialogue Dialogue Region

«Грядет конец света. В какой ты группе?!
Свежий Сплатфест стартовал!»

(The end of the world is coming. Which group are you in?! The fresh Splatfest has started!)
Биг Ман

«Ик! (Сделайте свой выбор в термининале
для голосования на площади, и вперед!)»

(Ay! (Make your choice at the Pledge Box in the square and go!))


Dialogue Dialogue Region

«Чем мы будем заниматься, если придет
конец света? Да всем чем угодно!»

(What will we do if the world ends? Whatever we want!)


«У меня... у меня даже нет списка
заветных желаний!»

(I... I don't even have a cherished wish list!)
Биг Ман

«Ик... Ик... (Нет... Мы не смогли...)»

(Ay... Ay... (No... We couldn't make it...))

««Торопыжки» были на высоте!
Под стать событию – концу света!»

(«Twinkletoes» were on top! Matching the event – the end of the world!)

««Каквсегдашники», спасибо за то,
что вы делали все как всегда!»

(«As-usual-ers», thanks for doing everything as usual!)
Биг Ман
«Ик! (Я был тронут, как «Спасители» из
последних сил старались все уладить!)»

(Ay! (I was touched by how «Saviors» tried to settle everything with the last bits of their strength!))

«Ладно, скажи, какие у тебя заветные

(Alright, tell us, what are your cherished dreams?)

«Ага, значит, теперь тебе интересно?»

(Aha, so now you're interested?)


«Сначала буду жевать вкусняшки и болтать
с вами в рамках сплаткаста «Анархия».»

(First, I'll munch on some treats and chat with you all as a part of the «Anarchy» Splatcast.)

«Обзор вкусняшек в преддверии
апокалипсиса? Я бы не додумалась.»

(Treats review in anticipation of the apocalypse? I wouldn't have thought of it.)


«А потом мы все вместе пойдем по
магазинам в поисках способа спасти мир!»

(And then we'll go shopping all together, looking for a way to save the world!)
Биг Ман

«Ик? Ик. (Э? Это все совпадает с моими
планами и планами Куллы.)»

(Ay? Ay. (Uh? All this matches my plans and those of Shiver's.))

«Ну это все потому, что одно из моих
желаний – чтобы вам было хорошо.»

(Well, it's all because one of my cherished wishes is for you two to feel good.)
Биг Ман

«Ик! (Я растроган, Мурия!)»

(Ay! (I'm touched, Frye!))

«Вообще, конечно, рановато для всяких там
концов света. Может, «Спасители» правы.»

(Overall, it’s too early for any sorts of the world's ends, of course. Maybe «Saviors» are right.)

«Ой, да ладно вам об этом думать!
Все равно ничего не произойдет!»

(Eh, enough thinking about it, you two! Nothing will happen anyway!)

MexicoSpanish (NOA)


Dialogue Dialogue Region

«¿Qué harían si se fuera a acabar el mundo?»

«¡¿Cómo que se acaba el mundo?! ¿Lo
avisaron por la tele y me lo perdí o algo?»

«Las opciones esta vez son... Seguir como
si nada y tratarlo como cualquier otro día.»


«¡O pueden aprovechar al máximo la recta
final e intentar cumplir sus sueños!»


«¡Zasss! (¡Yo no me resignaría! ¡Intentaría
salvar el día y evitar que todo termine!)»

«Bueno, ya, pero ¡¿podemos hablar de esto
del FIN DEL MUNDO?! ¿Es hoy? ¿Mañana?»

«¡Zasss! (¡Tranquila, es solo una
situación hipotética!)»


«Aaaah... entiendo. Ya me estaba
preocupando en serio.»

«Si se estuviera acabando de verdad, no
haría sentido organizar otro festival.»


«En tal caso, yo comería todo tipo de dulces,
gastaría mis ahorros y la pasaría genial.»


«Si no hay consecuencias, ¡pues qué
importa! ¡Voy a disfrutar al máximo!»

«Eso suena algo... extremo. Yo procuraría
seguir mi rutina diaria y disfrutarla.»


«Terminar con una sesión de "Radio caótica"
hablando sobre nada en particular...»
«¡Zasss! (¡Oye, oye! ¡Hacemos más
que eso en este programa!)»


«¡Zasss! (Y no puedo permitir que se acabe
el mundo; ¡tengo canciones que grabar!)»


«¡Zasss! (¡Así que intentaría remediar
la situación y salvar el día!)»
«¡Aquí nuestro héroe: Rayan!»


«Zasss... (Oye, no te burles de quien se
lo toma en serio. Más respeto...)»

«¡Lo decía en serio! ¡Tus palabras
me conmovieron!»


«Pero yo le dejo eso de salvar el mundo
a los expertos. ¡Tengo que ser fiel a mí!»


«Ah, pero dicen que la felicidad está justo
delante de nosotros. ¿No les parece cierto?»


«¿Zasss? (¿Justo delante? ¿Tras cruzar
un portal dimensional y ponernos a salvo?)»
«Si esa es tu idea para salvar el mundo...
estamos perdidos.»


Dialogue Dialogue Region

«¿Qué harías si se fuera a acabar el mundo?
¡Llegó la hora de un nuevo festival!»

«¡Zasss! (¡Voten en el kiosco del festival
para elegir un equipo!)»


Dialogue Dialogue Region

«¡Está decidido! ¡El último día del mundo
cumpliremos nuestros sueños!»


«P-pero... ¿qué sueños? ¿Se supone que
tenga una lista preparada o...?»

«Zasss... (Oh, no... No hay salvación...)»

«¡Muy bien hecho, equipo! ¡Ese es el ánimo
que quiero ver durante el fin del mundo!»

«Yo estoy orgullosa de mi equipo por seguir
como si nada y combatir como siempre.»
«Zasss... (El heroísmo y la unión de
mi equipo llenaron mi corazón...)»

«A ver, cuéntanos... ¿Qué sueños
pendientes tenías en mente?»

«¡Ajá! Así que... ¿ahora sí te interesan?»


«Pues, primero, comería un montón mientras
charlamos en "Radio caótica". Normal.»

«¿Con el apocalipsis en ciernes querrías
comer y hablar como un día cualquiera?»


«¡Y después nos iríamos de compras a ver si
conseguimos cosas para rescatar el mundo!»

«Zasss... (Un momento... Eso suena a las
cosas que queríamos hacer Megan y yo...)»

«Claro, porque lo número 1 en mi lista
es que ustedes pasen un buen día.»

«Zasss... (Ay, Angie... Me emociono... ¡Snif!)»

«No se puede acabar el mundo... Pensándolo
bien, quizá el equipo de Rayan tenía razón.»

«¿Por qué estresarnos ahora? ¡Algo así no
va a pasar en bueen rato!»

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Names in other languages

Translation needed
The section or page is missing non-English translations or material from other localizations edit
Short name
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese いつもどおり過ごす vs. やりたいこと全部やる vs. 助かる方法を探す
itsumo-doori sugosu vs. yaritai koto zenbu yaru vs. tasukaru hōhō o sagasu
Spend your time as usual vs. Do everything you want to vs. Find a way to help
Netherlands Dutch Zelfde als altijd vs. Dromen nastreven vs. Wereld redden Same as always vs. Pursuing dreams vs. Saving the world
CanadaFrance French Rien de spécial vs. Tous mes rêves vs. Défense du monde Nothing special vs. All of my wishes vs. World's defense
Germany German Alltagsleben vs. Löffelliste vs. Weltrettung Everyday Life vs. Spoon List vs. Saving the World
Italy Italian Le solite cose vs. Lista dei desideri vs. Salvare tutti The usual things vs. Wishlist vs. Save everyone
Russia Russian Каквсегдашники против Торопыжки против Спасители
Kakvsegdashniki protiv Toropyzhki protiv Spasiteli
As-usual-ers[a] vs. Twinkletoes vs. Saviors
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Seguir como si nada vs. Cumplir mis sueños vs. Salvar el día Go on like it's nothing vs. Fulfill my dreams vs. Save the day
Spain Spanish (NOE) Seguir a lo mío vs. Cosas pendientes vs. Salvar a la gente Keep doing my thing vs. Unfinished business vs. Save people
China Chinese (Simplified) 像往常一样度过 vs 将想做的事都完成 vs 寻找求生方法
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 像往常一樣度過 vs 將想做的事都完成 vs 尋找求生方法
South Korea Korean 평소처럼 지내기 vs 원하는 걸 다 하기 vs 살 방법을 찾기
Brazil Portuguese (NOA) O mesmo de sempre vs. Lista de desejos vs. Salvar o dia[1] The same as usual vs. Wishlist vs. Save the day
Portugal Portuguese (NOE) Continuar na mesma vs. Realizar todos os sonhos vs. Salvar o mundo[2] Keep doing the usual vs. Make all your dreams come true vs. Save the world

What would you do at the world's end?
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 明日世界が終わるとしたら?
Ashita sekai ga owaru to shitara?
What would you do if the world ended tomorrow?
Netherlands Dutch Wat doe je als de wereld gaat eindigen? What do you do if the world is going to end?
Canada French (NOA) Que ferais-tu à la fin du monde? What would you do at the world's end?
France French (NOE) Que ferais-tu à la fin du monde ? (in-game) What would you do at the world's end ?
Que feriez-vous à la fin du monde ? (official artwork)[3]
Germany German Was tun, wenn die Welt untergeht? What to do when the world ends?
Italy Italian Cosa faresti se finisse il mondo? What would you do if the world ended?
Russia Russian Грядет конец света. В какой ты группе?
Gryadyot konets sveta. V kakoy ty gruppe?
The end of the world is coming. Which group are you in?
Mexico Spanish (NOA) ¿Qué harías si se fuera a acabar el mundo? What would you do if the world were to end?
Spain Spanish (NOE) ¿Qué harías si se acabara el mundo? What would you do if the world ended?
China Chinese (Simplified) 如果明天世界末日你会怎么做?
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 如果明天世界末日你會怎麼做?
South Korea Korean 내일 세상이 끝난다면?
Brazil Portuguese (NOA) O que você faria no fim do mundo?[1] What would you do at the end of the world?
Portugal Portuguese (NOE) O que fariam se o mundo acabasse?[2] What would you do if the world ended?

Long name
I'd do the same ol' thing at the world's end!
Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Totat [sic] de wereld eindigt, leef ik door zoals altijd! Until the world ends, I will live on as always!
CanadaFrance French À la fin du monde, je ne ferais rien de spécial.
Germany German Wenn die Welt untergeht, führe ich mein Leben genauso wie immer.
Italy Italian Farei le solite cose di sempre se finisse il mondo! I would do the same things as always if the world ended!
Russia Russian Ничего особенного делать не буду! Живу как всегда.
Nichego osobennogo delat' ne budu! Zhivu kak vsegda.
I won't do anything special! I live as usual.
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Si se fuera a acabar el mundo, seguiría como si nada. If the world were to end, I'd go on like it's nothing.
Spain Spanish (NOE) Si se acabara el mundo, seguiría a lo mío. If the world were ending, I'd keep doing my thing.
China Chinese (Simplified) 如果明天世界末日你会怎么做?"像往常一样度过"
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 如果明天世界末日你會怎麼做?「像往常一樣度過」
South Korea Korean 내일 세상이 끝난다면? 「평소처럼 지내기」

I'd check off my bucket list at the world's end!
Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Totdat de wereld eindigt, streef ik mijn dromen na! Until the world ends, I will pursue my dreams!
CanadaFrance French À la fin du monde, je réaliserais mes rêves.
Germany German Wenn die Welt untergeht, erledige ich alles, was ich dringend vorhatte.
Italy Italian Esaurirei la mia lista di desideri se finisse il mondo! I would run out my wishlist if the world ended!
Russia Russian Постараюсь исполнить все мои заветные мечты!
Postarayus' ispolnit' vse moi zavetnye mechty!
I'll try to fulfill all my cherished dreams!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Si se fuera a acabar el mundo, cumpliría mis sueños. If the world were to end, I'd accomplish all of my dreams.
Spain Spanish (NOE) Si se acabara el mundo, haría todas mis cosas pendientes. If the world were ending, I'd handle all my unfinished business.
China Chinese (Simplified) 如果明天世界末日你会怎么做?"将想做的事都完成"
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 如果明天世界末日你會怎麼做?「將想做的事都完成」
South Korea Korean 내일 세상이 끝난다면? 「원하는 걸 다 하기」

I'd try to save the day at the world's end!
Language Name Meaning
Netherlands Dutch Totdat de wereld eindigt, doe ik alles om die te redden! Until the world ends, I will do everything to save that one!
CanadaFrance French À la fin du monde, je me battrais pour le défendre.
Germany German Wenn die Welt untergeht, dann rette ich sie selbst!
Italy Italian Cercherei di salvare tutti se finisse il mondo! I would try to save everyone if the world ended!
Russia Russian Я во что бы то ни стало постараюсь спасти мир!
Ya vo chto by to ni stalo postarayus' spasti mir!
I'll try to save the world at all costs!
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Si se fuera a acabar el mundo, salvaria el día. If the world were to end, I'd save the day.
Spain Spanish (NOE) Si se acabara el mundo, salvaría a toda la gente. If the world were ending, I'd save everybody.
China Chinese (Simplified) 如果明天世界末日你会怎么做?"寻找求生方法"
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 如果明天世界末日你會怎麼做?「尋找求生方法」
South Korea Korean 내일 세상이 끝난다면? 「살 방법을 찾기」

Translation notes

  1. From как всегда kak vsegda ("as usual", "as always")