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S3 Tableturf Battle card Scrapper.png
Species Salmonid
Hair color
Eye color
Location Salmon Run, Salmon Run Next Wave
HP 600 (shield)
500 (driver)
Maximum HP
Other forms

Scrappers are Boss Salmonids that appear in Salmon Run in Splatoon 2 and Salmon Run Next Wave in Splatoon 3.


Scrappers move slowly, but leave behind a large trail of ink. The only way to splat a Scrapper is to shoot its tail, which is located behind it. Dealing 600 damage to the shield with stun it, exposing it's tail for roughly 5 seconds. Players should use this time to splat the Scrapper. If one player shoots the Scrapper, it will stop moving and face its shield against this player, allowing other players to attack from behind.

If the player shoots the Scrapper but does not stun it, it will take around two seconds from the last shot before it starts moving again. If the player stuns it but does not splat it, it will take around five seconds before its shield is repaired and it starts moving again.


The following text is quoted from the Salmonid Field Guide.

Basic Information
  • Protected against almost all ink damage by their shields.
  • Their ability to turn rapidly allows them to keep their shields facing their target.
Attack Behavior
  • The protection afforded by their shields allows them to charge forwards.
  • Sustained ink attacks will damage their shields and bring them to a standstill.
  • Once the Scrapper is immobilized, move round behind it to fire through the chink in its armor and take it out.
Supporting Information
  • The Scrapper's vehicle is a much-desired item for many Salmonids.
  • The shields are made from odds and ends of scrap metal.
  • If the shields are broken, the Scrapper will have to stop in order to make repairs.


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HP Damage  Attack/Defeat/Total Power Eggs  Golden Eggs 
600/500 [Sal. 1] 30 13 / 3 / 16 3


  1. The Scrapper's shield has 600 HP while the main body has 500 HP.

See also: Salmon Run Next Wave data
Hits to splat Scrapper
Weapon Min/Max
S3 Weapon Special Booyah Bomb.png Booyah Bomb 1 - 72
S3 Weapon Special Crab Tank.png Crab Tank 2 - 9
S3 Weapon Special Inkjet.png Inkjet 2 - 7
S3 Weapon Special Killer Wail 5.1.png Killer Wail 5.1 1 - 2
S3 Weapon Special Reefslider.png Reefslider 1 - 2
S3 Weapon Special Triple Inkstrike.png Triple Inkstrike 1 - 10
S3 Weapon Special Wave Breaker.png Wave Breaker 2 - 4
S3 Weapon Main .52 Gal.png .52 Gal 10 - 15
S3 Weapon Main .96 Gal.png .96 Gal 6 - 10
S3 Weapon Main Aerospray MG.png Aerospray MG 21 - 27
S3 Weapon Main Ballpoint Splatling.png Ballpoint Splatling 15 - 20
S3 Weapon Main Bamboozler 14 Mk I.png Bamboozler 14 Mk I 4 - 9
S3 Weapon Main Big Swig Roller.png Big Swig Roller 4 - 10
S3 Weapon Main Blaster.png Blaster 3 - 5
S3 Weapon Main Bloblobber.png Bloblobber 3 - 9
S3 Weapon Main Carbon Roller.png Carbon Roller 4 - 9
S3 Weapon Main Clash Blaster.png Clash Blaster 6 - 10
S3 Weapon Main Classic Squiffer.png Classic Squiffer 2 - 10
S3 Weapon Main Dapple Dualies.png Dapple Dualies 12 - 17
S3 Weapon Main Dark Tetra Dualies.png Dark Tetra Dualies 17 - 20
S3 Weapon Main Dread Wringer.png Dread Wringer 2 - 4
S3 Weapon Main Dualie Squelchers.png Dualie Squelchers 17 - 20
S3 Weapon Main Dynamo Roller.png Dynamo Roller 2 - 5
Egg Cannon.png Egg cannon 1 - 3
S3 Weapon Main E-liter 4K.png E-liter 4K 1 - 10
S3 Weapon Main Explosher.png Explosher 4 - 7
S3 Weapon Main Flingza Roller.png Flingza Roller 2 - 8
S3 Weapon Main Glooga Dualies.png Glooga Dualies 8 - 17
S3 Weapon Main Goo Tuber.png Goo Tuber 2 - 7
S3 Weapon Main Grizzco Blaster.png Grizzco Blaster 10 - 15
S3 Weapon Main Grizzco Brella.png Grizzco Brella 7 - 34
S3 Weapon Main Grizzco Charger.png Grizzco Charger 3
S3 Weapon Main Grizzco Dualies.png Grizzco Dualies 4 - 20
S3 Weapon Main Grizzco Slosher.png Grizzco Slosher 2 - 4
S3 Weapon Main Grizzco Splatana.png Grizzco Splatana 1 - 3
S3 Weapon Main Grizzco Stringer.png Grizzco Stringer 1 - 15
S3 Weapon Main H-3 Nozzlenose.png H-3 Nozzlenose 8 - 9
S3 Weapon Main Heavy Edit Splatling.png Heavy Edit Splatling 15 - 20
S3 Weapon Main Heavy Splatling.png Heavy Splatling 15 - 20
S3 Weapon Main Hydra Splatling.png Hydra Splatling 9 - 20
S2 Icon Ink Cannon.png Ink Cannon 2
S3 Weapon Main Inkbrush.png Inkbrush 13 - 25
S3 Weapon Main Jet Squelcher.png Jet Squelcher 13 - 17
S3 Weapon Main L-3 Nozzlenose.png L-3 Nozzlenose 13 - 15
S3 Weapon Main Luna Blaster.png Luna Blaster 3 - 5
S3 Weapon Main Mini Splatling.png Mini Splatling 15 - 20
S3 Weapon Main N-ZAP '85.png N-ZAP '85 18 - 25
S3 Weapon Main Nautilus 47.png Nautilus 47 15 - 20
S3 Weapon Main Octobrush.png Octobrush 9 - 13
S3 Weapon Main Painbrush.png Painbrush 4 - 10
S3 Weapon Main Range Blaster.png Range Blaster 2 - 4
S3 Weapon Main Rapid Blaster.png Rapid Blaster 4 - 9
S3 Weapon Main Rapid Blaster Pro.png Rapid Blaster Pro 4 - 7
S3 Weapon Main REEF-LUX 450.png REEF-LUX 450 3 - 15
S3 Weapon Main Slosher.png Slosher 4
S3 Weapon Main Sloshing Machine.png Sloshing Machine 3 - 5
S3 Weapon Main Snipewriter 5H.png Snipewriter 5H 3 - 9
S3 Weapon Main Splash-o-matic.png Splash-o-matic 18 - 25
S3 Weapon Main Splatana Stamper.png Splatana Stamper 2 - 12
S3 Weapon Main Splatana Wiper.png Splatana Wiper 2 - 15
S Weapon Sub Splat Bomb.png Splat Bomb 3 - 17
S3 Weapon Main Splat Brella.png Splat Brella 3 - 17
S3 Weapon Main Splat Charger.png Splat Charger 2 - 10
S3 Weapon Main Splat Dualies.png Splat Dualies 17 - 20
S3 Weapon Main Splat Roller.png Splat Roller 3 - 8
S3 Weapon Main Splattershot.png Splattershot 14 - 17
S3 Weapon Main Splattershot Jr..png Splattershot Jr. 18 - 25
S3 Weapon Main Splattershot Nova.png Splattershot Nova 17 - 25
S3 Weapon Main Splattershot Pro.png Splattershot Pro 12 - 17
S3 Weapon Main Sploosh-o-matic.png Sploosh-o-matic 12 - 17
S3 Weapon Main Squeezer.png Squeezer 12 - 20
S3 Weapon Main S-BLAST '92.png S-BLAST '92 2 - 4
S3 Weapon Main Tenta Brella.png Tenta Brella 2 - 12
S3 Weapon Main Tri-Slosher.png Tri-Slosher 5 - 9
S3 Weapon Main Tri-Stringer.png Tri-Stringer 2 - 13
S3 Weapon Main Undercover Brella.png Undercover Brella 4 - 20


  • Scrappers move much faster than than other bosses, allowing them to be lured to the basket much easier than other Boss Salmonids.
  • The Sting Ray, Killer Wail 5.1, Grizzco Slosher, and Grizzco Splatana ignore Scrappers' armor.
  • Scrappers target the player that last shot them. This can be used to redirect scrappers toward the basket if they're following someone further away from it.
  • Players who are targeted can turn around the scrapper quickly so crewmates can kill it without having to immobilize it first.


Main article: Badge#Salmon Run

Splatting Scrappers a specific number of times in Salmon Run: Next Wave will reward the player with special badges that they can use on their Splashtag.

Scrapper Badges
S3 Badge Scrapper 100.png Scrapper Splats x 100
S3 Badge Scrapper 1000.png Scrapper Splats x 1,000
S3 Badge Scrapper 10000.png Scrapper Splats x 10,000



Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese テッパン
From 鉄板 teppan ("iron plate") [a]
Netherlands Dutch Jutter Beachcomber
CanadaFrance French Bricabrute From briquer ("to scrap") and brute [b]
Germany German Pfanndit From Pfanne ("frying pan") and Bandit ("bandit")
Italy Italian Blindomito From blindato ("armored") and indomito ("indomitable")
Russia Russian Кетанкист
From кета keta ("chum") and танкист tankist ("tankman")
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Parrillero Broiler
Spain Spanish (NOE) Chatarrónido Scrapper
China Chinese (Simplified) 铁板鱼
tiě bǎn yú (Mandarin)
Iron plate fish [a]
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 鐵板魚
tiě bǎn yú (Mandarin)
Iron plate fish [a]
South Korea Korean 철판
From 鐵板 cheolpan ("iron plate") [a]
Translate logo.svg Internal SakelienShield [1]

Translation notes

  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 This language's respective word for "iron plate" refers to a kind of iron griddle used by Japanese teppanyaki chefs
  2. Also sounds similar to bric-à-brac ("junky mess")