Sea-Cucumber Phone

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An Inkling and Octoling both operating their Sea-cucumber phones.

Sea-Cucumber Phones are a piece of equipment that the player has in Splatoon 3.


The obtainable sea cucumber phone locker item

Sea-Cucumber Phones are flip-phones with a rounded shell and rounded spines on the outside of their screens, resembling those of a sea cucumber. All players seem to have them, although they are not usually seen.


Using the Sea-Cucumber Phone to listen to the Anarchy Splatcast in the background

Sea-Cucumber Phones can be used to listen to the Anarchy Splatcast in the background as an alternative to watching it, and players can be seen in Splatsville and Inkopolis Plaza using them. When using the Sea-Cucumber Phone to listen to the broadcast in the background, the dialog is shown at the top left of the screen, implying that the player is using their phone to listen to it. Players can obtain a Sea-Cucumber Phone for their locker by purchasing it from Hotlantis for 85,850 coins or via the Shell-Out Machine.


Side Order

In Side Order (as stated in the 11th entry of Marina's Dev Diaries), Marina realizes that the Sea-Cucumber Phones, which she was planning to use as entrypoints into her virtual reality "Project Memverse", have a security flaw that could be exploited to pull anyone into it losing their free will in the real world.



  • This phone replaced those from the previous games, which were smartphones shaped like squids or octopi, though a squid-shaped phone is still visible on a table in Splatoon 3's iteration of The Shoal and on display in a shop in Splatsville.
  • Big Man references the Sea-Cucumber Phone in one of the Anarchy Splatcast stage dialogues for Hagglefish Market.[1]

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ナマコフォン
namako fon
Sea-Cucumber Phone
Netherlands Dutch Zeekomkommertelefoon Sea-cucumber telephone
Germany German Seegurken-Telefon Sea-Cucumber Phone
Italy Italian Cetriollare di mare Sea-cucumphone[note 1]
Russia Russian Голотурифон (Pre-7.0.0)
Holothuroiphone[note 2]
Same above

Translation notes

  1. From Cetriolo di mare (Sea cucumber) and Cellulare (Mobile phone, Cellular)
  2. From голотурия goloturiya (Holothuroidea) and телефон telefon (phone)


  1. Hagglefish Market, regular dialogue #3: "Ay! (Buyer beware at Hagglefish Market! I think my sea-cucumber phone is fake...)"