Secret Bowling Alley

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Octo Canyon missions
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Secret Bowling Alley
˜ Rollin' through the Ink ˜
OC Secret Bowling Alley beginning.jpg
Number 16
Area 4
Sheldon's Request S2 Weapon Main Hero Shot Replica.png Hero Shot
Items 1 Scroll, 1 Sardinium, 2 Armor
Music Cephaloparade
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Secret Bowling Alley

Secret Bowling Alley is the sixteenth mission in Octo Canyon. It is the first level to introduce the Octoballers.

Octo Canyon

The Kettle for this mission is at the front left of Slimeskin Garrison. To reach it, find a Bounce Pad to the left front of the area, and use it to get to an Inkfurler, leading upwards to the kettle.



Secret Bowling Alley Stats
Area Enemies Armor Special Weapon Sunken Scroll Sardinium Crust Bucket Ticket
Beginning Area 2x Octoballer Launchers N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 1 2x Octoballer Launchers, 2x Octotroopers 1x Armor N/A N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 2 3x Octoballer Launchers, 2x Twintacle Octotroopers, 1x Octosniper N/A N/A N/A Yes N/A
Checkpoint 3 2x Octoballer Launchers, 4x Octotroopers N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Checkpoint 4 1x Kingpin Octoballer Launcher N/A N/A Yes N/A N/A
Final Checkpoint 3x Octoballer Launchers, 1x Octocopter 1x Armor N/A N/A N/A N/A

Beginning Area

Immediately to the left are two lanes of Octoballers rolling. The player will have to move up and against the Octoballers. Take advantage of the period of vacancy when the Octoballers aren't rolling to cross and navigate the path. To the far left is a safe platform to wait out, and then further ahead is a grating above which provides safe ground below. From there the player has to climb up to the grate and dodge the Octoballers to reach the path branching off to the left, where sits the first checkpoint.

Checkpoint 1

Ahead on the path is a platform rolled over by two lanes of Octoballers. Time and climb up the platform and navigate through the lanes. The first part has nothing but a grating at the end, the second part has a lone Octotrooper under the grating, and the third part has another lone Octotrooper in front of the launchers, with a platform to the right with the launchpad to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 2

Ahead is an uninkable platform with one lane of Octoballers through the middle of the platform rolling towards the left. On the other end are two Twintacle Octotroopers guarding the next platform. Defeat them and cross the platform, then climb up the next platform. There is the same uninkable platform but with two Octoballer lanes through the middle rolling to the left, and an Octosniper at the other end guarding the Gusher. Defeat the Octosniper, cross the platform, use the Gusher and get to the launchpad ahead to the next checkpoint.

Checkpoint 3

Ahead are two lanes of Octoballers with moving platforms altering their path. Drop down from the plank walk onto the lanes and defeat the two Octotroopers there. Cross the first moving platform moving side-to-side and climb up the wall ahead. Continue along the lanes and ride on the second moving platform moving up and down. At the top defeat the two Octotroopers there and get to the platform with the launchpad to the next checkpoint to the right.

Checkpoint 4

Ahead is a lane of Kingpin Octoballers. These are large versions of Octoballers. Climb up to the grating ahead and break the crates to the right. Use the Ink Cannon there and shoot the glass window of the Kingpin Octoballers to destroy it. That will provide enough time for the player to cross the lane and climb up the block to the left with the final checkpoint. Alternatively, move quickly and bypass the Ink Cannon shooting part and even the crate-breaking part.

Final Checkpoint

Use the Gusher ahead to climb up the block to view the next section. Ahead are three lanes of Octoballers with moving platforms moving side-to-side to alter their paths. Drop off and cross the first moving platform to climb onto the platform ahead. On top is a Gusher to block Octoballers and to climb up to the second moving block ahead. From there the player has to move to the three Gushers on the other end, which can block all Octoballers if all are activated while dodging shots from an Octocopter above. Use the Gushers to get up to the platform with the Zapfish.


Sunken Scroll

S2 Sunken Scroll 16.png
NOW HIRING EGG COLLECTORS - No experience required! All ages and backgrounds welcome! A fun way to make some quick G! Grab a friend and join up together!

Location: At Checkpoint 4, instead of climbing the wall to the left, continue on the lane and get to the path branching to the right at the other end. The path connects the lane to a block with the crate containing the Scroll on top. Shooting the Kingpin Octoballer is necessary to have enough time to reach there.

Scroll location


Location: At Checkpoint 2, the third and last lane of Octoballers has a grating stuck to the end. Drop down from there to a platform below with the Sardinium.

Sardinium location


Secret Bowling Alley has 2 pieces of armor to collect.

Armor 1 Location: In a crate immediately in front of Checkpoint 1. Be aware that staying there may cause the player to be crushed by Octoballers ahead.

Armor 2 Location: In the open to the close left corner on the second moving platform.

Enemies and Mechanics

First Introduced

Previously Introduced



S2 Icon Marie.png
Marie's Quotes

Those are Octoballers! Avoid them at all costs!
Stay in your lane, Agent 4
Octosniper! Don't let it spot you.
That's how you do it!
Dang, there sure are a lot of these pinheads.
Watch out when you get to the top!
Keep going, Agent 4!
There's the Zapfish! Let's goooooo!

S2 Icon Sheldon.png
Sheldon's Quotes

Weapon Request:
I could REALLY use some more data on this weapon. Can you use it for a bit?
During the Level:
Agent 4! Use the Octoballers as cover!


S2 Icon Marie.png
Marie's Quotes

  • "Dat zijn Octoballen! Vermijd die zo veel mogelijk!"
    (Those are Octoballers! Avoid them as much as possible!)
  • "Laat je niet omkegelen, agent 4!"
    (Don't let yourself be bowled over, Agent 4!)
  • "Jaaa!"
  • "Een Octoschutter! Zorg dat hij je niet ziet!"
    (An Octosniper! Make sure that he doesn't see you!)
  • "Juist! Precies zo."
    (Exactly! Just like that.)
  • "Ze blijven maar komen. Houd vol!"
    (They just keep on coming. Hold on!)
  • "Let goed op als je boven bent aangekomen!"
    (Pay good attention if you have arrived atop!)
  • "Ga door, agent 4!"
    (Keep going, Agent 4!)
  • "Wat is-ie GROOT!"
    (What is it LARGE!)
  • "Daar is de voltvis! Ga eropaf!"
    (There is the Zapfish! Go for it!)
After beating the mission for the first time:
  • "Jeee! Nog vijf voltvissen te gaan."
    (Yeah! Still five Zapfish to go.)

S2 Icon Sheldon.png
Krabbert's Quotes

Order van Krabbert:
  • "Gebruik dit wapen maar snel, dan kan ik de gegevens ervan analyseren!"
    (Use this weapon quickly, then I can analyze the data of it!)
Mission quotes:
  • "Agent 4! Probeer de Octoballen als schild te gebruiken!"
    (Agent 4! Try to use the Octoballers as shields!)


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 秘密のボウリングガーデン #

Himitsu no Bōringu Gāden #
Gorogoro o Dorodoro ni Shite
Secret Bowling Garden:
Daub the Rollings
Netherlands Dutch Octobalbowling Octoball bowling
Canada French (NOA) - Bowling clandestin -
Perdre la boule
- Secret bowling -
Losing the ball
France French (NOE) - Bowling clandestin -
De quoi perdre la boule
- Secret bowling -
Who will lose the ball[note 1]
Germany German Intermezzo auf der Bowlingbahn Intermezzo on the bowling alley
Italy Italian Strike contro le polpalle moleste! Strike against the annoying Octoballs!
Russia Russian По дорожкам для боулинга
«А навстречу ему...»

Po dorozhkam dlya boulinga
«A navstrechu yemu...»
On the bowling alley
"and towards him..."
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Pista secreta
Secret bowling lane
Spain Spanish (NOE) Tiro al pleno Full shot

Translation notes

  1. From "perdre la boule", a French phrase meaning "to go crazy"