Shadow Inkling

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Shadow Inkling
Species Inkling
Hair color Dark gray
Eye color Silver
Location Inkopolis Square/Deca Tower
Maximum HP
Other forms

Shadow Inklings are characters from the Splatoon manga that first appeared in Volume 14. They are generated from the radio waves that Inklings give off from their passion of Turf Wars and have the opposite personality of the person they represent.


Shadow Inklings appear from the monitors near the lobby entrance at Deca Tower and appear with shadowy colors along with a lightning bolt in the middle of their forehead.

They represent the opposites of the characters they are based on - for example, Goggles is a fun, silly Inkling, while Shadow Goggles is mean-spirited and serious. Each character in the Splatoon manga is said to have a shadow version of themselves, but the only shadow versions seen are of Goggles, Headphones, Bobble Hat, Specs, Rider, Vintage, Double Egg, and Emperor. Shadow versions of Gloves, Prinz, and Skull are seen at the end of Shadow Battle #1, but do not appear in-battle. During Shadow Battle #3, Shadow Mask can be seen, but not in-battle.

Characters like Squidkid jr., Mask, and Inkfall do not appear in the chapters but do have official Shadow Inkling versions.

Each Shadow Inkling also possesses the same skills as the original. Hence they can predict their own forms' moves. For example, Shadow Vintage can also perform X-Zone.


  • Goggles: Shadow Goggles is a mean-spirited, smart, serious Inkling that leads the shadow Inklings.
  • Headphones: Shadow Headphones is very strict and does not like to have fun.
  • Bobble Hat: Shadow Bobble Hat still constantly smiles, but in a very angry way.
  • Specs: Shadow Specs has a very dumb, moronic personality.
  • Rider: Shadow Rider has a cowardly personality.
  • Emperor: Shadow Emperor has a unconfident personality. He constantly says, "Me? A king? No way!"
  • Vintage: Shadow Vintage is very talkative and tends to repeat things a lot.
  • Double Egg: Shadow Double Egg is very cooperative and courteous.
  • Skull: Shadow Skull is good with directions.
  • Mask: Shadow Mask is extremely happy and cheery.
  • Prinz: Shadow Prinz is much more disrespectful and has an attitude.
  • Squidkid jr.: Shadow Squidkid jr. can wear his clothes correctly.
  • Inkfall: Shadow Inkfall likes to clean off other inklings.


There are three battles between the original Inklings and Shadow Inklings. They are:

Team Blue is faced with the task of defeating a team of four Shadow Specs. Near the end of the battle, Specs discovers that since they are the same, they can knock their glasses off to make a comeback. Team Blue wins.

  • Battle #2: Original Team Overlord vs Shadow Team Overlord at Wahoo World

Team Overlord consists of Rider, Vintage, Double Egg, and Emperor, the result of a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors before the match in which Gloves, Prinz, and Skull lost. They do very well at first, but the shadows make a comeback by deflecting X-Zone and Emperor's Inkjet with Ink Armor and using those moves against the original Inklings. Team Shadow wins.

  • Battle #3: Original Team Blue vs Shadow Team Blue at The Reef

In the third battle, Team Blue faces Shadow Goggles himself, along with the rest of Shadow Team Blue, at the Reef. Team Blue wins.