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Icon of a Sheldon License in Splatoon 3

Sheldon Licenses are a type of currency introduced in Splatoon 3 that can be used to acquire new weapons in Ammo Knights, which differs from previous games where players instead used cash.

1 Sheldon License is obtained every time the player levels up or increases a weapon's Freshness to 1 star, as well as at the end of each season.

Each weapon at or below the player's level costs 1 Sheldon License to purchase. Unlike in previous games, weapons above the player's current level can still be bought, although they cost 3 Sheldon Licenses each instead of 1.

If a player has purchased every weapon, they can exchange extra Sheldon Licenses for Shell-Out Tokens at the Shell-Out Machine.

Gold Sheldon Licenses

Gold Sheldon Licenses can be used to purchase any weapon regardless of the player's level. Players who import their Splatoon 2 save data at the beginning of Splatoon 3 receive three Gold Sheldon Licenses after completing their first online battle,[1] which is the only way to obtain them.

If the player has one, a Gold Sheldon License is spent automatically when purchasing a weapon above the player's level, or when purchasing any weapon with no regular Sheldon Licenses remaining (though in this case, Sheldon will warn the player that it may be a waste of a Gold Sheldon License).

Gold Sheldon Licenses do not have a counter in the user interface. Instead, Sheldon will tell the player how many they have left after they make a purchase with one in Ammo Knights.



  • A news article on the official Splatoon 3 website reveals a tip about the ability to spend extra Sheldon Licenses to purchase weapons above the player's level, but it contains an error: the website states four Sheldon Licenses are required, whereas only three are actually required in-game.

Names in other languages

Sheldon License
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ブキチライセンス
Sheldon License
Netherlands Dutch Krabbert-vergunning Sheldon license
CanadaFrance French Brevet Cartouche Sheldon license
Germany German ArtyCard Sheldon card
Italy Italian Licenza di Armand Sheldon's license
Russia Russian Лицензия Пушкина
Litsenziya Pushkina
Sheldon's license
SpainMexico Spanish Licencia de Jairo Sheldon's license
China Chinese (Simplified) 武器兑换证
Wǔqì duìhuàn zhèng
Weapon Coupon
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 武器兌換證
Wǔqì duìhuàn zhèng
Weapon Coupon
South Korea Korean 부키치 라이선스
Bukichi laiseonseu
Sheldon License
Portugal Portuguese Sheldon License[2] Same as English
 Internal WeaponLicense[3] WeaponLicense is localized.

Gold Sheldon License
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ゴールドブキチライセンス
Gold Sheldon License
Netherlands Dutch Gouden Krabbert-vergunning Golden Sheldon license
CanadaFrance French Brevet Cartouche Or Gold Sheldon license
Germany German Gold-ArtyCard Gold Sheldon card
Italy Italian Licenza d'oro di Armand Sheldon's golden license
Russia Russian Золотая лицензия Пушкина
Zolotaya litsenziya Pushkina
Sheldon's golden license
SpainMexico Spanish Licencia dorada de Jairo Sheldon's golden license
China Chinese (Simplified) 金色武器兑换证
Jīnsè wǔqì duìhuàn zhèng
Gold Weapon Coupon
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 金色武器兌換證
Jīnsè wǔqì duìhuàn zhèng
Gold Weapon Coupon
South Korea Korean 골드 부키치 라이선스
Goldeu bukichi laiseonseu
Gold Sheldon License
Portugal Portuguese Gold Sheldon License[2] Same as English
 Internal WeaponLicenseGold[3] WeaponLicenseGold is localized.