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Icon of a Sheldon License in Splatoon 3

Sheldon Licenses are a type of currency introduced in Splatoon 3 that can be used to acquire new weapons in Ammo Knights, which differs from previous games where players instead used Cash.

Sheldon Licenses can be obtained by increasing the player's level and by increasing a weapon's Freshness to level 1. Each weapon costs 1 Sheldon License to purchase. Unlike in previous games, weapons above the player's current level can still be bought, although they cost 3 Sheldon Licenses each instead of 1.

Gold Sheldon Licenses

In addition, there are also Gold Sheldon Licenses that can immediately unlock a weapon regardless of the player's level. Players who import their Splatoon 2 save data at the beginning of Splatoon 3 receive three Gold Sheldon Licenses after completing the first online battle,[1] which is currently the only way to obtain them.

If the player has one, a Gold Sheldon License is spent automatically when purchasing a weapon above the player's level, or when purchasing any weapon with no regular Sheldon Licenses remaining.

Gold Sheldon Licenses do not have a counter in the user interface. Instead, Sheldon will tell the player how many they have left after they make a purchase in Ammo Knights.


Names in other languages

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Sheldon License
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ブキチライセンス
Bukichi raisensu
Sheldon license
Netherlands Dutch Krabbert-vergunning Sheldon license
Canada and France French Brevet Cartouche Sheldon license
Germany German ArtyCards Sheldon cards
Italy Italian Licenza di Armand Sheldon's license
Russia Russian Лицензия Пушкина
Litsenziya Pushkina
Sheldon's license
Spain Spanish Licencia de Jairo Sheldon's license
China Chinese (Simplified) 武器兑换证
wǔqì duìhuànzhèng
Weapon coupon
Portugal Portuguese Sheldon License Sheldon license
Gold Sheldon License
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ゴールドブキチライセンス
Gorudo Bukichi raisensu
Gold Sheldon license
Netherlands Dutch Gouden Krabbert-vergunning Gold Sheldon license
Canada and France French Brevet Cartouche Or Gold Sheldon license
Germany German Gold-ArtyCards Gold Sheldon cards
Italy Italian Licenza d'oro di Armand Sheldon's gold license
Russia Russian Золотая лицензия Пушкина
Zolotaya litsenziya Pushkina
Sheldon's gold license
Spain Spanish Licencia dorada de Jairo Sheldon's gold license
China Chinese (Simplified) 黄金武器兑换证
huángjīn wǔqì duìhuànzhèng
Gold weapon coupon
Portugal Portuguese Gold Sheldon License Gold Sheldon license