Shielded Octotrooper

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Shielded Octotrooper
Shielded Octotrooper1.jpg
Species Octarian
Eye Color Green
Gender Unknown
Location Octo Valley
Ya can't hit those shielded Octojerks from the front!

Shielded Octotroopers are Octarian fighters. They use shields to protect themselves from attacks.


Shielded Octotroopers appear identical to Octotroopers or Twintacle Octotroopers, but are equipped with an impenetrable shield that is similar in appearance to a welding mask. They possess an exposed backside which can be inked to defeat them. Shielded Octotroopers will also rotate to watch Agent 3, making them only vulnerable if the player sneaks up behind them, or distracts them with a Sub Weapon.


Shielded octotroopers appear in the first mission, but are uncommon afterwards.


To defeat Shielded Octarians, they must be distracted, making them turn around and show their vulnerable side. Distracting them with Splat Bombs, Burst Bombs, or Seekers, is an easy method as they will turn around in surprise. It is also possible to simply sneak around through ink while in squid form, as they are unable to notice.


Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
FlagJapan.svg Japanese タテタコトルーパー
tate tako torūpā
Shield octopus trooper

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