Shintaro Sato

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Shintaro Sato
Sato Shintarou.jpg
Localized Name Shintaro Sato
Native Name 佐藤 慎太郎
さとう しんたろう
First Game Wii Music (overall)
Splatoon (Splatoon series)
Latest Game Splatoon 3 (Splatoon series)
Occupation Program director
Role(s) System programmer, program director
Current Location Kyoto, Japan

Shintaro Sato is a program director at Nintendo. He joined in 2008 in EAD. He created the first concept for Splatoon which involved tofu blocks inking turf.[1]

Known Works

  • Splatoon 3 (Nintendo Switch, 2022) - Directer (program director)

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