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Shiver Hohojiro

Shiver in Splatoon 3'
Species Octoling
Hair color   Two-Tone Blue
Eye color Red
Gender Female
Relations Unnamed parents
Location Splatsville, Alterna
Maximum HP
Other forms
You think you're cool? Sharks call ME cold-blooded. But you can call me Shiver!
— Shiver introducing herself in Return of the Mammalians

Shiver Hohojiro is a character in Splatoon 3. She is a member of Deep Cut, alongside Frye and Big Man, with whom she co-hosts both Anarchy Splatcast, the news show of Splatsville, and Splatfests. She is also the third reachable boss of Return of the Mammalians. Her signature color is blue.

She is voiced by Anna Sato.[1]


Shiver is an Octoling with pale skin and a wide, oval-shaped face, sharp indigo triangle eyebrows and slender red eyes with light red pupils in the shape of an infinity symbol, similar to Marina's pupils and matching real-life octopuses. Her Octoling eye mask is very thin and sharp, almost appearing to be cat-eyeliner makeup, with red eye shadow blended underneath.

Shiver's tentacles are medium-length, with the left side styled over her face, hiding her left eye from view. They have a slight gradient from dull blue to bright blue, and curl slightly upwards at the ends. In addition to the eye makeup, Shiver also appears to wear a light red lip gloss.

Shiver has a cool, yet rebellious sense of fashion, with a clear root in traditional Japanese culture. She wears a white sarashi chest wrap under a long indigo shawl made from a shiny translucent material. Attached to the left side of the shawl is a large silver octopus charm with two red tassels tied through holes in it. On her legs are low-cut black leggings decorated with two slashes on her right thigh, resembling shark gills. She wears black tabi-like ankle boots with red wedge heels. Additionally, Shiver's fingertips have a bright red color. Her right ear is pierced with three shark tooth-shaped earrings. On the back of her head, circling a large suction cup on one of her tentacles, is a length of white twisted cloth tied in a knot, not unlike the traditional Japanese hachimaki headband. Hachimaki have a variety of styles, and the one worn by Shiver in particular is a common sight during certain Japanese festivals, such as the Awa Dance Festival.

During the Anarchy Splatcast and Splatfest performances, Shiver can be seen holding a white sensu fan, painted with her family crest in blue. In Alterna, she also wears a shark mask, which takes inspiration from Japanese kitsune masks with its characteristic red and white design.

During Splatfests, the parts of Shiver's appearance that are normally indigo change to match the color of her Splatfest team while her mouth, fingertips, charm tassels and wedge heels instead take on a color that's directly complementary to her team's.

During the Zombie vs. Skeleton vs. Ghost Splatfest, Shiver's shawl is black with red outlines and has a white section with a pattern of black curved lines; her usual octopus pendant changes to one shaped after Deep Cut's logo. Her pants do not have the usual cuts on her right thigh; instead, they have red details drawn on them and fade into the same color of her skin. Her shoes change to black wedged zōri sandals with red straps, revealing her toes having the same coloring as her fingertips, which have an added gradient from black to red for the occasion. Her tentacles are instead black fading to red, and in them she wears two hair sticks and a red spider lily, a symbol for death in many East Asian cultures; her eyebrows are dark red and her usual earrings are not present. On her face, she wears red eye shadow smudged towards the outer eye corners and black lipstick on her lower lip; additionally, her skin seems to glow a pale color in the dark. She also changes her fan to one that is white with red stripes, and has the swirls from Deep Cut's logo across it.

During the Friends vs. Family vs. Solo Splatfest, Shiver's signature color turns to light ice blue, with her tentacles, eyebrows and shawl changing to it. She wears matching eyeshadow in place of her usual red, an ornate black face mask featuring an octopus design, a black octopus tentacle ornament in place of her standard hachimaki, and no earrings. Her outfit consists of a black strapless dress with lace trim, leggings with a light to deep blue gradient pattern, black high heels with silver platform soles, a slim silver necklace and black opera gloves. Her shawl features a swirl pattern and appears significantly more translucent than usual.

In the artwork for the Suffer No Fools music video, she wears a black crop top the same size as her sarashi wrap with the Deep Cut word logo patterned on it in white, a light indigo puffy-sleeved fur coat, black track pants with white stripes on the sides, and purple tennis shoes with white, black and teal details. In addition, she wears a Megalodon jawbone earring on her left ear. Her hair is a desaturated indigo fading into orange and dark teal, in a similar fashion to the representation of a sunset, and does not cover her left eye as usual; the makeup under her eyes matches the color of her tentacles, while the tips of her fingers are almost white in color.

During the Baby Chicks vs. Li'l Bunnies vs. Bear Cubs Splatfest, Shiver's eyebrows and hair change to light green, the latter having a gradient to teal towards the tips. She wears a pink sakura earring in place of her usual ones, and a sakura crown in place of her headband. Her shawl has a teal-to-pink gradient, and a large, aqua flower-shaped pendant with white dots in the center and dark green tassels instead of her usual one. Her legwear also fades from teal to pink from her pants to her shoes, which have pink soles. Furthermore, her fingertips are colored aqua.

During the Palace vs. Theme Park vs. Beach Splatfest, Shiver's eyebrows, shawl and hair change to yellow, the latter having a gradient to purple towards the tips. She wears green leaf-shaped earrings in place of her usual ones, and an ornament resembling a large, curved lime slice pierced with light wooden chopsticks on her head. Her sarashi and charm tassels are changed to black, her shawl presents a dark yellow swirl circle pattern, and the soles of her shoes are electric blue; her fingertips are colored purple.

In her school days, her hair had her signature tentacle covering her right eye, albeit shorter, and the other tentacle at the back of her head was instead tied up in a ponytail with what seems to be her hachimaki rope. She wore a black long-sleeved cropped sailor fuku with a deep purple ribbon on the collar, a long pleated black skirt that went down to her ankles, and were white loafers with a strap, resembling the Japanese gang-related fashion phenomenon known as sukeban.

Personality and traits

Shiver presents herself as aloof and cold-blooded, a ruthless fighter who is certain of her victory. However, she is particularly quick to anger due to her competitive nature. As soon as she starts to lose to Agent 3, she begins to get visibly annoyed with the player and Master Mega.

Nonetheless, she appears to be the most mature member of Deep Cut, often remaining pragmatic and composed, contrasting Frye and Big Man, who tend to be more bold than Shiver. This maturity makes her a sort of leader of Deep Cut, in charge of opening and closing every Anarchy Splatcast and announcing important events like Splatfest themes and game updates. She also thinks that she is the leader, which is revealed during the results of the Shiver vs. Frye vs. Big Man Splatfest. During Splatfests, she appears to be a bit selfish, as she often votes for the more greedy teams such as Team Power and Team Money. She also occasionally comes down quite severely on her bandmates and is a deep perfectionist, sending Big Man back to the drawing board with Anarchy Rainbow several times, and often criticizing both Frye and Big Man's battle techniques. Nevertheless, she greatly cares for her bandmates, poking fun at them and sometimes even showing admiration for their boldness.

Despite her perfectionism and brash persona, Shiver can be surprisingly humble and understanding when she lets herself relax, as she was willing to put aside her differences and work with the New Squidbeak Splatoon, even being the one to suggest that Marie becomes their boss,[a] and happily referring to the Squid Sisters as the band's "bosses". She also seems to enjoy puns. In contrast to her bandmates' impulsiveness, Shiver seems to enjoy predictability and does not like being caught off-guard. She has stated that she listens to Sheldon's rambles and takes his advice, believing herself to be one of the only people who is willing to do so.

Shiver's favorite weapon class appears to be stringers, according to dialogue from Anarchy Splatcast, her Tableturf Battle deck, and her Palette in Side Order.


Frye and Shiver as Fire & Ice

In the song Suffer No Fools, a singing battle between Off the Hook and Frye and Shiver, the latter pair use the name "Fire & Ice". However, this alias does not exist in all languages, as the two use their real names in the original Japanese (albeit written in kanji rather than katakana), as well as the Chinese and Korean versions.


Shiver's boss introduction with her pet shark, Master Mega.

Early life

Shiver was born into the Hohojiro[2] clan of shark tamers,[3] well-known for representing the Splatlands. As a child, she participated in grueling training to learn shark-taming, eventually gaining the ability to tame giant sharks, a rarity even among the Hohojiro. She met Master Mega during this period, bonding with him through ritual. She met Frye and Big Man at a young age due to their familial ties, but remained acquaintances with them. When she reached middle school, Shiver took an interest in Frye, whose fiery and brave personality caught her eye. The two started looking out for each other, with Shiver often being concerned about her recklessness, before the two started to bond over their shared love of singing. They would often go to the school rooftop and sing together, before deciding they wanted accompaniment and seeking out Big Man, a pianist. This led to the formation of Deep Cut as it is known today.[4]

After this, an older classmate asked the trio to make a cheering song for a school competition. Big Man and Frye agreed, but Shiver demanded 30,000G payment, which led to the creation of Hide and Sleek, Deep Cut's very first song. A local bowling alley commissioned a song for a commercial, to which Shiver hiked their price up to 300,000G, and what resulted was their second song, Smeared Canvas. The success of the commercial, and the song along with it, made Deep Cut relatively well known in the Splatlands.[5]

A few years later, Deep Cut were made the hosts of the Anarchy Splatcast.

Splatoon 3

By the time of Splatoon 3, Deep Cut had become relatively well known within the Splatlands for both their music and the Anarchy Splatcast. As part of Deep Cut, Shiver announces Big Runs, reports stage rotations, and hosts Splatfest events, performing her solo song, Anarchy Poisons (Bird Mix), and Anarchy Rainbow for the entire event. Deep Cut are also the ones who initially report the news of the Great Zapfish's third disappearance.

Return of the Mammalians

Shiver and the rest of Deep Cut are initially hostile to Agent 3 and the New Squidbeak Splatoon, declaring that all treasure in Alterna is theirs to plunder and that they will not let anyone else have it. Later, when the New Squidbeak Splatoon team agrees to give Deep Cut the treasure (after using it to remove Fuzzy Ooze), they explain that their bandit activities were to give back to the people of the Splatlands, and never meant harm to the New Squidbeak Splatoon. They decide to become Marie's employees and the player's allies, and help them in defeating Mr. Grizz. Shiver briefly lends her pet shark Master Mega to Agent 3 to help boost them into outer space.

Main article: The Pursuit of the Precious

Shiver is the third boss of the single-player campaign, Return of the Mammalians, and the second Deep Cut boss. Her boss kettle is found on the Landfill Dreamland Site.


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Fictional Band Song Name Audio
Anarchy Poisons (Bird Mix)


Shiver's Palette

Order Stringer

Toxic Mist

Killer Wail 5.1

I saw this Shiver person call a giant
beast "Master"!

But I didn't see this "Master" teaching
her any wessons. Maybe this so-called
Shiver is just twying to suck up to it?

NOT OK! Fwatterers like her can never
twuly be twusted. Her chaotic lies must
Most common Tone:
Second Most common Tone:

In the manga series

Shiver, along with Frye and Big Man, first appeared in the CoroCoro manga series in Issue 17 of Splatoon 3: Splatlands, where she and Frye told Team Blue about the Splatsville Great Eight. Her role in the manga is similar to the role in the game.

Tableturf Battle

Shiver's Deck






Angle Shooter


Angle Shooter








Big Man


Big Man














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For quotes for securing the Ultra Signal, see Ultra Signal#Deep Cut Call.


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  • In Japanese, Shiver behaves and speaks like a Kamigata (Kyoto) rakugoka, a traditional Japanese comic storyteller who specializes in expressing stories with the wave of fan and the tilting of the head. In line with Splatsville's chaotic nature and Deep Cut's music style, Kamigata rakugo is known for its usage of musical performance and less "refined" style compared to Edo (Tokyo) rakugo. As such, Shiver speaks with a very pronounced Kyoto variant of Kansai dialect, including referring to her Splatfest team with the second-person pronoun あんさんら ansanra, using the idiom おきばりやす okibariyasu ("Hang in there!"), using the copula どす dosu instead of です desu, using 何いうてはん nani iute-han ("What are you saying?"), including many other examples.
  • In Splatoon 3's Sunken Scroll 10, it is revealed that Shiver is a descendant from a line of shark tamers, much like how Frye is likely descended from the Onaga clan in Sunken Scroll 11. The scroll depicts an Octoling with an extremely similar appearance to Shiver. A family tree can be seen on the left side of the scroll, and implies that Shiver is the youngest heir to her clan, in contrast to Frye and Big Man who are implied to be the oldest heirs to their respective clans.
  • Shiver is described to have a singing style reminiscent of traditional Japanese tastes, as performed by her voice actress (Anna Sato) who has a background in Japanese folk music,[6] more specifically Amami folk songs.[7]
  • Shiver has been known to include kakegoe,[8] a style of traditional shouting, during live performances.
  • The hachimaki headband Shiver wears is similar to the Traditional Headband and the Twisty Headband, pieces of headgear from previous games.
  • On Shiver's in-game model, the position of her teeth change depending on her facial expressions.[9] While just barely visible, in her Tableturf card icon, Shiver appears to have been given symmetrical teeth typical of Inklings. However, her concert model and renders depict her with asymmetrical teeth similar to the playable Octolings, although they are mirrored.
  • Curiously, during the first half of the Gear vs. Grub vs. Fun Splatfest, Shiver's fingers were the only accent color to change; her octopus charm tassels and shoes turned yellow only after the halftime report.
  • While most media depicts Shiver using her right hand dominantly, such as holding her fan with her right hand, the official artwork for the Spicy vs. Sweet vs. Sour Splatfest depicts Shiver holding chopsticks in her left hand. This may imply her to be ambidextrous. She shares this trait with Marie.
  • In the trailer presenting Fresh Season 2023's Big Run, Shiver states that she is an artist.
  • Shiver's hobby is counting money.[2]
  • In The Art of Splatoon 3, an early concept design of Shiver was noted as being 24 years old.
  • Unlike her bandmates, Shiver's gender was unclear upon her reveal. The resulting confusion among fans led to Nintendo representatives clarifying shortly after that Shiver identifies as female and uses corresponding pronouns.[10][11][12]


"Shivering" refers to the reaction of shaking in response to cold or fear, in contrast to Frye's name, which suggests heat and warmth. A "shiver" is also one of the collective terms for a group of sharks.

"Hohojiro" derives from hōjiro, the Japanese word for great white shark.

Fūka is a common Japanese female given name, usually written with kanji 風花 (wind-flower) or 風香 (wind-scent). It is also a pun on 鱶 fuka (with a short u), the Japanese word for "shark". This relates to Shiver being descended from a lineage of shark trainers.[13]

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese 頬白 楓火 (ホホジロ フウカ)
Hohojiro[2] Fūka
Last name: Japanese for great white shark.[2]
First name: Pun on 鱶 fuka (Japanese for shark) and the female given name Fūka.
Netherlands Dutch Haya From the female given name Haya, resembling haai ("shark")
CanadaFrance French Pasquale From the female given name Pascale + squale (shark of the Squalidae family)[note 1]
Germany German Mako Derived from makohai ("mako shark")
Italy Italian Pinnuccia From Pinuccia, diminutive of the female given name Giuseppina + Pinna, or fin. May also be a reference to the Pinna genus of molluscs
Russia Russian Кулла
Derived from акула akula ("shark")
SpainMexico Spanish Megan Female given name, likely derived from megalodon, a prehistoric shark species known for its large size
China Chinese (Simplified) 莎莎
From 鲨鱼; pinyin: shā yú, Chinese for "shark". While Shiver's name uses a different character, it has the same tone as the first character from "shark". The name can also be translated to "Sasha" or "Sasa"
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 莎莎
From 鯊魚; pinyin: shā yú, Chinese for "shark". While Shiver's name uses a different character, it has the same tone as the first character from "shark". The name can also be translated to "Sasha" or "Sasa"
South Korea Korean 후우카
Transcription of the Japanese name
Portugal Portuguese Shiver Same as English
 Internal IdolA[14] Being the first of the 3 idols and representing Team Alpha during Splatfest

Introduction in other languages
Language Introduction Meaning
Japan Japanese 一切合切食いあらす! サメ使いのフウカ
Issai gassai kuiarasu! Sametsukai no Fūka![15]
I'll eat you up without leaving leftovers! I'm shark trainer Shiver!
Netherlands Dutch Aan de top van de voedselketen...
Haya, heldhaftig en gehaaid![16]
At the top of the food chain...
Shiver, heroic and cunning!
CanadaFrance French Fais pas le marsouin avec moi...[note 2]
Ou t'auras affaire à Pasquale![17]
Don't go porpoise with me...
Or you'll have to deal with Shiver!
Germany German Und ich setze der Spitze der Nahrungskette noch einen drauf...
Nennt mich Mako![18]
And I add to the top of the food chain...
Call me Shiver!
Italy Italian Gli squali diventano gamberetti quando vedono me.
Puoi chiamarmi Pinnuccia![19]
Sharks become shrimps when they see me.
You can call me Shiver!
Russia Russian Сами акулы называют меня сверххищником...
Но вы можете звать меня Куллой.

Sami akuly nazyvayut menya sverkhkhishchnikom...
No vy mojete zvat' menya Kulloy.
The sharks themselves call me the apex predator...
But you can call me Shiver.
Mexico Spanish (NOA) A mí los depredadores acuáticos me respetan.
¡Soy Megan!
Aquatic predators respect me.
I'm Shiver!
Spain Spanish (NOE) Los depredadores acuáticos tiemblan cuando oyen mi nombre.
¡Puedes Ilamarme Megan![20]
Aquatic predators tremble when they hear my name.
You can call me Shiver!
China Chinese (Simplified) 将一切都收入囊中!

Jiāng yīqiè dōu shōurù nángzhōng!
Wǒshì shāyú cāozuò zhě shā shā
All [treasure] will soon find its way into my purse!
I am Shark operator Shiver!
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 鯊氣騰騰的鯊魚操作者!

Shā qì téngténg de shāyú cāo zuòzhě!
Jiāng yīqiè kěnyǎo dàijìn de shāshā shì yě!
The lethal Shark operator!
I am Shiver who devours everything in sight!
South Korea Korean 인정사정없는 최상위 포식자!
상어 조련사 후우카!

Injeongsajeong-eomneun choesangwi posikja!
Sangeo joryeonsa Huuka!
I'm like a merciless apex predator!
I'm shark trainer Shiver!
Portugal Portuguese Acham-se o máximo? Os predadores aquáticos tremem só de ouvir o meu nome!
Mas podem chamar-me Shiver![21]
You think you guys are the best? Aquatic predators tremble just from hearing my name!
But you can call me Shiver!

The Cold-Blooded Bandit
Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese サメ使い
Shark trainer (lit. "user")
Netherlands Dutch Roofdier onder de roofdieren Predator among the predators
France French (NOE) Le génie du squale[note 3] The shark genius
Germany German Sahnehäubchen auf der Spitze der Nahrungskette Icing on the top of the food chain
Italy Italian Preda il predatore Preys on the predator
Russia Russian Сверххищница хитовых топов
Sverkhkhishchnitsa hitovykh topov
Apex predator of hit tops
SpainMexico Spanish Depreda a superdepredadores Preys on apex predators
China Chinese (Simplified) 鲨鱼操作者
Shāyú cāozuò zhě
Shark operator
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 鯊魚操作者
Shāyú cāozuò zhě
Shark operator
South Korea Korean 상어 조련사
Sangeo joryeonsa
Shark trainer

Translation notes

  1. "Pascal" also exists as a male name.
  2. A pun on fais pas le malin, meaning "don't act smart".
  3. A pun on génie du mal, meaning "evil mastermind".


  1. In the Japanese version, Frye is the one to propose this.