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Side Order
S3 Side Order Teaser Title.png
Type Single-player campaign[1]
Players 1
Release Date By 31 December 2024
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Side Order is an upcoming single-player campaign mode that is part of the Splatoon 3: Expansion Pass' Wave 2 of paid downloadable content. It was revealed through a teaser trailer during the February 2023 Nintendo Direct and is scheduled to release before 31 December 2024.[2][1]


The mode takes place in "what has become of" Inkopolis Square, the main hub of Splatoon 2. In the teaser, an Octoling is shown standing in the square.



The teaser trailer for Side Order features a slow pan across a dull, stark white version of Inkopolis Square from Splatoon 2, focusing on an unknown Octoling character. The Octoling wears their hair in the Tentacurl hairstyle, their ink color is a faded brown, and they are dressed in a short-sleeved white jumpsuit with matching white knee-high boots, as well as a thin, translucent brace on their left forearm. Throughout the trailer, various cryptic static images and short clips briefly flicker on-screen; the images primarily depict the Octoling in strange bright white locations, as well as Off the Hook, while the clips seemingly depict biological components such as cells, blood, and organs. The ground appears to be coated in a thick layer of snow or bleached coral and bits of snow/coral-like specks can also be seen floating in the distance. Branches of presumed dead or bleached coral are present throughout the plaza. Deca Tower looks significantly different in its blanched-out state, resembling a normal building with various billboards affixed to it rather than a battle tower. The tower's entrance is entirely different, and the Great Zapfish is absent from its resting spot. A swarm of fish-like objects "swim" around the Octoling towards the end.

A dull, slightly out-of-tune music box melody with steady electronic percussion accompanies the teaser, which slowly grows more intense; towards the end, someone can be heard speaking.


As for the second wave, we're flummoxed! What is that strange tower? Why has everything turned white and ghostly? What's on that Octoling's mind? We're going to get to the bottom - or maybe the top - of this, so stay tuned for further updates on our research.
— @SplatoonNA on Twitter[3]
A new single-player campaign called Side Order super jumps to the Splatoon 3 game in the second wave of this DLC. See what has become of Inkopolis Square, the central area featured in the Splatoon 2 game!
— eShop description


Teaser images

Throughout the teaser trailer for the mode, several cryptic static images flash on screen very briefly.

Teaser clips


  • Side Order marks the second DLC to feature a central Octoling character separate from the player character and Off the Hook as supporting characters, the first of which was Octo Expansion.


A side order is another term for a side dish, a food item meant to accompany a larger main item as part of a meal. The title is also a pun of it being a side story about Team Order, which lost the Final Fest in Splatoon 2 and was supported by Marina.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese サイド・オーダー
Saido ōdā
Side Order
Netherlands Dutch De Toren der Orde The Tower of Order
Canada and France French Tour de l'Ordre Order Tower
Germany German Ruf zur Ordnung Call to Order
Italy Italian Torre dell'Ordine Tower of the Order
Russia Russian Порядочная порция
Poryadochnaya Portsiya
Decent Serving[note 1]
Spain Spanish La cara del orden The Face of Order
China Chinese 秩序篇
Zhìxù Piān
Episode Order
South Korea Korean 사이드 오더
Saideu odeo
Side Order

Translation notes

  1. A wordplay on "order" and "decent" having the same root in Russian