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S3 Band Yoko & the Gold Bazookas.jpg
Artist Yoko & the Gold Bazookas
Game Splatoon 3
Heard in
Splatoon 3
Genre Ska
BPM 231
Key signature G minor
Length 1:19 (first loop)
1:42 (Sizzle Season 2023 trailer)
Audio file

Ska-BLAM is a song performed by Yoko & the Gold Bazookas.


Ska-BLAM is an uptempo two-tone track that is heavily instrumental, with brief vocal lines in some sections of the song. It begins in a half-time funk feel with a unison horn line, which jumps into an intense offbeat ska groove after a sustained note. The baritone saxophone is featured as a soloist. The ending of the song, which is featured in the Sizzle Season 2023 trailer, tags the main melody and finishes with a drum fill and a unison brass hit.

Other versions

Ska-BLAM (Live)

The live version of Ska-BLAM performed during the Splatoon 3 Live Concert at Nintendo Live 2024 TOKYO is similar to the in-game version but with some heavy modifications. These changes include an extended intro, different instrumentation, and the addition of an outro.


Ska-BLAM is a portmanteau of ska, the Jamaican music genre that predates rocksteady and reggae, and the onomatopoeia kablam, which represents a loud explosion.

In the North American version of the official Sizzle Season 2023 trailer in which the song was heard for the first time, its name was written as "Ska-Blam!" instead of "Ska-BLAM".

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese ツートン・テリトリー
tsūton teritorī
Two-Tone Territory [note 1]
Netherlands Dutch Ska-BLAM Same as English
Germany German Ska-BLAM Same as English
SpainMexico Spanish Ska-BLAM Same as English

Translation notes

  1. Two-Tone is a type of genre which Ska-BLAM falls into.