Skull (character)

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Species Inkling
Hair color Purple
Eye color Purple
Age At least 14 (CoroCoro Cup)
Likely 16 (Square King Cup)
Gender Male
Maximum HP
Other forms
You can enjoy a battle no matter who you're up against. That's a kind of strength too.
— Skull after rematch against Team Blue.

Skull is a character in the Splatoon manga and is a member of the S4.


Skull is a character in the Splatoon manga and is the leader of the S4. He has the "Topknot" hairstyle and seems to be constantly scowling. His tentacles stick up more than those of other characters. He wears the Skull Bandana, Octo Tee, and Gold Hi-Horses. His main weapon is the Custom E-liter 3K Scope, and in the Splatoon 2 era, he wields the E-liter 4K Scope, however, when battling against Team Inkfall, he accidentally brings his Custom E-liter 4K Scope. When asked by Goggles why he has no eyebrows, he says he was born like that.


In the beginning of the manga, Skull is extremely cold and distant, seemingly disinterested in battles against weaker teams because victory comes so easily to him. His team easily defeats the Blue Team, who then ask Rider to train them for a rematch, which Skull accepts. Thanks to Rider's help and their chaotic tactics, they are able to dodge his charger shots, leading to his defeat. During the match, Skull finds he enjoys the match due to Blue Team's unpredictable behavior, leading to a change in his mindset.

In contrast to his intimidating appearance, Skull is a bit of an airhead. He has a tendency to get lost and wind up in strange places, especially high ones. Despite being the leader of the S4, he often fails to stop them from bickering with one another.

During the Ranked Arc, Skull wanted Team Blue to make Vintage see the fun of battles. Previously, he and Vintage had been part of the same, unrivaled turf team, but Skull left due to wanting to create an even stronger team, saying that the two of them only cared about strength.



  • Skull's team, Team Purple is the first known team to beat Team Blue but were later defeated in a rematch.
  • Skull and Aviators used to be members of the X-Blood, until they left to create Team Purple.
  • Skull has a wicked sweet tooth and is able to quickly eat desserts without ever showing his mouth.
  • According to Aviators, Skull's favorite stage is Moray Towers.
  • He was on Team Chaos for the final Splatfest.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese スカルくん