Smallfry (species)

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Species Salmonid
Hair color
Eye color
Location Salmon Run, Salmon Run Next Wave
This article is about the enemy type that appears in Salmon Run. For the playable character's companion appearing in Splatoon 3, see Smallfry (character).

Smallfry are a type of Salmonid that appear in Salmon Run in Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3.

They charge at Inklings and Octolings, leaving a thin trail of ink as they snake. They have low health, but are fast and hard to hit due to their small size. Smallfry can badly hurt players if they are allowed to gang up on an unwary target.

Smallfry are easily dealt with using a roller or brella. They are the only lesser Salmonid present during Griller waves.

In Splatoon 3, one Smallfry appears alongside the player character. They can be customized with different hairstyles and assist the player in the game's Hero Mode. The Smallfry is unaffected by Fuzzy Ooze and can eat it. However, other Smallfry still appear as enemies in Salmon Run Next Wave.


The following text is quoted from the Salmonid Field Guide.

Basic Information
  • They tend to appear in groups rather than alone.
  • Defeating them will earn you Power Eggs.
Attack Behavior
  • They use their sense of smell to locate and close in on targets who have entered their territory.
  • Once they close in on a target, they perform close-range attacks using frying pans or other cookware.
  • Can be neutralized relatively easily with a direct hit of ink.
Supporting Information
  • They inhabit a restricted ocean zone, and any unauthorised contact with them is expressly forbidden by law.
  • The Smallfry might be weak, but they're very fast. They often ambush their targets from below.
  • On their own, they don't pose a significant threat, but ignore them and you may quickly find yourself surrounded.


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HP Damage  Attack/Defeat/Total Power Eggs Golden Eggs
40 25 1 / 2 / 3 0



  • The plural of Smallfry is Smallfry, as indicated by the "smallfry" locker decoration sold at Grizzco Industries which depicts multiple Smallfry.
  • A Smallfry can be seen in the cockpit of a Flyfish.
  • A Smallfry has 40 HP and causes 25 damage per attack. Four consecutive hits will splat a player.
  • Smallfry are able to jump to unlimited heights in order to stop players from clinging to a wall the entire wave.
    • When jumping, Lesser Salmonids flail their arms and tail fin around like a real salmon does when leaping out of the water.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese コジャケ
Small salmon
Netherlands Dutch Salmini From Salmoniet ("Salmonid") and mini
Canada and France French Salmioche From Salmonoïde ("Salmonid") and mioche ("kid, brat")
Germany German Salmini From Salmonide ("Salmonid") and mini
Italy Italian Salmonello Little Salmonid
Russia Russian Малетчик
From малёк malyok ("whitebait") and налётчик nalyotchik ("raider")
Mexico Spanish (NOA) Escamita Little fish scale
Spain Spanish (NOE) Cenutrín From cenutrio ("twerp, brat")
China Chinese (Simplified) 小鲑鱼
xiǎo guīyú (Mandarin)
Small Salmon
Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 小鮭魚
xiǎo guīyú (Mandarin)
Small Salmon
South Korea Korean 꼬마연어
Little Salmon
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