Sockeye Station

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Sockeye Station

Sockeye Station

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Sockeye Station is a Salmon Run Next Wave-exclusive online multiplayer stage in Splatoon 3.


The following directions apply when standing in the same location and facing the same way as the player looks when they Super Jump off the helicopter. The egg basket is on top of a circular raised platform, and going forward is a spiraling tower with raised platforms opposite of it, to the player's right. Past that is a smooth open area, where the ground meets the water. To the left is a small, staggered platform, before the ground meets the water. Behind and to the right is a fence, followed by a drop into the water. There are multiple Gushers all over the stage, where Goldies will come out of during the Goldie Seeking Known Occurrence; Mudmouths can also spawn from them during Mudmouth Eruptions.

Notable Locations

  • Basket Platform: During normal and high tides, the egg basket is located on a slightly raised, circular platform, connected to the terrain below with a gently curving ramp behind it.
  • Tower: Directly in front of the basket is a tower loosely resembling an ammonite shell. It features two ramps; one spirals up to a flat pinnacle, while the other leads behind it and connects its left and right sides. Part of the tower's roof is grated and overlooks the ground below, allowing players to swim up a vertical wall to reach the top more quickly.
  • Lookout Platforms: To the left of the basket is a complex series of ramps and flat, cube-shaped platforms. A similar structure is to the right of the basket. Some ramps on both structures lead down to the sandbar.
  • Sandbar: Behind the scaffolding and tower is a large sandbar that encloses almost the entire stage.
  • Vegetable towers: Apple tower is on the sea beyond the sandbar to the left of the basket, mango tower is on the sea directly beyond the tower, and kiwi tower is on the sea beyond the lookout platforms to the right of the basket.
    • All Salmon Run and Salmon Run Next Wave stages have the three floating vegetable-themed towers with different colored searchlights that serve as landmarks.
  • Aji-Fry Tower: Directly behind the player's view of the superjump location is a huge fortified tower with an Aji-Fry (Japanese Deep-Fried Horse Mackerel) hanging from it by a fish hook attached to a crane.


  • During high tide, the sandbar, most of the lookout platforms, and the tower's lower ramp are underwater.
  • During low tide, the sandbar expands to reveal a small island with two lookout platforms on either side, connected to the mainland by four narrow gangways. Salmonids can spawn from the pools of water between the gangways.


In terms of on-site research, we were able to uncover a new job site known as Sockeye Station. This is an advanced base for Salmonids, featuring a tall, spiraling tower, and it presents new tactical opportunities for both allies and antagonists.
— @SplatoonNA[1]


Main article: Badge#Salmon Run

Reaching to certain ranks during a Sockeye Station rotation in Splatoon 3 will reward the player with special badges that they can use on their Splashtag.

Sockeye Station Badges
Eggsecutive VP 200 at Sockeye Station Reached!
Eggsecutive VP 400 at Sockeye Station Reached!
Eggsecutive VP 600 at Sockeye Station Reached!
Eggsecutive VP 999 at Sockeye Station Reached!



Sockeye Station's name comes from the sockeye salmon.

Names in other languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese アラマキ砦
aramaki toride
Fort Salted Salmon
Netherlands Dutch Fort Ammoniet Fort Ammonite
CanadaFrance French Bastion colimaçon Spiral Bastion
Germany German Fort Nautilax Fort Nautilax [a]
Italy Italian Fortezza Spiralsalmone Spiralsalmone Fortress
Russia Russian Наутиплекс
SpainMexico Spanish Fuerte Espiral Spiral Fort
China Chinese 新卷堡
xīn juǎn bǎo
From 新巻き鮭 xīn juǎn ki guī, a traditional Japanese salted dried fish made of salmon and 堡 bǎo ("fort") [b]
South Korea Korean 연어말이 요새
yeoneo mal-i yosae
Salmon Roll Fortress
 Internal Shakespiral[c] [2]

Translation notes

  1. Nautilax comes possibly from Nautilus ("nautilus") and Lachs ("salmon")
  2. The word 新 xīn means salmon caught within New Year or means it was a very fresh salmon. 堡 bǎo is also short for "hamburger"
  3. Sockeye Station is also called "Tutorial" internally because it is used as the tutorial stage in Salmon Run Next Wave.