Sockeye Station

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Sockeye Station

Sockeye Station

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Sockeye Station is a Salmon Run Next Wave exclusive online multiplayer stage in Splatoon 3.


The following directions apply when standing in the same location and facing the same way as the player looks when they Super Jump off the helicopter. The egg basket is on top of a circular raised platform, and going forward is a spiraling tower with raised platforms opposite of it, to the player's right. Past that is a smooth open area, where the ground meets the water. To the left is a small, staggered platform, before the ground meets the water. Behind and to the right is a fence, followed by a drop into the water. There are multiple Gushers all over the stage, where Goldies will come out of during the Goldie Seeking Known Occurrence. It is unknown whether Sockeye Station features any tides, and thus a low-tide egg basket.


In terms of on-site research, we were able to uncover a new job site known as Sockeye Station. This is an advanced base for Salmonids, featuring a tall, spiraling tower, and it presents new tactical opportunities for both allies and antagonists.
— @SplatoonNA[1]


Names in other Languages

Language Name Meaning
Japan Japanese アラマキ砦
aramaki toride
Fort Aramaki
Netherlands Dutch Fort Ammoniet Fort Ammonite
Germany German Fort Nautilax Fort Nautilax
Russia Russian Наутиплекс
China Chinese 新卷堡
xīn juǎn bǎo
New Roll Castle
South Korea Korean 연어말이 요새
yeoneo mal-i yosae
Salmon Roll Fortress